Wife wants a young lover

Wife wants a younger lover.

My wife Helen passed a bit of a milestone birthday and was a bit down about it. I had been trying to encourage her to fuck a younger man for some time now to no avail so I turned up the pressure again telling her that it would cheer her up and remind her that she’s still attractive to take a young stud and fuck him rigid while I watch and wank. I could see that she was starting to like the idea by the way she frigged herself energetically while I told her a story about it, dreaming up a hard pounding, heavy fucking, cumsplashing fantasy for her. She came as I told her about me and the stud unloading our hot sauce all over her tits and face.

We were away for a weekend in Galway at the end of the summer and all my stories about her getting ridden by a younger man had her eager to try it out. I suggested she should go down to the hotel bar on her own, dressed provocatively and look available. And see what happens. After a couple of cocktails in our room she changed into a tightish top and short skirt, black stockings underneath. Despite how it sounds it wasn’t at all tarty but cool and sophisticated. Helen, despite her age is still gorgeous with slim waist and big, well formed tits. I knew that plenty of young studs would be glad to ram her. She wasn’t so sure.

She had another drink and went down to the bar, now keen to see what might happen. I stayed in the room for a while building up a hard on and stroking at the thought of her wrapped around another guy. I slipped downstairs and went to the bar and there was Helen looking sexy as hell propped up the bar, smiling and looking around. I took a table in the corner and watched. Dick trembling in my trousers.

A couple of older guys approached her, clearly asking if she wanted a drink. She smiled and turned them down. We both wanted her to fuck a 25-40 year old if she could. After a while it looked like nothing more was going to happen until a slim guy, about 35 came up and stood beside her. They exchanged a few words and he sat down. My heart leapt with excitement. If she was going to have him maybe I would get to see it and possibly get some of the action too. I was dying to grab my cock and pump.

They started laughing and giggling and getting closer. At one point I thought they were going to kiss, they got so close. But Helen pulled away. She looked round, saw me watching and smiled. I smiled back to encourage her. She looked so sexy, flirting with another guy and getting ready to fuck. My cock was rigid. Suddenly the guy stood up and headed for the toilet. I rushed over to see what was happening.

Helen was flushed and excited. She told me she had told the guy that she was married and her husband was with her. If he didn’t mind me watching she would fuck him in our bedroom. Great news. Unfortunately he wasn’t keen on that idea and had suggested they go to his car and fuck there. My heart rose at the first news and sank a little at the second. She asked me what I thought. I told her it was her treat if she wanted to fuck him in the car she could. As long as she told me everything. She thought about this, smiled and said she’d really like to fuck him. I said ‘Go for it’. I returned to my seat almost giddy with excitement.

The guy soon returned and joined Helen again at the bar. I watched them get friskier as he put his arm around her and touched her on the thigh and ass. They finally kissed and it was like a first kiss for me too as I shook with the heat of the moment. Suddenly Helen stood up and headed for the door followed by the eager guy. She turned and smiled at me as she left. I followed them to the front of the hotel and watched as they disappeared towards the car park. My cock was like an iron bar and my heart was pumping.

I rushed upstairs to our room and waited. I nervously paced the room, stopping every now and then for a quick pump on my hard dick to keep up the excitement. Finally the door pushed open and there was a red faced, slightly dishevelled Helen standing looking at me. ‘That was fantastic’, she moaned as she slid off her top to reveal her naked breasts. I grabbed her and frantically kissed her and felt her tits. I tore off her skirt and pushed her on to the bed. Her knickers came off next and my fingers slipped in to her pussy. She was soaking from the fresh hot cream he’d pumped in to her. She doesn’t have to worry any more about pregnancy so she let him unload his sauce deep inside her.

I dived straight for her pussy and stuck my tongue in hungrily lapping and sucking up the thick wet goo he’d shot in. She told me all about every thrust and pump as I lapped at her juices and tossed my throbbing cock. When I had sucked up as much cream as I could I pushed in to her and felt the wet softness engulf my dick. I pounded in and it wasn’t long before I shot my load and mixed it with what was left of his. She moaned with delight as I erupted. She came for the second time with the excitement.

I loved it and so did Helen. However I still want to share her with a guy and maybe share his hot cock too. Helen is keen too for a second adventure. So we’re looking for a well hung guy 25-40 to help us repeat the adventure. You’d probably need to be in Ireland, north or south so we can meet up when we take a trip or have round to our place for a cock throbbing, goo splashing threesome. Anyone in mainland Britain also would be considered. PM me or post on my site if you’re interested.

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11 days ago
The really hard job is to keep your hand off your dick as you are waiting alone for the girl you love to get back to you. It's much easier if you don't know anything about what (who) she was been doing until she gets back to you and blurts it all out. But you can never beat being in on it!!!!!

I didn't know that anyone actually lived in Galway, I always thought that it was some sort of mystical place that had fallen off the edge of the world! If you ever return to civilisation and find yourself in the Wee Black North, let us know.
1 year ago
Great story.Had me wanking in no time.
2 years ago
Another great story! If you're ever in Dublin, let me know!
2 years ago
nice story.....sounds like fun......

here to help if ever you need me.
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
Cant stop jacking off to this one
2 years ago
mmmm.made me hard.
2 years ago
I volunteer
2 years ago
Nice, thanks for the tip.
2 years ago
Great story. Count me in.
2 years ago
fuck thats hot! id luv to pound helen like he did, but i wouldnt mind if you joined in to...
2 years ago
Very hot. It would be so hot to see my girlfriend take another man's cock.
2 years ago
Fantastic story, got me rock hard reading it.
2 years ago
Another great story. Helen sounds like a great woman.
2 years ago
brill,loved it,i have that same wish mmmm one day maybe
2 years ago
great story, and if your really interested in meetin another guy let me know.......ill let u suck your wife's pussy juice off my cock!
2 years ago
Loved it, hope there are loads more sessions with other guys.