An Enchanted Evening

Let me explain how my wonderful husband treated to me to my 8th wedding anniversary present in real style......apologies if there is too much detail, but it is still so fresh in my mind!

In short we have been wanting a 3 some with another woman for a while, but agreed with him that I would only go for someone with real experience, so he got working on it, and then told me last week he had arranged a little meet up with a real porn star, for a very special evening, and when I pressed him to reveal who, I could not believe it when he told me it would be Angie George!

Not only have I found her very attractive, but she has killer legs, and always seems to be dressed in beautiful stockings and lingerie - something very important to us! Her videos always seem to have a cheeky fun element to them, and this is what I am all about so I was very excited!

We arranged to meet her at a beautiful hotel in London's West End, so we sneaked away from work to our rendezvous! I was a little nervous, but giddy like a naughty school girl too. Like a sexy spy, I rang a mobile number which gave us her room no. and within minutes the door was being answered by one of the most beautiful and elegant ladies you could ever wish to meet.

She was dressed like a sexy secretary, and I could see her stockings with little suspenders just poking out. My hubby's eyes lit up, and I could feel myself getting wet. for a 45 year old, she looked simply incredible.

My heart began to race, as we kissed each other a polite hello, my pulse quickened, and I lost all fears as we quickly sharing a glass of fizzy. Just a little chat, before being invited to change in the bathroom. We grinned and quickly went in and just a few moments later with me in a beautiful black negligee and tiny thong, with very expensive Chantal Thomas hold ups and my fabulous Louboutin heels, and him in a pair of black silk knickers and matching holdups, with a very obvious bulge! We looked and felt amazing!

We re-entered the room, and our host was most impressed, and her hands immediately went to my boobs, then she patted the bed, surrounded by candles, and asked what we most wanted. To my delight, my husband asked her to show me a really good time. I felt very special indeed, and she was so excited to have a first timer with her when I told her I had not been with another girl, as she ran her fingers through my long hair, and moved closer to me, then stood in front of me and gently slipped out of her dress, revealing her phenomenal figure, and matching bra, thong and stockings and suspenders. I could feel my thong moisten even more.

As she sat next to me, she placed her magnificent heavy boobs against mine, and gently raised my nipples out from my negligee, and began to tease them with her fingers, which obediently turned hard like bullets to the touch. Then she took my hand, and she and my husband gently lowered me on to the bed, and I felt like a real princess, as she told me how beautiful I was, and how magnificent my figure was having had a baby recently......she knew how to please!

I held eye contact with her as her tongue go to my nipples, so sensitive, and I started to melt, as she toyed with my 36Fs, and I closed my eyes as she and my husband softly nibbled and rubbed and pinched me, and she told me how beautiful and lucky I was...then I felt her fingers trace down on to the sheer material of my thong.

My hubby snogged me hard, and then asked Angie to tell me what she was doing to me: It was so hot to be told she was rubbing my clit and sliding my thong to one side......then I felt her warm fingers probe me, and soon she was fingering me fast, between kissing and kissing my clit and for the first time, another girl was making me come!

Then she placed her lips and tongue on my soaking pussy and I was in heaven! I moaned loudly as she placed her fingers in my pussy then offered it to my hubby to suck. He was positioned behind her as he licked her pussy and ass. Then he asked if she could use a strap on on me which we had brought with us, and when she told us she had one too, we introduced her to her first little daisy chain of 2 girls and a guy which she loved the kinkiness of!!!!

We each put our dildos on, and as she pushed the cock into me, we pulled his knickers down and I f***ed my dildo into his bum, and he loved it. We kept this up for the next few mins, and it was hard and intense.....I kept wondering if the other rooms nearby could hear us, as we were making quite a noise!

Once we were ready to change position, she spread my legs wide apart and went to work on me, fucking me with the dildo, this time in her hand. She started slowly and was working my clit with her other hand, then her tongue, and for the second time, I felt a wave come through me as I flooded inside, and came again.

I really wanted to let my hubby have a reward now, so after he had spent a few mins slowly fucking her pussy, Angie & I took his cock and looked him in the face as we told him he would have 2 tongues around him!

he loved this, and I we then started to wank him off, and we could tell he was ready for his turn, so Angie & I held each other and tongued so he could see us getting off, then we held our enormous boobs together as we invited him to come all over our tits.....

A truly enchanting evening, with a very happy ending! xxxx J

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3 months ago
Angie George has something about her that makes her so sexy. Unfortunately not enough videos on the net. This present from your husband is great. I did look and it would not have been cheap. I am envious of your experience. Keep having a lot of great experiences. Hope hubby can top that for the 9th, 10th etc Wedding anniversaries....
4 months ago
So very very horny xxx
1 year ago
I think Angie George is great as well. You are very lucky if you have spent some time in real life with her. Well done and enjoy the memories. I would certainly not say no to seeing her. She should have done more movies as I still think she is a great star.
2 years ago
wow, very hot
2 years ago
I love it :)
3 years ago
That was HOT. WOW. Thanks for posting.