Naughty neighbours Part 2

"what the fuck " said Mac in a menacingly calm voice. My erection suddnly had vanished leaving me limp.

" Mac... I .... I am so sorry" Pleaded Nina.

Then to my suprise Mac undid his shorts dropping them to the floor exposing his smooth shaven balls and the beginig of one hell of an errection.

"Well You better prove it Nin" He said. and immediately Nina dropped to her knees and began to hungrily lick and suck at the monster cock before her.

" You best help the lady out" Said Mac to me...
"WHAT" I almost cried
" You heard... There is enough meat for you both" came the smug sinister reply.
" Come on" pleaded Nina. looking round at me with one hand 3/4 aroung the girth of Macs mamouth dick.

I tentatively knelt and approached.. I had never seen a ereal life errection other than my own or in a porn movie.

I felt a firm hand on the back of my head guide me toward the puple headed monster, I instinctively opened my mouth and put out my tongue.

The tip of my tongue made contact with the tip of the cock.. I flinched.
I could see Nina was now massaging the shaft with her left hand and his balls with her right.Mac edeged his cock into my mouth and i flicked my tongue around his glans. This was so wrong!

But what was even more wrong in my mind was the re emergence of my own errection.
I actually was rather turned on by this. Nina began to feen the swollen member into my mouth until i could take no more.I knew from being on the other end of this normally what was expected, so had no choice but to oblige.

The sweet salty taste of Macs cock was I must say growing on me. I began to bob my head back and forth and now using my own hands on his shaft to jerk him in time with my movements.

" Lets get more comfy shall we guys" said Nina. I stood and keeping hold of Macs Cock led them into the lounge.Mac went and sat on the sofa, Nina then turned to face me with her back to Mac and strddled him . She lowered herself down and he guided his cock into her moist waiting lips. I knlet between his legs and as Nina began to slowly slide up and down the pink pole, licked at her slit and his shaft , occasionally tounging his balls.

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3 years ago
Ahhh cliffhangers! Cant wait for the next story!
3 years ago
You get me started and than you stop all the action hope you wr4ite the next chapter very soon thanks
3 years ago