Happy New Year --- 2

Denise and I came into the apartment completely unaware we had been gone for over two hours! My wife was pissed and the barrage of questions hit me like a left hook. Where had we gone, what happened? Denise was a champion. She told my wife she wanted to walk and talk. She needed someone to confide to and I was a perfect gentleman. We all sat down and had a couple more glasses of cherry vodka. Things mellowed out and my wife announced she was ready for bed. As she got ready for bed Denise and I sat on the couch and began to kiss. Her lips were so soft and our tongues probed deeply into each others mouth. I began to feel her small B cup breast and she responded by rubbing my rock hard cock still trapped inside my Levis. When my wife came out she announced we could all sl**p in the same bed because after all it is a king size. I was still pretty buzzed and announced I would just sl**p on the couch, letting the girls have the bed. They finally "convinced" me to share the bed and after we were all properly brushed and cleaned jumped into the bed.

Denise slept on the left side of the bed my wife in the middle and me on the right side. The lights went out and my mind began to whirl. I had to get next to Denise, but how? I turned over and "accidentally" fell off the bed. I acted more d***k than I was and talked about being dizzy and the room spinning. When I climbed back on the bed my wife said "you sl**p in the middle, I'm not having you fall out and break something." I reluctantly got in the middle and laid on my back. I waited for the even breathing that accompanies sl**p. Soon my wife was sound asl**p and then I turned toward Denise. I placed my mouth close to her neck and lightly kissed her neck. She didn't respond. I was worried. Had I blown my chance? I reached over and and gently cupped her breast. She was facing away from me and as my hand cupped her breast I could feel her soft breast and a very hard nipple. I rubbed her nipple between my fingers and she softly moaned. I again kissed her neck. She moaned again. I reached down and slowly pulled her nightgown up. As I brought it higher and higher I touched her legs and inner thigh. As soon as I got it to her waist she immediately rose up and pulled it down to her feel. I was stumped. Was this a no? I couldn't handle a no. I softly kissed her neck and gently sucked on her ear. She responded by moaning and then turned more on her back. I placed my hand on her nightgown covered tummy and ever so slowly went down to her hips. I could feel her pubic hair under her nightgown and panties. I placed my hand there and waited.

I moved my hand til I felt her slit and she was soaked. I found the top of her slit and began to slowly rub it with small circles. I could feel her move under my hand as I just took my time making circles around her clit. Again I reached down and slowly felt my way up her nightgown going toward her wetness. This time I reached her panties and they were soaked. I moved her panties over and felt her soaked pubes and her wetness. She was literally soaked. She held my hand and then reached over and placed my finger inside of her smooth, wet pussy. It was so wonderful I near blew my load right there. I held myself off, but just barely as my finger was completely covered by her wetness. She brought my hand out and turned toward me. She took my finger and placed it into my mouth. It was heaven. Never had I ever tasted anything so sweet and delicious in my life. She took my hand again and placed it inside her. This time she licked my fingers eagerly and we repeated this many times. Each time go further and deeper and with more fingers. As we both ate her out she asked me to pull out my cock. I want to see your meat she said. When I pulled it out of my underwear she grasped it with her hand and asked me how soon would I cum if she stroked. I admitted not long and she just smiled. Ever so often my wife sl**ping on the other side of us would move or make a noise and we would freeze. Then when we felt the coast was clear, we would continue. Denise asked me if i liked her virgin pussy and I replied I surely did. She asked me if she could do anything for me and I replied by only smiling. She said she couldn't let me take her virginity but maybe something else could be arranged.

She laid back on her side away from me and pulled her panties off. She brought her butt against my throbbing cock and we spooned. Not my pussy, she whispered. The realization hit me. You sure, I asked. Yes, please, she replied. Use my juices for lubricant. I reached into her pussy and placed her juices on my dick and she placed her juices in her ass. Slowly, slowly, I began to enter her from behind. She was so tight! I was just throbbing, barely able to hold myself back. We went slowly, taking her ass a half inch at a time. As soon as I went farther into her ass I would wait, so we could both recover for a moment until I went in farther. Soon, my dick was 1/2 way inside her ass and she asked me to begin to rub her clit as I progressed more and more. She began to cum and her moans got so loud and often I was sure my wife would awaken. She didn't but there were plenty of anxious moments. When I had filled her ass I began to thrust slowly inside her. She was now reaching back and placed her finger in my asshole. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. I slowly thrust back and forth, trying not to shoot my load inside her too quickly. I got a decent rhythm going and asked her could I shoot my load into her ass. She said for me to tell her when I was ready. As the moment arrived when I knew I was going to cum I told her and she pulled herself away from me and we detached. I was so surprised but then she turned over and clamped her mouth over my now shooting, pulsating cock. As I shot gob after gob of cum her lips formed a seal and not one drop escaped. I kept cumming and cumming, sure this commotion would wake up my wife but not really caring at this point. As I emptied myself into her waiting mouth I felt ecstatic. Sex didn't get any better than this. When I had finished, she swallowed every drop and smiled at me. Thank you, she said. She pulled her panties back on and lowered her nightgown back into position. I pulled my underwear back on. She laid away from me and I pulled her close to me in the spoon position once again. My cock was hard, it pressed against her ass all the rest of the night. It was wonderful.
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25 days ago
3 years ago
Hot, very hot. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
very good i like it
4 years ago
good story. Your wife must have been drunk too to sleep that hard
4 years ago
its okay