Clit Crazy Jeanne's Pool Party--Part 2

Jeanne pulled her wet swimsuit away from her body. She looked around the camp cafeteria and didn’t know how to feel. She knew it was wrong to be there. The empty room mocked her, echoing every nervous step she took, until she leaned against a long table. Jeanne’s navy blue bathing suit outlined her breasts. Jeanne noticed them when she was fully clothed and definitely noticed them when she was half dressed and wet. Her nipples stuck out through the thin fabric. “My boobs are so huge.” She thought, “but it hasn’t helped me any.”

Jeanne didn’t know what to do. She was sixteen and had been eagerly waiting to be fucked for two years. She’d known at f******n that she was too young…but….there was no nice way to say this: her clit was intensely sensitive and begging for attention. At f******n she’d discovered how amazing the shower head felt on her privates and since then things had only gotten worse. First she’d started playing with herself at night. Then she’d started stroking her throbbing clit during class under her desk. Then she’d gone to the school bathroom and used anything---the back of her glue bottle, her notebook, her spit-slobbered fist—to rub her aching clit and push into her soaking wet cunt. Jeanne didn’t know what was wrong with her. She tried to ask her friends casually if they had to bring extra panties to school. Was she the only one who orgasmed during history class thinking about Attila the Hun? Jeanne learned to cum quietly since her teachers would often not let her leave when her lips started to drip. How did other girls manage? Jeanne’s mind was filled with the barely clothed warlords of times past—wrapped in furs and with their dicks poking out throwing her to the ground to ravage her…

That was another thing. Jeanne knew that she probably shouldn’t know what a hard dick looked like…but her parents had such a porn collection! Playgirl for her mother. Hustler for her stepfather. Jeanne knew what another woman’s spread pussy lips looked like long before she ever took a mirror to her own. And cock! God, cocks were so beautiful. Cut, uncut, black, white, Asian. She saw the soft curves of them and the iron hardness beneath and her mouth ached for them. All night, every night, she pictured cock sliding between her lips, or pumping between her tits, or even…and this was the best…sliding across her pussy lips and rubbing her clit. Oh god! Had any man actually done that? Did any woman know what it felt like to have a hard, dripping cock slide along her lips and rub her aching clit? Did ANYONE even HAVE an aching clit like Jeanne did?

Day after day, class after class…her clit throbbing…her pussy aching with an emptiness she couldn’t explain…her nipples sore from being pinched. Jeanne had tried everything she could think of: wrapping her legs around her neck and shoving her fingers into her dripping hole…using cucumbers to shallow fuck herself…rubbing her clit with her electric toothbrush…sneaking online to read porn comics of women being fucked by crowds of people…everything. Nothing helped for long. Jeanne needed something. She knew she needed it. She needed a hard, hot cock to fuck her…. and soft lips kiss her pussy…and he would have to be discrete. f******n was too young. Jeanne decided to wait. But not for long.
At fifteen her first opportunity arose. His name was Jason and he cut her lawn. He was biddable. Jeanne didn’t know what a huge advantage that would be…how much she’d wish for that in her future…

Jason was sixteen and just trying to make a few bucks after school. Jeanne didn’t know that her mother had hired anyone to cut the lawn until one day while her parents were out at a dinner party for the whole afternoon and evening, Jeanne decided (like she did every night) that she would have to find a new and exciting way to get off. Jeanne didn’t understand it. She sort of knew that her friends didn’t get off all the time like she did—didn’t need to—so she didn’t say anything that might let them know. But God her pussy ached! Jeanne sat at her desk in her bedroom, trying to concentrate on her homework but u*********sly started to slide back and forth in her chair, rubbing her pussy against the hard wood. She wrote a few more sentences of her paper and then gave up, dropping her pencil and grabbing her tit out of her shirt. Pulling it out of her bra, Jeanne stroked her nipple slowly and looked out the window. That’s when she noticed Jason pull starting the engine on his mower. Jeanne had seen him before…but never when she was this turned on. Jason’s blond curls and muscles suddenly were all Jeanne could see. She frantically pulled her jean shorts off and pulled her boy shorts down around her knees. Jason started mowing the lawn. Jeanne started stroking her pussy, sliding her fingers along her lips, dipping them into her cunt, tapping her clit and sliding deep inside herself to rub the rough patch on her front wall that she knew (from online) was her g-spot. She desperately wanted to have a g-spot orgasm…wanted to squirt even more…but she didn’t know how to without help.

Jeanne frantically rubbed her pussy and clit while watching Jason’s sexy body out the window. At one point he stopped to take off his shirt and Jeanne marveled at the sweat pouring down his chest. Jeanne licked her fingers and pinched her clit between her fingers, pulling back her hood and gently rubbing her wet fingers over her nub. She wanted to cum, but looking at Jason….Jeanne couldn’t take it anymore. She ran downstairs, opened the door and waved at Jason until he stopped the mower. Jeanne was scared but not too much. Her parents wouldn’t be home for at least four hours probably more; Jason didn’t know any of her friends and was well known in the neighborhood to be a loner; and Jeanne’s body was shaking from need. She’s watched her father’s porn videos…she thought she knew how to make a man horny.


He didn’t say anything, just stared at her with the engine still on.


Jason shut off the mower.


“Jason, come inside for a minute. It’s too hot. You should have some lemonade.”
Jeanne didn’t have any lemonade and suddenly felt foolish. Who said things like that?

“That’s okay. I’m not thirsty. I’ll keep going.” Jason said with a smile.

“Jason!” Jeanne yelled. She was so horny and desperate and had decided that this was her time. If he was going to reject her, he’d do it properly. “Come here please.”

Jason came onto the back porch with a confused look on his face.

“Come inside for a minute.”

Jason came inside and started to ask what Jeanne wanted him in for when Jeanne took of her shirt. Jason stopped still, utterly amazed and floored by the sight of Jeanne’s perfect tis.

“Jason? Can you keep a secret?”

Jason swallowed audibly. “Sure Jeanne. What secret?” His mouth watered and his dick got hard, tenting his jeans.

“My secret is that I’m desperate for dick.” Jeanne said softly. She slowly ran her hands up her sides and over her breasts. Gently circling her nipples before squeezing her tits together.

“What?” Jason gasped in amazement. Surely he’d heard wrong. This perfect, gorgeous girl could not have said that!

“Jason…I’m desperate for dick and I want you to give it to me. I want you to let me suck your cock. I know how. I’ve seen videos. I want you to let me suck your cock and I want you to rub my pussy. Will you do that?”

Jason wet his lips as his mouth had gone completely dry in that speech. His dick was rock hard and practically stabbing Jeanne where she stood a foot away. Jason looked at Jeanne’s beautiful face and reached out to run his hand down her young beautiful breast…

“You want to suck my cock?”

“Yep.” Jeanne pushed herself against Jason’s hand.

“And you want me to play with your pussy?” Jason’s voice shuddered at this.

“Oh, yes.”

“Do you want me to make you cum?”

Jeanne pushed forward, wrapping her arms around Jason’s neck and sliding her puss against his hard cock. She started to rock back and forth against it while running her lips up his neck. Jeanne heard Jason’s breath get short and she slipped off her shorts leaving only her white cotton boy short panties.

“Jason…I want you to make me cum. But I want you to do it exactly how I say. No one has ever made me cum before except me….and ….I’m…” Jeanne briefly got nervous but decided to carry on, “My parents are out for the night and you can touch me and kiss me and lick me…”Jason grabbed his dick because he was afraid he would cum just from Jeanne talking like this.

“and I’ll touch and kiss and lick you too.” Jeanne looked Jason in the eye. “and I want you to make me cum. I want you to kiss my clit. I want to cum on you. And I want you to cum on me. But we have to be done before my parents get home. “

Jeanne reached down, moved Jason’s hand off his dick and replaced it with her own, marveling at the feel of softness and iron hardness at once. She started to stroke it, grabbed Jason’s hand and put it into her panties, rubbing his fingers along her clit and into her already soaked slit. Jason moaned and shoved his fingers in further.

“So? You in?” Jeanne asked while rocking against his fingers.
Jason struggled to breath, swallowed and gasped, “Yes, please.”

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