It's not supposed to matter

Mother Nature loves to trip women up all of the time. Just when we carefully plan and predict our periods, Mother Nature decides to fuck up our schedule by pushing it back a week or making it several days early. When it is supposed to rain [and we protect our hair], it shines, and on days it is supposed to shine, it rains, causing our hair to look not so pleasant. She makes our breasts too big on some bodies and too small for others, and just a random guessing game when it comes to the rest of our features.

But when it comes to men, Mother Nature loves playing with women around the most. The men we expect to be big and well-endowed are average while men we would never expect to have a big- slim, slender, quite lanky- pack a big one inside of their pants. [I guess that's why baggy pants were me]. Sex ther****ts and sexologists try to put this down in a science- if a guy has big hands, big feet then he must have a big cock, those of African descent have bigger cocks than those of Asian descent, et. cetera, et. cetera. But once again, Mother Nature wins. You just don't know how big a guy is going to be until he drops his pants.

And I think Mother Nature just doesn't want us to fuss and matter so much over the size of a man's cock anyway. And in the days before "Big dick, Big tits" porn, it really didn't matter. Now every woman [and gay men] are frantically chasing after a man who packs more than 7 inches, which is 1-or 2 standard deviations away from the average cock size of 5 inches.

In the real world, there is one size of a man that does matter, and that's his height. Study after study show that men who are taller (over 6 feet) are more successful and wealthier than their shorter counterparts. This doesn't factor in entrepreneurial geniuses (though it should) who create the things necessary in our lives. Also, that taller men are just more attractive to women than shorter men. I guess it's that whole caveman aspect in addition to the Cinderella fairy tale of looking up to the prince in white shining armor.

And that's where this story starts. I'm "seeing" a rather tall- 6'5" and built corporate executive of a Fortune 500 company. Travels around the world, attends fancy parties, gives to big foundations kind of guy. He's usually got some kind of arm candy on his shoulder at these events- those Miss USA/America baby doll types with the straight, silky hair, perfectly arranged glistening white teeth just waiting to walk down the aisle with him. It's all for good show, as after the arm candy has mixed, mingled and drank her way through the crowd, she is pretty much on her own afterwards.

I met the guy through a dating site-ok, more like a sexual fantasies site, but what the hell-and I was shocked to be in his presence. He wrote me a lengthy letter describing his debacle between what was expected of him [in a partner] and his desire for something else. He was a dominant man, but he really relished the idea of being in an adult nursing relationship. "These girls..there is no way they would ever think of doing something like this" He wrote. "At the end of the day, I want a woman I can home to, wrap her arms around and let me rest my head on her while I nourish my mind and body with her milk." I was quite astonished and surprised at the request, I didn't put it on my list of sexual desires; however, his description and fascination with lactation was turning me on in a way I didn't expect.

I asked him why he selected me and he replied "Your breasts are so real and full..I just adore them." He went on to compliment the rest of my body, stating that I was what a real woman should look like and not to fuss over my appearance. "Sometimes we don't want the hair-pressed, manicured nails, glossy, glitzy, glamorous trophy in our bed." He commented. "We just want soft skin to lose ourselves into..that mother figure we remember so vaguely in our c***dhood but much more passionate." I asked for photos [but not of his face] and I received body ones. He always had his privates covered as he didn't want it to be the main focus of our relationship. "It's about us." He explained. "Sharing everything about us..our bodies, our souls..our flesh..experiencing and tasting one another." For a corporate executive, he had a creative side to him that I admired and I agreed to meet him.

He was huge- I mean to elaborate- he was tall and wide. Not exactly hefty or bulky huge like those guys on The Biggest Loser, but I could see why he was a corporate 'bigwig' and looked up to by so many people. The first couple of dates were platonic- he took me to several upscale restaurants in rather secluded and off-the-beaten paths places. He mostly chatted about his professional life, this merger, that acquisition, an IPO that went well, a sale of stock that really sucked. I pried him on his personal life and he flatly talked about his disappointment in many e****t services, that they weren't providing what he wanted except a good piece of ass to his clients. He did describe a fantasy about having his woman be used by his subordinates as part of a 'trust test' to get into the circle. While it sounded like a fraternity ritual than a 'test', the scenario did make me wet between my legs.

At the end of each date, he dropped me off near my ok-but-could-do-better apartment complex. From the first date, he wrapped his arms around me and held me close during his sloppy, wet kiss. His mouth opened mine, tongue darting inside to lick the inside of my cheeks. With each date, he grew more aggressive, spitting his saliva inside and snowballing it with me to biting and sucking on my tongue until I was squirming in pain. He always trailed past my sore mouth and ravished my neckline until purplish hickeys were visible. For the most part, his hands were benign, gently rubbing up and down my back in circular motions. I always left his car feeling both exhausted and excited, fearful of him but wanting more. I usually locked myself in the bathroom and fingered myself to an orgasm with my somewhat dead dildo.

Three months past and he suggested a night in- at his place, of course. I cautiously agreed, making sure the GPS locator on my phone worked and bringing some condoms [I got the variety pack, as Mother Nature is really cruel] along with me. I met outside of his condominium building and waited for him to come downstairs to e****t me inside.

To say it in the least, this guy has it made. Perfectly air-conditioned, sweet music playing on the inside. Guards on both sides of the door, and a concierage ready to meet our needs. One set of elevators covered half of the building, while the other shot up to the very top. His condo was very high in the building, so we rode a very lengthy ride to his level. In the elevator, he wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck, making me melt in his arms. Once we got to his floor, my eyes dazzled over the luxury his surrounded himself in.

"Don't be too shocked." He chuckled as he lifted my chin. "I do have housekeeping. Otherwise, this place would be cluttered, littered, and dirty." I laughed nervously at his comment. There could be food and papers everywhere and I would still be in awe. This guy was just flat-out rich.

"Come on over, sit down." He ushered me to his 'theater' room, where there was a huge flat screen television propped up on the wall. Instead of theater seats, there was a long, plushy couch that I quickly sank into. It was the kind of couch that you could fall asl**p on- not too hard, but not too soft either. He sat down beside me and grabbed the remote. First the lights dimmed, then the movie started playing.

The movie began with a rather busty girl and guy making out on screen. He was playing with her tits for a rather long time-pinching the nipples, flopping them in his face, licking the areolas, spitting on the nipples, sucking them in his mouth, even biting them aggressively. Once the nipples were rigid, he brought out a breast pump to further stimulate the aroused breasts. The nipples were extremely hard, almost pointy when she began to leak. Overtly excited, the man abandoned the breast pump and began to suck her breasts ardently. He pulled away from the nipple just far enough to show that indeed she was lactating and he was drinking it. He hummed while sucking her breast before starting on the other.

As the guy in the video shifted to the other breasts, the lights slowly came back on. During the movie watching, I was so smitten with the couple that I didn't notice the undressing of my giant partner. He was shirtless, but still wearing his underpants, and it was beginning to show the imprints of an aroused cock. In blunt terms, the guy was packing, and Mother Nature had adequately blessed him with a cock that matched the size of his demeanor. I just wasn't sure if I could handle it.

He grabbed my head close to his for another passionate kiss. Although, unlike our previous ones, he cut it short by pushing me away and looking at my tank top. The cleavage of my mammoth breasts excited him, and he didn't hesitate to push the straps of both my top and bra down to reveal my breasts. The expression on his face at the sight of my breasts were the same as mine when I entered his condo. He grabbed my breasts with both of his hands and even for a large man like himself, my breasts still spilled out from his grasp.

"So beautiful." He whispered right before he assaulted my breasts. Unlike the man in the movie [who was now fucking his busty comrade], he went straight to biting and sucking the nipple of one breast while pinching the other. I winced in pain and agony.

"You-you-you're not going to get any milk out that way." I gasped. He stopped suckling and looked up at me.

"I know that. But I want you to get used to these sensations." He replied as he grit his teeth around my nipple.

"You want to hurt me?" I yelled. "How sick-" The hand that pinched my breast slid down past the shirt and up the skirt and at the edge of my panties. The fingers slipped to where the pussy was and pressed against the thin fabric.

"You're aroused from this, aren't you?" He whispered as he gritted his teeth. I groaned.

"That was because of the video, not this!" I replied, but my voice was getting a bit breathy from his rubbing on my pussy. I crooned as my back arched to the touch of his fingers pushing aside my panties and rubbing my clit.

"And what turned you on about the video?" He asked. I bit my lip. "Hmmm?"

"I really liked it.." This is gonna sound cheesy I started. "I liked it when he picked her up off of the ground. It really turned me on." He repealed back and laughed.

"That turns you on?" He asked as I nodded. "I'm making this way too hard! You truly are a simple girl! Here, let me pick you up." He got me on my feet and wrapped his arms around my hips. He then lifted me up off of the ground. I let my feet dangle off of the floor. It was a first- I thought the 'being swept off your feet' was reserved for skinny, petite girls, but the video-and this guy- proved me wrong.

"Are you going to wrap your legs around like she did?" He prodded as I finally managed to lift my legs and wrapped them around his waist. With another smirk, he lifted me a bit higher and positioned me on top of the couch, legs spread wide open. He scrunched my skirt up to my waist and lowered the panties past my knees.

"Remember when I talked about fucking?" He asked. I remembered that email quite vividly. I want so many orgasms out of my partner that she won't care about the size of my cock. She has been pleasured so much that there is no focus on whether my cock will satisfy her, because she has been satisfied beyond recognition. I shuddered at the words he had typed.

"I watched that video of you getting off.." He started. "And I can't wait to hear it live.." His voice was so low and deep that I drew in a deep, heavy breath in fear. Bending forward, he stuck his tongue out to reach my pussy lips and began thrashing it around. He licked up and down my labia, making it juicy wet. Often he would actually stick the tongue in the pussy walls and wiggle it around a bit. But his main target was my protruding clit. He started out with simple licks and kisses, spitting his saliva all over it. Then he went forward with the assault. He bit and sucked my clit with huge intensity, the suctioning and chewing made me groan with fever. I orgasmed quickly and repeatedly as he first focused on clit stimulation, then he put two-three fingers inside of my pussy and pressed forward to hit my g-spot. I breathed heavily and rapidly, the soft, subtle moans gained volume and I began screaming.

"OH PLEASE..FUCK..AAAHHHHH!!" I screamed as I could feel myself slipping from the couch. "Please, please..put a finger in my ass, please..."

At first I thought he was going to tease me again for my wanton nature, but instead he obliged and stuck not one, but two of his fingers inside of my puckering asshole. I withered and kicked around as the orgasms controlled and wrecked my body. He had the entire floor, and the walls were probably sound-proof so my loud hollers and wails were only heard within the room. After a ground-crashing orgasm, he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and ass and licked them in his mouth.

"So delicious.."He whispered as he looked at me, whimpering.

"No more.." I moaned. "Please..."

"Do you really not want more?" He asked as I shook my head. "Of course you don't. So why do you say you don't want more?"

"So much.." I muttered as I closed my eyes. "You're so much.."

"But you want more. Your body wants it. Your body needs it." He taunted. I bit my lip.

"I-I-I" I started as he put a finger on my lips.

"Shhhh..." He hushed as he opened my legs- as if they couldn't be opened any further. His underpants were down and his fantasy was true- I was too orgasm ridden to care about the size of his cock. At least the sight of it.

The moment the head entered my pussy, I began moaning again. He was thick and rigid, and I had to wonder how long he was, but just for a moment. Hoisting my legs, he eased himself in my pussy, and heat flushed through my body.

"Take it in.."He groaned. "You're so close..." I breathed softly and felt my walls stretch and him hit my cervix. He sighed.

"You're just as amazing as..." His voice drifted off as he began to pump himself into ecstasy. My pussy found renewed vigor and pulsated on his cock, giving me more orgasms. Almost voiceless I moaned and spilled myself over him.The wetness, along with the orgasm caused one of his own and he dumped himself inside of me.

And then I remembered about the condoms. Shit.

He pulled his cock and looked at me. "I know what's going in your mind. Don't you ever remember anything?" My legs still spread, he inserted two fingers deep in and f***ed out his cum into his other hand. When his cupped hand was full, he brought it to my mouth and filled it. Before I swallowed, he opened his mouth and kissed me, taking some of the mixed cum into his mouth. I never knew a guy that liked snowballing, and never expected it out of him. The whole act was sensual and if I wasn't so exhausted, I was ready for round two.

I didn't lactate that evening, but I was officially designed as the "girlfriend". He still had his arm candy- it was for appearances after all- but more and more he called and asked me to stay over. He really wanted the nursing relationship and knew it was only possible if I lived in with him. It was an offer a struggling girl doesn't refuse, but I wanted my cookies in place before I moved in with him.

And I finally did get to see his cock. Size isn't supposed to matter, but this time Mother Nature was on my side and I just got really blessed.
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