Granny at the Lido

The Lido in Dallas is on a major freeway and just west of Downtown. It has been there for years and is a major draw for porn theatre lovers--gay and straight. There are two theatres, one downstairs and one upstairs. The downstairs is more gay than straight.
To get to the theatre upstairs you walk down a long dark hall with small rooms on each side of the hallway. There are sofas and dollar vending tvs in each room.
On the way to the theatre at the end of the hallway, we usually stop in one of the smaller rooms for some pre-theatre foreplay. Doors to the rooms close and lock but we like to leave the door ajar. It encourages passers by to peek in.
Once the movie is going, my wife pulls her skirt up and shows her hairy pussy. For a lady just over 65, she has a nice figure and a round ass. The sofas have large, padded arms which make it easy to bend her over. With the light from the tv it's easy to see her body.
She'll suck me just enough to wet my cock, and I'll bend her over the sofa arm and slide my dick in. I don't move much because the position is so sensitive that I'm tempted to just pound away till I cum
When some one peeks in, my wife can't see them because she is facing away from the door. I'll hold up my hands to ask them to stop and not come in but they get the message that they can watch from the door.
I'll fuck her a little just to get each of us really horned up and then I'll pull her up, and we head for the theatre.
The theatre seats about 60, and there are usually about 20 or so guys there and maybe one other couple. And there's a big standing area at the back for the guys that like to watch and to pull their dicks out and play with other guys.
We don't let other people join us, but we are easy exhibitionists. My wife will open her blouse and lower her bra so her breast sag over the edge, and she'll unzip my fly and lower her head on my cock.
It's easy to draw a crowd around and fun to give them a show. After a while, we'll straigten up a little and go back to one of the smaller rooms. Two, three, or four usually follow at a comfortable distance. Back in the room, I sit on the sofa, and wife sits astride me on my cock. It doesn't take her long to cum in that position. After she cums, I'll put her on her knees on the sofa and get behind her and pound away as hard as I can until I cum. It's loud, and I'll slap her ass hard enough to make her groan. Any watchers are usually beating fast. My wife likes to watch them cum.
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2 years ago
Really good story! Is it "true?" Or 50/50? My wife just said that she'd love for you fuck your wife as well as her in front of me, and then, afterwords, she'd let me lick up your sperm fro her pussy! Oh fuck that sounds so good right now, too! Really good!
2 years ago
i love the lido.. D town