Clit Crazy Jeanne's Pool Party--Part 1

Jeanne pulled her shorts up a little but stopped when she heard a gasp. Paul, her Australian smoking hot swimming teacher was watching her, his eyes slightly bugged out and staring at where her shorts stuck in between her pussy lips. Jeanne giggled silently. Men were such suckers for pussy. She started purposefully thinking of things that made her wet…thick cocks…tongue on her clit…squeezing her nipples…until her pussy dripped and damped her shorts, making her cunt, and her want, so conspicuous. Jeanne ran her hands up her thighs, loving the way Paul looking at her made her feel. Paul’s eyes followed her hands, up her thick muscular thighs, up her hips. Paul’s eyes followed her and drove Jeanne crazy. He was twenty five and had offered to teach the 16 year old swimming class because he had been sure, SURE it wouldn’t bother him. But he was wrong. Every time the sixteen year old girls put on their swim suits it made his dick hard…and he felt awful about it. They could be virgins for god’s sake! But their young bodies drove him crazy, their lithe bodies streaking through the pool in their minuscule bathing suits kept him hard all night. He had spent every night of the summer desperately refraining from stroking his cock… failing….and feeling like an ass.

Jeanne didn’t know how Paul felt, but she did feel his awkwardness with the girls. Every time someone’s top slipped low and a nipple popped out or suit slipped between their cheeks…his face got tight and his dick poked through his shorts. Jeanne knew she wasn’t supposed to notice, knew that Paul was obviously trying not to be turned on, but she found herself pulling her swimsuit down under water until her too-large for her age breasts poked out, and then popping up beside him. She didn’t care what the rules were, her pussy dripped at the thought of him. Every night when she returned to her bunk Jeanne’s thoughts turned to the Aussi stud. His dark hair. His light eyes. His big hands….oh his hands. Jeanne spent every night at camp picturing Paul rubbing those giant hands over her hair, over her face and back, across her breasts…squeezing her nipples and then slipping down to stroke her clit. Jeanne had only recently become fully cognizant of what her clit could fully do and now desperately wanted Paul to lick it. She’d had young men lick it before but they hadn’t been grown up and she was sure that his adult, well trained, beautiful tongue lapping her clit…running over her pussy lips and then sticking inside her as his mouth moved up to suck her clit….


“Yes, Jeanne” Paul hadn’t noticed her exposed tits yet. The rest of the class was back stroking—per the assignment-- and Jeanne was convinced that this time Paul, with his thick bulging cock, would notice her. If only she could find a way…

“Paul!” Jeanne pulled her suit lower until she was sure at least half of her nipples here out. She rubbed her clit the way she liked underwater to make sure they stood out firm. “Paul? Can you help me? I think I’m doing this wrong?”
Paul, not looking closely and not considering the consequences, slipped into the water and close to Jeanne.

“Sure., Jeanne. It’s all about rhythm.” Paul slide into the pool, shuddering as the cool water slipped up his ankles, thighs, caressed his balls and made his dick shrink a little. He was adjusting to the water and thinking about how the job wasn’t what he thought it would be when he noticed Jeanne’s suit was skewed.

Oh fuck. Those breasts.
Jeanne’s D-cup breasts were young and tight as only a teenager’s could be. Her nipples were diamond hard and poking through the water towards Paul. His instant erection distracted him for only a moment as Jeanne swam towards him, seemingly oblivious to her partial nakedness.

“Paul? I don’t understand the rhythm. What is the count? Is it one, two STROKE or one, two, three STOKE? I want to stroke the right way but I need you to show me. Will you show me how to stroke?”

As she asked, Jeanne swam closer and Paul’s hard-on cut through the water towards her. “Yes!” She thought “God, I’d love to wrap my mouth around that!” She swam closer and “accidentally” inter-wrapped her legs with Paul’s. Jeanne knew that Paul would get fired, and she could get into a whole lot of trouble, if anything happened and they got caught. But she couldn’t help it. Jeanne looked around, saw that the rest of her classmates were at the other end of the pool practicing their backstroke and Jeanne reached down silently and grabbed Paul by the waistband.


“Shhhh.” Jeanne knew that Paul was too sweet and too good to ever take control in a situation like this, even if he wanted to, so Jeanne wasn’t going to give him the option. Under the water, with ten of her friends on the other end of the pool, Jeanne pretended to ask Paul questions above water while sliding her hand under his waistband and down to his fat dick. Jeanne almost passed out as her hand wrapped around it…OR TRIED TO. She’d never felt a dick this fat. Paul must have been a solid eight inches and was so thick that her hand couldn’t touch around his shaft. His hot cock pulsed in her hand and Jeanne breathlessly sobbed “Paul?”

Paul didn’t know what to say. He u*********sly pumped his hips, rubbing his cock through her fingers and running a palm up her side while playing it cool above water. Did he tell her to stop, as he knew he should? Did he say nothing, letting her slide her soft, beautiful palm up and down his cock over and over until he came in the pool as he eyed her perky breasts through the water? Or did he grab her ass and slip his fingers inter her virgin cunt and tell him to meet him later? Did he tell her to stop? COULD he tell her to stop? Jeanne’s fingers rubbed up and down his cock and Paul started to breath more heavily. Jeanne looked into his eyes, so young and innocent and Paul desperately grabbed her left tit with one hand, brutally pinching her nipple as his other hand pushed her hips against the side of the pool, ripping the crotch of her one piece to the side and plunging two fingers into her pussy. There was no going back now. Jeanne gasped and shuddered but she was too young to pretend…


“What?” Paul gasped as he looked to the other end of the pool to see how the rest of the class was doing.

“My clit! Rub my clit Paul. I want you so bad! Rub my clit till I cum and I’ll meet you tonight and suck you dry!”

Paul was utterly confused. He was, for all purposes, a good man. He’d gotten this summer job because he was sure it'd be easy and he'd be out of the way of the temptation that his demon shaved-pussy step-mother had offered. Paul thought that everything was fine….that his father was happy and that all was well…that his new stepmother loved his dad…..all of that, until the day she woke him up in the lounge chair by the pool by smothering his face with her pussy…

Paul shuddered lustfully at the thought while his dick swelled to new dimensions. That was a story for another time. But looking at young Jeanne, his favorite of his students, with his fingers wrist deep in her young cunt—Paul decided that Jeanne was his reward for leaving the hot, dripping pussy of his stepmother. Jeanne, sixteen with auburn hair, green eyes, ripe breasts and thick hips and thighs, would be his prize. Paul looked into her eyes and sliding his hand out of her pussy, up over her arm, down her ribs and up to cup her breast. He pinched her nipple, staring her straight in the eye then reached down and started to rub her clit purposefully and steadily at a rhythm meant to get a woman off in the shortest amount of time. Jeanne gasped and rocked against his hand frantically, losing any restraint she’d shown a minute earlier. Paul smiled.

“Four more laps!” Paul yelled to the rest of the class, stroking her clit faster and dipping into her cunt. Jeanne gasped and shuddered at the feeling of her pussy pulsing. “And you…” Paul whispered, “meet me in the cafeteria in fifteen minutes.”

“Four more laps!”

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3 years ago
hot story! mmmm want to hear more...
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Do some more would you?
3 years ago
very good start