My Little Sisters Sex Diary

A few years ago, I moved back in with my parents. I became depressed after the man I loved (supposedly) died while touring in Afghanistan, and I needed the support. When I moved back in, I discovered just how big of a whore my little s****r had become while I was away. (And how big of a slut she had been without my noticing.)

One Friday night she left to attend a college frat party while mom and dad went on date night. With nothing to do so early in the evening, I decided to do some chores. I had a light dinner, cleaned up, swept, and read to myself. It was typical until I got curious as to what she had been up to while I was gone.

Typical college girl room, with nothing suspicious. I knew better, though, and started searching. Hidden behind her vanity was a diary, and the first entry set the tone for the rest of my evening. "I got both my beads and my dildo up my ass! I came so hard!" I flushed red as I read it, my heart jumping. I looked around, and took her diary back to my bedroom.

I quickly undressed myself down to just my socks and hopped into bed with her diary. I reached under my bed, grabbing my two toys, and laid my back against the headboard. Before I moved on, I pulled her journal closer and read more entries.

"I fucked Johnny! His big dick hurt me when we fucked, but it was worth it!"
"I went to the cinema and had a quick lay after the movie. Definitely need a morning after pill."
"I saw so and so and his friend from high school. We went to the motel together and I had my first threesome! Felt amazing!"
"Guy at a party ate and fucked my ass in front of my friends! Never been so turned on before!"

I read more and more of her naughty stories and ideas while squeezing my big tits. My tits are super sensitive, and I get super fucking wet when they get rubbed. I massaged them and twisted my nipples, feeling my bed get soaked out from under me. I started to moan more and more, taking a hand to tease my clit, using my mouth to suck my own boobs. I fucked myself for awhile before remembering to keep reading. My pussy was crying for the toys, but I was just too curious.

I finally found her big main entry after pages of cheap fucks and dreams of sex. She wrote, in exhausting detail, 20 whole pages of her fantasy orgy involving not just her, be me and our older s****r! It included as many cocks as available holes the three of us had.

I squealed to myself as I uncontrollably found myself shoving my dildo into my pussy. I dripped like a leaky faucet, fucking my pussy steadily with my big studded toy. I tried to stop myself but couldn't find the willpower to deny my pussy of satisfaction like this. I laid back as I stuffed myself, drooling on my chest as I lost control, and kept reading.

The three of us are swept away by almost a dozen handsome college guys, who take us to a hotel to have their way with our bodies. The three of us eagerly accept their advances, and dance for them. My little s****r sways her huge titties for them, getting stripped eagerly by them wanting to lick and feed off her enormous tits. I would gyrate myself around as they groped my body all over, their rough hands fondling my big tits and plump ass. Our older s****r didn't wait for them to advance on her, but stripped herself as she filled her hands and mouth with big cocks.

She wrote about how they began by bending her over, and pounding her pussy repeatedly, guys taking turns to fill her snatch and stuffing her throat with their pricks. I would be laid on my back, held down as my pussy was ruthlessly devoured. The thought of having my pussy eaten so hard made me hotter and hotter, making me squirt. I wet my bed as I plunged my toy deep inside, my mind racing with images of my body being ravished. She wrote how they would slowly pound me, turning my pussy inside out with their rods, making me watch as I was drilled. Our older s****r enjoyed anal like the queen she was written to be in this fantasy. Her bubble butt got stuffed and fucked hard while her lizard tongue wrapped around the men she licked, jerked, and blew.

I relaxed more in my bed as I rubbed my pussy lips, feeling how soaked everything was. Her incredibly descriptive detail of our fuck fest had me so hot I could have fucked anyone who came in. Soon, my curious asshole started to beg for stimulation. I resisted the urge to stuff my butt until I got to the apex of my little s****rs orgy fantasy-- the group double penetration. Seeing such thorough detail of my all-time favorite porn move, I let myself go as my studded toy rammed my ass raw.

I had never done DP myself, not without toys. Even when I did, I could barely stand how fucking amazing it felt, and stopped after a minute or two. It was like almost constantly cumming, with a feeling of fullness and pressure that precedes an orgasm so strong you can't help but scream for God.

I read more as I started cumming from my asshole. Her butt was filled up as she laid her back on her first guy, having another guy approach, splay her legs over his shoulders, and then the two of them rocked her world. I mounted a cock and rode it until I felt hands grips my ass cheeks, and then a veiny cock entered me. My holes were so full I only moaned. I began drooling into her diary as I completely lost control of my urges. I alternated fucking my pussy and my asshole with my toy as I read of my older s****r having a standing DP. He big ass was rammed, shoving her onto the fat member of the guy in her cunt. He would slam her back into the ass man, and they would cycle like this.

I read passages over and over as I sucked the toy I had been screwing and placed the other one deep into my snatch. The fantasy world had our holes filled to the brim with long dicks, each one of us screaming and moaning for more. She wrote how hard it made her cum thinking about being airtight with a dick in each hole, driving her to ecstasy. My pussy was filled to the end with dick as they alternated strokes, driving me crazy with pleasure.

I read the DP pages over and over again as I masturbated. I came three or four more times and started to feel very weak. I felt satisfied, and read the final pages. Great detail was taken to verbally illustrate the bukkake we fell victim to. She described it as 'gallons' of spunk being sprayed over the three of us, in our hair, on our faces and tits, dripping to the floor. I smirked as I finished her fantasy, and laid back into my bed. My breathing was shallow and labored. I took a moment to lick my toys clean and place them back under my mattress.

My only problem was finding the strength after this masturbation marathon to walk back into her room (without falling down) and put the diary away without first tearing out some pages to keep for later. She discovered that I had read it later when she saw the stain from when I drooled in it.
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So hot! I loved reading this!
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very good
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Damn fucking hot.
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