A to Z Fuckstories – G is for G-String (Fuck

We’d been at the party for only 10 minutes or so when Jess was first asked to come to a room with a guy. Cassidy was only with me another 3 minutes before she was whisked away as well. I found out later that Cassidy was only in the market for blowjobs, while Jess was available for those or anal.

I wandered around the party, declining the offers of beer and shots, a bottle of water in hand. I walked by a bedroom with the door wide open. Inside were four girls and a guy. The guy’s name was Chris. He was fucking his girlfriend, Katie S., doggy style. Katie’s about 5’7”, small b cup tits, nice legs, and a pretty good ass. She had shoulder length brown hair. She was d***k, and enjoying the cock a lot. It probably wasn’t her first of the night.

Next to them were Katie R. (yes, another Katie), Katie R.’s s****r Jenny, and Katie S.’s s****r Laura. They were in a triangle, Katie eating out Jenny, Jenny eating out Laura, and Laura eating out Katie. Laura was almost an exact replica of her s****r, 5’6”, small b cups, nice, legs, great ass, except a little skinnier. Being two years younger would do that. Katie^2 is in my class, Laura and Jenny are two grades below us.

Katie R. was shorter, about 5’5”, small A cup (slightly disappointing, to be honest), really nice legs and a pretty good ass, despite the small stature. I’d heard that she was pretty tough to get in bed, but once you did, she’d keep coming back. She loved repeat customers.

Jenny was a damn fine girl. She measured in at 5’6”, with some fairly large B’s, or small C’s, fantastic legs, and a grade-A ass, to go along with that “I will fuck anything that moves” attitude. A year ago, she was chubby and always sad. Over the summer, she dropped about 25 pounds, and everyone, including her, knew she was hot. And she used it. No one but Katie had seen her all summer, so no one knew until school started how hot she looked now. And in the 2 weeks class had been in session, she’d fucked the entire cross country team (23 guys, I think), and was working her way through the girls’ team right now. (All four girls in the room were in the sport.)

I heard a moan from the corner, and there was Kristen (remember her from earlier?). She was fingering herself, sitting next to all the discarded clothes of her friends. Her eyes were closed tight, and she was concentrating very hard on her task. I was pretty stiff in my shorts right now.

Someone else noticed it too. And I didn’t even notice she noticed until her hand reached around and grabbed it through my pants.

She whispered in my ear “It’s bigger than I thought it would be.”

“Morgen!” I gasped. “Sure know how to surprise a guy, don’t you?”

This was Morgen, the girl in my grade, not the freshman (note the spelling difference. The younger one has an A, the older has an E). She was the queen of blow jobs. At one point in high school, about two years ago (as sophomores), she had been known to have given 20 blow jobs in one day. A school day. 15 were done in the building during hours. 2 before school, one after, and two that night. She was one crazy girl. As for her looks, a very short Selena Gomez. I k** you not, she looked almost identical, except for Morgen’s nose stud.

Not exactly the Morgan I wanted, but this Morgen will do. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the room across the hall from the female orgy. Before the door was even closed behind me, she was on her knees pulling my cock out of my shorts. She slurped it noisily and deep throated it instantly.

From the previous orgasms already, I was lasting a lot longer than I should have for her expert lips and tongue. In the two minutes she had me in her mouth, I probably should have came twice. Granted, I did only last twice what I did at that thought, but she didn’t care. She greedily swallowed my jizz.

“Congrats. I was waiting for you to be my first of the party.”

“Wow, really? You waited this long before giving a blowjob?”

“Ha, no. I meant to be the first to fuck me tonight.” She winked and stood up.
During the blow job, she had removed her shorts and fingered herself to a very wet state. She had actually created a puddle on the floor.

She gently pushed my chest and I took a step backwards. I leaned against the door as she lifted one leg up and wrapped it around me. I grabbed her waist, and she lifted herself up and positioned herself over my cock. I guided her down onto it and I lost my standing-up-sex-virginity. I did what I’ve seen in porn many times and with a quick upward motion of my hips, she was bouncing on my cock.

Oh shit, I’m bareback. “Oooh, shit, I forgot the condom.” I moaned in pleasure.

“Don’t worry. Ooooh…tell me when….mmmm…you’re close.”

I fucked her for a good 10 minutes before I felt my balls tingle.

“Mo…close…” I could only grunt out those two syllables.

“Walk to the bed!” She whispered urgently in my ear.

I walked as best I could while still fucking her. I spun around and fell on top of it. She rode me for a couple seconds before dismounting and climbing onto the bed. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me until I moaned. I shot the first string of jizz as she pulled it out. Most went in her mouth, but that didn’t matter much. The rest of it covered her face as she aimed it.

“Woah. Awesome.” I breathed a sigh of relief. “Sorry it was so short, though.”

She giggled and squeezed my softening cock. “It’s bigger than most I’ve sucked tonight.”

“I meant how long I lasted,” I laughed nervously.

“Oh, the blowjob…you lasted longer than anyone has tonight. It was awesome! As for the sex, I’m used to quicker. Most guys just want me to suck, so anything in my pussy is good with me.”

Within five minutes, I was cleaned up and she said I could go. I spotted her shorts and picked them up. I pulled her thong out, and tossed the shorts to her.

“I think I’ll add these to my collection.”

She giggled and didn’t say anything as I walked out and closed the door behind me.

When I turned around, who did I see? Well, Kristen had joined the party on the bed. Except it was with Katie S.’s boyfriend. Kristen was taking it in the ass while Katie had joined the eat fest. Now, each Katie was eating out her s****r. Jenna and Jess were in there as well, but they were just watching, occasionally fingering a Katie. All seven girls were stark naked, while Chris was wearing all his clothes. He’d just unzipped his jeans and whipped it out. My guess is he didn’t have time for much else.

I watched this show for about half an hour, as a crowd started to gather. Chris had switched from Kristen to Jess’s ass at some point. I assumed she was more than his third that evening, based on the number of condoms that had been discarded onto the floor. I could see 4, but there were 6 wrappers. He was a work horse right now.

I decided it was time to find someone else to relieve this erection in my pants.
I wandered through the house, looking for another prize-winning babe to wet my dick in. I heard Alex moan from a bedroom and two guys high five. Eiffel Tower, probably.

I saw a familiar ass shaking in front of me. It was Lauren, Jenna and Jess’s older s****r. She was riding some guy, not her boyfriend, in the middle of the dining room table. She had a cheering section, and some people were even throwing money onto the table. She was wearing nothing but a pair of compression shorts with the crotch cut out and some 4 inch heels. Her tits bounced everywhere as she rode this guy.

I kept walking, wanting to see the rest of the party. I assumed Marcie was still in the tents outside, and I knew where most of the girls I had already banged were.

This, coincidentally, is when I saw Cassidy. She was on her knees in the kitchen, wearing just her panties and Uggs, as she ate out one of her best friends, Megan. Megan was about 5’3”, small C cups, pretty face, decent ass. Her boobs were definitely bigger than Cassidy’s, but her small frame made them seem smaller. She had a nice set of hips. Definitely not fat, just good hips for fucking. Or eating, in this case.

Megan was leaning against the fridge, shorts around her ankles, hands in her shirt. Cassidy must have gotten something more than cock in her mouth because, as I said, she was nude except for her panties and Uggs. Her great ass was shaking too.

I kept walking, not wanting to miss out on the possibilities of girls who weren’t taken. Maybe I’d find one willing to try something new. I wasn’t sure what, but I’d think of something.

That’s when I saw Jasmine. Oh, Jasmine. She had middle-sized C cup boobs, and a ghetto booty. She was white, don’t get me wrong, but that ass is FANTASTIC! I mean, she wears yoga pants, and I wear a grin on my face all day. That ass is just so perfect, and two hands aren’t enough to hold it. That ass was the object of my fantasies.

She was bent over, picking up her keys that she had just dropped. She was wearing yoga pants, low riding, and one could see her g-string riding up over the top of them. She was looking for sex that night, and everyone knew it. The question was…with who?

She was an anal addict, having only taken somewhere around 6 cocks in her pussy ever. Four of them all came at once when she lost her virginity. She also got her first taste of anal that day too. She got fucked in the ass by all the guys too, and since, she only lets her boyfriend into her pussy, and that’s only on his birthday.

She turned around, and smiled as she saw my stare.

“Hey there.”

“Oh, hey Jasmine. How ya doing?” I tried being all cool, but obviously I wasn’t.

“I saw you checking something out. You like something you see?” She winked at me. I could smell a little alcohol on her breath, which would explain why she was so up front.

“I did enjoy the sight of…” I trailed off, unsure of how far I should go.

“My ass?” She was in my head!

“Well, yeah. And your thong.”

“Is that still showing? I thought I fixed that after I put it back on after that last round of anal.”

“Apparently not. Why not fix them now?” What was I saying?! When did I become this courageous? Oh yeah, when Alex sucked my dick.

Jasmine seemed taken aback by my abruptness at first, but it quickly faded into lust. Her eyes glazed over and she got a far-off look in her eye. She grabbed my hand and started to drag me to a door. The door opened inward for us to see Luke, Jenna’s now-ex-boyfriend, on the bed, eyes shut and mouth wide open. Between his legs was a head bobbing up and down. Whoever it was had dark brown hair and was wearing shorts and a tanktop. Next to Luke on the bed was Morgan, the freshman, whispering to the girl on the floor. She was wearing a deep v-neck shirt that showed a lot of cleavage, and some short cut-off jean shorts. Both items of clothing were very tight.

She looked up as soon as the door opened.

“Shit, Zoey…”

“Zoey?!” Jasmine yelled.”

Luke opened his eyes wide in surprise, the girl on her knees choked and spit the cock out of her mouth before turning around. Zoey was about the same height as Jasmine, with smaller boobs and ass. She was, as far as I knew, a virgin. Which, knowing Jasmine, who hadn’t been a virgin since the summer before seventh grade, was kind of a surprise. From what Morgan was doing to help, I don’t think she’d ever had any experience with a guy before.

“Luke, OUT!” Jasmine looked furious. She sobered up pretty quick.

“But, I…I just-“ He was cut off by Jasmine taking a step towards him. He muttered a quick apology to Zoey before he hobbled out of the room, attempting to pull his pants up as he went.

“What did you do that for?! I like him!” Zoey looked defiantly at her s****r. I took two quick steps to the bed and took Luke’s spot next to Morgan. Zoey and Jasmine stood in front of us arguing.

“Not anymore, you don’t! You know what he does to girls. He tells them what they want to hear to get in their pants, then when he finds someone he likes better, he moves on.”

“Just because he tricked you into spreading your legs for him doesn’t mean he’d do that to me!”

“That’s exactly what he was planning! He got you on your knees, didn’t he?!”
This went back and forth for about five minutes. It ended in Jasmine threatening to tell their parents everything if Zoey didn’t go home with her right now. She looked at me and said she was sorry, but my cock would have to wait for another party.

Sadly, I didn’t get invited to many parties, so that off would likely expire.
As the two left the room, Zoey instinctively grabbed the doorknob and closed the door behind them.

I looked around the room in the awkward silence.

“Well, that was awkward.” Morgan half giggled, half sighed.

“Yeah, a bit.” I just nodded, unsure of what to say.

“Were you guys going to have sex?” She stared me in the face.

“Well that’s blunt. Yeah, I think we were. I mentioned how I liked staring at her ass, then she grabbed my hand and dragged me in here.”

“Oh, sorry. I kind of cock-blocked you then. If I wouldn’t have said Zoey’s name, she might not have known it was her and would have left us alone in here. You two would have found a different room to fuck in.”

“It’s no big deal, real. Don’t worry about it.” I was a little mad, sure, but I got the satisfaction of knowing that Jenna wasn’t lying earlier, I really am bigger than Luke. Which meant, if I wanted to, I could ask Jenna to tell someone Luke’s been with, and I could get with her too.

“So is it true?” Morgan’s voice cut through my thoughts, bringing me back to reality.

“Sorry, what?”

“Is it true what Jess and Cassidy have been telling everyone?”

“What have they been telling everyone?” I cocked my head to the side, not sure what was going on.

“Well, Cassidy said you fucked her, and blew your load on her face. And Jess said your dick is bigger than Luke’s. She saw it a lot when Jenna was dating him.” I stared blankly. She sure was up front, wasn’t she?

“It’s okay, you don’t have to answer. I’ll just find out myself…” She trailed off, leaving me no time to figure out what she meant.

She slid off the bed, and to her knees. She unzipped my shorts, and pulled them down, along with my boxers.

“Wow…it is bigger than Lukes!” She wrapped her hand around my cock, stroking slowly. I let out an involuntary moan. “Like that do ya? I’ve had plenty of practice. I do this to guys a lot.”

“From the instructions you were giving Zoey, you’ve given a lot of blow jobs too.”

“Oh, yeah…about that. I was actually watching her for tips. She’s been giving head for like a year and a half now. She’s kept it a secret from her s****r since.”

“Ah, well is she a good teacher?” I nervously shifted

“Do you want to find out?”

“Well, I don’t know…I…” She plunged my cock into her mouth. “I don’t know…ooh that feels good.”

Morgan went down as far as she could, which was only about three inches, before she gagged. She pulled the dick out as fast as she could, a string of saliva connecting her mouth to my head.

“Was I good?” She grinned. “Did I go down far?”

“It felt good. You only got about half way down.”

“Oh, I better try again.” She winked and went down again.

It went on like this for about 15 or 20 minutes. She kept getting a little farther and father each time, eventually getting all the way down. She could only hold it there for a couple seconds before she gagged again and pulled up.

“Oh, I did it!” She grinned from ear to ear.

I couldn’t help but smile at her accomplishment. “Great. You up for trying to get me off now?”

Without hesitation, she went down. She only went halfway, but that was enough for me. She never went farther than that, but she was sucking so well it didn’t matter. She seemed to know exactly where to put her tongue and how fast to go. Her hands worked well, pumping and playing with my balls too. She never put them in her mouth, but she gave them enough attention. It was a great blow job.

I groaned and she pulled it out of her mouth. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, I’m just about to cum.”

“Oooh, I’ve seen guys unload in Zoey’s mouth before. She always swallows, but I think it looks gross.”

“I couldn’t tell you, honestly. You’d have to ask a girl who’s swallowed before.”

“I also watched her suck off four guys and two of them shot loads on her face and a third shot a load on her tits.”

“Well, you’re wearing a shirt. Better keep it in your mouth.”

She didn’t respond and just sucked the rod right back into her mouth. She sucked for another two or three minutes before I grabbed the back of her and f***ed myself another inch into her mouth. She choked a little, but held up nicely. The jizz hit the back of her throat and that’s when she gagged.

She sat bolt upright, and my second shot hit her face. She recoiled slightly, but not enough for my third shot to miss her lips. She moved completely out of the way and final shot landed on her bare knee.

I never really described Morgan earlier. She’s about 5’9”, brown hair, STUNNING green eyes, a fantastic ass and some great Alex-like legs. Her DD breasts were the best I’d seen.

So naturally, blowing my load on this hottie was quite an accomplishment. Especially after her next comment.

“Wow, my first blowjob.”

I instantly got hard again.

“And it looks like this isn’t your first rodeo.” She winked at me.

“That was great for your first blowjob! Are you sure you’ve never done it before?”

“Nope, never. I’ve given plenty of handjobs, but never blowjobs. And I’ve never let the cum touch me, so I’ve never tasted it before either. And it’s kinda good.”

She licked her lips. “Mmmm.”

“Well, I hope there is certainly more of me in you in my future. I mean, more of you in my future.” I chuckled softly.

“Oh, there will be. There will be.” She grabbed my dick, plunged her mouth on it, all the way down, deepthroating me for a couple seconds, then finally pulling off and standing up.

“I need to find a towel. See ya later.” She walked into the bathroom as I realized we were in the parent’s bedroom. If she was willing to give me a goodbye deepthroat, I’m sure I could talk her into letting me give her a goodbye fuck.

I pulled up my shorts, and walked out of the room, not at all worried about girls seeing my hard-on.

To be continued…
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