Relaxing with no panties feeling the ache to feel, wanting to be felt teased and licked!

A shower is what you crave to release the thoughts now swirling in your mind.

Thinking about that hot water running across your body, the streams hitting your nipples, as a cock runs across your lips. Your mind is catching up to the thoughts within.

Wanting to feel that touch, wondering what it would feel like, thinking how a hardened cock will fill your hand as you slowly stroke it. Milking it producing the precum, rubbing the tip across your tongue getting the reaction of the cock pulsing in your hand, the tip bumping into your open mouth which you quickly close around the tip. Tasting for the first time......

The feel of it against your lips, the firmness as it slowly disappears into your mouth, your tongue felling the texture and stiffness

Enjoying roaming hands as they caress your thighs, getting so close to your lips, teasing milking your pussy as juices can be felt by you leaking out. Gliding your lips back up the shaft to the head of that hard cock feeling the rim of it on your lips as it pops out. Keeping it in the crease of your lips lightly sucking the nectar from that cock causing it to throb again in your hand

The feel of stumbling breath on your exposed pussy makes you stop midway on the cock. Gripping the shaft with a light squeeze of your hand, causing more swelling of the very hard cock in your mouth.

Your hand positions so you can use your tongue and flick that sensitive spot where the rim of the tip and shaft meet.

When you here the moan and yearn to have it back inside your mouth you guide it between your lips feeling the strength and firmness. This time more will be inside you. Your soft lips gliding down around the hardened shaft just short of the length.

Fingers have found and spread your pussy lips. Watching eyes taking you in as you seep, and your clit swells before the watching eyes.

Hips begin to thrust into you, wanting to have your motion on a very firm cock. You reverse and start down again this time taking all deep into your mouth and throat. A feat you were not sure you could do. You feel the throb and pulse of the cock, the tip deep in your throat.

You can feel your pussy lips fondled by a hand with unexpected talent. A finger delving within you causes a muffled moan from your full mouth. The finger arches up behind your clit stroking as if your clit were on the inside. A wet creamy finger emerges and is joined by another on re entry. The tightness enjoyed by both.

As the tongue begins to brush on your swollen clit you notice balls tightening and a renewed firmness in the shaft. God it feels so good to be spread, penetrated and licked!

Your mastery has done its job though. Your feel the first burst on your lips as it passes. The hot cum erupts deep in your mouth followed by the throbbing pulse of the hard cock. You take it in enjoying what you have done. Milking the firmness you receive more, and you note the hesitation between your thighs. The fingers fall still deep within you!

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