Sarah's Snowy Predicament

The car weaved its way along the remote country road, slowing almost to a crawl at every bend because of the thick covering of snow and ice. It was mid-January, and the whole landscape was blanketed in white from horizon to horizon. A low evening sun cast long shadows from the trees bordering each side the road and ice crystals sparkled in the still, sharp air as the roar of the car’s engine dislodged powder snow mini-avalanches from the laden branches.
Rick smiled to himself as he drove carefully along, glancing occasionally at his rear-view mirror to admire his wife Sarah who was seated in the back. The couple had met as students and had now been together for 8 years. Both of them had obtained high-profile, well-paid jobs and both were on successful career paths. They loved outdoor sports pursuits – running, swimming, climbing, surfing, cycling, skiing – and they were both extremely fit. They had recently achieved their dream of owning a secluded mountain lodge where they could escape from the pressures of work in the city. It was an idyllic setting where they were free to do whatever they wanted and they were enjoying life to the full.
They loved to think up elaborate sex games and it excited them to imagine themselves getting out of tight situations where they were putting themselves at risk of being spied on or caught in the act. They dared each other to be more and more adventurous, and the erotic appeal of these challenges added a new dimension to their lovemaking. They were constantly on the lookout for new situations to exploit, and their house in the wilderness now gave them greater scope to try out new ideas.
Rick pulled in and stopped at a stretch of road in the middle of the forest with deep snowdrifts either side. Getting out, he listened carefully to check that no other cars were approaching and opened the rear door. He yanked Sarah roughly out and sent her sprawling into the deep drift. He then jumped quickly back into the car and sped off into the distance.
Sarah gasped with surprise and panic as the sudden shock of landing on her back in the deep powder hit home. She struggled to get to her feet as fast as she could.
The reason for her panic was quite simple - she was completely naked, her hands tied behind her back and her mouth gagged with a rubber ball-gag...and it wasfreezing.
Rick had told her that he had prepared something special for her that day, and the anticipation had kept her excited in a way that she hadn’t felt before. He’d also told her that his was going to be her biggest challenge so far. She could now see exactly what he meant... Sarah’s immediate priority was to find her way back to her house on foot without being seen. She knew the route, but she suddenly realised that there were going to be many hurdles to overcome She was nearly two miles from safety, completely nude, bound and gagged in sub-zero temperatures.
She set off at a brisk pace following Rick’s tyre tracks in the road, her feet beginning to feel very cold. She was a highly-trained athlete and she knew from experience that it was important to keep moving to ensure that the body’s core temperature didn’t drop below a critical level, but it was still a race against time. The sun had now disappeared behind huge clouds that were heading in her direction, pushed along by a bitterly cold breeze that was starting to chill every inch of her body.
The powder snow from the drift had turned to droplets on her skin and there was no chance of drying off. She would be wet all the way home...
Already, her skin was covered in goose-bumps and her nipples were erect in the biting wind.
She broke into a jog, her firm breasts jiggling with each stride, her feet occasionally slipping on the ice-covered tarmac. The road was a minor one and quite remote from the nearest town. Nevertheless, she was terrified that a car might come along.
She f***ed herself to stop every half minute or so and listen whilst looking behind her at regular intervals.
By this time, it had started to snow, a steady flurry of light flakes which blew directly against her body and stuck to her skin before quickly melting into freezing droplets. The sky had now darkened, daylight was disappearing fast and the air temperature was gradually dropping. She gasped with exertion through the sides of her gag, her breath whistling from her nose and mouth and turning immediately to vapour.
Suddenly, she saw in the hazy distance the glare of a car’s headlights as it rounded a bend.
‘Shit...! What the hell do I do now...?’ she thought, panic welling up inside her.
Her only option was to dash into the forest and hide, but that would mean crossing the snow-covered road and leaving footprints! Would the car driver see them? Footprints from one side of a road to another would look like a****l tracks, but footprints that started from themiddleof the road and disappeared into the forest could arouse curiosity. Panic! She felt utterly helpless.
The headlights were now shining in her direction and Sarah had no choice but to make a dash for it into the undergrowth at the roadside. Her bare feet slipped and slithered but she had no time to run deeper into the trees. The roadside bushes would have to do. However, the bushes at this point in the road were quite low and she quickly realised that she would have to squat down to be fully hidden from view. She hesitated, but if she didn’t squat, she would definitely be seen in the car’s headlights.
Sarah squatted...
The snow was so deep that as soon as she went down, her entire nether regions were buried in snow up to her waist. She gasped with the shock as the snow pressed against her splayed buttocks, thighs and her entire pubic area.
She waited and waited, as the sound of the car got closer and closer...
‘C’mon, hurry up...’ she pleaded, her teeth beginning to chatter on her gag. Would the driver see her? Would he see her tracks? Surely not... She prayed for the car to accelerate past her, but like Rick, the driver was taking his time in the difficult conditions.
Sarah began to shiver uncontrollably, losing some of the precious body heat that she had been working hard to maintain. She wriggled around to try and create an air space between her body and the snow, but it only succeeded in bringing fresh snow into contact with her freezing backside.
At last the car drove past and speeded away into the distance. As Sarah stood up, she was suddenly struck by a fall of powder from an overhanging branch causing her to shriek into her gag.
Heart pounding, she set off again along the road, stopping periodically to check behind her and to run briskly on the spot to keep her circulation going.
The snow was getting heavier and any person seeing her at that moment would have been utterly astonished to see this beautiful naked, tied, blond-haired woman in the middle of nowhere, doing exercises to keep warm in a snowstorm!
She lifted her knees higher as she ran on the spot, struggling to fight the cold, her breasts bouncing wildly.
‘Tennis-ball tits’ Rick called them, firm and round on her 5 foot 10 inch athletic frame.
Sarah jogged along, focusing solely on getting through this challenge and thinking of the warm welcome that Rick would give her when she arrived.
At last the silhouette of their house appeared on the horizon, but surprisingly, no lights were showing. She didn’t let that bother her as she jogged cautiously around corners, desperately trying to stay in the wheel tracks which by now were starting to disappear under the fresh snowfall.
She still had over half a mile to go and snow was now starting to settle on her shoulders and hair.
As she turned the next bend, she suddenly halted and crouched down in the roadway. She had spotted a group of figures up ahead at the small bridge that she had to cross to reach home. Breathing hard, she immediately dashed into the bushes at the side of the road.
‘Oh no...I’m sunk. If they walk this way, they’ll see my footprints.’
The snow was falling steadily but not enough to hide her footprints completely. Sarah felt a mixture of terror and excitement at the prospect of being discovered by the men. What would she say to them?
As she watched from the cover of the bushes, she soon realised that the men were workers who had just arrived to set up a temporary traffic light control system on the bridge. It was a narrow, hazardous bridge requiring care even in good weather conditions and the authorities had obviously decided that safety precautions would need to be installed.
Sarah was relieved to see the men remain in the distance, but now she was truly stuck. She was shivering again as she waited to decide what to do and the snow was becoming relentless. Her options were now very limited. She knew that Rick would give her a certain amount of time then drive back along the road to collect her, but how long would that take? Also, she had been given this as a challenge and she had never yet shirked any of Rick’s challenges. She wanted to prove a point.
She could make a dash for it across the bridge and hopefully get past them before they had time to react. There was no doubting the fact that she would have the element of surprise..! After all, how often do you see a gagged nude girl sprinting across a bridge with her wrists lashed behind her..?
She considered this idea for a minute or so but discarded it, deciding that her only option was to cross the shallow stream and bypass the bridge. This was a safe strategy, but she would then have to run the gauntlet of old man Thomson’s farm and its many fences and fields. He also had several fierce dogs that would be in the neighbourhood, and worst of all, she would have to risk walking naked across his fields, completely exposed out in the open. The snow would be too deep to run through and there were no trees or cover anywhere for her between Thomson’s place and her house.
Sarah waded knee-deep across the stream, feeling her way carefully with her frozen feet, the driving snow still stinging her body. She staggered up the embankment and searched for an opening in the hedge that bounded the stream. The only possibility was a low opening which f***ed her to crawl on her knees with her head ducked down. The low branches sc****d her back and released yet more snow on top of her. She was now extremely uncomfortable and becoming exhausted. She just wanted to get home to her warm little cabin.
Stumbling through on to the farm track, Sarah then had to lie flat in the snow and roll under a wire fence close to the farm house. Climbing the fence with her hands tied behind her was a non-starter. Her heart was now pounding with cold and exertion.
She then started to make for the other side of the open field but as she did so, her foot caught an old bucket, buried in the deep snow. The clatter disturbed the dogs which started barking madly.
‘Shaddap, you miserable a****ls...’ shouted Thomson.
Sarah sensed from his slurred speech that he was d***k and she continued across his field, but it was slow going. The snow was now up to her knees and she could only make progress by lifting each knee higher than ever to take the next step.
The barking continued, and a light snapped on at the farm house door. Thomson appeared in the doorway, much the worse for wear, a bottle of whisky in one hand whilst he steadied himself with the other.
Peering into the growing gloom, the sight that met him was one of Sarah, only 10 yards away, naked as a jaybird, cocking her leg high in the air as she negotiated another deep step. Thomson looked at his bottle and looked again at Sarah, hardly believing what he was seeing, her bare buttocks tensing and relaxing each time she waded through the snow.
Sarah looked back at him and realised that she was safe. ‘He’s d***k’, thank God. ‘Nobody will believe the old codger!’
For a few seconds, they faced each other, Thomson running his eyes up and down her body, taking in her nudity before staggering backwards in disbelief into his house.
At last Sarah arrived at the cabin which was still mysteriously in darkness. She went to the door and kicked it to attract Rick’s attention, but there was no reply. She was bitterly cold and exhausted now, and small icicles were beginning to form below her nipples. Her hair and eyelashes were matted with snow, and frozen droplets had formed ice lumps on her pubic hair, making it look like the beard of an Arctic explorer. She peered anxiously through the windows, but no signs of Rick. Panic again began to well up in her. Maybe he’s set off to find me? She dashed to the garage but the car was still there. She needed to get inside before hypothermia hit her. The snowstorm was now a blizzard.
Suddenly, hands grabbed her from behind. She shrieked and struggled with her assailant. But it was Rick! He carried her triumphantly over his shoulders into the house where he had the hot tub waiting and gently lowered her into it.
Untying her hands and gag, they kissed passionately and Rick quickly stripped off and joined her in the tub.
Their lovemaking that evening was something special. Both of them had been fired up by the erotic experience even though there had been a few close calls for Sarah. Secretly however, she was delighted that she had risen to Rick’s outrageous challenge and accomplished it.
Whatever would Rick have in store for her next time....?
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2 years ago
I have been naked in the snow myself and it is a huge turn on for me.
I just love this story!
4 years ago
It is aways nice to have something cold to lick at, should have called the male Tod so when she sucks his cock she having a hot toddy.
4 years ago