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I was sitting in our back yard when my b*****r told me to go to the lake with him. We walked to the lake and laid a blanked back in the bushes and he then told me "Take your pants down so I can see your pussy." I was surprised but he was five years older and had always bossed me around. I then pulled down my pants and he spread my legs and did look at my pussy. He said "I like looking at your pussy. Now I am going to touch it." He ran his fingers over me and played with me and I felt myself get wet. He smiled and said "See you like to be touched by me. Your pussy is very wet." He then rubbed the wetness and then licked his finger. He pulled his pants down and told me to rub his cock. First it was just a little hard but as I rubbed it he got real hard. He then began to kiss and lick my pussy and I actually liked what he was doing. He spread me wide open and began to lick and suck me and my fuck hole was now tingling and I was very wet. He liked licking my wetness then he sucked on my clit as he put a finger in my fuck hole and let it go in and out. He pushed my shirt up and licked my nipples as he fingered my hole. He made me cum hard. Then he licked me clean.

"Now that was fun" he told me and then said "Now touch my dick and lick it for me. I want you to then suck the tip and make me cum like you did," I did lick him and suck on the tip and soon I heard him moan real loud and he shot a lot of liquid in my mouth and then told me "Swallow it s*s. Swallow my cum." We laid naked for a couple hours touching and licking and sucking each other. I liked to see his cock grow as it got big and hard. I sucked him again and got another mouthful of cum. He rubbed and fingered my pussy and also put his tongue in me. He rubbed my tits and licked them as I stroked his dick for him. I sucked his balls and listened to him moan. He liked me sucking and licking him a lot. Close to dinner time we got dressed and walked home but we walked to the bushes every day down by the lake and got naked and made each other cum as we licked and sucked and kissed.

We even got so if mom and dad left we would touch and lick each other. Mom and dad had a bedroom down stairs and we were up stairs so we soon began meeting at night naked and playing. He would lick and suck my pussy as I sucked his cock and balls. I made him cum a lot and he kept my pussy real wet. One night in my bed he said we should fuck. I agreed and he got on top of me and pushed his cock into my fuck hole. It hurt at first but then felt good. He then began fucking me and I liked it. His cock felt good going in and out my hole but he did not last long and filled me with cum. He said he was sorry but I just felt so good and from now on he would be able to fuck me longer before the cum would fill me. I stroked his cock and he played with my clit then he fucked me one more time and this time he lasted a long time and it felt so good I could have done that all night.

Now when we went to the lake we would get naked and suck each other but we always fucked a couple times. Every time we could get alone we also fucked. We also came to each others beds at night too. The sex was so good we could not go without it. Even in the yard we would feel each others cocks and pussy and I made him cum in his pants a few times and he always had my pants wet. I loved unzipping him and sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. He loved to finger my cunt and then lick his fingers. I was developing a nice set of tits and he would suck them as he finger fucked me and keep me cumming hard. One day he rubbed his cock all over my lips then down to my nipples and he told me "I have leaked cum on your sweet nipples. Now I guess I shall lick them clean. Put your hand on my cock as I suck your nice tits and I will finger fuck your wet cunt for you." He sucked on my nipples and fingered me as I jerked his cock and soon we were both cumming fast.

We fucked all through school and even when he went to our local college. It got easier as he got a car and we could go in it and fuck each other as long as we wanted. I saw pictures of other guys cocks and my b*****r was bigger than all of them. I loved rubbing and licking and sucking his big thick cock and swallowing his big loads of cum. My tits got bigger and he loved rubbing them and sucking them and playing with the nipples as he fingered my pussy. Some day he would put a hand down my pants and finger fuck me as he ran a hand under my top and played with my tits. Then he would whisper "Let's go some where. I need to fuck your wet cunt then suck my cum out of you. I also want to feel your lips around my cock as you suck me dry. Let's go fuck."

It has now been ten years and when I got out of school we got an apartment together and the sex just got hotter and more frequent. I sl**p naked in his bed and during the day never wear a bra or panties so he can feel me anytime he wants. I also make a habit of unzipping his pants and sucking his cock. Some days I just pull his pants down and suck his balls too. His favorite words to me are "Let's fuck."

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7 months ago
my kinda woman...
7 months ago
That was hot. Thank you.
7 months ago
That was hot. Thank you.
8 months ago
mmmm very hot story