Quite the Surprise at a booth....

True story... not gonna be a long one due to it being real so I hope the visual you guys will enjoy...

So I was working in the wonderful city of New York. This day I was sent on a different route. As I was doing what I had to do, which was delivering things, it was lunch time and that day I wanted to do something different for lunch. As I'm driving I notice an adult video store. There went my hormones!!!! I was like, "Eff it!!! I'm going in!!!!". I found parking and started walking to the store. I must admit I was nervous cause I didn't want to get in trouble by someone from work seeing me, but I still marched on. I had to rub this one out I was horny as hell!! So, I walk straight to the back where I saw the booths. I saw one open and bolted to it for I was still scared and now a little embarrassed. So I go in and all I had was singles. I didn't know that certain bills gave you more time to view. So I'm there putting dollar after dollar trying to get hard to cum. When I heard moaning that wasn't from the videos being played. As I'm looking for the sound and where it's coming from I noticed a slot that looked like a mail box slot. As I moved towards it I saw butt cheeks!! Facing the wall And thrusting!! I was in shock, awe, amazement, and every other emotion you can imagine!! As I put my eyes closer to the slot I can see in the other side of the cheeks was another person sucking this guy off!!!! In my shock someone bang on the door letting me know I had to put more money, cause obviously I was getting a free real live show! Lol!!! I had two more bucks I put them in and just hoped to see more. As I put in my money I saw the sucking stopped. I was disappointed but I could see the suckee Sat back down and had cock in hand. I can see him wiggling it and it was a nice cock. I say at least 6 inches cut but as I was looking at his cock he saw me looking, and scared me!! My heart was beating and I just ran out of there without busting a nut!!!!!!! Uuuuuggghhh!!!! BUT!!!!!!!! I went back! I was addicted to the voyeurism, the fact that it was real!! No actors, no made up stories! As straight as I am, the realness of it was a turn on!! Now I have played when I was smaller by a sitters kin, so I have had a cock in my mouth, so I guess this triggered that and I became fascinated by this showing!! I can't wait to go back again!!!

Ssooooooooooooooooo on my next trip back I decided to be a little bit more bolder, for combination of not busting a nut and knowing someone can suck you off was killing me!! Lol!! So this time I had bigger bills lol!! I put in a $20 Bill for I was gonna play today!!! I go in and it was empty no one in the booths just me, so again disappointment. So a few minutes go by and now the door opens up in the booth next to me. I don't look as I continued to whack off. Suddenly a voice says to me, in a British accent, if I could stand, so I do. I start playing for him and his hand goes the the hole and starts playing with me. My heart is racing for I have not had this done since I was almost a decade old. I sat down and asked for him to put his cock in the hole. It wasn't large but decent size. I started to play with him. I thought twice about sucking it but I did! It didn't go directly in my mouth but I was sliding my lips up and down it omg I couldn't believe I was doing this! He pulls back and asked me if he could suck me I put it in the hole and as soon as he put his lips on it the excitement made me cum immediately!!!!! It was so hot!!! He was disappointed I came so fast but hell it pushed me to the edge!!!!! I haven't gone back since but building up courage to do it again. I hope it's a grand pa bull cock when I do!!!!
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26 days ago
I Loved Stroking my Hard Cock while reading this and envisioning all of each scenario when I started having Flash Backs to when I was a young boy in Grade School. I Would skip School to hang out in the Men's Rest Room where I discovered quite by accident that there was a parade of Older who would come in there for the sole purpose of finding a young Boy with a Hard to to Suck Off!
Now that I'm Older, it seems I'm the Older Man seeking Young School Girls & Boys to have fun with!
4 months ago
so how many times have you gone back in 6 mos.?
11 months ago
love the arcades
11 months ago
Good story.