Nursing for pleasure

Jill was with her three c***dren in the f****y room watching TV when her oldest son John grabbed her hand and said "It is time mom." She went with him to his bedroom and he then closed the door and locked it. He said to his mom "Time to show off those big milk filled tits that I love to nurse." Jill had always had DD tits but after her husband left her oldest son found a place in Latin America where they sold injections to make the body fill the tits with milk. His mom was now a FF as her tits were so full of milk. He had been giving his mom the injections for over six months watching them fill with milk for him to nurse out of her. He nursed her morning and night and sometimes attached pumps to each nipple and pumped her. Her huge tits also had big long nipples from being sucked so often. Jill removed her top and let her tits come into view. John loved her huge jugs. He told her "Put your hands under them and lift them for me. I love to see you fondle your big tits. Now pull the nipples and tug them pulling the tits upward. That is so sexy. I love to watch you play with your big tits. You are so sexy. Now put your shoulders back and arch your back so I can see how big and full they are. Yes, I love that. Now take off your panties. Show me your pussy too. That is good. Now spread your pussy lips for me. Rub your clit and finger your cunt. I do have the sexiest mom in the world. I am going to strip and show you how hard you make my cock."

John then got naked and his cock was hard and poking straight ahead. He was long and thick and could fuck like any man. His mom then sat on the bed and pulled him to her. She held him across her lap and let him nurse on her tits. As he sucked one tit he fondled the other pulling and tugging the nipple. He loved her long nipples as much as the milked fill big tits. She in turn as he sucked stroked his cock and rubbed his balls. He leaked precum which she rubbed with her finger and licked. The more she stroked his cock the harder he sucked and milked her huge tits. He also loved to grab the nipples lightly with his teeth and stretch them as he sucked. She was so full of milk. Stroking his cock was getting him quite turned on and his mom then ran a finger to his asshole. She ran it around the rim of his ass then pushed it in. She knew he liked this as he always sucked harder as she fingered his ass. His cock was also leaking more cum. She then said to him "Are you ready for some pussy? Show momma how you like to lick my pussy and tongue it before you fuck it." She then pulled his face from a nipple and laid back and spread her legs as she pushed him down to her wet pussy.

John wasted no time letting his tongue lick her from her clit to her cunt. She was wet and ready for a good cock fuck but he needed to enjoy her wet cunt first. He sucked her clit deep in his mouth as he felt her first cum. He sucked a little more then ran his tongue to her fuck hole and pushed it in fucking her just how she liked. Tonight she was quite wet and he licked her tasting her sweet juice. When his dad walked out he knew his mom would let him take the dad's place. He loved crawling in her bed at night and sucking her big tits and licking her pussy then sticking his man sized cock in her cunt and fucking her for hours. He loved her big tits and wished they had milk in them so he found a place and ordered the d**gs and now his mom was huge and so full of milk. He asked her to not wear a bra and she was so sexy with her huge tits tucked in a tight t-shirt. You could see the big long nipples sitting on top of the huge globes. He could put his hands under her shirt and feel those big tits or even lift it and suck them any time he got the chance. He was fascinated with the size of them and the milk leaking out. Tonight his face was so wet from her cunt and he knew she was ready for his big cock.

He then got on top of her and pushed his rod in her and began fucking her wet hole hard. He loved how good she always felt with his cock in her hole as he fucked her hard. She loved his big loads of cum as he humped her. He didn't have to worry about her getting knocked up as she went back on birth control when they started fucking. He would have been happy if she carried his baby but she said no. Now he could fuck her any time he wanted which was almost every night. As he pushed his cock in deeper and harder he grabbed a nipple with his teeth and sucked more milk. She was always full and as he sucked he could feel her cunt walls squeeze his cock. He loved the feel of his cock deep in her love hole. After he fucked her he loved to suck the mixture of their cum out of her hole. He loved the taste. Sometimes she would pump her tits and douched her cunt with the milk for him to taste. He liked that a lot. She also loved to squirt milk on his cock and lick it off. She did the same with his ass. Sex with her was the best. It was wild and wonderful. Some nights he would fuck her three times. Then he would take her naked to her own bed and set her there under her covers with them down to her waist and let the other two c***dren come in and nurse her. They loved the tit milk even if they were ten and twelve. She had plenty of milk for them all. The two younger c***dren would nurse right after school too. The mom would sit on the couch and take her shirt off and each one would suck a nipple. She loved nursing them feeling them tug on her nipples as they sucked. She only hoped if John moved away that he would wait till the next oldest boy was able to take his place to fuck her every night. She did not want to give up the wonderful sex she now had.

As John sucked and fucked he felt life could not get any better. He had plenty of pussy to fuck and those huge milk filled tits to suck. He knew if he got married his wife would have to take the injections to have the huge tits like his mom. He could not settle for any thing less. He might even let his wife get GG tits. He loved them the bigger the better. He liked the idea of a tiny young bride with huge jugs for him to suck each night. The idea of her in a skin tight t-shirt that stretched the material and could barely contain the big melons. That thought made him fuck his mom harder as his teeth pulled on the big nipples letting the milk flow in his mouth. As he fucked the cunt hard and deep his mom took his head and moved him back and forth between each nipple. Then he let a big burst of cum fill her cunt. Soon as he filled her he slid down to her cunt and let his tongue scoop the mixture of their cum out of her hole. He loved the taste of both the juices mixed together. He licked down to her ass and licked the cum that had ran down there also. He loved licking her ass and tongue fucking her. She had such a sexy ass for him to lick and even fuck.

As he licked her ass he turned his body so she could lick his cock and balls. She was busy licking and cleaning his cock as he tongue fucked her ass. Then he felt her take his cock in her mouth and suck him like she did so well. He felt every inch of his long cock go in her mouth as she sucked and licked the hard member. He felt her tongue massage his cock as she put deep sucking on him. He was so hard so fast and he knew she would suck till he could fill her throat with more cum. His cock was deep in her throat as she massaged his balls then he felt a finger run around the rim of his ass and soon she was finger fucking him as he tongue fucked her sweet asshole. Her tongue was really running over his cock as she sucked even harder and he felt the second finger enter his asshole. She took her free hand and grabbed his balls as she sucked his cock and fingered his ass. John felt like he had gone to heaven. She now pushed the third finger in his ass and fucked him even harder as she sucked his cock and squeezed his balls. She loved sucking his cock and finger fucking his ass as much as he did. John then sucked hard on his mom's ass and then shoved three fingers in her and really fucked that ass hard. His tongue entered her now very wet cunt and he licked her cum as he kept her cumming for him. He had a three fingers in her ass and his tongue in her cunt and she was going wild as he was with all the finger and sucking he was getting. Then he filled her mouth and throat with another big load of cum which she swallowed as she sucked it from him.

He then sat up next to her and kissed her and said "You are fucking amazing. You suck cock like a vacuum. I love it so much. As much as I love fucking your ass with my tongue and fingers. Let me take you to you bed so the k**s can get some nice warm tittie milk." John walked his naked mom to her bed and sat her down with the covers just to her waist and he kissed each tit as he called to the k**s to come get their share of milk. John stood and watched as the two young boys each sucked on a nipple of the big milk filled jugs. John knew he would be back in the bed later sucking and fucking just like he liked it best.
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