Naughty Neighbours Part 3

My cock was so hard and there was pe cum dripping off the end. The taste of Ninas Juices on Macs hard cock was driving me wild .
She climbed off of his enormous erect dick leaving it stand like a glistening beacon. I took it in my right hand and gegan to jerk it up and down , licking her cunt juice from the swollen bell end down to his smoothly shaven sack.
Nina turned around and I moved aside as she now lowered her self down on him again , this time facing him with her ass toward me.
" Please Fuck my asshole" she begged " Stick that cock in my ass" Like a fool I stood wonderinghow she was gonna take Macs enormous dick in her ass..
" You ,you fool" said Mac " Fuck her ass, she needs a smaller cock in there "
feeling a little embarrassed at the fact my cock at an a paltry 6 1/2 inches was so obviously smaller in evry way than Macs which was at least 11 and the girth of a coke can at the base.
I spat into my hand and massaged it into Ninas Butt hole probing it with my middle finger.Eventually with some more lubrication and probing i began to gently prod my cock between her cheeks as she helped by pulling them apart.
I had until that point never experienced anal sex first hand. The sensation was AMAZING.. and combined with Macs efforts wad mind blowing.

Nina soon began to howl and i could feel her anus contract around the middle of my engorged cock. Mac slid out and stood . I could see his cock not 3 feet from me as I leaned forward. He had a hand gripping firmly below the head and as he got closer to me began jerking furiously .I knew what was about to happen.
I licked my lips opened my mouth and closed my eyes. And Just in time to feel a hot wet stick mess explode on my right chheek below my eye,a second shot went straight into my mouth as I recoiled from the first .
Then a third and fourth hit me on the forhead and in my close left eye. Now Mac was pusing his dick to my mouth , I could taste the salty sweetness of the hot gloopy jizz. I then felt the unmistakeable sensation of a tongue licking my face, starting at my eye. I opened my right eye to find Nina licking the Cum from me and now Mac was down sucking my cock!

I grabbed his head and thust deep into his throat making him gag. I could last no longer and pulled out . Nina got down between us and managed to catch the shots of my man juice in her mouth dribling some out of the corner . I watched in awe as it ran over her chin then hung like a miniature rope from her chin ,dangling about her heaving breasts.

"Holy Fuck " I said" that was out of this world"

Nina and Mac looked at each other and kissed. My Cum being passed between the two.

89% (6/1)
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3 years ago
So are we going to do this again wow what a blast in moreways thanks
3 years ago
great story, really got me going especially the end that was hot
3 years ago
yer cant beat a big mac.