A to Z Fuckstories - A is for Alex's Ass

I'd like to start out by saying this is my first story. The personalities of the females depicted are real, but the actions that involve me are not. Being it's my first story, this is going to be mainly introduction to myself. After the first boring paragraphs or so, stuff should start to pick up. Bear with me, please, and go easy on the comments. I'm new to this. ;) ENJOY!

I'm an average guy, I guess. I'm 18, not that good looking, and about 6'1" and 145 pounds. Yeah, I'm skinny. When it's hard, my dick gets to about 6 inches. 6.5 if I'm REALLY turned on. The main female character in this little adventure is Alex. She's 5'6" or so. She has light brown hair, blue eyes, and a great ass. Nice and firm, big, but not too big. And her tits are a nice size for her, either a big B or a small C, not that it matters much. She does have a little extra chub on her thighs, but I am definitely a leg man, and that is just perfect for me.

Now, I'm not, by any means, a partier. I don't drink or do d**gs. I'm a straight A- student (because I don't try very hard in school), I'm very intelligent and have a full ride to Harvard Medical School waiting for me after this, my senior year of High School. I can finally get out of this small Wisconsin town. It's all booze, cigs, and weed here. I suppose, a town of only 3,600 people, you gotta entertain yourself somehow. But I don't do that. In fact, I don't even have many friends because I spent the first two years of high school trying to get as many good grades as I could. So my nights are usually study, Facebook, masturbate, go to bed. Wake up in the morning, masturbate again, shower, go to school, repeat as needed.

Until one day, Alex started acting strange. I got along with everyone in my class. She was no different, of course. Most females had pegged me as the best friend you could tell everything to, then forget exists until you have another problem. I was oddly okay with that. So anyways, I usually passed Alex and Jenna (Another bombshell...she'll get hers) on the way to my locker. Jenna smiled and said "Morning Rick" as she usually does. Alex, on the other hand, smiled and winked at me. Usually it's a nod. Alex doesn't really get close to many guys from our town. She prefers to go to other towns where her sexual deviancy isn't hear of (or so it doesn't get back to us, which it does anyways).

Alex is definitely known for her tits. She loves to take guys she's just met and let them titty-fuck her. She'll also give them head, but not as often. She has an odd technique which has given her the nickname "Shredder". I was never really told why, but my best guess is that she uses too much teeth. She's also known for one other trait. One very odd trait. She cannot stand being touched by guys' hands. She will give them hand jobs and blow jobs, but if they touch ANY part of her body (such as her arm during a hand job to have her slow down, or her head during a blow job to f***e more in) she will stop right there, and make them finish themselves. And she'll watch and still take the load. But she will not be touched. She also makes the guy be on the bottom during sex, just so he doesn't have to use his hands for anything. From what I've heard, her favorite activity during the winter is putting her bikini on and lying down to let some random guy jack off onto her. Her s****r, who happens to be a Freshman, is also notorious for this act, but she does it year-round.

So back to the story, Alex winked at me. I thought it was strange, but quickly forgot it as the school day went on. I didn't have any classes with her until 4th period band. I sat directly across from her. Today, she was wearing jean shorts (the homemade cutoff ones that are so short the pockets are hanging below the hem) and a t-shirt. She was also wearing converse shoes, which I find to be very hot when paired with short shorts. I normally checked out everyone in class, but today, my eyes were drawn to the crotch of Alex. She was sitting her legs as far spread as she could without looking suspicious, but since I looked everyday, it was suspicious to me. I glanced at her face, but she was talking to Jenna. So going back down, past her cleavage, down her flat stomach to the crotch of her shorts. I could see her legs, and the only thing stopping me from seeing her pussy was a thing bit of denim. She had obviously trimmed the middle down to almost nothing, because I could clearly see her lack of panties. I glanced back up to see her staring at me. I'm not sure if I blushed or not, but I looked away quickly. Obviously, I had a semi from that point on.

It never went away. I spent the rest of the day trying to hide the fact I almost had a full hard-on growing in my pants. Unfortunately, I had 4 more classes left after band, and 3 of them had Alex in them. And in one of them, 8th period, the chairs were set so the teacher's desk was in the back, middle of the room, and the desks were against either wall, facing in. And of course, she sat right across from me. Except this time, there was no Jenna for her to talk to. So she sat and stared at me the entire time. And I looked towards the teacher. Using my peripheral, I saw her several times reach below her desk to give her shorts a tug. I wasn't sure which direction she was tugging, but my semi-hard-on was getting to the point of not being a semi. The bell rand just in time. I grabbed my stuff and did a quick 180 out of the room (I sit right next to the door). I turned right instead of left out of the room to go out the cafeteria doors to the parking lot. This was the classroom farthest down, so there was no chance of anyone seeing the member growing down my leg.

Thankfully, my b*****r lived 150 miles south of me, and my parents worked until four, so I had about 45 minutes to rub Alex out of me. So I imagined her giving me a hand job as I beat it, and as I blew into the hand towel I kept stashed under my bed, I imagined it was her face I was drenching with my cum. I had to do this four more times that night because I could not stop thinking about her lack of panties with her converse. My god it was hot. I went to be very tired and sore. It was only Monday.


The next day was rainy and cold . My first thought was "Thank god. Alex can't wear short shorts because it's too cold!" Then I realized what I was saying, and I had to get out the towel. Jesus, this was going to be a long week. I devised a plan, however, to prevent my boner from peeking through. I took a pair of my old tighty whities and wore those instead of my usual boxers. Surely it was hurt to get a boner in these, and my body would make it go away because it hurt so much.

When I got to school, I realized I was wrong on two accounts. Kind of, anyways. The first, Alex did not wear shorts to school. Instead, she wore another homemade bottom, this time a VERY short skirt. I'm not sure if she could even wear it due to our school dress code. Jenna said hi to me again, and I as I nodded to the pair as I usually do, Alex winked again. And I realized that my boner would not go away just because it hurt. As I stopped at my locker to open it, I glanced down the hall after Jenna and Alex. I could see the very bottom of Alex's cheeks.

Band rolled around once again, but this time I tried to busy myself with oiling my trumpet's valves and making sure everything worked. However, I had done the same thing yesterday, so this took less than a minute. So did getting another hard on. There was Alex again, legs spread. There was Alex again, no panties. I could see her cleanly shaven pussy and all it's glory. I was surprised, at first, at how bold she was being. But then I thought about all the guys she's been with and realized that it wasn't that unbelievable. The fact that I went to the same school as her WAS unbelievable though. She had only ever gone for ONE guy at our school. She dumped him, and he took her virginity quite f***efully.

I saw her briefly reach into her back pocket and pull out her phone. She whispered something to Jenna, who pulled out her phone and glanced up at me. She whispered something back, and Alex nodded slowly as she typed on her phone. Jenna tried peeking, but to no avail. Alex shot Jenna a dirty glance, then looked at me and smiled as she returned her phone to it's back-pocket holster. My phone buzzed in my pocket several seconds later as I realized what just happened. Jenna had texted me a couple times about her douche of a boyfriend, and she had just given my number to Alex. I slowly pulled my phone out and read the text from the number I did not have stored in my phone.

"I want ur virginity :)"

I stared at this message for what seemed like forever. I know it was only a couple seconds though, because our director would have been suspicious if I stared down at the floor to my right for too long. I looked up at the director and quickly responded without looking, hoping that my words actually made sense.

"Alex? Your joking right?"

I didn't look at her. I just know she was quick at responding, as I felt a buzz less than a minute later.

"No im not im tired of guys who use me 4 sex n nothin else. I want sum1 to fuck me who has nvr done it 2 see wat its like"

I read that in disbelief. She could not be serious. I closed my phone and returned it to my pocket without answering. I let the whole situation sink in throughout band. And then I went to my last class of the day without Alex, Physics. Thankfully, we were doing a lab, so I could keep my mind off of her. We went to lunch after the lab. I sat at my usual table of other misfits who didn't have many friends. We all sit together so we don't look like loners, even though everyone knows we are. My phone buzzed as I sat down. Alex again.

"Wat do u say? After skool my house ill drive? Meet me at my car?"

I thought for a couple minutes before responding.

"How do i know this isnt a joke?"

She was ready for that one.

"U dont. I was hoping you wud trust me tho. Ive nvr done anything bad 2 u b4 tho"

So, despite my better judgment, I responded with two letters, and one of them was NOT an "N".


A couple seconds later...

":) the white grand prix just outside the cafeteria"

In Calculus next hour, she sat right behind me. She kept whispering stuff in my ear like "You won't regret it" and "I'll take care of everything, don't worry."

We ended up walking with each other on the way to our next class, study hall. I whispered to her "I don't have a condom."

"Don't worry," She said. "You must have heard that I'm quite the slut. I have a 25-pack at home."

"What about your b*****r and s****r?"

"Jack has football until 5, Marcie has volleyball until 4:30, and my parents both work until 5. It's just us today."

In study hall, we sat in our usual places so we didn't draw attention to ourselves. I slyly pulled out my phone and texted my mom "I wont be home til later. Im hanging out at toms house after school" She said okay, don't be too late. I got up to go to the bathroom, and dropped a piece of paper on Alex's desk. A short note that simply said "I took care of my parents, we're all set"

8th Hour English took forever. My prize that I had dreamed of several times was sitting 8 feet away, shaved and underneath a thin layer of denim. But I could see it. She sat spread again, and I'm sure the guy sitting next to me saw it too. But finally, the bell rang. I slowly stood up and hung a right out of the room towards the cafeteria door. I heard footsteps behind me, and I glanced back to see Alex, skirt and converse, in tow. I slowed down my steps and she sped hers up. She passed me and said to hurry or she'd be leaving me behind. I stayed behind her just so I could watch that luscious ass sway back and forth.

We got into her car, her driving, me riding shotgun. Neither of said anything as she backed up, and sped off. She was gone before anyone saw us get into a car together. She lived somewhere in the country. That was all I knew. Next door to Jenna too, but I didn't know where she lived either. Alex asked me if I was a virgin at some point. I said yes. She asked if I had ever seen a girl naked or if I've ever even been touched by a girl. No to both. She was silent the rest of the way. I'm pretty sure she was speeding to get the most out of our hour and a half.

She pulled up to her house, and got out.

"Let's go."

We went in, and she led me to her bedroom. She reached into her drawer and pulled out a condom. She walked over and pushed me onto the bed. As she undid my belt and pulled my pants down, she started talking.

"I have some rules in here. You may have heard rumors or whatever, but I'll tell you what's really up. I do all the touching. You touch me only if I tell you to. If you touch me during an activity, I stop and you finish yourself. I repeat, you do not touch me, unless I tell you to."

I had a huge boner. And it was one of those rare 'really horny' times I mentioned earlier. I was easily at 6.5 inches. She had started to slowly jack me off. The unwrapped condom was between her teeth. She was slowly rubbing me up and down.

"Wow, you're bigger than I thought. I was hoping for four, maybe five inches. But you got yourself a good half a foot here."

"Er...thanks. Ooooh, that's good."

"By the way, I'm clean. I don't have any STD's, I'm on the pill, I always make guys wear a condom, and I never let anyone go bareback in my pussy. Or my ass, for that matter. That is off limits to everyone."

She continued to stroke me very slowly, teasing my cock. Once in awhile, she'd stop and put it against her cheek. She'd mumble something, then go back to stroking it. After about 10 minutes of this, I felt ready to explode.

"Alex...I'm close."

Without warning, she stopped.

"Don't touch it. Drink this. All of it."

She handed me a sealed bottle of water. I drank it all down in a matter of 3 minutes. She gave me another with the same instructions. I did it again. By now, we only had about an hour left before her parents got off work. Her s****r would have to wait for them, so it didn't matter she got down with volleyball in half an hour.

"Do you have to pee yet?"

"Yeah, kinda. But we only have an hour."

"Go pee. And actually pee, don't just say you did. Trust me, it needs to be done."

So off to the bathroom. I turned on the sink and shower so I had the sound of running water. I peed quickly and returned.

"Good. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but a friend who's a much bigger cockslut than I am said this helps you go longer. I want you to last as long as possible."

"But what if it goes more than an hour?" I asked, horrified at the thought of being walked in on.

"Trust me, if I wanted to, I could finish you off in under a minute. Besides, if we're cutting it close, I can always drive us somewhere nearby and we can finish in the back of my car."

This was getting more and more interesting by the second. I was also getting hornier. She beckoned me over to the bed where she lay in her skirt and top. She had removed her converse.

"Would...would you mind putting those back on? It's kind of a fantasy of mine."

She smiled and put them on without saying a word. In return, she removed her top. She also removed her leopard print bra. She let it drop to the floor so her beautiful tits could hang free. They were firm, and and tan, just like the rest of her body. She had nickle nipples that were already standing at attention. She stood and rolled her skirt up to cover her toned, flat belly.

"Lay down," she commanded.

I did as I was told. She straddled my face and told me to do my best. I worked my tongue up and down her slit, as I had seen in many porn videos. I didn't use my hands, just like said earlier. I did my best to turn my tongue and pierce her vagina to get better access to her g-spot. She moaned lightly, telling me to keep going. I felt her weight shift as she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. This was the first contact I'd had with anything but a hand. The feeling was so intense that I almost blew right there. I moaned loudly as she just laid there taking my tongue with my cock in her mouth. I tongue-fucked her for several minutes as she breathed on it, bringing me closer and closer to my first female-induced orgasm.

"Uhhh....Alex...stop breathing, or get on with it!"

She, regretfully, moved her wonderful smelling sex away from my face and shifted around so she could look me in the eyes as she took my first load down her throat. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, keeping eye contact the entire time. She had done this before. I felt her teeth lightly biting at my shaft. I hoped I didn't become the next victim of the shredder. I tensed up. I think she took this to mean I was cumming, because she plunged her whole mouth onto my cock, taking it all the way into the back of her throat. She began to lick my balls with my cock still lodged firmly in her mouth.

And I blew. It was probably the biggest load of my life. She gagged momentarily as she tried to recall how much jizz came out off a cock the first time you suck it. After the momentary setback, she swallowed it all. None escaped her mouth, which was surprising in itself.

"Oooh jeez. That felt great."

I leaned back, hands behind my head. I was happy as could be.

"Yeah, it tasted good. You lasted longer than I expected for your first time. But now, it's my turn."

She grabbed the condom from the waistband of her skirt which now rested just below her boobs. She ripped it open and started sucking on my now limp cock. I hope I would be able to stand up, but after six the previous day, and two already today, I couldn't be sure. But I thought too soon as I felt the familiar presence of bl**d pulsing through me. I slowly raised to full mast as she brought her mouth off and put the condom inside it. She then began sucking me again as she placed the condom on me at the same time.

She was done in a matter of seconds. This must be her trademark of warm months or something. She then straddled me again, this time, my cock sat right between her lovely thighs and pointed up at her bellybutton.

"Are you ready for the most thrilling forty-five minutes of your life?"


She slowly raised her hips until she was above my cock. She scooted forward half an inch, and then slowly put my head against her slit.

"You have five seconds to change your mind. Then you've reached the point of no return."

"Why does it have to be five seconds? Can't it be two?"


I wanted to grab her hips and pull her down on top of me.


I knew that would get me nowhere but jacking off onto her, though.


I was so close!



She plunged herself down on my cock. One second I was a virgin, and now I wasn't. I was balls deep in one of the hottest and horniest girls in my grade. I had watched her for 4 years now, and it paid off. She moaned loudly, as did I. I couldn't tell you who was louder.

"Oh god, so big!"

"So tight...ugh...bounce or something!"

She listened to me and began to rise up and down, slowly at first. But then she began to move faster and faster. She was going full speed, not caring about how close I was. She wanted to cum, and soon.

I moaned as my second O-Face came on.


She didn't care. She kept right on going. Her eyes were closed. One hand was on her nipple, the other was on her clit, rubbing furiously at both.

I came for a third time, but my erection still stood. I wasn't sure if this was humanly possible, but I didn't have the energy to care. I laid there, exhausted. She was bouncing up and down, rubbing side to side as if her life depended on it.

I think I remember seeing her bedside clock read 4:50, but she suddenly stopped. I looked at her, and she asked how many times I came.

"I don't know...three? Maybe four?"

"And you're still conscious? Wow. Well, we have five minutes to get the fuck out of this house before my parents get off work. We're going to head over to Jenna's house. Her parents just left for the week at noon today. She said if I needed a place to fuck to go there."

I was pretty excited. I'd heard rumors that Jenna and Alex were lovers, and that Jenna and her s****rs were the same way. I won't get into too much detail about Jenna and her s****rs, because I have another story for them.

So anyways, we headed over to Jenna's place. Alex went to the door, and Jenna's older s****r, Lauren, answered. Lauren looked just like Jenna except she was a bit more filled out. She had graduated last year. Alex said something and pointed to the car. Lauren looked over, and nodded. She turned around and yelled into the house. A slightly skinnier version of Lauren stepped out. The youngest s****r, Jess. Jess was a sophomore this year. All three s****rs looked alike, with each one having their own perks.

Jenna shooed Jess away. She looked towards the car and gave me a small smile and a wave. Alex beckoned me over, and I got out of the car. Jenna waved again, and I waved back.

"You can either use my bed or Lauren's bed. She's about to use mom and dad's."

Jenna led us through the house and into her bedroom. One must have been hers and the other Lauren's. I glanced at both and realized the one with the sagging middle must be Lauren's, because it wasn't any secret that she and her boyfriend got it on a lot. Alex laid down on Jenna's bed and immediately began to finger herself. She reached over to Jenna's bedside table and pulled out another condom. We had ditched the one I was wearing out her car window along the way.

"Put this on. Hurry. I need you back inside."

Jenna sat down on Lauren's bed. I had no idea I was going to have to perform for an audience. I stripped down into nothing and slowly rubbed my hardening penis. When it got to full length, I heard a sharp intake of breath from behind me. Jenna liked the size of my cock. I wonder if her boyfriend wasn't very big. I rolled the condom over it, and presented it to Alex.

"Shove it in. Grab my hips if you have to."

Another audible gasp from Jenna. Apparently even SHE wasn't allowed to touch Alex. I did as I was told and grasped her hips. She didn't react. I positioned my cock at her slit as she had done to me, and then I plunged forward into the moist tunnel of love. I rocked back and forth as Alex moaned into her hand.

"Alex, keep it down. You're going to piss Lauren off!"

I stopped pumping as I looked over to the door to see Jess standing there in her cute little shorts and tank top. Her hand was down the front of her shorts. She glanced at Jenna, who I then looked at too. Her hands were on her breasts, her shorts already on the floor. She wasn't wearing panties either.

"Jenna...come sit on my face. Gag me with your cunt."

Jenna obliged and moved quickly over to us. She got on top of Alex and put her legs on either side of her face. She then went straight down on her mouth.

"Fuck her good."

I continued my pumping as Alex moaned into Jenna's pussy. It was also shaved. So in one day, I had lost my virginity and watched one girl eat out another, while a third rubbed herself off watching me fuck one of them.

Alex mumbled something. I stopped thrusting and asked what she said. Jenna raised herself a bit so Alex could say "Doggy style!"

Jenna sat at the head of her bed, supported by pillows. Alex was on all fours, her head buried between Jenna's legs. I knelt behind Jenna, my cock positioned at her slit. I rubbed the length of her slit before Alex moaned "Stick it in me!"

I'm not sure what came over me in those last couple seconds, but I looked at Jenna, and she looked back. She grabbed Alex's arms and nodded. I moved my cock from her slit to her ass, and pushed. She moaned, weather out of pleasure or disgust, I do not know. But as I started to enter her ass, she realized I wasn't just teasing her.

"NO! What did I tell you! NOT IN MY ASS! JENNA LET GO OF MY AR--"

She was cut off by Jenna pulling Alex's arms back and forcing her face deeper into Jenna's crotch. I pushed harder until I was all the way in. My balls were hanging right next to Alex's pussy. I pulled out slightly and back in. I began to fuck her ass mercilessly. One would never have guessed that I was a virgin less than 2 hours ago. I was pounding Alex's ass while she was f***ed to eat out Jenna.

Then I got even more brave. I reached around and started rubbing Alex's tits. One for each hand. She was going crazy by this point. I wasn't sure weather it was ecstasy or the fact I was touching her without permission. But I didn't care at this point. So what if she never fucked me again. I was pretty sure Jenna was impressed, and Jess was too, to say the least. She had long since halted her fingering to just watch in awe.

"She almost killed me when I fingered her there once. And now you've got a huge cock in there and she's gonna die of pleasure!"

Jess's voice cut through the moans and sweat like a knife. We all halted what we were doing to stare at her.

"Sorry...keep going, please?"

I needed no further encouragement as I continued to pound into Alex. While my balls were helping Alex close in on an orgasm, it wasn't fast enough for my liking. I was getting close, and I knew this was all I had left in me. I moved a hand from her tit to her pussy and started rubbing and fingering as best I could. My eyes were closed from the immense pleasure I was feeling.

I kept her pussy for a couple minutes when I felt a small hand on mine. I opened my eyes to see Jess moving my hand out of the way, and dipping her head underneath Alex. She started to her out and lick my balls every so often.

I knew I couldn't let this go on much longer, but thankfully, Alex went rigid and cum flowed from her like river. She collapsed onto the bed, her face still buried in her best friend, while her best friend's little s****r was still buried in her. My cock was too, but I was still pounding. I wanted to finish.

Jenna stopped me, and made me pull out. Jess pulled the condom off, and licked my head. Then she sucked it all down into her mouth (well, as much as she could). Jenna had rolled Alex over. Her eyes were open, but she couldn't move. She was still experiencing the effects of her orgasm. Jess pulled my cock out her mouth and pointed it at Alex's face. Jenna grabbed it from Jess's hands, and jacked me off onto her best friend's face. I collapsed, spent.

I think I fell asl**p, because I woke up with a mouth on my cock. Alex.



"What time is it?"


She went back to my cock.

"I need to get hoooooohhh..That feels great."

She nodded briefly before opening up for air.

"Grab my head. Facefuck me."

I didn't need to grab her head. I figured I owed her not touching her, so I just rolled over with my cock still in her mouth, and fucked her that way. I blew down her throat for the second time that day.

She swallowed the very small load.

"You did good today. I'm not even mad you didn't listen to me. I'm actually kind of happy. Now lets get you home."

The drive back to school was uneventful. As was the goodbye. She just said "See you tomorrow at school and winked. I didn't know what that meant, but I had a feeling that this was going to be a great year at school.
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