A visit to the ABS part 2

My last trip to the adult bookstore was always on my mind. I just couldn't stop thinking about the site of that black cock sticking through the glory hole or how it felt when I was fucked by it. My husband noticed a change also but thought it was something to do with him. He wasn't complaining of course with having more sex, but I was feeling less than satisfied.

Things took a change, when a few weeks later I found myself with an unexpected day off from work. With my husband at work and the k**s at school, I was sitting at the kitchen table when the impulse to take a short road trip hit me. I knew I had to go back to that store, either to try and re-live what happened or whatever. I ran upstairs, took a shower and got dressed, feeling that my pussy was already moist from the anticipation of what might happen. I decided on wearing a short denim miniskirt and a top which accentuated my cleavage and if need be, could be pulled down easily, letting my breasts come free. With just a little make-up, I decided that to the casual looker I would appear to be an ordinary housewife running errands. Which of course was further from the truth. And, in full preparation of what I was hoping would happen I chose not wear any panties or bra. Luckily my top had some built-in support so it wouldn't appear to be too obvious.

The whole ride down the highway, I was having an inner argument about if this was the right thing to do, but my horny self won out and I kept going. Actually, my moral self didn't seem to have much to say on the matter. I arrived in town and made my way over the bookstore. I only saw one car in the parking and assumed it was the store clerk. I started to get butterflies in my stomach and didn't know if it was from horniness or just plain nervousness, but I went in anyway.

I saw it was the same clerk as my last visit, a large, overweight, black man, sitting behind the counter watching tv. He looked up at me and gave a slight smile then went back to watching whatever show he had on. Apparently he didn't recognize me which mad me feel a little disappointed. I strolled over to the movie selections and casually browsed through the different titles eventually making my way to the interracial section quite by accident. This section was also closer to the counter. The cover pictures of different white women with black men started getting me warm when the clerks voice startled me, "Decided to come back?". I looked at him and just nodded my head yes. "I see no husband this time" he asked questioningly. "No, just me". "The previews booths are still five dollars and good for all day" he said. "Ok" was all I was able to get out, as I handed him a five. I went into the back area and chose the same booth as my previous visit. I flipped through the movie selection not paying much attention to the small tv screen, mostly keeping my eye on the hidden glory hole and also glancing at the one on the other wall. Nothing seemed to happen, so I settled on a movie showing a white couple having sex, nothing else seemed to interesting at the moment. While I watched the movie, I tried to listen to any sounds outside my booth, hoping the clerk had come back or at least another customer, but I was the only one there.

After some time I left the booth and went back out into the store area to look through the movie titles some more. "Didn't see anything you liked?" the clerk asked me. "Nothing that interesting" I said in return. I was flipping through the interracial section again when the clerk then said "There is a special preview room with a better selection of movies. Might even see one that suits you". This got my attention, "Ok, is there another charge for the preview room?" "For a repeat customer, no". I smiled at that. "Its back in the booth area, just take the hallway on the right and go to the end. The door says 'Private', just go in there and make yourself comfortable". I did as he said and went into the room. It was dimly lit like the booth area but what caught my attention was the large screen tv mounted on the wall and on the screen was an interracial movie with a blonde pron actress getting it good from both ends by two black men. From the limited light in there I saw two love seat size sofas and a couple of chairs around the edges of the room. The rest of the area was in shadows.

I settled down on the one couch and was immediately transfixed by the movie that was playing. My hands instinctively started rubbing my breasts through my top then with one hand I started rubbing my bare and wet pussy. The movie scene really got me hot when I heard what sounded like a door opening but was too engrossed in the movie to see where the sound came from. "I was hoping you would come back". The voice of the store clerk startled me some and as I looked to my left I saw him standing nearby. With the light from the tv it was obvious that I was playing with my pussy and wasn't wearing any panties. Without another word the clerk stepped in front of me and unzipped his pants. I reached out and finished unbuttoning his pants, pulling them down along with his underwear, and grabbed hold of his hardening cock. An instant later I was on my knees and had half of his black dick in my mouth and was slurping and sucking away. My thoughts and fantasies from the past few weeks were becoming a reality as found myself sucking this black mans cock. "Looks like you've been thinking about this black meat". "Uh huh" was all I could get out as I worked my mouth all over his dick.

I continued sucking this man's dick, even managing to deep throat him, well almost. "You ready for this black dick to fuck your pussy?" he asked. Removing my mouth from his cock, which by this time was glistening with my saliva, "yes" was all I said. My friend moved over to the one wall and started to lower a mattress to the floor. I hadn't noticed it before as it was leaning in the shadows. Apparently this was a private sex room, but I didn't care, nor did I care any when I crawled over to the obviously dirty and cum stained mattress. "Lets see those titties" and I pulled my top down letting my beauties pop free. "I just love big white titties". He had stepped completely out of his pants but kept his shirt on as he laid down on his back on the mattress. I straddled his waist and holding his rock hard black dick eased myself down on to him. As soon as his cock entered my pussy, my first big orgasm hit as my whole body shook and I let out a loud moan. I lowered myself completely onto his manhood relishing the feeling of being fully stuffed. I rocked back and forth some as he moved his hips around also. As soon as I was adjusted to his size, I started riding his cock as I had been dreaming about for some time. The feeling was intense as my aching pussy was getting what I had been desiring. I leaned forward, still working my hips up and down when he moved forward and grabbed my bouncing tits. Cupping them in his strong, dark hands he started stroking my nipples which sent another orgasm racing through me. Then his mouth engulfed my right nipple as he pinched my left one. I was in heaven, or so I thought. "Turn around" he finally said and I removed myself from his cock now completely covered my juice. I turned around so I now had my back to him as I lowered back down on to his cock and started fucking again. I had lost track of time, and am not sure how long we fucked but my legs were getting tired and I told him as much. Grabbing my hips he turned me on to my side and then took over fucking me. In this position, my tits really started bouncing before he grabbed them with his one free hand.

With a black cock buried in my soaking wet pussy and my tits being played with I had failed to notice that we weren't alone in the room. At some point I opened my eyes and from the glare of the tv could see three other black men standing close by and another sitting on the couch. All had their cocks out and were stroking them. "You weren't k**din' about this white bitch" one of them said and I knew I was going to get my fill of black dick, more than I could imagine. One of the men got on his knees on the mattress and moved up to my face and shoved his thick black meat in to my waiting mouth. And I loved it and didn't want it to stop. The man fucking me quickened his pace and started grunting and I knew he was about to cum. He didn't slow down but kept up a fast pace as he unloaded his seed into my pussy, at which time I had another orgasm. He slid out of me and said "You all gonna love this pussy". The guy I had been sucking pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to get on my knees. I did as I was told and he shoved his cock into my cum filled pussy with one push and immediately started fucking me hard, and I wanted more. A few seconds later another hard black cock, this one long but thinner appeared in front of my face and soon was in my mouth. I caught myself moaning loudly and knew I would be screaming in pleasure but for my mouth stuffed with cock. The third man got on the mattress and started playing with my swaying tits. By this time I lost count of how many orgasms I was having, only knowing that it was one after the other.

The guy fucking me said he was about to cum and grabbing my hips hard he shoved his cock in, balls deep into my pussy and added his load. At just about the same time, the guy I had been sucking grunted loudly and shot his thick load. Most went down my throat but he came so much that I gagged some and the rest spilled out of mouth and dripped off my chin. "Get on your back" the third man said and as soon as I moved, he was kneeling between my legs and shoving his dick in my pussy. He started fucking me hard and leaned forward to grab my tits as he kept up his pace, then leaned forward more and started sucking my tits, twirling his tongue over my nipple, first one tit then the other. Without a cock in my mouth I did let out a loud scream from the tremendous orgasm that came over me. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" I started yelling which caused the guys to started laughing but I didn't care. I came a few more times before the guy fucking me buried his cock in deep and unloaded his sperm, giving me my third load of hot black man's jizz. He slowly withdrew his cock and I could feel the cum run out of my pussy and down my ass crack to add to the stains on the mattress.

At this time the fourth man, who had been sitting on the couch get between my legs. The other guys who were sitting around the room started to laugh and talk saying something about my pussy being ruined now. I can't be completely sure as my head was spinning from the fucking and orgasms I had just gone through. But I recovered enough to look at my new lover and saw his cock near my entrance. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Even in the limited light of the room, it was huge. I learned later that his cock was over ten inches and about as thick as a beer can. Without saying a word, from me either, this last black man shoved his super large cock into my sopping wet pussy. Even after being fucked by three other cocks, his only went half way in, but he withdrew some and then slammed it all the way in. The sudden stretching my pussy just received caused a moment of pain followed by a powerful orgasm as I was stretched like never before. He worked his cock in and out some before he settled down completely on top of me and started fucking me hard. All I could do was grab his back and have my pussy filled and enjoy every bit of it, knowing my sex life would be changed forever. As I now became completely hooked on black dick and would want it all the time.

The last man fucked me for several minutes before I felt him stiffen, then arch his back as he flooded my womb with his hot cum. He stayed in me for a little while longer then looked at me and smiled. "Not many white women can take this cock" he said. I was so exhausted all I could do was smile back then closed my eyes.
I laid there for a while, the cum drying on my chin and leaking out of my pussy. The guys played with my tits some before getting dressed and thanking the clerk for the good time. I finally sat up and the clerk told me that there were some paper towels on the chair, then he left. I cleaned myself up as best I could and straightening my clothes went back out in to the store. "The bathroom is over there" the clerk said pointing to the other side of the store area. I went in and splashed some water on my face, washing the dried cum off my face, then soaked up the cum still leaking out of my pussy with some toilet paper. I looked in the mirror and was surprised at the way I looked. It was a look of pure contentment and I smiled thinking about what had just happened to me, knowing it would not be the last. I went back out in to the store and thanked the clerk who said that I was welcome back anytime and that he could arrange anything I wanted. I told him I got more than I could have asked for but will be back on a regular basis. And trust me, I will be back.

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