Caught him on the DL..

He was a delicious, rich, creamy bar of Hershey's milk chocolate. Only three to four inches taller than I am, he was a sensual, erotic partner who enjoyed giving oral sex well before sticking his thick cock inside of me. He always rolled his hips in a slow, locomotive sway when he knew I was close to orgasming and right when I screamed, he would grip my body with his rough hands and pushed faster inside of me to intensify the orgasm. Once I've calmed down, he would lean forward onto me and look into my eyes while he rushed himself a drenching orgasm. We always ended with a tongue-dipping kiss.

I'm not sure how I scored him, but I'm quite glad that I did.

I had a knack for timing when he came home from work. Usually he would get off of work at 6 pm, then fight an hour worth of traffic before coming home at 7 pm. Some days he had to work late but he usually made it home before 10 pm. I tried to assert myself that I wasn't one of those 'hawk' girlfriends who wanted to know every single action a guy takes. If he was the man he claimed himself to be, he would tell me nothing but the truth-and I always prepared my worst-case scenario.

Or so I thought.

Cock has a distinctive smell- it's a thick, pungent odor that can only be smelled from a few inches away. It is long and lingering and sometimes you have rinse your mouth two or three times with mouthwash before you can get the smell completely out of your mouth. You can always tell if a man has just cum by the smell of his body- if there was a fragrance of cock, I would probably burn it in my room from time to time.

So when I started noticing the smell of cock on his clothes, my suspicions began to arise. Is my man bisexual? Or is he on the down-low(DL?). At first, I shook my head in denial. He probably got a hard-on while he was working and beat himself off. A man is a man, and if he sees a hot girl, who am I to prevent him from getting himself all horny?

But one night when he came home late from work (I estimate around 9:30pm), I kissed his lips and instantly smelled the familiar, pungent smell of cock. He was more tired than normal and dragged his body to the bed where he instantly fell asl**p.

There was a small tinge of guilt as my fingers pried open his briefcase and fished out his phone. I swore that I wouldn't go through a man's text messages and calls, but I couldn't resist the lingering thought that quite possibly my man was bi-or even really gay.

I scrolled through the list of text messages.

5:45pm From joe:
Hey, you coming over after work?
Me:Yeah, really need one this evening
Joe: Well I have a few of the bois coming over, so we'll have plenty of fun.
Me: Ok, see you then.

Joe...joe... I tried to register in my mind who Joe was. Certainly not 'tough as cement' c***dhood buddy policeman Joe? He didn't strike me as the kind of man who would be gay...but quite possibly-

Wait a second, this couldn't be the SAME Joe who got married over a year ago! I looked at the phone number and my mouth dropped. It was indeed the same Joe- muscular, red-neckish, and married to his c***dhood sweetheart-that was 'having fun' with my man.

As I pocketed the cellphone, I replayed movie scenes in my mind. There was usually a confrontation, lots of yelling, the guy pleading for forgiveness, and the woman kicking him to the curve and ending with her sitting around the table with her besties going "There are no good men." Did I want that kind of ending? After all, he was still coming home to me every night, even if he did suck a few cocks. A quiet smirk crossed my lips.

Two weeks passed, and the scent of cock on his lips enthralled my imagination. On nights he said he was 'late', I went out to buy a strap-on, anal plug, and lube and taught myself how to use it properly. I even bought a pair of boxers to hide the strap-on in.

Saturday mornings were the start to a long, playful weekend; but only after he started the laundry. While he piled the clothes into the washer, I slipped on the strap-on and the boxers and sat at the edge of the bed. When he came back in, I smiled.

Our lips met and the rich smell flared my nostrils. His hands caressed up and down my back until it reached the buttocks, in which he squeezed them lightly. He trailed a line of kisses down from my neck, in between my breasts and past my stomach down to the lining of the underwear. At this point, he was on his knees and leaning forward. I pushed his head back to stand on my bed and slowly pulled down the boxers to reveal the strap-on.

His eyes grew big.
"What the fuck is this?" He asked.
"You know what it is." I replied as I grabbed the back of his head. "Suck it."
"Ain't no way I'm gonna-" He started.
"Shut it." I interrupted. "I know about you and Joe and your "bois"" A blank stare flooded his face and his pouty lips searched for words to try to defend himself.
"I'm s-s-s-" He stammered. He always stammered when he was nervous, anxious or in a tight spot.

"You're what?" I asked with a deviant smile. He gulped with unsteadiness and tried not to show his guilt.

"I'm sorry." He muttered. "Really."

"Well, sorry isn't going to cut it!" I yelled. "Now suck this cock the way you suck Joe's cock." His lips barely covered the tip of strap-on and he pushed them together, giving small kisses.

"Is that how you suck a cock?" I asked. He nodded and I pulled his face back. "You mean to tell me that this kissing-"I puckered my lips-"Is what you do to Joe's cock?" He shook his head. "I didn't think so. Now suck this cock."

His hand grabbed the base of the strap-on and he f***ed more of the dildo into his mouth. I heard light sucking sounds as he bobbed his head back and forth around the cock.

"Come on, I know you can do better than that. Suck it like it's the real thing." I taunted. The sucking and slurping became much louder. Underneath the strap-on, I was becoming really hot and wet. Something about seeing my man sucking a cock-albeit a fake one- was turning me on. I was enjoying my man giving head!

I pulled his head back and let the cock rest on his cheek. "Aww, my man does know to suck cock! I'm so proud of him!" Grabbing the cock with my other hand, smeared his own saliva across his face. "Yes, you love that cock, don't you? What else do you do besides suck other men's cocks, hmm?"

"Nothing." He pleaded. I rubbed the head along his forehead and down his nose.

"You sure? No back door?" I answered as I ran the head across his thick lips. He shook his head.

"Did you ever want to try opening it up?" I bent over to rub my hand down his back but stopped short of his round, soft ass. We always joked about his 'bubble butt', but this time I was getting the last laugh.

"No, please.."He started. I stood straight back up and looked down at him.

"Look at you!" My toes rubbed against his cock. "You're fucking hard just thinking about it! Don't sit here and tell me no!" He looked down, ashamed that I had not only found out his down-low persona, but that I was taking advantage of it.

"Really, I mean, I ain't.."

"It doesn't matter. I'm going to open it and you're going to like it. Because that's how it starts, dear." I lectured him. "First you start sucking cock, no big deal right? Then you start playing with each other's asshole...finally it ends up with full-blown ass-fucking. If anyone deserves to take your anal virginity, it might as well be me."

He sat there quietly and breathed a long, harsh sigh.

"Bend over." I ordered as I walked around him and faced him from behind. Silence. "I said bend over!" Grasping the edge of the bed, he leaned over until his ass was propped up in the air for me to view.

"An ass this big.."I whispered as I got on my knees and caressed the skin. "And yet it hasn't been opened." I smacked each cheek one good time, letting them wobble for a couple of seconds. "We've got to change that."

I reached for the lube and the anal plug sitting on the drawer. I lubricated my fingers with the slick oil and some in between his cheeks. I massaged the hole with two fingers, carefully running back and forth the asshole.

"Please..." He begged.

"Please what?" I asked. I stuck my pinky inside of his asshole and he groaned loudly. "I think you're enjoying this! I think you really like it!" He gasped and panted as I wrung the pinky finger around inside of him.

"Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry baby, really.."

"What are you sorry for? You sorry because you like men as well as women? Because you enjoy cock? Because you secretly, desperately want your tiny asshole fucked? What is it?" I took my pinky finger out of his ass and applied lube to the anal dildo.

"I sorry..I didn't tell.." He gulped. I smiled.

"You should have told me, sweety. I would have helped you." I laughed with mirth and pushed the tip of the anal dildo inside of his ass. "Now open up, sweety." I pushed the dildo in and all I heard was the loud, screaming cry of my 'perfect' man.

[It ends here. I'll continue it later.]
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