My surprise mmf

My wife and I were having fun experimenting with another couple that we had become good friends with. They were a good looking couple, she was shorter than my 5'10" wife with straight brown hair to my wifes curly blond locks. I guess that is what we like about each was not what we had at home. One weekend we took a trip to Gatlinburg and shared a nice was cold outside and we were having fun staying inside. The first night we all had fun fucking each others wives and watching the girls go down on each other.... I mean how can that be bad right? I even watched my friend eat his own cum own cum out of my wife after they had sex the first time..... it was a first for me..but obviously not for him.... and my wife didnt complain...

The second night we drank way to much and things got wild...until my wife and her husband passed out from to much patron. So that left me and G(I'll call her) to have our own fun.... She loved it doggy style, and I was giving it to her when her husband came to. He decided he would slide under her and lick her clit...much to her and my surprise. We figured out how to make this work and it was really getting her hot...I mean really hot. She was bucking like crazy, and I was thinking wow, this is really hot, and my dick is really wet.... Then I started to realize that maybe something else was going on....and then my cock slipped out of her pussy..and next thing I know he is taking car of it.... his hand is wrapped around it and he is putting in her I just go with it and start fucking again. Shortly aftewards I start to feel something on my balls..and realize its his tongue...... and it feels I keep going. Then I feel a finger slowly working into my ass.. and I love that... but its distracting me and she notices something is different and turns around and sees her man with my balls in his mouth and his finger in my ass. She is totally shocked and this is a first for all of us....but she is cool with it and says he should not stop... she lays down and starts to rub her pussy and tells him to suck me... and I'm not protesting at this point, and he just goes with it like he has done it all his life.

All of this is having some kind of affect on me and G, she is rubbing her clit like mad and telling him to suck me and finger my ass...and I decide I want to see what its like I bend down and start licking around on his cock and eventually we end up in a 69 with G watching us and masturbating like crazy. After a few more minutes of this I'm about to cum and let him know, so he quits sucking me and starts jacking my dick and fingering my ass till I cum all over his chest. He then tells me that he is about to cum and I dont let up until he cums in my mouth. I slip over and give his wife a kiss with my mouth full of his cum.... a very new experience for me. She goes nuts and cums in just a few minutes, in the meanwhile my wife walks over and tells us how fucking hot that was and wants to know what is in store for her.....
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2 days ago
A sexy tale, thanks for sharing!
14 days ago
That is hot; I love it!
15 days ago
Wow, fun story!! Yummy fun x4. Thank you for sharing the pleasure. :*
1 month ago
well that was so erotic and different loved it
1 month ago
Awesome! I would Love to do that with my wife and another couple. Thanks for sharing; Thumbs up!
1 month ago
Isn't it hot the things that transpire once you are able to set aside some artificial boundaries and just go with the moment?
3 months ago
Thanks for all the great comments... it was a fun time.
3 months ago
3 months ago
Very hot story, we'd love to have an experience like that.
4 months ago
Would love to have my girlfriend watch!
4 months ago
awesome story, sex is so much more pleasurable when with another couple and having bi sex with thee wives watching never fails to get us all off.
4 months ago
Great story. Thanks for posting
4 months ago
4 months ago
Mmm hot stuff
6 months ago
Great story
6 months ago
Great story, so horny - wish it was longer.
6 months ago
hot story