At the Theater

I bought my ticket to the upstairs theater at the Lido and found a seat. It was the middle of afternoon, and there was a good mix of men coming and going. Watching the straight porn on the screen didn't do much for me so I headed back toward some of the viewing rooms that had coin operated machines.
I found one at the end of the hall and went in. Leaving the door open while I fed the machine, it wasn't long before men were circling by. The first man to come in was an older guy, overweight, wearing his shirt on the outside of his jeans like a lot of fat guys do. Some people might call him trollish, but I like this type because they are always hungry for cock.
He came in, closed and locked the door, and sidled over to me. When he was next to me, he grabbed my crotch and started rubbing my dick through my pants. I returned the favor.
His shirt was half un-buttoned, and I finished opening it. His big ole belly fell over his belt, but he had nice man tits that were soft and suckable. He groaned and rubbed my dick faster and faster and started to unbuckle my pants.
I pulled my shirt over up behind my head and dropped my pants and shorts and sat down on the sofa in front of the tv. By now my cock was rock hard. He stood in front of me, but when I spread my legs apart, he dropped to his knees and immediately started to mouth my cock. His mouth was wet, and his tongue was licking.
I watched a cute latina tranny getting pounded on tv as my new friend's head bobbed on my cock. He never touched my cock with his hands but used only his mouth and tongue. He could take it all and enjoyed going up and down at both fast and slow pace.
Just as the tranny was shooting her load, I felt the beginning of my own orgasm.
I told him I was coming, but he kept his head down and his mouth tight around my pulsating rod. I shot a nice load, but he took every drop. He licked me until he was sure there was nothing left to taste. Then he got up, buttoned his shirt, said, "that was fun," and walked out.
There is nothing that makes you feel more like a man than having another man on his knees and sucking your dick.

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hot storie
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Very hot