Birthday Treat

Birthday Treat

After being with the same man since I was 16 I finally decided at 36 it was time to explore my sexuality with other people. I had the absolute time of my life experimenting and experiencing many different sexual things that I decided to share one.

It was the usual routine for a Friday night. Get home from work, shower, hair and makeup, dressed and out to the local pub which always had a karaoke/disco. I remember this night very well because it was my birthday the next day. I’d worn a red low cut halter neck top, black trousers and killer heels. (My sore feet were testament to that!).

I had been using a social website to help me seek out men for my sexual explorations. I had been talking to a local man (we’ll call him James), same age as me who was a prison officer in a male prison. Extremely sexy in his uniform! Very fit masculine body.

My girlfriend and I sat in our usual seats in the pub and the drink was flowing freely as usual. We both enjoyed a good night out to say the least. I couldn’t see the door from where we were but my friend could and she told me James had just walked in. I had met this man several times in his car and totally didn’t expect him to come into this pub. But that was that, my mind was set on ‘having him’ that night.

James made his way over and bought a round of drinks and sat beside me. It didn’t take long for his hand to be rubbing up and down my thigh under the table. I returned the favour by rubbing up and down inside of his thigh against his jeans. Teasing with every up stroke, just firmly touching his bulge for a second, then back down again. We’re both trying to do this to each other without anyone noticing. However with every up stroke from him touching my now wet pussy through my trousers, I didn’t really care.

After another couple of rounds I decided to go and freshen myself up a bit in the ladies room. When I came out he was waiting for me. He grabbed me and put me against the wall whilst he pressed his body into me, one hand on my breast and the other rubbing my pussy through my trousers. I couldn’t keep my hands off him but had no choice when the bouncer came and moved us away from the area. It was then that we decided to call it a night and he offered to walk me home.

We’d only been out the pub 10 minutes when we stopped outside the local shopping centre, against a wall where we were kissing and fondling each other. I couldn’t help myself and had to undo his jeans so I could put my hand down to feel and release his huge swollen cock. God I loved this cock. It was average sized but the girth was thick. As I was stroking him he undid my trousers, pushed them down with my panties, lifted my leg and held it as he fingered my pussy just long enough to push his cock inside me. He began to fuck me against this wall, it felt so good, it was a freezing cold December night and all I could feel was warmth from his body. He fucked me hard and slow against this wall, hard and deliberate with each thrust. Suddenly he stopped. I looked over his shoulder and there was people walking passed us, it was closing time at the pub. So we decided to move across the road where there is a wooded area. To be honest we couldn’t get there quick enough!

We walked into the shallow wooded area, we could still see the path from where we were but we both had other things on our mind. I stood him against the tree, took his jeans and boxers down and had his cock in my mouth. I sucked him, I licked him, I sucked his balls in, I had him moaning and fucking my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum. He stopped, pulled me up and put me against the tree. He took my breasts out my top, the coldness caressing my nipples before his fingers and mouth took over. He was undoing my trousers and pulled them right down with my panties and dropped to his knees and began to lick me out. It was oh so very good. I opened my legs for him to let him get in deeper. His tongue inside my hole probing. Licking up and down my clit and soaking wet hole. He put his mouth around my clit and sucked at me. I could feel myself about to cum, he could tell with my moans of pleasure. I told him to suck me harder and harder as I orgasmed. There was no time to compose myself as he quickly spun me around, my bare breasts against the wood bark of the tree and he took me doggy style. He gave me the fuck of my life. Pushing and thrusting his hard cock into me, pulling my hair back as he fucked me. He fucked me for a while like that, stopping only once so someone walking their dog couldn’t see us. My pussy was soaking and aching but loving it. He pulled out of me and lay on the wet grass and told me to sit on his face. I did with pleasure. I straddled over his face and fucked his mouth, grinding in at him. My hands were muddy from the grass but I couldn’t care less. He brought me to yet another orgasm as his hands and fingers were parting my ass cheeks. We both got up and he stood me against the tree again. My back was facing him, breasts swaying about and rubbing against the tree bark as he began to push his cock inside my tight ass hole. I couldn’t believe we were doing this out in the open. It was a bit sore to begin with and he had to cover my mouth with his hand to stifle my moans of pain, but once he was fully inside he fucked me fast and hard. I was standing there ‘hugging’ the tree while getting my ass well and truly fucked. He was so good at it! I knew he was going to shoot his load inside me so I began to encourage him. Telling him to cum inside my dirty hole, to fill me up … he very kindly did just that.

After he shot his load deep into my ass we managed to get the rest of our clothes back on. We were both covered in mud. His jeans had grass stains around the knees, my trousers were covered in mud and my top was covered in stuff from the wood bark. But it was all fucking amazing and one of the best birthday presents ever!

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2 years ago
a birthday treat to remember, hope you have more in the future ....
2 years ago
sounds like it was his birthday as well,lol
2 years ago
When is your next birthday lol great story im hard right now
2 years ago
author, author
great story
2 years ago
Mmmm a wonderful story, Juicy: when's your birthday? xxx
2 years ago
wow ... sexy story...
2 years ago
simply superb....
2 years ago
nice work juicy , now that was a birthday treat ;-) x
2 years ago
great story. would love to read more x
2 years ago
AWESOME I loved it Thanks for posting it!