A to Z Fuckstories – B is for Blowjobs

Since no one really commented on the last one, I didn't really have the urge to finish this one quickly. But here it is. A bit shorter, but it's a story.

As I thought, school was very interesting the next couple days. When I arrived at school the next day, I parked in my usual spot. I put my car into park then turned it off. My car is the kind that unlocks when it’s switched into park. The passenger door opened and Alex got in.

“Hey Alex. What’s up?”

“Your cock.”

She reached over and unzipped my jeans. I noticed she was wearing the same skirt from yesterday along with the same top but in a different color. She reached in and pulled out my now raging hard on.

“Is this really a good place to do this?”

“Everywhere is when you’ve got the equipment you do.”

She quickly went down and devoured the entire length of my shaft. Once again, she was deep-throating me while she licked my balls. It felt great and my small moan let her know I was enjoying it. Alex really was a grade-A cocksucker. She finished me off in almost no time at all and swallowed every last drop of jizz that I shot down her throat.

“Mmm, that tastes almost as good as it did last night. It almost tastes as good as Jenna’s cunt.”

“I did enjoy watching her handle you like that. It was hot.” She smiled.

“That’s a nightly occurrence. If I’m not eating her, I’m eating Jess or Lauren. By the way, all of three of them can suck just as well as I can.”

“What are you implying?”

“Well, Jess and Jenna sure enjoyed the size of the member between your legs, and Lauren was very impressed when she heard about it later. I think she’d like to see a repeat performance.”

“So you want me to butt fuck you again?”

Alex smiled and got out of my car. She didn’t say anything and just walked towards the school. I quickly followed her in, but not too close behind. I didn’t want to draw attention to us.


The day progressed uneventfully. Band was the same with Alex flashing me her puss every chance she got. She whispered dirty words into my ear during Calculus again, telling me how wet she was and what she wanted to do to me. Thankfully, she stopped for the last 20 minutes of class, so I had time to lose my erection. During English, she did her routine of flashing me again. I glanced at the guy sitting next to me. His legs were crossed. I took this to mean he also had an erection.

When the bell rang, I gathered my things and put them in my bag. I was waiting for the room to clear out so I could talk to my teacher about a report that was due in a couple days. Alex and the guy sitting next to me walked out the door together whispering about something. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket as I walked to the teacher’s desk.

“Mrs. Johnson, I have a question about the report.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“For our thesis, do we have to include every major point we’re going to discuss in the paper like last time, or do you just want the top three and have us include subtopics?”

“You can pick. I really have to go to the teacher’s meeting though, so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

We left the room and she locked the door behind us.

“Between you and me, it doesn’t really matter which you choose. You’re an amazing writing and you can turn any subject into a 1000 word essay.”

“Thanks Mrs. J. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I hung a right and walked slowly down the hallway to the cafeteria and freedom. I got in my car and drove halfway home before I remembered my phone. At the next stop sign, there was a lot of traffic and about three or four cars in front of me. I figured I had enough to check out what the message said. It was from Alex.
“meet at jennas?”

I quickly responded with a yes and turned right onto main street instead of going straight home. I probably went about 10 over the speed limit all the way to Jenna’s house, but I knew what was waiting for me. I knew that Jenna and Alex were there, and most likely Jess was there too. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Lauren was also present. I rounded the last curve and the house was in sight. I pulled into the drive way where Alex had parked the day before and got out. I heard some noises from the back yard, so I walked in that general direction.
There were all four girls hitting a volleyball around. Jenna, Jess, and Lauren were all wearing tight t-shirts that accentuated their breasts nicely. Jenna’s were smallest, but they were still boobs. She was also the skinniest of the three. They also wore compression shorts. I could see almost every detail of their crotch. Jess’s were white though, so it was even easier to see her small camel toe.

I’ll start off by describing Jenna. She was taller than Alex, probably 5’8”. She was skinny, but her legs were what every guy dreams of having wrapped around them in the sack. Long, slender, and tan. In fact, that described most of her body. She played volleyball a lot, so she was in very good shape. Not muscular shape, but she had a tight body. As I said, her tits were the smallest of the girls, but they still fit in someone’s hands nicely. Her ass was also the smallest, but it still had some pop to it.

Lauren’s a year older than Jenna. She’s about the same height, 5’8” or so. She’s definitely thicker than Jenna, but absolutely not fat. While Jenna probably weighed about 120, Lauren weighed more like 140. She’s more filled out and with the best pair of breasts amongst the three. They were probably a mid-to-large C cup. Her ass is also the biggest of the three, which is awesome. She also played a lot of sports, so she’s athletic too.

Finally is Jess. She’s like what you would get if you crossed Jenna and Lauren. Jess is 5’7” but she has a bigger rack and ass than Jenna. Her legs are quite awesome too, a lot like Alex’s. Jess is probably the most active sports-wise for the girls, so she’s always running or doing some sort of training program to stay in shape. These three are easily the hottest trio to ever go to school in this town or any town.

As I stared down the four girls, I noticed Alex had changed into a simple pair of cotton booty shorts and a t-shirt like the s****rs. She noticed me first.
“Hey! Here he is!”

Jenna smiled and waved while Lauren just stared at me (or my crotch, I couldn’t tell. She was too far away. Jess was trying to catch my eye, and when I made contact, she winked at me and sucked an imaginary cock. It was at that point I noticed that I had something growing in my pants. I did a kind of large, awkward wave so I could get everyone with one. I smiled back at Jenna, who made the first move. She walked over and started talking to me, loud enough so the other three could hear.

“We told Lauren about you destroying Alex’s ass. With your monster.”

“It’s not really that big…” I sounded like a little k**.

“Oh, yes it is! It’s a lot bigger than Luke’s!” Jess wanted her say in this conversation. Luke would be Jenna’s boyfriend.

“Jess, shut up. Let her talk,” Lauren said. She seemed anxious now.

“So anyways, we want to see it. Some of us for the second or third time, and another one of us for the first. What do you say?” Jenna smiled one of her cute smiles. I really had no choice but to unbuckle my belt, unbutton my shorts, and let them drop to the ground. I wasn’t fully erect, but I was pretty close. I was sitting about 4 inches.

Lauren stared at it. Jess let out a delighted giggle. Alex licked her lips. Jenna grabbed it.

“Wha-…I…thought…you just wanted to look?”

Alex now joined Jess’s laughter. Lauren took a couple steps forward. Jenna started to stroke it.

“Oh please. You’re a big boy. I think you’ll be able to handle four mouths.” Jenna spit on her hand and started to coax my little guy into life.

Lauren had been moving forward while Jenna had been talking and now she joined in. She cupped my balls and lightly squeezed them. “You weren’t k**ding. He really IS a six-incher. But does he have the stamina you say he does?”

She dropped to her knees and, like she’d been doing it for years (which she probably has), swallowed my cock into her mouth in one easy motion. Now in the span of less than 24 hours, I had lost my virginity and have had four different girls come in contact with my member.

I really didn’t last long. Lauren must have had lots of practice, because she did things with her tongue that I didn’t even know were possible. She switched between licking my shaft and head and then my shaft again before she took all of it in and licked my balls. That must be a thing with these girls. Deepthroat a guy while looking him in the eyes and lick his balls all at the same time. Both Alex and Lauren were pros at it.

I blew my load before there was any warning of it coming. Lauren smiled. “He sure didn’t last long”

“That’s because it’s his first on today, right? You’ll last longer for the next one.” Jenna gave me a reassuring smile and my shaft a reassuring squeeze.

Lauren rolled her eyes as she whipped the cum off of her chin and licked it off. Some had spilled onto her shirt. “If you’re doing it, you’ll make sure he lasts longer. Alex, your turn. Don’t go easy on him either.”

Alex didn’t waste any time in dropping to her knees and doing what she had done earlier in the day. I was all the way in her mouth in a split second. Jenna and Jess wasted no time at all and quickly stripped naked. Lauren did the same as they all watched Alex intently suck me off. Again, I didn’t last too long, and I actually had time to moan that time before the all-too-familiar mouth released my dick and I blew a hot sticky load onto her face. Lauren was there to clean it up as Jess, finger in pussy, dropped to her knees in front of me. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to watch Lauren lick Alex’s face clean of my cum or whether I wanted to watch Jenna undress Alex. Of course, I chose the third option and watched the sexy little sophomore suck me off.

Jess wasn’t nearly as practiced as the first two, but a mouth is a mouth. She had sucked me off last night, and it was fine then. Now shouldn’t be any different. I wasn’t sure if I could take much more of this “torture.” I was still standing, too! It didn’t take her long to get me moaning, but what really topped it all off was when she started to finger herself faster. She started to moan on my cock as she approached her own orgasm. But I was faster. I grabbed her ponytail and slid my soaking member from her sexy little lips. I immediately shot my load on her tits and chin. She crawled over to where Alex and Lauren were making out naked, and they immediately attacked her cum-covered titties.
Jenna was the only one left. She strutted over making sure that I knew she was shaking her ass, and slid gracefully to her knees.

“Luke does not deserve you.”

“I know. But he would tell everyone the stuff that he’s done to me and he would be a hero while I’d be a slut.”

“Better keep me quiet then.”

She opened her mouth and I was inside her mouth for the first time. It was warm and moist, just like every other mouth. She was by far the best cocksucker of the group. Her tongue danced around her mouth and my dick and seemed to be touching every part of it all at once. She cupped my balls and squeezed them gently from time to time. She had the best technique of the four different blowjobs I’d gotten this day. And now my only goal was to complete the cycle. Lauren swallowed and Jess took it on the tits. That just left Jenna to take it on her face. I’m a sucker for cute faces drenched in jizz.

I think she was thinking the same thing because as soon as I let out a moan, she pulled me out and jacked me off, just like last night. However this time, she was aiming at a different face. But she still gives a mean handjob, as it took only 3 pumps to get me off onto her face. It was a small load, but it was cum. She smiled at me as I collapsed into the grass.

“That was good. Four blowjobs, 10 minutes. Are you dehydrated yet?”


“Lauren, he needs some water.”

Jess ran inside after a look from Lauren and returned shortly with a bottle of water. I chugged the whole thing, exhausted. Lauren spoke up.

“So are you gonna stay and have a little more fun with us?” She asked as she ran her hands down Alex’s sides. “I could use a cock today, my boyfriend’s out of town.”

I shook my head no. “Sorry, I don’t think I can handle anything else. My cock is sore.”

Jess frowned. “Stop by tomorrow then?”

Jenna pushed Jess playfully. “One day at a time, you little slut. One day at a time.”

Alex smiled at me and said “I think we’re going to have a little fun. I don’t think we want you to see that if you’re not going to donate a penis. Better leave.”

I nodded, grateful they understood my predicament. I got up and thanked them all for the memories. I told the three younger ones I’d see them at school, and I left. As I got in my car, I swore I heard Jess scream “Don’t tie me up!”

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