My Girlfriend's Secret

i though my Girlfriend Melissa was an ordinary cute girl. But she was more than that after learning her secrect,and it changed my life FOR THE BETTER!!!

I have been in a relation with Melissa who is from England for at least 2 years. Despite me being black and her white , she liked me as the person and not for my skin.

However she was drop dead hottie,and was bisexual as well since i am a supporter of the LBGT community. I eventually got the courage to purpose to her and she said yes.Felt like the luckiest guy on earth. Though the strangest thing was she wanted her two siblings to join us on our honeymoon.
I of course agreed since i never met her b*****r Micheal before. I have met her s****r Samantha,but she have someone else though she is a lesbian according to Mel and have someone else.
We went to our rooms for what every couple does on their first night , and it would be my first time having sex together.Not to mentioned she would tell me this big secrect of her families.

I did not think anything of the secrect cause it couldn't be bad , until we went into our room and saw Sam and a guy fucking each other like erotic dogs. I did not know who the guy was , until it hit me that it maybe her b*****r.

" What the heck is this" I asked. She said " this is our b*****r michael."

" Do you know what your siblings are doing? , it's i****t to the letter,and you could get in so much trouble.Not to mentioned STDs."

She said " So?" I guess this was the secrect she was keeping. Her f****y was in an i****t relationship which is against the law and not to mentioned they can get crucified by society if it becomes public.

I though of leaving right there since i am a catholic , but she said the miniute i leave , there's no turning back.
I would lose the one girl who ever like me for who i am. while i stared all three of them go at it like a****ls, i didn't know what to think.
Did not have to worry what would my f****y or friends thinks since they cut me off for supporting the LBGT cause people have the right to live as they see fit.

But the people i work with may think of me like some kind of sick p*******e,or worse.they may think i have stds and avoid me like a plauge.

I keep going in and out , in and out of fantasy and reality of life with out Melissa,and i was so frightened i could not think. I felt so dead inside,until i was brough back to reality.
And there Samantha was kissing me in the lips and Melissa & her b*o were sucking my cock like a lolipop. Wanted to push them away cause i still loved Mel , but they were unreal. i never thought she could kiss that well. they were definitely s****rs for sure.
and i never though in a million years getting sucked by their b*****r would make me this hard. Let alone ever though their b*****r was ALSO Bisexual like Melissa.
and came like i had never did before and they swallowed it was crazy.
Never in my life did i had an orgasm like that and that fast and from a b*****r/s****r team.

" So how was your first taste of our f****y?" Mel said.

" Is it always this intense?? " that was all i could say cause it was that intense.

Before i could ask them anything else,they let out the whole nine yards.

First they set me straight on the myths that the chuch and society had said about i****t cause their entire f****y have been doing this for generations,and not one of them had stds or birth defects like what the church has been preaching,which was a releif.
However those three were exceptions to some families cause Michael had black boyfriends who were b*****rs but never had sex with them cause they were killed in the London terrorist bombings.
And Melissa was always the rebel of the f****y and liked me cause she find me interesting,not to menttioned it droved her father nuts,and she wanted to give her b*o a black b*****r in law to fuck.
And Sam was not a les like she claimed , cause she only devoted to her b*o. She only say that to keep the men away, and after my experience , WHO THE HELL CAN BLAME HER??
Though she wanted to do me since most of her friends are into Black men.

" I never realised you all were like that. I am not gonna judge you all cause you are free to live how you want. I cant deny this exp is intesting."

" But admit it, you have a fetish of fucking the females in our families at least once,am i wrong? " Mike asked.

" Yea,i did. sorry that i never said about me also liking your s****r Mel.. Even dreamt of having a foursome with them and your mom" i admitted.

" Cant blame you. i love doing them too. and you would like mom" then she laughted. Kinda though she would be disgusted at me for lusting for her mom and s****r and having my perverted side revaled to her.was kinda susprised.

" However i am releived that all the things about it are just myths by the church" i said.

" I am so sorry about this you guys , but i must asked, can i do this with you all forever???"

After their explaination of the truths and myths and that short promo,i could not say no.

Next thing we staring fucking each other with me getting my as drilled by mike while the s****rs do each other. " DAMN THIS IS SOO TIGHT,I FEEL LIKE I AM ABOUT TO PASS OUT!!" HE screamed.And immediately came inside my ass

"I fell like i am about to be broken in half!! It's too too big" I said.

I would have NEVER EVER THOUGHT or consider of having sex with a guy , but it was nuts. my cock became big was so much better than doing myself with pens.

then Melissa pluged herself inside my cock while my ass was getting fucked like never before.Then Sam pushed her pussy up my face & I sucked her pussy like a hungry dog. All of my life i though having taboo sex would be crazy, but it was the greatest experiences i ever had.

He then came inside me for a second time and i felt weak while mel screamed after i came inside her.

afterwards something clicked inside me, i went after mike's cock and starting sucking it like a vacum cleaner. then he came again on our faces.

afterwards my cock came hard again and i went after his ass and I pushed inside him . " So this is how a black cock feels like." He said. "It's unbelievable."

All the while he staring fucking Melissa. They do look like a cute couple.Was starting to get jealous.

and she was givng sam a moster of a pussy sucking. it was way hotter than those lesbian porn i see online.
I came so hard that i never beleived that i could do that with a guy.Not to mentioned last this long. he probably did my ass so i could last longer since i was a vergin. never knew it was even possible.

But it was not enough i starting fucking Samantha afterwards while getting pleasuredby her siblings.

" So what you think of my f****y now, huh? Are you glad that you stayed?" Mel said.

I responed " yes,yes,yes. i am glad i did not walked away."

"Good cause your one of us now." said mike.

" I love you s*s,and you two big b*****r." said sam.

and while we four were cumming once again, i can only scream " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR THIS i****t f****y SOO MUUUCH!!!!!

Mike and Samantha passed out , while me and Melissa continued fucking each other in the moonlight. In one whole night,my entire life had changed forever,and right now i am glad it is like this.

" I never though this would how my life would be , but your definitely right. i****t is the best sex. could we possibly get our c***dren in the fun when their older?" i asked.

" but of course,though i want to hog you for myself." she said.

" Cause I am sure,sam and the rest of the members of my f****y want a taste of you. Are you ready to get served by the rest of our f****y? cause their the ones that taught us. Can you handle them?" It's not too late to turn back." she asked.

" Alongs that i have you in my life, I can. I love you too damn much. Don't care if i do go to hell for taboo.The church and everyone can kiss my ass too. Alongs as i have YOU for giving me this gift,I am the luckiest guy in the world"

and we kiseed passionally in the couch while starting in the moonlight.

5 years later, they introduced me to their entire f****y including their parents in a f****y renuion. But that's another story for another time.

Please note that like the other one this is also a fantasy story i created and not a real experience.

However the three siblings ( Samantha, Michael & Melissa from England ) are real people that told me their experiences, even though i never met them in real life.
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