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I wrote this a few years back, bear with me..

"Are you sure?" She whispered as she gazed into his eyes; they were in his room, two floors above the place where his birthday party was going on. Somehow or another, they managed to escape the merry crowd of drinking, dancing and making out of their large group of friends.
"Of course," He replied as he leaned forward to brush his lips across hers, savoring the taste of her lipstick. "I'm tired of being the little boy in the group; of being the one accused of being gay. I love the female body and I want to see it...tonight.." She nodded, understanding.
They started dating several months back after she saved him from getting into a fight with his 'friends'. His 'friends' were taunting him for being gay after he had admitted to be a virgin and only making out with two girls his entire life. Knowing that he was going to be beaten (he was outnumbered), she intervened and kindly told the friends to 'fuck off'. Feeling a sense of guilt- or maybe compassion- she offered him a chance to lose his virginity with her, but the response was similar, "I'll let you know when I'm ready." He would always state. This frustrated her; losing her virginity years ago, she embraced sex like it was her lover; she was notorious for sl**ping around with other guys and rumors began to fly around that she was pursuing a career in the porn industry. While it seemed impossible in her own eyes, sex played a role in her life.
"Okay," She murmured as her hands slipped underneath his shirt; her fingers glided along his skin as she sought to take his clothes off. A bit awkward, he raised his arms and allowed her to pull his shirt over his head. Her hands returned to his bare chest caressing it softly; she leaned forward dropped her head slightly to lick the top of his shoulder and the base of his neck. She was a natural at understanding nearly every sensitive spot on a man's body and he would be no exception.
Feeling aroused, he wrapped his arms around her waist and sought to take off her shirt as well. He only lifted the shirt up a few inches before she pulled back and looked at him.
"What...do you want to see?" She asked as he bit his lip, he was still feeling a bit nervous, but figured he was past the point of no return.
"Every-every thing" He stammered as she smiled and kissed him. Within a matter of seconds, she took off her shirt and bra, exposing her exquistive breasts and perky nipples. He was fascinated by them, intrigued by their absolute perfection and beauty. He had watched a few pornos where the men had played around with the woman's breasts, but the reality of it made it seemingly scary. He slowly lifted a hand up to feel her right breast, after a few seconds of resting his hand there, he cupped it lightly. He then leaned forward and softly kissed the nipple before licking it gently. Knowing that he was neglecting the other breast, he repeated the same gestures with his other hand.
"Mmmm..." She hummed as she brought his head closer to her breasts; she always enjoyed it when a man worshipped her breasts. She knew that he would go gentle, the way she preferred, instead of rough like some of her older sex companions. Her hand, meanwhile, slipped down his chest and to his pants, where she could feel a hard-on. With one hand, she lifted his head and looked into his eyes.
"Come on, it's time," She whispered as she knelt down and slowly unzipped and unbuttoned his pants, releasing his hard cock. She was a bit impressed; it was longer than what she was expected and a bit on the thick side. Smiling, she leaned forward and flickered her tongue across the forehead of his cock. A shot of pleasure ripped through his body and he let out a groan of ecstasy as he knew more was going to come. As she wrapped her lips around his cock, she began to softly suck and lick his cock. Just as her hands began to gently stroke and caress his balls, he erupted in her mouth.
"I'm sorry!" He whispered, feeling a bit ashamed that he came before having intercourse. She shook her head and smiled.
"It's okay, it's your first time...just relax, okay? You'll last longer," She stated as she wrapped her breasts around his still hard cock. She slowly moved her tits up and down his cock, giving him a warm sensation; she then leaned over and began to softly suck him again, this time her tongue going around him in circles. He shuddered in delight as he tried his hardest to not cum, the first time he couldn't control himself. This was exactly how he envisioned it to be- but it was even better in some respects. Just as he reached his breaking point, he lost all sensation- the breasts, the tongue, the lips and snapped out of his semi-conscious. He looked at her and she wore a small smirk on her face.
"Almost got you," She stated as she laid down on her back and spreaded her legs. "But the best is yet to come." His eyes diverted to her pussy, which was seemingly warm and wet from giving him both the blowjob and the tit-fuck. He ran his hand along her outer thigh and then to her inner thigh and skimmed along the outer edges of her pussy. It felt warm and creamy, like melting ice cream; he wanted so much to indulge into it..but..he was missing something.
"It's okay, I'm on the pill," As if she read his mind, she responded with a reassuring voice. "Come on...you're still a virgin until you enter.."
Slowly and cautiously, he kneeled in front of her heavenly body. How was I supposed to do this again? He thought as her legs lifted and wrapped around his hips, drawing him close to her. With his hand, he opened her wet pussy lips and slided him cock inside of her.
It was perhaps the most pleasurable sensation he had felt in his entire life. The tight, warm, wet walls pressed against his cock and he moaned very loudly. After his moment, he looked at her and could sense some impatience. Slowly, he began to move his cock in and out of her pussy, each time savoring the warmth that enveloped his cock.
"Faster..." She whispered and with a little bit more energy, he thrusted his cock inside of her pussy, a loud moan escaping from her lips. He really hoped that she was enjoying as much as he was- the sensation was incredible. He wanted to go deeper inside of her, but wasn't sure...perhaps lifting her legs a little higher?
Slowing down just a little bit, he grabbed her legs and lifted them higher into the air, allowing more room for him to go deeper. With a single thrust, he pushed his cock further into her pussy, making her gasp in surprise. The pleasure was overbearing to him; her entire wetness surrounded his entire cock, only his balls were left outside, but they were pressing against the rest of her pelvis. He truly enjoyed the feeling; he began to thrust inside of her once again, but it wasn't before long that he felt himself release inside of her. Almost shocked, he pulled out and looked away.
"I'm sorry..." He stated as she smiled.
"It's okay, it was your first time...how did you like it?" She asked, he smiled.
"I love it, I would want it again and so many more times..." He said as he felt her hand touch his tender balls.
"Then what are we waiting for?" She asked, smirking in response.
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3 years ago
Great story..I love a female's point of view..SO HOT!!
3 years ago