Naughty neighbours Part 1

I was sat at home bored on a saturday afternoon. I could hear my neighbours having and argument again. Mac Got in his car and sped off.

I ventured out into the back garden to mow the grass when i saw Nina stood at her gate with a pair of shears hanging in her hand. "Hi Nina lovely afternoon for it" I said foolishly upon reflection having heard the screams and shouts not 5 minutes previous. Nina smiled, but I could see the tears in her eyes.

"Hey.... come on .. it cant be that bad " I said
"I know ,come into my place and I will fix you a good old fashioned cup of tea."
I offered knowing Nina would refuse as she has always seemed a little shy and reserved hardly ever engaging in more than a couple of words. Never enough to be considered a conversation.
To my suprise she just replied.
" OK that would be nice"

She followed me in and shut the door....
I switched on the kettle and asked "So how do you like it"?
As I turned i saw her face redden, i smiled but at the same time felt a slight stirring in the area of my groin.

Nina raiseed a hand and wiped strands of long dark hair from her face where they had been stuck with tears.I couldnt help but stare at her. She was not stunningly beautiful, a little on the heavy side maybe, her nose slightly upturned. but she had that look of vulnerability and in need of comfort.
"Strong, white and quite sweet please" came the whispered replya pause then "Bit like you"

I could feel the instant atmosphere of attraction.
I stepped towards her and went to strke her face with my right hand, she caught hold of it with her left and kissed it.

I pulled her to me and our lips met in a passionate embrace. I felt my cock leap to attention and strain instantly at the fly of my jeans. we parted and looked into each others eyes.As we did so i quickly unfastened my belt and buttons pushing down my jeans to expose my rigid throbbing cock.
Nina looked down I saw the shock on her face . I had a sudden pang of panic as I realised I may have gone a bit far. she just stared down at my trimmed and shave cock and balls.

I put both hands onto her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Her face was now level with my throbbing purple headed dick. She looked up at me expressionless. "Well, go on then you know you want to " I encouraged.
Tentatively she opened her mouth and moved towards me her tongue making contact with my tip. She cupped her right hand under my balls and stroked my shaft with her left.
It felt amazing this forbidden experience. I pushed her head down on my cock forcing her to take me deeper in her mouth.she coughed and gagged a little.

But soon she was working my dick like a pro,her tongue exploring up and down my shaft. fingers ticling and massaging my nut sack.

I pulled her up, she lifted off her tshirt and I tugged her shorts down around her anlkles.
I then turned her around , pushed her chest down on the worktop and felt between her legs for her moist pussy... MMmmm moist indeed.

I had my right hand on the back of her neck pinning her down, as I probed into her cunt with the fingers of my left hand feeling her squirm and hearing her gasp.I then started to rub the tip of my cock around the hot wet welcoming entrance of her pussy. I slippedin the tip and then pulled out then pushed in a little more before again pulling out . She gave a sigh and a gasp at each motion
I then thrust deep inside and felt the heat and wetbness of the walls of her pussy.She began pushing back into me as i sank my cock deeper inside. I now had my left heand free , my right still restraining her. I slapped her butt cheeks hard making her yelp.Her hands were now reaching behind parting her cheeks giving me full view of her spread pussy lips and puckered asshole.

I pushed harder and deeper . I began to finger her asshole probing gently as i inserted the tip of my index finger. Then down to the first and second knuckle of the finger .She was now grinding her hips.

I pulled out and she turned around. She smiled. Then to my horror I heard the door handle click.I looked over to see Mac in the entrance to the kitchen.

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3 years ago
Great start what happened next you got all hoit and veryhard waitting
3 years ago
very good start