Clare Part2

Clare - The love triangle
Part 2, the week after
How my loving relationship turned into a love triangle

I woke early the next day, well before my alarm went off. I still couldn’t believe my luck. I had a big smile on my face and why shouldn’t I? I got a fantastic blowjob of Clare last night but I couldn’t figure out what she meant when she said “I’ve wanted this for a very long time.” Did she really fancy me or was I just a notch on her bedpost? I’m a decent looking guy, even back then, at 35 I was over 10 years her senior. I frequent the gym twice a week, stand at 6foot1 and a muscular built frame at 180lb. Anyway it sort of made me think, Clare didn’t have the best reputation around town and from what I knew from last night the rumours must be true. She had her lips around my hard cock in no time and oh hell she was good at it. As I lathered up in the shower I couldn’t get that 20 minute encounter with her out of my head and my cock twitched and begged for a quick relieve. I didn’t last long, after a few soft strokes and the mental images of Clare sucking me off, I burst my load in record time. I had to have more of her and I made a promise to myself to fuck her and fuck her good, at least once, just to tick her off my list so to speak. Getting a blowjob was all nice but I wanted to know what else she had to offer. With that said I had to be careful and not get her in the way off my business reputation around town.

Now and then, I have the comfort of working from home and today was no exception, a good week had passed since my encounter with Clare. I knew my Restaurant was in good hands and sometimes I take a backseat and do other business ventures. I was on the way of setting up an outside catering business, running it with my already existing Restaurant/ Deli, which means more staff, more responsibility etc. I was in the middle of a meeting with my accountant when I got a text massage, it read “Thanks for my treat x x x.” when I opened the attachment I nearly chocked which made my accountant look at me strangely, I got so bored with all the numbers he was throwing at me my head started to hurt. I must have switched off ages ago but that text massage got me back into the real world. The text was from Clare and the picture attached was a selfie of her, still in my hallway showing off her cum covered tits. I was already in dream world when one minute later I got a second text massage of Clare that read “Come to my party on Saturday and get the rest x x x.” this time the picture showed her bottom half, in the driver seat of her car, her dress pushed up, her high heeled stocking clad legs spread wide and her shaved pussy held wide open with her index and middle finger of her left hand.

Saturday finally arrived and I was excited like a small k** on Christmas day and looking forwards to the party for obvious reasons but before I could have fun I had the catering to sort out. I arranged for my friend Tony to help me out with the promise of getting his leg over. Obviously I had no influence in this but I had to reel him in somehow, as he wasn’t that interested to start with. I worked the evening shift at my Restaurant but left early to meet Tony at the party and as I entered the club I was pleasantly surprised. It was a really nice place with a big bar, a nice sized dance floor and great mood lighting. The club was packed with a multitude of unfamiliar faces and everyone there looked glamorously dressed. I thought about Clare and scanned the crowd but I couldn’t see her. I spotted Tony standing at the bar and it looked like my promise would come true as he already had his arms around two beautiful ladies. Feeling a twinge of self-consciousness I made my way to the bar, knowing a drink would relax me. Introductions were made and after 20 minutes of small talk and a few more drinks I spotted Clare on the dance floor but as I am not much of a dancer I just stood still and watched her for a while. It looked like she was dressed for a quick pick up and it didn’t take me long to figure out where her reputation came from. I was in no doubt she loves to dance and really likes the attention, she was enjoying it all, even more the guys that were dancing with her. She looked so beautiful and sexy, she had her dark hair cut to a sassy medium length that flowed from her forehead around her cheekbone and her little black dress looked so hot, almost a classy sluty look, with one long sleeve and cut of shoulder, the dress fitted her like a second skin. It was so tight, the curves of her sexy arse let nothing to the imagination. Her figure was mesmerising, my eyes fixed firmly on her spike heeled black boots that reached just below her knees. The 5inch heels made her look taller and her toned legs even sexier. Tony must have sensed something and I thought he said something but I was in my own world. My heart raced just watching her, my cock was jerking in my trousers, almost to the point of being painful from being restrained. I tried to keep it cool but my eyes must have bugged out of my head, a sharp kick on my left ankle and the laughter of Tony next to me brought me back to reality as he repeated himself.

“You hitting that, don’t you? What’s her name……, that Clare?” looking at me knowingly, sipping his pint. “Isn’t she the daughter off eh……, what’s his name……., he drinks down The Red Rose…….”
“Paul…….” I interrupted.
“Yea…….,” He continued “Paul……. yea that’s him, you shagging her……, I know you!” he leaned in very close, almost whispering “She is a slut mate…... be careful, she is no good……. apart for a good fuck.” Taking another sip he simple said “So…... tell me mate!”
“I will mate but not right now” putting my drink down I excused myself, and said I’d be back in a minute. The thought of what might happen made my cock stiffen, I felt my excitement growing and my heart pounding. I look down and I could see the outline of my throbbing cock in my trousers. Fighting my way through the growing crowds I manage just over halfway there before I lost Clare out of my sight. “Dammit,” I think to myself, adjusting to the dim lighting I turn left towards the bathroom which was down a darkish corridor, full of people spilling over from the main bar and dance floor. I made it to the bathroom and began to relieve myself wondering if I blew my chance and if Clare would still be there when I got back. I finished and turned to wash my hands only to see Clare leaning against the sink in the sexiest pose you could imagine. I could see pure lust in her eyes and with a wicked smile she reached forwards and started playing with my bulge through my pants. She looked almost flushed and out of breath but I didn’t think much of it at the time. She gave me a big hug and her blue eyes sparkled brightly as she leaned closer and kissed me gentle on my lips, waiting for my reactions. She smelled nice but there was a slight aroma of sweaty intoxicating sex. I had an instant hard- on, I felt her warm body press tighter against me driving me crazy. I kissed her back, the same way. Gentle at first, our lips touched and it felt like the kiss I had been longing for all week. She closed her eyes tightly and arched her back, Clare is someone who can kiss you once and you will get turned on, she is a passionate and skilful kisser. We both moan into each other, feeling her warm tongue and after a few more kisses I was rock hard, I kissed her harder and shoved my tongue deep in her mouth. I start looking around to check if we are alone but before I could say anything she grabbed me and pushed me into the first cubicle.

I was too excited and surprised to question anything Clare did, in less than 5 minutes we were already sexual charged so I just went with it. It didn’t take long for her to notice my big bulge in my pants and asked me if there was anything that she could do to help me relax. She pulled me in close and rested her head on my shoulder pushing her tits against my chest. Almost rubbing her whole body against mine made my hard cock stir, it twitched and jerked in my boxers. She grabbed my hand, leaned in very close “Time for the second round,” squeezing my crotch with her other hand. Telling me how much she enjoyed blowing me off and how hot it was. Clare whispered such dirty language in my ear it even made me blush, she enjoyed having her lips around my cock and for her it was such a turn on and asked me if I wanted we should do that again. I felt like a fish on a hook and she was reeling me in, hook, line and sinker but as she did I was nibbling on an ear, planting little kisses in her hair, on her neck, on her shoulders, doing my best to drive her crazy.

I pinned her against the cubicle door and move my hands around her, pulling her dress up over her hips in the process. She stopped kissing me before turning around and pushing her ass into my crotch while taking my hands and placing them on her covered breasts. Her natural inclination was to steady herself, both hands spread against the door she pushes her ass back harder against my cock. I pull her dress down over her beautiful tits, setting those lovely 34b- cups free. She wasn’t wearing a bra but then there is no need, her tits are firm and perk. The feel of my hands over her naked breasts sends a jolt through my body. I cup her breasts and feel her nipples and under my gentle touch they started to stiffen between my fingers. I pinched and twisted both of her nipples alternately which really began to effect Clare. I was hard as a rock and I moan loudly pushing harder into Clare, my free hand exploring the outline of her waist, the curve of her arse, and running down her outer thigh, following her suspenders down over her stocking tops and back up her inner thigh. She had that look in her eyes that told me she was enjoying this as much as I did, biting her lower lip her breathing becomes more and more laboured. My head was leaning over her shoulder and I was moaning into her ear, planting kisses on her neck sending shockwaves down her spine. She groaned involuntarily and I could feel the sensations spreading through her body. I’m getting restless and tell her to switch places, which is no easy feat in a toilet cubicle.

Clare giggled and slumped down on the toilet seat and told me that she would help me taking care of my problem. Sitting in front of me she didn’t waste any time, she licked her glossy lips and massaged my cock trough my trousers for a minute before hastily undoing my belt and pulling down my zipper. I can only imagine what comes next, I closed my eyes, and waited for that first touch. I felt her fingers under the band off my underwear and before I knew it she yanked down my pants and my hard throbbing cock sprang free and stood to attention. She looked up at me and smiled, rubbing the few drop of pre-cum over my swollen mushroom shaped tip. I felt her hand around my hard cock and slowly she started to run it up and down my shaft. “Hold your tits together!” I moaned at Clare and she pulled her dress even further down to her hips and at last I had the perfect view. Looking down at her I could see those black stocking tops covering her shapely legs, now spread wide as I move in closer her black lace g- string is clearly visible. Clare took her breasts in her hands and squashed them together and with my cock harder than ever I thrust between them and started to push upwards. Looking up at me she stuck her tongue out, licking the tip of my cock every time as it popped through her cleavage. “Squeeze them tighter!” I was nearly out of breath, I put my hands over hers, squishing her tits even tighter around my dick. Her tits were so soft and warm and we worked up quite a sweat which made my cock slide with ease through her cleavage as I continued to fuck them hard. I have always been a leg and an arse man, I love stockings and high heels but right now I wished Clare tits were slightly bigger.

I stopped for a minute, I didn’t know how long we have been looked in here but I thought I heard the toilet doors open. The thought that we may be discovered excited me even more. I looked at her luscious body while I helped her up, she just stood there and slowly spread her legs. I quickly grabbed her arm and span her around, I was ready to fuck, I have too, my cock hurts and Clare looked so sexy. Her dress pushed up around her hips, her make-up slightly smudged and her tits glistered in the low light, covered in a mix of pre-cum, sweat and her saliva.

I pushed Clare over the toilet and she braced herself against the wall. Pulling her G-string to the side I noticed her pussy was bald, smoothly shaved and dripping wet. I jammed two fingers in her and she gasps, yet inside she was almost slimy and slightly sticky. I used my foot to spread her legs even wider and spent a long time feeling all her folds. I didn't quite know what to expect but my fingers found her puffy and swollen pussy lips. The feeling was absolutely fantastic, she was already very aroused and very open but rather warm and extremely slippery. Rubbing circles around her clit, I pushed my finger between her pussy lips and she let out little screams of delight, I knew she was going to cum soon and lined up, slowly I rubbed my cock head against her already hot pussy, Clare let out a soft moan as I pushed forwards and slipped straight in, balls deep in one thrust. She groaned hard as her pussy muscles started to contract around my cock, I wasn’t sure if she climaxed but she was moaning harder. Her pussy felt quite open and very full of the slim sticky substances and as I pushed my hard cock into her I felt it run down my shaft and onto my balls and from there it tripped on the floor. It felt so silky, slippery and wet, my 10imch cock slid into it easily stretching her pussy wide open. I was fucking her pussy with long hard strokes and Clare had her hand between her legs and was making loud sloppy sounds while she fingered her clit.

The smell of sex was amazing, spunk and pussy juice and the shocked look on Clare’s face sent me over the edge. My dick was at bursting point and I was ready to empty my balls. I increased the speed and intensity of my fucking, sweat was pouring down my face. I asked her where she wanted my cum and Clare demanded that I fill her pussy! My orgasm was so powerful it lasted for almost a full minute, I feel squirt after squirt filling her up as I keep myself buried deep in her. As I step backwards to get my breath back I saw more cum dripped out of her swollen pussy and running down her legs. She told me to get my clothes on and leave first so she could clean up and sneak out. “That was incredible, I came twice” she said in between breaths.

When I opened the cubicle door I nearly jump out of my skin, I run straight into a wide eyed blonde women but she looked straight past me “Clare you slut, is HE your second one tonight?”

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