Sugarbaby quest...#3

OK - so I had some pretty good sex with 1&2, but they didn't give me anything more. Meanwhile, I am emailing and texting several candidates. Its a lot of work, some fizzle out before you meet, some cut off communication, sometimes im not interested.

I met 2 face to face that I couldn't get away from fast enough...1st one an army f****y relocation, couldn't stop talking about how she hated everything about el paso..cute though, 21. Next one sent the pics that made her look gorgous, amazing. In person, not so much, but I had to drive 30 min to see her, she was 45 min late and we clashed personality away from both of these as fast as I to #3

#3 lives in las cruces, about a 40 minute drive. Her pics are amazing. She is 27, has a part time job and moonlights as a dancer when she needs fast money. She is 5'7, 115, slender, yet still has a soft jiggly ass..shes a latina. No boobs at all, smallest ive ever seen...her face, she is absolutely beautiful. Big exotic eyes, great smile....

So I meet her at starbucks in cruces. We hit it off and she suggests going to a hotel, she goes in and gets the room..awesome! A few minutes later, I am making out with this gorgeous girl. I get her clothes off, she was wearing red lacey matching bra and thong...has a few tats, one that runs from her shoulder to her knee about. I remove the rest of her clothes, she remove mine and starts rubbing my seriously hard cock. We move to the bed, she asks if I have a condom, which I give her. She puts it on my and starts with a bj...interesting, haven't had that before...its pretty good and I get to the point where im about to blow...she stops and gets on top of me...she is really fit, nice slender features...she is riding me and in about 10 seconds im about to come..what do I do??? well it was too late and I came, hard...she was into riding me and didn't stop...ok, ill just do this as long as I can...I didn't lose my hardon and she just kept going..amazing. now we switch to doggy, her ass is world class, no exaggeration...tiny but round and bouncy..i am fucking her hard and the though of that ass shaking has me ready to pop again...I turn her over to mish and come in seconds...haha...I came twice without stopping...very interesting..i really like fucking this girl. After I throw the rubber away..i come back and start licking her wet pussy, she likes what I am doing..i put my finger in and suck on her click and lit it at the same time..she grabbed my head with both hands and started squirming...a few minutes later she is panting and pushing me away...I can do some serious pussy licking...

A few minutes later I get another rubber and she rides me until I come again..this time I let her know..she is amazing at riding...

We got cleaned up and went to lunch, I gave her money for the room and paid her phone bill. I saw her the next week and we had sex pretty much the same way except she rushed me out so she could pick up her daughter, same thing the following week...this one gave me no chit chat time whatsoever other than when we were together..i told her I wanted a little of that but she didn't care, when the 4th week came around I didn't go to meet her and the next week she told me she missed me...well, she could just say hi once in a while im still looking
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