Sexual Adventures: My First Love Ann

I was heading out to meet some school friends of mine at a party. I was kinda excited to be going. I mean it's not like I didn't hang out but tonight I had plans to get some possible action. I meet up with my friend Ann at the train so we could head into the city. On the ride me and Ann talked about some things all while I was looking at her beautiful lips, they were sexy as hell and I couldn't stop thinking bout what she could do with them. At that moment I caught myself and thought this is my boys girlfriend why am I thinking bout her like this so I stopped and didn't let it jump into my again. 

 We got there and I started getting in with the drinks and cronic. Soon I began to make moves on my target, now at my age I didn't have a preference or type of girl but most of my experience had been with black girls, me being Puerto Rican and all. But my current girl was slim bout 5'6" nice set of tits bout a C cup. So I came up on her and started up some conversation, after a few moments of looking her over I took her hand in mine and told her how pretty she was and that I liked her, I always had a way with words and girls but this was proving to be somewhat difficult. So I cut my loses and went back to get twisted, At that moment I noticed my friend Ann was arguing with her man telling him she wanted to go to another party with some of her friends back in the outer boroughs. A few minutes passed and the fight started getting ugly so I jumped in, now mind I was a lot smaller than my friend Ron but that didn't stop me from jumping in-between them. She walked away highly upset, I started to calm him down so he would forget about the argument. She came up to me and she was ready to leave and ask if I was coming or staying, Ron grabbed me and said go with her and make sure she is alright, I didn't argue and told her I was coming. So as we walked back she was telling me about why they were fighting, as I listened I found myself looking her over, now Ann was a thick girl, d cup easy kinda slim waist and a nice ass and I might mention a cheerleader at my school. She wore these sexy ass glasses had the cutest smile that drove me crazy and as she told me about her problems with Ron I saw her as a piece of hot sexy ass that I could jump knowing damn well I had no shot in hell at that but I could still dream. 

We got on the train and I asked where were we going, she said to have some fun and gave me a funny look that got me to wanna ask another question but I kept it to myself. On the ride we sat together and I noticed she was getting really close to me and then she leaned her head on my shoulder and said thank you for coming with me. You could've stayed with Ron and left me but you didn't. And then she put her hand on my thigh and rubbed slowly near my crotch, at that age anything coming near my crotch made my dick stand at attention. I tried like hell to try and stop but it did not work luckily she wasn't looking at my crotch or what she was doing to me. She told me when we got into close to our stop that we were heading to a party being hosted by her friend and to expect other people from school to be there. I must admit my high was wearing off and I was a bit nervous to be around other people from school. As I said before I was young and i was not popular and a little bit of a nerd. But she assured me everything would and that I was her date and I looked her and she smiled at me and made melt inside.

So we got to the party and I got some drinks in me so I could relax a bit. After that Ann asked me to dance and after so many drinks I said fuck it why not. So we got on the dance floor and some reggae music was playing so she started gyrating her ass against my crotch and I put my hands on her hips and went along with her motions to match. She looked back at me with a look of surprise and that wicked smile of hers. People started looking at us with a stunned look, I guess because it was me first off and I was dancing with her of all people. But then all of a sudden they began to join in and dance with us and after a few songs she passed me to another girl and then I got passed off to another girl then I ended back up with her again. By then the song was slower so we were dancing face to face and she leaned in and whispered in my ear "are you having fun yet" and I replied oh yeah. So the party was coming to an end and it was about 2 or 3 in the morning I was tipsy she was tipsy and she says to me can we go to your house. I said sure why? She didn't say but we went to a pay phone she made a call and told me lead the way. So we got on the train and headed to my house I told it was a bit of a walk she said fine just as long as I held her hand so she wouldn't fall.

We arrived at my house. Now to be honest I had no idea nor was I thinking about anything happening between me and Ann so when we got in my room and sat on my bed and she kissed me I was shocked and horny as all hell. We kissed for a good 5 minutes feeling her tongue rolling around in my mouth felt great and my dick was at attention like never before. Now mind you I wasn't a virgin at the time but I guess it was the fact that I had never wanted someone so much as I wanted her at that very moment that got me so hard I wanted to fuck her through my clothes. Then the thought of taking off her clothes made me even more excited. 

We started taking each others clothes off, her beautiful brown skin was just calling me so as soon as she removed her top I brought my mouth to her nice large tits and licked around her nipples watching and feeling them get hard. She began to moan a little and it turned me on , I sucked a little harder she put her hand around my head gave me a squeeze. I stopped sucking and went back to kissing a little more we both stood up and removed our bottoms now we were fully naked. Seeing her thick body made me realize a few things one I like big girls, two I was officially a breast man and three as I pulled her into my arms and began kissing her I love kissing it turns me on. 

We stood there kissing and then she pulled away, looked down and grabbed my hard shaft, laid down on the bed and pulled me in between her legs. I laid on top and kissed her some more and then she put me inside of her and whispered to me "take it it's yours." I started to pump in and out real slow as not to cum to fast because I wanted to enjoy every minute of this. She wrapped her thick legs around me and pulled me closer to her putting her arms around me holding me tight. I now began to fuck her harder and deeper, all of me was in her now as she screamed and moaned in what had seemed like ecstasy. I felt her get real wet a all of a sudden and she grabbed me real tight causing me to stop. She loosened her grip and i was able to continue fucking her. She began moving her hips to match my movements. We were moving together and didn't take much longer before I would release my load. She placed her hands on my chest and started rubbing my nipples, two or three pumps after I pulled out and shot my hot load of cum on her belly. I leaned over her leg and she put her hand on my back, kissed my arm and said that felt good. She moved over a little and we wrapped our bodies together and fell asl**p. 

There will be lots more stories on the way if you like this one so please leave comments and feedback
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