Short Story: My First Anal Orgasm

Most girls have vivid memories of their first time having sex. But, for me, one of my most memorable escapades was the first time I came from my asshole.

Growing up, I was never a social slut like my little s****r: I kept my urges to myself. I would tease and fuck my pussy with my fingers at least five times a week. I learned all my favorite spots and found out how much I loved tit play, but as I grew older I became more curious.

After graduating high school and starting college I had more freedom after moving into the dorms. My roommate was this chatty Indian girl who asked me way too many questions about my sex life (or lack thereof.) At least twice a week she would ask me things like, "have you slept with any guys lately," or, "do you like sl**ping with black guys or white guys?" She irked me to no end but her endless pestering got me wondering and thinking. Twice a month she would ask me, "do you have lots of butt sex?"

After two months of the most sexually curious girl ever, I finally broke down. When I was alone I would google anal videos and watch them for hours. I watched studs take these girls and shove their rods deep inside their asses, and they loved it. I rubbed my pussy and tits while watching, enjoying myself. I wondered why I wasn't teasing my own asshole. I wanted to love it like they did. Thinking about how good my asshole would feel with a dick in it made my head spin.

I fingered my pussy daily for weeks before a holiday break came to campus. I stayed in my dorm but my roommate left to see her f****y. I knew she had a toy, and this was before I bought my own. It was a slick vibrator, not too big or too small. I carefully washed it (for an hour) before laying myself across from my laptop.

I turned on a long video, with nothing but anal. I grabbed my lotion and started fingering my butt. It was good, believe it or not. I slid my two fingers in and out of my ass, softening it, moistening it. The juice from my pussy flowed down as I prepared my asshole, making it even more slippery. The videos foreplay had me hot, and I started spreading more and more lotion into my ass. The hot moisture had me gasping for air, but I was still in control. For now.

I began to softly rub the head of the vibrator against my asshole. It tickled me so nicely, making me more wet. I couldn't keep my hands off my own tits, rubbing them roughly as I watched the toy massage my asshole. Rubbing my chest made me drip all over my asshole and my bed. I fingered more of the wetness into my soft butthole. The video had finally bent the girl over doggystyle, and the dick was thrust into her.

I took a few deep breaths, and shoved the vibrator (on a low setting) into my ass. I gasped for air, unable to motion it inside me. The vibrating had my loins shaking and dripping. I summoned what strength was in my arms and started to move it in deeper. It started to hurt, but the sensations of pleasure were high, overshadowing the pain. I watched the slutty girl in the video moan and beg to be fucked harder up her ass.

I tried to pound my ass, but it was such a new feeling for me. This was nothing like sticking one finger in while working my pussy. I used both hands to slide the toy in and out, slowly pulling my asshole out and back in again. My nipples were hard as rocks form how hot the anal was, and my vagina was screaming bl**dy murder to be getting stuffed. I turned the setting up slightly, and lost control of myself.

I slide the vibrator in and out, deep as it could go. My asshole shook violently as it was fucked, my head growing foggy. I began to feel my whole body boiling over, the hot surge as I began to cum. I wanted to cum from my ass, but I wasn't there yet. I couldn't wait any longer and turned the setting on high. I could feel my entire lower half shaking from the toy, my pussy getting fucked by the sheer vibrations. My ass, of course, was in heaven.

Suddenly I felt it, the sensation. My asshole started to cum! I plunged the vibrator in as deep as it could go, holding it there as my pussy began to squirt from the pleasure my ass was getting. I saw my cum spray over the foot board of my bed. My asshole continued to shake and cum, my whole body feeling electrified. My anus shook and tensed constantly. I could feel my heart trying to beat out of its chest.

I rolled over and turned off the porno. I couldn't stand to save myself from murder, much less getting caught with my roommates vibrator. I looked at the toy as it shook itself in my bed. I clicked it off and went to sl**p. The next morning, my asshole was so sore I still had trouble walking. Otherwise, though, I knew I would be doing this again soon.
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6 months ago
Pretty hot. Thanks for sharing.
7 months ago
Fucking hot you go girl
10 months ago
bad girl, bad girl
10 months ago
I agree :)
10 months ago
great story. i can't wait for more. i'm about to read the first one, cheers.
10 months ago
Good story!