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I will present the story of my first sexual experience. I would love your feedback and comments in return.

I must have 17 or 18 years old, I was in high school. I had not really had a girlfriend so far and I started to worry seriously... there were not many girls in my class (around 10 that interested me). (In fact, I'm not hard on the physical, rather it is the character that bothers me more ...) including a couple that I found really nice ... A pretty blonde, tall, slender, slightly Fofoli but very nice ... What I have to masturbate thinking of him lick her whole body and make love to her in every hole ... but I'm very shy, I never dredged this girl ... Besides, I do not know how I would have taken ... The second girl was a brunette, latino, slender with beautiful eyes ... She also took cumshot in my fantasies ... more than enough to cover it completely her pretty body.

In short, having noticed that the girls in my school would never get out with me because of my shyness and my technique drag nonexistent, I signed up on the internet ... A dating site ... There were plenty of girls in my town on this site and I contacted a maximum for at least one or two answer ... This was the case ... I could meet one, we discussed one afternoon, and was never recalled ... I did not know how to do it, I was a little embarrassed ... I then met a second girl, but was the first time it was this approach so was a little afraid to meet someone she does not know ... She has come with a friend and in a public place ...

In a fast food restaurant (not very romantic ... but 17 years ...), I got to know the girls will call you Sandy and Mary (his girlfriend). Was discussed, had a good afternoon. Sandy was rather tough, dark and uninspiring. Marie, rather pretty! A light brown, very thin, 1M70, with charm. By late afternoon, always at the restaurant, Mary's friend Sandy is reversed on the Fanta his pants on the thigh ... Being all wet, we went home, who lived closer than Sandy. We ate at Marie, and we really talked all evening. The day ended like that, and I had the phone numbers for Sandy to remember the next weekend to meet again.

During this memorable evening, so I met the first girl I would find love.

I fantasized on Monday and Tuesday because I had seen Mary on the top of the line of the buttocks when she bent to pick something up. I wonder if this was not the first time I saw (in real life) or rather could see the bottom of a girls after teenage.

Mid-week, I received an sms Mary m'indiquand she wanted to see me on Friday and although I love it come and get to the station. In this sms, there was a rose ... I knew immediately that I liked, but I could not believe it ...

On Friday, I get to the station and we're going home to eat. After the meal, she did not want I go home because he "was late and told me that she had inflated a mattress next to his bed. I did not refuse the invitation ... But mattress had deflated so-called ... (I learned later that the valve had resulted ... mysteriously helped by Mary ...)

So we shared the bed ... was also the first time I slept in a bed a girl. In the discussion, I put my hand on his arm, she immediately removed ... I told myself then that it was not worth the trouble to insist ... But a few minutes of discussion later, she approaches me and kisses me ... I touch on the arm and it does not move this time ... I stroked her arm and then slowly I reach her breasts ... I see it Do not cast me ... I descent on her stomach ... I'm excited as ever, my cock must be hard as steel, I even huge testicles! After stroke her belly, I ask if I can touch her ass ... lol ... the young virgin who does not know to do it .. and she replies that he must try things in life ... I stroked her buttocks while ... thighs ... and finished in her panties ... She apologized for not being shaved ... but I find that it is not very hairy ... Meanwhile she took away my sex and my boxer is seen erect for the first time by a person of the female ... I ask her how she likes it, she says it's going, it is ... but it does not touch ... But I have two fingers in her vagina very wet ... She tell me that it is very wet dailleurs today preuvent excitation of a large ... It is the night ... I regret that only the touch and hearing are the senses ... I liked the look ... After having good skill, she put the butt of my sex, lying on her back feet to my head ... Then she moves her ass on my penis ... Apparently this is very good for her and for me too ... We stopped by finishing stroking as she said "not on the first night" ... So I finally had fun even without ejaculating I do not regret edges here ... although on the stroke of the excitement, I wanted to enter ... It took me a while before falling asl**p ...

The next day you wake up with caresses as those of the night ... After getting excited for several minutes, even more wet than the day before, she said ... will look for a condom .. Imédiatement thing I do ... We commensons a missionary, I go into her vagina ... I then said "Julien, you're in the process of having your first sexual relationship! And with a rather pretty girl ..." I penetrated, come back and do the rather slow (see every second 2 seconds ...) can be for 30seconds ... after she told me to accelerate ... thing I do not have a very long time feeling mashed up ... She then wants to get in doggy style ... First sex for me, came second position! I forgot to mention that she was experienced and had 19 years ... I entered on all fours and I'm so excited, I did not realize that I am directly out of it! ... I'm back on track ... even if it is slippery ... I wish I was down with me not touching her pretty buttocks over her anus even see ... We resumed our mission and I finished it ... um that was good, short (3 or 4 minutes of intercourse), but so good ...

We then took a shower together in the wake ... No longer excited, I did nothing ... But now I regret not having soap ... and especially not to have tasted her sex and all its secrets she had for me ... Indeed, it would not again explaining that she was still someone ... But we kept fondling the next day ... she did not masturbated much less sucked ... only me the finger ... I also explained to him that I did Pleis but I stayed on my end ... she asked me to sit down on her stomach and I masturbated until they ejaculate on her breasts that ...

I had a wonderful weekend even if I have regrets ... We did not see him because it was school holidays and she went home ...

I will always remember that first time ... because I've never known better!

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