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You must fill me in on some of the details, how you do it, what you are thinking, the feel.... fuck thats hot ! Care if I watch?

Oh not at first :) it just bacame a kneetop so I could get full access to stroke my cock from my balls up the stiff shaft to the tip that had precum emerginging and dribbling across my hand and onto my stomache. where there was already a nice puddle :)

I fucked all weekend god the feel of pussy around my shaft feels good. One time peachy was playing with a toy that works the clit and curves inside to the g-spot and I was just watching, pussy lips and clit swelling, Juices building. I couldn’t stand it so I worked my way in between her thighs licking around the toy. Looking up watching her roll and pinch her nipples as the toy and I pleasured her. I had to feel those worked up pussy lips around my shaft. So I repositioned and started to slip my hardened cock in with the toy……… ooh fuck what a feeling ! the vibrations from the toy, the wetness coating my cock, disappearing between her swollen lips! I got harder by the time my balls were resting on her ass. The feel was incredible when I started stroking my shaft with her pussy filled with that toy. I tell you this because when I came it was not just the grunt shoot deal. I would feel it building in my cock working up the stiff shaft, so I slowly pulled out. At the end of the stroke just as my cock tip was out cum worked out the tip onto her hot pussy and toy. Controlling it I re-entered her feeling it build again with every push as my now creamy cock shaft disappeared into her. When my balls touched her ass I felt it again work up the stiff shaft and enter her. This happened about 5 times fuck we were a mess once she came deep from within. I felt our cum pushout and across my balls and down her sexy ass !

Glad you like them hope they can help you ( will work on the sound) Yes I do like outside...... care to fuck me there??

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