My Step Mom

This is a true story that was told to me by my friend Greg. I will tell it to you just as he told it to me.
I had never been attracted to my mother. At the age of thirteen I jacked off every chance I got. I had an older s****r who kind of did a "I will show you mine if you show me yours" deal a couple of times but I never really got to explore my s****r's goodies. I would sneak porn mags from my friends and had to imagine about the girls I saw at the pool.
I lived with my mom and s****r in a very small house. My dad had left along time ago and we had very little money. The house we rented had a little hot tub in the little backyard. I had never seen my mom with a man. Then one night my s****r was staying the night with some of her friends. I was to stay the night with a friend also. My mom's friend, Kelly came over and she and mom were going out. My friend got sick and I came home after an hour. Mom and Kelly were gone so I ate and went to my room and feel asl**p.
At about one some noise woke me. I heard people talking and I peaked out of my window to see mom and Kelly with two men on the deck with drinks. My blind was barely open enough for me to see so I got my binoculars. Mom and Kelly were dressed to the nines and were very flirty with the men. I had never seen my mom like this before. After alot of giggling and laughing one of the men took off his clothes and got in the hot tub. Kelly took off her clothes and got in also. Kelly had never got my attention before, but seeing her naked caused my dick to get hard. She had an okay body-her butt was a little bigger than I like and her boobs were kind of small. She did have a hairy beaver. I watched as those two kissed in the tub. Then the other man got naked and got into the tub. This tub was not very big, I think two people was all that could fit in there easily. Mom striped down and got in too, I did not get a good look at mom as I was watching Kelly with the two men.
After a few minutes of everbody in the tub together they all got out. Kelly laid back on a lounge chair and one of the men got on top of her. They started fucking, I had never seen real people fuck before. I thought my dick would explode!! Then I noticed the other man was doing something but I could not see mom. After many more minutes things seemed to slow down. The other man had his back to me and moved out of the way and I got an up close view of woman bent over on her hands and knees. I saw her hairy beaver with cum dripping out and then realized it was my mom's cunt. That man had just fucked my mom and came in her cunt. I found this to be a huge turnon. Then I noticed the man had got off of Kelly, her cunt was all gooey too. Mom and Kelly were sitting talking as the men stood there.
I stroked my dick as I held the binoculars steady on mom and Kelly waiting for another shot at their creamy beavers. The men got dressed and left and Kelly and mom went to bed after talking for a while. The next morning I acted like I knew nothing of what had happened that night, I did not even tell mom I was home. She thought I had came home early that morning. But now I did not see my mom the same way. Now I wanted to fuck her and I wanted to watch her fuck more men. My mom is not super model hot. She has small boobs, big wide hips, curly brown hair about shoulder length and a brown untrimmed hairy snatch. But after seeing that man fuck her and seeing her cunt full of cum I could not that out of my mind. Over the next year I jacked off to that sight so many times and whenever I saw her naked or almost naked my dick would get so hard it hurt.
Now a year later, I have not seen mom or Kelly with any other men, but I was very horny to see a replay of that night. Finally one night my s****r was going to spend the night with a friend and I told mom I was going to do the same. Kelly came over and I thought this would be the night. I left the house for a while and came back. Mom and Kelly were gone. I waited up and about eleven they came home alone. They sat on the deck and were drinking very heavy. I went out to find out what had happened. They had a bad night, They kept drinking and were being funny. They could hardly stand up. Kelly said she was going to get in the hot tub and took off all her clothes. This was great as I was right there and got a great view of her naked. Kelly begged for me to get in, I looked over at mom and told me to go for it. I got naked and got in. My dick was standing straight out and hard as a rock.
Mom got naked and got in too. The tub was very small and everybody's hands kept brushing everybody. Kelly grab hold of my dick and commented on the size and how hard it was. She commented on how exciting sex was when she was a teen. Kelly then asked if I was still a virgin. I told her yes I was and she looked at mom and said that they should help me out. Mom smiled real big and Kelly told me to get out and lay back on lounge chair. I did that and my dick was standing straight up and was so hard it hurt. My balls even hurt. Kelly and mom were standing there looking at me. Two women standing naked looking at my dick and smilling. Kelly came over and stradled me, her hairy pussy just touching the tip of my dick, she took hold of my dick and guided it to her hole and lowered herself down. This was the most amazing moment for me as my dick slid into her hot wet pussy. When she was all the way down she sat there. My dick throbed at the feel of her wonderful pussy holding it tight. I afraid of cumming too quick, but I wanted to spray her insides with my cum. Kelly started to move her pussy around my dick. The feel, the smell, and her breathing were more than I could take, I pushed my dick up into her hard and exploded!! Kelly let out huge moan and smiled real big. It felt like I pumped a gallon of sperm into her. Kelly even commented that she had never had squirt so hard or so cum into before. She stood up and a glob of my jizz was hanging from her cunt, she smeared it around her bush with her hand. My dick was still rack hard and I wanted more. Mom was laying on the lounge chair next to me, she looked at Kelly, Kelly said that mom should try it, it feels really good and she doesnt see anything wrong with mom son sex.
Mom looked at me, she asked if I was okay with it and I said yes. Mom then opened her legs and said for me to get in before she changed her mind. I got on top of mom and slid my hard dick into her tight cunt. I watched as my dick disappeared into her. She was very wet, hot, and tight. I started to bang her slowly and picked up speed and f***e. I loved the fucking these women felt. Mom was moaning and moving her wide hips up to meet my thrust, she held me tight. I banged her hard and she was getting louder. I was really close to cumming again when mom had an orgasim, her arms and pussy both clamped down tight around me causing me to explode deep inside her. Again I thought my dick would never stop squirting sperm into her. When she was done I just laid on top of her with my limp dick still in her wonderful cunt. Mom said that was the best fuck she has had in a long time. Kelly said she felt the same way and wanted another go when I was ready.
We went and got in the bed, the three of us. I fucked Kelly again and we feel asl**p with my dick inside her cunt. I woke up the next morning with my dick still in her, it was hard as rock and ready to cum, I just let flow filling Kelly's cunt with more of my sticky cum while she was still asl**p. I then pulled it out of Kelly and moved it over into mom's sl**ping cunt. After I was nestled deep in mom's pussy I laid there enjoying the feel of her cunt. After a few minutes thinking about it I blew a sticky load into mom's pussy, she pushed back against me and told me that feels great. I left my dick in her for awhile.
We got up and were fixing breakfast. Mom and Kelly both commented on how cum I pumped into them that night. They both wanted more but were afraid my s****r would be home soon so we had to behave. They did not want me to get sore, which I was. I got to fuck Kelly and mom all the time after that night. They were happy to have some good dick right here in the house so they would not have to get strange dick at the bar. We fucked alot over the next several years.
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i would like to fuck them both.......
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great story
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VAGINAS RULE!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!
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hottest story i have read
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There is nothing like a male writing about his Oedipus Complex. All of us men have it, but few can express it openly.
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Great story
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great story so hot!
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Well, damn! That sounds fun!
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nice story
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great story