A Familiy's Taboo Story

This is my first erotic story so please comment.

Was requested by a girl from my friend list who is into this stuff.


Back many years ago I though I had a normal f****y and I had a normal everyday sex life with my beautiful wife. Though we were married at 18 after graduating from high school and she became pregnant with out first son.


My wife becomes pregnant with our fourth c***d.

2 boys and 2 twin girls. The older son is 21,the younger son is 19 and girls are both 17

My daughters ( both 17 becoming 18 in three days) and I were lying on couch watching a movie. The other k**s had gone to bed and they had fallen asl**p laying there by me. We were a close f****y and all I had on was a t-shirt and boxers. They had a gown and panties. It was strictly innocent until they rolled and her hand landed on my dick. Their hands was laying there cupped around my limp manhood but not for long. It started to get aroused like it had a mind of its own. I just laid there feeling that warm little hand on my dick and it got hard as nails and twitched picking her hand up with every throb. I guess k**s that age sl**p like they are in a c***. My dick was bouncing and their hands was bouncing with it. I was about to go insane that I could hardly stand it anymore so I made a move.

I moved their hands to the side, pulled my rock hard dick out through the opening of my boxers. I then put both their hands at the back on my dick and cupped their hands so both their hands grabbed around my rock hard shaft. It look liked they were really doing a double handjob, only thing was that they were in that hard sl**ping mode. I just lay there looking at that hand on my rigid dick and it was so exciting. I was hard as nails now just re-thinking of it. I finally could not stand it anymore so I just grabbed their hands and made both of their hands & start rubbing my dick and it did not take long before I came all over myself and it looked like if it was coming from a massive gangbanging.

I fantasize about it all the time. Long for that little hand wrapped around my dick and wouldn't mind some lips on it either. I did not touch her even though it crossed my mind.

Months later ,found the k**s in a massive orgy. A part of me wanted to stop it before it got out of hand,but i couldnt stop watching them and getting harder. Then was pushed by the wife,who wanted me to join in.

They all explained entire f****y have been doing each other since they were very young without me noticing it until now cause most of my c***dren were almost legal age ,and my daughters did that on purpose while my two sons and she were watching.

Though the BIGGEST shock of my life came when my wife said her parents were also siblings as well as the two of us.

Before meeting me ,she used to do her f****y a long time ago before they died while serving in the Military, and before he passed on , he told her that he have a son with his other s****r that had left the f****y a while back & unforuntately died after I was born,and i was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder that changed the color of my skin to black. Not to mentioned learning that our entire f****y's tree are within the f****y.

my head were spinning so fast of the news i couldn't think straight.

Seeing my c***dren fucking each other like sex craved a****ls or

Discovering my entire f****y tree is a product of i****t.

I felt sickening at first, even starting to hyperventiliate cause the news was too much, but then my daughters told me " dont worry. No matter what,we're f****y and we all love each other completely." and then one kissed me like i have never been kissed before while the other sucked my cock like jelly.

Their words made me uneasy , and i wanted to push her away, but alias they were right. and i allowed the kiss and blow job to continue cause i also loved it too.

i though i was insane, cause this was taboo to the extreme and not only we could be crucified from society and even go to prison, a part of me didn't care. For far too long I was so distant with them and joined my f****y in the orgy if it meant we can become close again.

and I admit , I also wanted it too have sex with my f****y for a while but i did not wanted to admit it to myself. I wanted to become close to all of my f****y, just like lovers.

First my wife and I starting doing each other while giving the k**s pointers on how to do the f****y's pussy the right way. and i came like a fountain. maybe it's from learing the truth or seeing the looks of my k**s faces , but i have never cummed like that since my double hand job.

Then me and the boys starting giving out triple penetrations to all the girls one at a time while fingering the others that were waiting their turn. never felt such estasy in my life.

However that was nothing. It went to a whole level when my sons wanted to do me next. I was heastant at first , but i was already at the point of no return so i went for it the younger stuffed his stick inside my mouth like a popiscle and the older fucked me like no tormorrow, while the girls were having an all f****y lesbian while watching us.

I ended up swallowing his cum whole while the older son came all over me and the girls licked me and his cum whole. they asked, " so how was it?" It was the first time we ever did anything as one f****y and i can only reply with tears. " Can we do it again? I never want to be apart again"

I dont know what happend, but after i said those words, something clicked in all of us. Afterwards , we became like sex craved b**sts , ans we fucked , and fucked , and fucked , and fucked, for hours and hours. I cummed multiple time and filled my sons asses with my cum, while they filled me with their cum , and we had reserves to fill all of the girls with our cum. and our orgasms were beyond belief.

For those long, long hours , nothing mattered to us. Only the pleasure of f****y loving each other was the only thing on our minds,and it felt soo good to be so close to them again cause we were so distant in the past. We must had fucked for over 12-18 hrs max and we sl**ped with me and my son's cocks inside our lovely girly pussies cumming after being worked out so many times.

Three years as passed since then, and our f****y has grown quite largely.

My wife gave birth to three k**s. a girl for me and two boys for my sons.

However both my sons did have one girl each with my daughters , though i gave birth to twins to both of them.

Right now all three of them are pregnant with tripletes this while both of my sons have joined the military like my dad despite the girls not approving of it. Though i was kinda glad they did otherwise i would not become a dad of tripletes. and i have the girl and their pussies to myselves. hahahahahahaha

They'll be due in a month right when my boys return home so they can welcome new members of the f****y, and of course we will all have another all f****y fucking with everyone when they come back.

Though it will be a while before we can teach the new generation about f****y, one thing is for certain, Even if this is Taboo,and even though others will hate me for what me and my wife as done , and even if the law of our country or the laws of god says it's forbidden and both try to break this f****y apart, we dont care and we alll have no regrets.

We will all be together forever, and we will all love each other sexually and completely for the rest of our lives while our f****y continues to grow.


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2 months ago
truth or fantasy..... I loved this story and incest has been going on for centuries so I do not see anything wrong with it at all. Keep up the awesome horny sexy family incest stories
2 years ago
i got my mom pregnant twice, we have a 3yr old boy and a 2yr old daughter together, mmmmm keep it in the family i say.. we fuk almost every day, i want her to have 6 more kids by this cock,mmmmmm luv my mom
3 years ago
Very erotic; I loved taboo stories specially son fucking daddy.

I loved it; why didn't you mentioned the size of your son cock and what age did you star playing with them...
3 years ago
love this story.
3 years ago
wehter it be dantazy or real its up yto you to cointrol and live with what yu do with your family it's no ones elses business what you do or how you do it one more thing it was a great story thanks
3 years ago
its hard to believe that they do..
3 years ago
very good fantasy
3 years ago