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[Story] Club X

I have never tried it but I think that I would be really good at sucking cock. Let me know what you think of my little story, people. I hope it makes the boys hard and the ladies wet and open.
Club X is like no other bar I have ever known. It is nothing less than a monument to the nude male form, a self indulgent hedonistic extravaganza. From the outside, it looks like nothing at all but surface appearances can be deceptive. Tonight will be my third visit in as many weeks and each has proved unforgettable and utterly exhilarating, resulting in total satisfaction. But then again, I love to ... Continue»
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[Story] Sending My Friend Pictures of My Wife

My wife Kacie and I have been married for five years, although we have been together as a couple for the last ten years. A while ago we found that while we were still very sexually active, the "magic" wasn't there any more, and we decided to do something out of the ordinary to try and recapture it. Don't get me wrong, the sex has been great and has provided many interesting nights over the course of our relationship!

In the meantime we've been content to experiment with a bit of role-playing and some mild exhibitionism, which has brought back that "magic". When I say exhibitionism, I really... Continue»
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