Kinky bisexual fun with my wife her friend and 5 B

The following story is true, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty from being outted to f****y and friends.

I will start with the 3 main people involved. We are all 3 swingers and have been for several years, my wife, myself, and our close personal female friend.
Wife, (Donna) a very lovely dark haired woman, white, 38 years old, pleasingly plump/BBW who loves dressing slutty when out of our hometown.
Me, (James) I am white, 38 years old, dark hair, and could also loose a few pounds.
Friend, (Ellie) White, 39 years old, blonde hair, not skinny but not what I would call a BBW.
To understand the story it is important to know of the relationship of the 3 of us.
We have known Ellie for 15 or so years, she was married when we met at a swinger party. Her husband was always controlling and wanted to do who and what he wanted but only let her do any real swinging if it was required for him to play with a man’s wife in a swapping type swinger encounter. They divorced several years ago and he moved out of state. My wife and later myself became friends and now are inseparable. On any given weekend we do not have to work you will find the 3 of us doing something. We very often attend swinger parties or clubs, while driving or in the room talk between us is very candid, talk of sex with other people or the women talk about how sexy some man was or how someone fucked them. My wife and Ellie go out to clubs and parties together, with and without me. I have had sex with her and still do play around some in the right situation but because of our relationship and lifestyle she is mostly like a cross between a friend and wife. It is not uncommon for her to walk around nude or have me help her dress and tell her what looks good and what does not. She and I can spend a day in a hotel room before while my wife arrivers sometimes there is a 3rd person she may be playing with. My wife knows and is fine with it because we have no secrets.
On the weeks Ellie cannot be with us my wife and I still like to have fun and enjoy meeting single men, I love watching her get fucked. We started out with couples but slowly transitioned to mostly meeting men, for several reasons but I have ED problems due to nerve damage it varies in intensity and Viagra does not work. I will one day be hard all day and the next nothing can get it up no matter how turned on I am. So at this point we generally play with single men and as over the years I slowly found I like suck a man’s cock with my wife. It started when she wanted me to 69 with her while a man fucked her. In that position it is almost a given the man on bottom will have the others cock in their mouth if he slips out or at the least licking it. I found that over a time I was hoping a man would slip out and into my mouth. I would tell her later that it had happened and she always got very wet when I said anything. One day she was on her knees sucking a guy then she said he knees hurt so they moved to the small bed I was on and she positioned them so that I had a close view as she sucked him. She kept looking at me then back down at the cock and smiled. Then she wanted me to kiss her while she jacked him very close to me. She moved back to sucking but I was right beside her at that point, she pulled it from her mouth again and smiled at me with a look in her eyes that she gets when she is very horny. I am still not sure how but before I could wonder what she was doing I had the guys was holding his cock and rubbing my lips with it with one hand and holding my head still with the other. She got in my ear and whispered lots of dirty talk that she knew turned me on and finally told me to open my mouth and take it in. She said she could see in my eyes I wanted to, she begged finally I did and I have no idea why but it turned me on like nothing had in several years to be sitting beside her as she watched and gave me instructions. That was 5-6 years ago and I have done it several times since and love it. I still at that time told her not to say anything to Ellie and she said she would not. I have since found out Ellie already knew what would happen that night. They waited till I told my wife she could let Ellie know, and then she spilled the beans that she knew everything already.
My wife and Ellie really got into playing with black men several years ago and Ellie almost exclusively plays with black guys but my wife and I still met white men. I would only suck white guys for a long time because I was not sure I could take the size of most the black guys, yes the ones they met were pretty well hung and more dominate than white men. Finally I gave in and did suck a black guy and found I also enjoyed the dominate way they treated me which was identical to how they did my wife and Ellie.
I finally did admit I am bisexual, although I am not attracted to men at all and the thoughts of kissing one is a huge turn off. I on the other hand love to be on my knees sucking a cock. I can see a large cock and all I think of is how it would feel in my mouth. I do not want men sucking me or anything else. I have also found that I prefer to suck black men.
At this point we can all 3 be alone and the talk will be about sucking a man or him fucking them, I guess we now are black cock sluts even though I still am attracted to females and do still enjoy fucking women but I also enjoy being the woman in a matter of thinking.
A few weeks ago we had planned a weekend in South Carolina to a large Halloween swinger party but we arrived a couple days early so we could meet some people we already knew as well as new people before the party. We keep my bisexuality secret from anyone that is not into that type thing. Even though bi women in swinging is expected bi men and outcasts.
Friday night after eating and drinking in the hotel lounge we ended up in our room with 5 black men 3 of which we knew and 2 of their friends. These guys all knew I liked sucking cocks and had sucked 2 of them a while back. Their opinions were, they did not want to suck but they liked the idea on a man and wife both servicing them. It started slow with the women dancing and teasing the guys and playing around kissing and rubbing them and they worked till all the guys were down to a T-shirt and underwear and the ladies still had short skirts and stockings on as well as a low cut top but bra and panties were long gone. Eventually they paired off with Ellie on one bed with 2 and my wife with 3. Soon underwear was gone and there were 5 men with 5 very hard black cocks. Both Ellie and Donna were now on their knees with the men standing above them which they were alternating sucking. Donna told me in a f***eful voice to get over there and help her. In a flash I was beside her with a cock fucking my mouth.
This lasted a while then they had us all 3 beside each other with me in the center as they took turns with all 3. Soon they had the women on one med sideways beside each other on hands and knees with a man in front and a man behind spit roasting them which was a fucking hot thing to watch. Man #5 was feeling left out and ordered me to the other bed in the same position and he proceeded to use my mouth much the same as the women’s mouths were being used. All I could think was what the hell, here I am in a hotel room with my wife and best friend and 5 black men using us like common sluts and we all 3 were loving every minute of it. Eventually the women took a bed each and I stayed in the one with my wife. Ellie does not like cum in her mouth but will do it if she has no choice. One of her men said he was ready to cum and ask her where she wanted it, she looked at me grinned and ask Donna if she could borrow me a minute. Now up to this point I had sucked men in front of her but never with her. My wife agreed instantly and told me to see what Ellie needed help with and to do whatever she said. I moved over beside her and she took the one she was sucking and held it for me, I being the cocksucker I have become did as I was told and started bobbing my head up and down, then I felt hands on my head pushing me down and then pulling back up. I am not sure how I realized it was Elle but she was really enjoying it and with one hand still on my head got her face down beside me and started the same dirty talk that Donna does, so they must have discussed this when I was not around. She ask me if I was ready to take the cum for her like I do with Donna which turned me on like crazy, she then started sucking with me with our mouths meeting and deep kissing then back to the cock, that was the 1st deep sexual kiss we had ever shared. Finally he told us which ever wanted it to get ready and I sucked him deep and held it there and worked him with my tongue. I could feel him starting to pulse and felt the tube or whatever it is at the base of his cock start pumping and he shot 5 good shots right down the back of my mouth which is the only way I can swallow a full load. I have no problems licking up drops and swallowing but if I have more than a spoonful in my mouth I have to spit. In the end I took 3 loads directly like that one and my wife took 2 in a similar fashion. But the best part was the final 5 loads that night. The 3 of us were on our knees with the men standing up over us with all 3 sucking and playing with them. Finally one said he was ready to cum, I was expecting one of us would swallow it but they had another idea, he started beating off and when he came it was not in a mouth but he shot on our faces, I guess that looked hot to the other 4 because we were soon treated to 4 more loads the same way. They then had us lick their cocks clean and started getting dressed as the 3 of us sat there looking at each other and laughing at the mess on us. My wife grabbed me and licked some off and gave me a kiss and pushed cum from her mouth into mine, and then she did the same to Donna. As the men were leaving we were all 3 still in the floor sharing a 3way kiss with cum dripping down on us and the floor. The guys thanked us and called us 3 kinky freaks as they left. Eventually we all 3 ended up in the shower and cleaned up. That night we all agreed that was the kinkiest and dirtiest thing ever. Then started trying to think of whom closer to home we would do it with again. I also had another thought about something that was said to me when I was sucking the guy alone as the women were getting it from both ends. He told me it was too bad there was not another man there because then he could be behind me taking my ass while I sucked the other. I am not sure I could do it but the thought of us all 3 on all 4s in the bed with a cock in both ends does sound like something that would be fun and about the only thing that could top the group facial we had shared.

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Yes, life is good for you! I'd do what you're doing!
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You are living a great life.
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good story.. got me horny