Clare - Part 5

Clare - The love triangle
Part 5
We take my s****r in law on holiday, play and make new friends.
The next few months went in a flash and we were officially dating, I even moved in with Zac within the first 2 weeks, sounds crazy right? Most of my close friends but especially his mates thought he was off his head when they found out we were courting. My reputation followed me around a bit but I never cheated on him but we have had a few adventures together, we normally play as a pair but not alone. Our sex life is great, we have had a MMF once but I didn’t like it, I don’t want to be fucked by other men anymore. Zac’s a great lover and he looks after my needs before his, however I love a FFM and for obvious reasons so does he. I’m not pretending it was all red roses but after all I turn 30 later this year and we have been together 9 years, we thought we were happy in love with each other, but 2 years ago we met Amy (that’s a story for later).

We were dating for just over 6 month when we booked our first holiday together, thanks to Sonia, my friend working at a local travel agent I managed to book an apartment at an adult only resort in the Republic of Cape Verde. “Where adults come to play” were her words as she smiled and almost blushed when she told me some details under the counter. Besides a long weekend in the sun with drinks on the beach, it suited me perfect, I have this weird fetish for quickies that makes me so friggin hot but after a while you just run out of places.

In any relationship there comes a time when you meet the in-laws, in my case I meet Sandra, Zac’s younger s****r first. We were supposed to fly out Wednesday late afternoon but Tuesday night we got a phone call from her asking if she could come for a visit that weekend because of boyfriend trouble. I wasn’t sure what it was all about when Zac explained it to me, I was busy packing after all I wanted to lie in the sun and get fucked hard for the rest of the week. To cut a long story short it got arranged that Sandra would follow us on a flight on Thursday and spent the weekend with us.

I was pretty excited when we arrived at the airport, casually dressed in a short skirt, light blouse and 5 inch high heels I abstained from any undies. I felt so naughty going out braless and pantyless in public but I was embracing the no-underwear trend, and Zac was almost on heat when I slightly opened my legs in the car on the way there, giving him a slight glance that left nothing to the imagination. While we were sitting in the waiting lounge I teased him again, being very careful of other spying eyes in the half full room. I might behave like a slut but whatever I do is for my man and my man only, even dipping my fingers knuckle deep into my already wetting slit a few times, then let him lick them clean. Anyway it didn’t take long for him to take the bait and 15 minutes later her took me by the hand and pulled me into the disabled toilets. I was dripping wet before we got to the cubical and I sensed my skirt got pushed up before he even managed to lock the door, foreplay was out the question but I was already so stirred up just by giving him a little show.

Needless to say he was rock hard too and within seconds he pushed me down over the toilet seat and I felt his stiff prick enter my soaked pussy from behind. He didn’t last long but that wasn’t the idea, nor the time or place anyway, I loved the excitement of a quick fuck in the toilets. Zac was on fire and he fucked me hard and fast just the way I enjoy a quickie, almost withdrawing his cock completely out of my wet love box before pushing hard and balls deep back in. Every hard thrust made the clicking of my heels on the tiled floor so loud and clearly audibly for any passing bystanders which turned me on even more. Within five minutes I got the impression his cock twitched hard and before I knew it his breathing got heavy, when I heard him grunt in a low voice I recognized what was coming. The sensation of getting hot cum pumped up my moist pussy felt incredible, first one squirt then the second and after that I just felt sticky wetness inside me. I was so close to an climax too but I got cut short, never mind I’m sure he will make up for it, when I kissed him “Thank you” I could see a relived men so to speak and it made me chuckle. It didn’t take him long to finish up, or should I say it didn’t take me long to bent down and lick his cock clean, I wasn’t let that yummy cum go to waste and sucked him for a few seconds, making sure I licked all of our combined love juices off his balls and didn’t leave a drop behind.

He was gone in record time but I staying behind to wipe myself clean, I scooped up all the leftover cum out of my pussy and held it in my mouth. I didn’t want to swallow just yet and when I got back to the table the lobby was now nearly full. I get some very interesting stares and sneers when I walked back to where Zac was sitting who looked like the cat that got all the cream. I felt aware of being watched as I fumbled my skirt down into place but that wouldn’t stop me. We have developed quite a fetish for it and it was the hottest thing I have ever done in my life (and in public) and with a twinkle in my eyes I moved up and gave him a huge wet french kiss. I filled his mouth with the mixture of cum and my saliva, swirling and pushing it between us. His eyes got even wider when as soon as I filled his mouth I ordered him to swallow it and used my tongue to part his lips and proceeded to kiss him.

When we arrived at the resort I was pleasantly surprised, the main complex was directly located on a private beach with a large patio bar overlooking a small bay. The main complex had everything covered from two restaurants, two indoor bars, amusements and a small theatre. Within 10 minutes we were shown to our apartment by a very good looking receptionist, which was only a short walk away. It was a magnificent place, two large king sides en-suite bedrooms both with mirrored celling, a large living room with all modern comfort and a well equipped kitchen with plenty of refreshment in the fridge. My friend Sonia wasn’t wrong with her remark, no expenses spared we even had a sex toy basket with lube and condoms and various other items on the bedside table. There must have been a few other new arrivals as we all got summoned for a champagne reception in one of the bars and got officially welcomed by the owners who were a nice couple in their early 50’s.

We were all made aware of some house rules practiced by the club,
• Establish Ground Rules between each other.
• Offer and expect absolute hygiene and discretion.
• Adhere to the “Club’s Naked Rule” in the public places like the restaurant or bar.
• NO means NO! Everyone must respect other guests wishes.
• If you wish contact with the other visitors then address them polite and directly.
• Use of d**gs and prostitution are forbidden.
• Excessive use of alcohol is forbidden. d***ken guests will be asked to leave.
• Dress to impress but don’t give mixed signals.
• Taking pictures is not allowed in the public places like the restaurant or bar.
• Please follow all directions given by our staff.
• Be Friendly, have fun and enjoy yourself.

We had a pleasant evening with a few drinks and we meet a few interesting people. Most notable a very nice and attractive couple, Sara and Tom who were in their late 20’s and stayed in the building next to us. After a few more cocktails and plenty of flirting with Sara I could feel the effects off the alcohol so we excused ourselves and headed back to our apartment.

Next morning I got rudely woken up by Zac’s phone ringing, I was lying in bed with a slight headache and his mobile didn’t stop. Like so many other considerate lovers he just pulled his pillow over his head mumbling something about “I’m on holiday” and neglecting that thing. Not sure what annoyed me more at this point, his attitude or his stupid ringtone but eventually I found his phone in his trouser pockets next to the bed. It turned out it was Sandra confirming that her flight would land at 3 this afternoon and asked if we could pick her up from the airport. Zac didn’t want to know, apparently he signed up with some guys to go fishing for a few hours after lunch and we all know how that would end up, them d***k and me picking Sandra up myself. I hired a car from the reception and was on my way to the airport with time to spare but I started to get really nervous. There were a few f****y photos I have seen but I knew hardly anything about her and we never met, so I wasn’t that happy to begin with.

For some bizarre reason Sandra recognised me straight away and gave me a big welcoming hug and a rather unusual but short kiss straight on my lips. Not that I minded though, she is a very beautiful blue eyed blond, slightly smaller than me by maybe a few inches. She is slender but her tits were a good C cup, with long, beautifully shapely legs and had what you would call, a perfect butt. We hit it off straight away and I found her strangely attractive, she was just 23 and only a couple of years older than me. At first glance it didn’t look like she had relationship trouble, even if she did she wouldn’t be single for long. She was stunning and I bet she turned heads everywhere she goes and I only met her 5 minutes ago.

We clicked straight away and maybe it was my imagination but I become aware of Sandra’s very flirtatious nature. Almost immediately she told me she was after a rebound and made it quite clear it didn’t matter if male or female or in which order. I was a bit gobsmacked at her boldness and it didn’t take me long to figure out she was a very sexual women. She was very cheerful and upbeat about the whole “adults only hotel” idea and appeared very interested and listened to everything that I said. We giggled and laughed like teenagers as I tried to pack as much into the tête-à-tête about the hotel as possible. I knew that with her beautiful face, sexy body and large breasts she will have them lined up. She seemed very fascinated and appeared so confident about the promises.

It dawned on me she was my future s****r in law but she really seemed to take an interest in me and I knew it had to be on purpose. She was flirting with me very openly and every so often when she talked she would touched my arm or shoulder, and every occasion was like a bolt of electricity going through me.

As we made our way to the car I couldn’t help but admire her good looks and a beaming smile that answered me was very cute. Making small talk and trying to keep my eyes on the road turned out trickier by the minute and when I glanced over again I noticed a red bra strap had slipped out from underneath her t-shirt sleeve. She oozed sex and the sight of her undergarment hanging part way down her forearm sent tingles throughout my whole body. I knew it was wrong after all she was my s****r in law but I resumed stealing glimpses of her stunning beauty.

We arrived at the hotel a few minutes later and headed straight for the patio bar, where I became bold enough to steal quick admiring glances at her arse as she walked in front of me. The hot pants she was wearing offered me a stunning view, they were so short and tight that I could almost see her pussy lips. On a scale from one to ten, with ten being the highest she was easily a nine, her legs were so long and smooth and just opened ever so slightly in a very sexy way with every step she took. I practically imagined her sweet little pink love box hidden just beyond the layer of denim. I could feel myself getting aroused too and I noticed my own nipples poking through my thin tank top and these thoughts were not helping me or diminishing my sensual feelings. We fell laughing onto the large couch almost on top of each other and only the appearance of our waitress at the table stopped me from my initial impulse to lean over and kiss her.

The drinks flowed freely and I developed more than a light crush on the deadly blonde sitting right next to me and as per usual I let girls come on to me. I never push or pull and if they wanted me and I wanted them then it would happen. But Sandra had her quiet, yet alluring ways which made my heart race but somewhat scared at the same time. In normal circumstances the deal would have been made, but as she was my s****r in law I wasn’t too sure. The patio bar was empty apart from us and I could feel my own excitement build up by the minute. Her hands kept touching my knee and lingered there for more than a few seconds, I loved the attention and didn’t resist or pull away. Her touch was as soft as were her hands and with her manicured nails she caressed very gentle up and down my leg, only stopping at the hem of my skirt halfway up my thigh.

After about 10 minutes we ordered another cocktail and the flirting became more and more advanced and we started to talk about sexual explicit things. Then she snuggled up closer and I could feel her breasts squashing against my arm. She threw her long legs over my lap and ran her hand across my neck staring at me. I pick up on her rocking her butt slightly, presumably to stimulate her slit and I could feel a slight tingle down below myself. I wasn’t sure what made me hotter, the sun that was beaming down on us or the touchy nature of her personality. I started to get more adventures too, returning Sandra’s favour I placed my own hand on her knee. Her legs were so smooth as I let my hand wander and I was intrigued to where this would lead to. A few seconds later she took me completely by surprise when she slipped her soft hand under my skirt and faintly touched my labia which made me jump like a bunny in heat.

When our eyes met my brain froze momentarily, her look seemed to have a magic hold on me and the expression on her face was a dripping hunger of a sex starved kitten. Sandra smiled at me and gently touched my face with her other hand. I could tell that she was getting as eager just as much as I just by the way she grinded her butt against the sofa.

"Can I kiss you now?" she asked politely looking at my glossy lips.
Still shocked and unable to talk I just nodded yes and tried hard to stay calm. Then I could sense another touch under my skirt, somewhat longer and harder than the first but still reserved.
“I wanted to kiss you the first time I saw you. It’s okay, you don’t have to. Only if you want to”, she said softly blowing gentle on my lips.
"I want to." I flushed and realised I was gone, seduced by my s****r in law, whom I only met 30 minutes ago, practically asking me for permission. With her hand still lingering next to my hot and moist pussy my response would almost be redundant.
"I want to really kiss you.” She kept teasing, looking me deep in my eyes.
"Yes. Kiss me. Please. Any way you want." came my hoarse whisper, I was almost begging now. I opened my legs slightly and with heavy breathing waited for that magic moment, the golden touch.

She just pressed her finger on my lips as to indicate for me to shut up and a few seconds later her beautiful lips pressed gentle against mine giving me the most romantic kiss imaginable. I was probably just as wet as she was and to tell you the truth I wasn’t sure who’s sexual arousal scent I was smelling, hers or mine. I could feel the damp heat from my pussy but I was really confused at this point, she was my s****r in law and I shouldn’t have this sexual urges. She embraced me tightly and started kissing my face gently, then very softly and very gently began to suck on my lower lip. The next thing I knew is that we were kissing like lovers, our mouths open and our tongues deep into each other’s mouths.

For a moment I was deeply lost in passion but I got pulled back into the real world when I sensed some movement towards my right. I thought about ignoring it but decided it was time for some privacy and I tried to stand up, breaking the bond between us. Sandra looked at me in an uncertain and embarrassed way. She started to stammer an apology and looked away as I took her hands and pulled her up on her feet. At the same time I wrapped my other hand around her waist and led her towards the exit. We linked arms as we walked down the sandy beach and our conversation drifted easily back to sex but for a while we just giggled like teenagers. She was very open about how horny and wet she was but I felt a little guilty about this and at the same time I felt a touch of excitement. Our apartment was only a few hundred yards away and it shouldn’t have taken us long but we kept stopping to make out. By the time we were at the last building before ours, her hands were all over my arse and my skirt pushed up over my hips. We got quite a shock when we stopped once more and kissed passionately, we had drifted off our original path and ended up standing almost on the terrace of your next door neighbour. Through the open double doors we had the perfect view into their living room where Sara and Tom (the nice and attractive couple from last night) were at it like rabbits. I have watched others many of times before but we stopped in disbelieve and in total amazement. It wasn’t the fact that they were having sex with each other it was the way they had sex. Tom was on all fours and Sara stood from behind over him fucking him hard with what looked like a good sized strap-on.

Tom was completely nude, with his bright red face pushed into a pillow. At first I thought to silence his squeals but when I looked closer I could see he was wearing a black mouth gag with a leather strap. His eyes were clearly watery and with saliva running down his chin he looked almost out of breath but his expression on his face was of pure pleasure. We just stood there watching, I didn’t dare to even move a muscle and with Sandra still holding my hand I could feel her squeeze tight.

Sara wore a shiny latex bodysuit with thigh high black boots, that hugged her curves beautiful and her long dark hair was tied back into a ponytail. Most of the women I know are happy to let their man take charge in the bedroom but I got so turned on. I would love being able to control each push, adding to the excitement and intensity of the taboo role reversal. Her strap-on made her appearance so masculine for obvious reason but it looked all so sexy and so intense. Zac’s cock is 10inches but Sara’s looked a good size bigger, she clearly knew how to use it and very skilfully ploughed him with deep thrusts.

A slight weird feeling came over me spying on my neighbours like this and without thinking straight my free hands went into the front of the waistband of my skirt. I began to tease my clitoris, I noticed Sara was very vocal and her voice very dynamic. “Oh my goodness” I could hear Sandra breath next to me and when I turned my head sideways at her I saw her hot pants and panties were already pushed down, giving her maximum access to herself. She was already frigging her love button furiously and within seconds her fingers disappeared from my view and I knew they slipped deep into her wet slit.

Inside things were getting hotter too and moved on a fair bit, Tom now lied on his back with the pillow under his hips. His legs were pulled up almost next to his head and spread wide with Sara kneeling between him. I saw her apply a generous splash of lupe on her monster cock, before smearing the remaining liquid on his anal passage. For a moment I froze when his head turned towards us, I wasn’t sure if he saw us but it startled me enough to make me voluntarily stop playing with myself. Then it came to me that even if he did see us he was in no position to tell, never mind the humiliating situation he was in.

Sandra was far gone and I could feel her body shake, she rose by a few inches pushing up onto her toes and I knew she was close. She let go off my hand and wrapped herself around my neck to steady her movement. Then with uneven and deep breaths she came hard and fast, her fingernails dug deep into my shoulders as she hang on for dear life. Her whole body started to shake but especially her legs wobbled viciously, her orgasm was so strong even her bottom lips started to quiver.

Just as I tried to get back to business Sandra amazed me again when I felt her fingers on my wet slit from behind. I leaned into her and could feel her soft breast pushing in my back. With her warm breath on my neck and watching Sara fucking Tom frantically it didn’t take me long either. She put one arm around me rubbing my clit from the front making me tremble it felt so good. At the same time she finger fucked me furiously from behind with three maybe even four fingers. In all probability and pure coincident Sara’s and Sandra’s rhythms were almost in sync making me gasp loudly trying to get some air. A few seconds later a ferocious orgasm swept over me and with my body rigid from pleasure and relive we dropped down onto the sandy beach where we both tried to get our breath back.

We didn’t finish the show Sara and Tom provided us but as we sneaked away from the window my plan was to explore a whole new world, I wasn’t sure if Zac was ever going to let me do anything as humiliating, degrading and taboo to him but we had plenty of days left at the resort. I just had to make sure I would bump into Sara by any means.

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