Clare Part6

Clare - The love triangle
Part 6
We have our first threesome, with his s****r.

Sandra and I ran the last few yards back to the apartment. We couldn’t believe what just happened. We grabbed a couple of drinks and settled on the patio, the sun was still beating down and within minutes she had her top off. Not the one to be left out I followed suit, with one minor difference that I was wearing a dress but not any underwear and in a flash I stood in front of her completely nude. She looked at me somewhat surprised but unhooked her bra, pulled down her hot pants and stepped out of her thong. I couldn’t help to notice how beautiful she was and for the next 5 minutes we just stood there checking each other out. First I observed her breasts, they were gorgeous, so full and round but all natural. Her C cups looked almost too big for her rather small body. I stood admiring her beautiful back, her rounded hips, her curvy ass, and shapely legs. Her pussy was a treat too, her pubic hair nicely trimmed into a small landing strip just above the v of her labia, with her women hood glistering in the evening sun. She studied me for a moment and I could feel her eyes on my body too, not many words were spoken in the next five minutes and I began to wonder what she thought about my figure. We stayed at an adult only resort to relax and have fun and when Sandra suggested getting the sun cream out I keenly agreed. I was only too happy to rub her body with lotion and without any hesitations we smeared each other up. It was one thing to dream of having a sexual liaison with your in-laws and I got so charged having her hands all over me and caressing every inch of my skin. She almost gave me a full body massage and without second thoughts or embarrassment she was fondling my breasts and pussy. Guiding her hand between my legs, I allowed her to take long swipes over my wet open canal. She made me feel so special, telling me how sexy and good looking I was. I loved the attention and the only sound coming from me was the low pitched moans of pleasure.

When Zac turned up we were already done playing but didn’t bother to get dressed again. We were being lazy on the sun lounger as we enjoyed tanning ourselves and in the afterglow we still played footsies but slowly disengaged from the obviously sensual treat. He welcomingly hugged his naked s****r delicately and sat down next to me, kissing me in the process. I could tell he has had a few beers and while they made idle chitchat I noticed two things. Firstly he was rather blatantly gazing ever so often at Sandra’s breasts and secondly his bulge in his trousers really started to show. He certainly was hard, I thought to myself. I had little doubt he was getting turned on by his s****r’s tits, it got me hot too and taking a leaf out of her book of boldness I quite openly started to brush my hand over his bulge. And just to make it a little more even I casually mentioned how unfair it was that he was still fully clothed. With plenty of laughter and cheers from us girls he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. I couldn’t say if he was teasing us or if he was just a little reluctant. His shorts came of next and now it was Sandra’s turn to stare and stare she did. She grinned widely, after all he is very masculine and sexually well endowed. I think the alcohol and the sunshine made us all a little more daring and when she mentioned the sun cream again I edged towards the front of my seat. He didn’t know what hit him when we both pounced and in record time had rather to much lotion all over his body. Naturally I grabbed his smooth cock first and started to work in the sunblock. To start with I only held his semi hard-on with one hand and used my free hand for the lotion. I could feel his cock twitch at my tight grip, leaving him gasping as he plunged backwards into the sofa. As if to wait for my permission and very anxious, she innocently moved closer to the action and with wide eyes watched me eagerly.

While Sandra swapped her gaze between me and Zac’s hard tool she smiled at me coyly. I wasn’t sure if she was conscious of her behaviour, but in between sips of her cocktail she pressed her ice cold glass over her right nipple. It left her already hard bud glistering in the sunshine and the small droplets of water run down her body. It was so sexy to watch and I sensed that we were playing each other. I grabbed his cock tighter and pulled the foreskin back, exposing his pink mushroom head and held him around the base. I stayed like that for a minute, waiting for a reaction but all I got was a loud moan of him. Then almost on cue her legs opened slightly and for the first time I had a glimpse of her slit. I touched her most intimate place 20 minutes ago but as we were standing I had no visual. I moved my hand and while counting in my head I stroked his cock five times up and down. And with my thumb I smeared his pre-cum around his tip, leaving him wet and slippery. Her next move was to open her knees even further and now she sat with her legs nicely spread. It didn’t take long and Sandra’s cold glass moved now freely from one nipple to the other, leaving a trace of moisture all over her chest. But what made me really hot, she started to tweak and pull on her hard pink buds too.

I ached for some attention myself and kneeled, pushing Zac further down onto the sun lounger until his butt reached the edge of the sofa. With his head resting on the back cushion I swung my leg over him and pushed backwards and placed my throbbing pussy over his face in a rather comfortable 69 position. She felt my pussy flood and my nipples stiffened, which only increased the friction between our bodies. I wasn’t sure if he was aware what kind of game Sandra and I were playing but he must have enjoyed it very much. Within a few seconds I could feel his hot breath on my moist gash, followed by his tongue on my clit. I still held his cock around the base and when I looked back over, Sandra had her right foot on her seat and two fingers in her wet slit. I could see her wetness very clearly as she darted her knuckles in and out of her pussy. She looked at me intensely as if to say your turn next and I was more than happy to oblige. I felt his tongue licking up and down my wet hole and I placed my lips on his pink helmet and kissed him. To mix it up a little, every time I glanced over I simple stroked his cock, moving my hand up and down several time. Slow to start with, I wanted him to last and enjoy this moment as much as I could.

Zac played his part also, still licking me from side to side and I had to buckle my hips from time to time. He was doing a great job and whenever I could feel he was getting me too far I pulled away for a few seconds. My cunt juices were flowing down my leg and I struggled when he concentrated solely on my sensitive clit and when he pushed his tongue deep into me. His hands were busy as well, pulling and plucking on my hard nipples. I knew Sandra couldn’t resist for long and shortly after she mouthed the words “I need some cock” into my direction. I deliberately made more slurping noises licking only his helmet and slowly slowly she shuffled closer and closer.

Then throwing caution to the winds she moved and Sandra flopped down onto the ground in between Zac’s legs. While trying to get comfortable she laid down a cushion to kneel on. With her hands on his knees and her face only inches in front of him, he voluntarily opened his legs showing her all his glory. She was now face to face with me and watched me excitingly taking his throbbing cock in my mouth. Her face was so close I could feel her breathing and while I sucked away I got braver myself. I let go of his cock and gentle took her left wrist and pulled her hand towards his stiff meat pole. For a second I thought I pushed her too far but she didn’t resit. Zac moaned in total approval too when I guided her closer but I didn’t think he knew. With me still holding her wrist she took hold of his penis and wrapped her slender fingers around it. Immediately she leaned over and in an “Eskimo kiss” style way she very romantically expressed her affection to me. My heart raced when I traced my fingers over her face and gave her a lingering kiss.

I thought Sandra was a little hesitant at first, after all Zac is her b*****r but as soon as she made first contact with his manhood there was no holding back. She pushed his cock aside and looked intensely at his shaved ball sack before cupping it in her other hand. There was some giggling from the two of us and we started kissing more passionately, I judged by the grin on her face she enjoyed the experience. With his cock swinging right in front of us Sandra wasted no time and started to wank him off. His cock was rigid as her smooth hand worked his foreskin back and forth just inches from our faces. I was rocking backwards almost humping his face and could feel him moan while he was eating my moist pussy. Sandra and I were still kissing with our tongues probing deep into each other’s mouth. With her kneeling in front of me I let my fingers follow her curves from her well-formed breasts over her flat stomach. I scratched her skin lightly with my well-manicured fingernails as I did so. With her tight body so close I couldn’t resist and I made my way down to her pussy.

Getting my hint Sandra spread her legs for easy access and it didn’t take me long before my hand began to stroke her pussy. She was very aroused and very wet and I used her own juices to lubricate her whole slit. I rubbed hard over her swollen clit before dunking deep into her. I tried to give her love hole a good workout pushing three fingers in her as far as I could. She was moaning softly in my ear for a while then followed by some slurping and muffled sounds. When I looked sideways I got turned on even more, Sandra had now her mouth full with cock. Her bothers cock to be precise. Before she could fully understand the forbidden action, her body had responded. Between her gasps and moans she squeezed his balls, holding on tight. With her tongue licking up and down Zac must have been in paradise, when I glanced backwards his face told me more than a thousand words. His head rested against the headboard and he stopped momentarily eating my pussy but his chin was still covered in my juices. To be honest I didn’t know if he knew who was sucking his cock, I’m not even sure he was aware that Sandra was here with us. Nevertheless I was so turned on and on fire, watching Sandra swallow his engorged cock turned out to be so hot. She was bravely bobbing her head up and down, stopping occasionally to lick some pre-cum of his tip. With every other go she managed to get his shaft deeper down her throat and was already past the halfway mark.

I tried to keep myself busy and continued finger fucking Sandra, but by now with more venom. I crunched my fingers tightly together and shoved them deep into her, rubbing her clit at the same time. I heard more grunts coming from Zac, wondering if he was close to cum. She was moaning loudly also and I sensed her love hole tighten around me. I could feel her pussy walls clutching tighter and she began to shudder, leaving me stunned at the strength of her orgasm. Her cunt muscles squeezed and then release my hand over and over. She was now fucking my hand just by contraction and releasing her pussy walls with good old Kegel exercises. My whole hand was coated in her juices and when I licked them in my mouth it was heavenly. Her gash was so wet it started to run down her inner thigh and some dribbled onto the cushion underneath her. If I thought that this was the end than I was clearly mistaken, his cock was covered in her salvia and presumably plenty of pre-cum. She gained her composure quickly and while getting up pushed me backwards into Zac. I went from a 69 position to straddling his face in a second. With me literally sitting on his face, she positioned herself over his still rock hard cock. We maintained eye contact as she squatted over him and she seemed in full control. With one leg on either side of his, she squirmed over his crotch and took hold of his erection with one hand. She aimed it carefully so it pointed up at her pussy, and slowly lowered herself down, wriggling her curvy bum until it fitted just right, then sank down, taking the whole of Zac’s meat into her.

Zac carefully reached out and slid his hands over her firm curved arse and after only seconds he caressed her full cheeks. I loved that moment, seeing Zac’s stiff penis slides into his s****r’s needy pussy. I watched the little nudge as the hood of the helmet popped through her entrance. Her wet vagina expanded as his cock eased itself inside and adjusting itself to the size and shape of the welcoming invader. I rocked back and forth on his face and his mouth worked overtime, pushing me right to the edge. Sandra began to ride up and down and I saw Zac’s hard bulging member emerging. Only for a split second at most and all coated in her juices, before burying itself in her again. I could feel my own orgasm build up and embraced her kissing her wildly. Her rhythm started to quicken and while she still rode him her hands disappeared behind her butt. I couldn’t see what she was doing but straight away his body began to shake. Making him thrust his groin up rapidly and I knew from experience her pussy will be full with hot cum in a flash. Her hands were still hidden away and Zac’s body still twitched uncontrollable every few seconds.

I had no idea if Sandra climaxed again but she looked very satisfied and happy, I had one riding Zac’s face and when I lifted my butt he had a very gratified smile too but frozen stiff. Unable to act, was he in shock? The sun was so hot we were all sweating and the perspiration on our skin made our bodies slide against each other so erotic. The three of us collapsed in a heap of mess and when his cock went soft and popped out her creamed pussy the dirty truth came to light. His cum was gushing out onto his stomach and not the one to waste it I had to taste it. I licked up everything I came across and savoured the tangy flavour. I could see Sandra contracting her pussy and with the distinguished sound of “pussy farts” more cum followed. She herself even dipped her fingers in her sloppy cunt to scoop up the rest. It was such a turn on to see, especially when she licked her fingers. We shared his cum then licked and sucked his cock clean. We behaved like sluts with the weekend still to come and we all loved it.

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