Sweet s****r Susie part 3

Thank God the preacher had stopped rambling on and on. I was in no-damn mood to listen to a long-winded sermon today! My 16-year-old cock had grown so engorged and full of pulsating bl**d that my pants were nearly bursting.

Now, if this had been last Sunday I would have been alright. Last week I had sat on this same back-row pew and listened intently to the preacher. But, last Sunday I was a virgin! I had not yet tasted the forbidden fruits of sex. Last Sunday I hadn’t yet fucked my sweet s****r Susie!

People started filing out of the church, but I sat still. Finally, I saw my s****r walk past and I grabbed her arm. I then stood behind her and whispered in her ear, “Susie, I need to follow you out. I need for you to stay in front of me and hide my hard-on. I don’t want others to notice.”

That s****r of mine twisted her head around to look at my face. She then glanced down at the bulge in my pants. That wickedly mischievous young lady smiled and then winked. That playful little imp whispered a reply, “Ok, Mister ‘horn-dog’, but don’t you know that church is not the place for a big hard cock?”

Why, that playful little urchin knew that I wouldn’t let her get away with that! I pulled her closer and hoped to heaven that no one could hear my whispered words, “Listen here you little ‘cock-teaser’, you know goddamn well that my cock is hard because of you! You promised me a fucking when we got home from church and that’s all I’ve been able to think about! So, my hard cock is your entire fault, Miss prissy-pants!”

For a girl of 12, Susie had a quick wit. She allowed an injured look to cloud her mischievous face. She spoke with distress in her voice, “Sure, Jase, go ahead and blame an innocent girl. That’s what guys do! But, I would have expected better of my b*****r!”

Oh shit, that girl was driving me crazy! I grabbed her from behind and put my arms around her. I pulled her close and pinched her belly. Oh hell, that was a mistake! As soon as my throbbing cock pressed into the crack of her pretty little ass it grew even larger and stiffened even harder!

I looked at Susie’s short, curly brown hair. I saw her neck and bare shoulders. Today, she was wearing a short, white dress with a flowery pink-rose-petal pattern. The dress was sleeveless with thin shoulder straps. Susie liked dresses. She was what I called a ‘girlie-girl’. She much preferred dresses and skirts to shorts or jeans.

I really liked that dress my s****r had on. It fit Susie’s young feminine form well. Oh hell, it fit too well and left too much tender young flesh exposed! I had one thought in my head; I can’t wait until I can get that dress off of her!

I loved my s****r a lot. She was a real sweet k**. We had always gotten along really well. But, ever since yesterday morning, I had even more reason to love her. Yesterday morning, I fucked her for the very first time! That girl had been a virgin! Well, I had been one, too!

We two, a b*****r and s****r, lost our innocent virginity together. The experience was a glorious wonder! I’d gotten my cock deep into her virginal pussy and spilled a load of hot semen. Lord-a-mercy, it was good! It was so good that we fucked again the same day.

Now, this was a new day. Susie had started this day by awakening me with her mouth sucking my cock. For a girl with no experience, she had become a mighty fine ‘cock-sucker’! Of course, that was just fine with me. In turn, I had found out that I was a really good ‘pussy-sucker’. This fact suited Susie just fine.

As it often happens, cock-sucking and pussy-sucking can lead to bigger and better events. This morning was no exception to that rule. As soon as breakfast was over, I’d gotten my cock into her pussy again! I fucked that sweet s****r of mine!

We had had a good time fucking this morning. Susie had even tied a pretty-pink ribbon around my cock and had proclaimed me the ‘first-in-class’ s****r-fucker of the world. We had made a date for another fucking party after church. She had promised to wear her ‘birthday-suit’ to the party.

That sexy, young s****r of mine had become the wonder of my life. I had lots of reasons to love her. One of those reasons was now pressed against her feminine ass. She excited my cock and made me horny.

The church crowd was moving outside. Soon, Susie and I were out in the churchyard. Mom had come over and told us that she had accepted a lunch date with Tom Spears. Mr. Spears was a deacon. Susie and I were both ecstatic with the news. Mom hadn’t dated since Dad had left her for a younger woman a year ago.

Of course, Susie and I didn’t mind the fact that we’d have the house to ourselves after church. We had plans. We’d have plenty of time for fucking.

I hadn’t been driving long. My car was far from new, yet I had fixed it up nice. I drove Susie to a burger joint for a quick lunch. We ate in the car. I pulled over to a secluded corner of the parking lot so we could eat without disturbance.

We sat and talked while we ate. Susie looked at me and asked a question, “Jase, did you talk to Mr. Spears? Did you tell him to ask Mom out?”

That s****r of mine was very smart. She was a lot more intuitive than most girls of her age. So, I told her the truth, “Well, I might have mentioned something to him about Mom. She’s been lonely a long time. She did ask me to help her fine a good man.”

Susie smiled with a radiant grin. She looked at me and shyly spoke, “Jase, you know that I saw you fucking Mom before she got dressed for church. I know you two came together without planning it. Oh, it was so wonderful to see! When your cock disappeared into her bushy pussy and you started pumping in and out, I thought that I would cum myself!”

Susie took a quick breath and continued, “I’m so happy that you did it! I’m so glad you fucked Mom! She really needed the gentle, tender fucking you gave her. I know Dad badly abused and mistreated her sexually. That’s why she hasn’t dated. I know you made her happy. I love you for doing it!”

At first, I didn’t think this was a subject that I could discuss with my s****r. But, that girl was maturing fast. She did understand. So, I continued the conversation she started, “s*s, you know that I had no thought in my mind that I’d ever fuck Mom. But, I had just learned about the sexual abuse. I guess I understood that she needed comforting.”

This time, I stopped for a second and then continued, “Mom and I were both naked from a bath. I had come into the hallway with a big hard-on. Mom had come out of her bathroom naked. Mom is still a beautiful woman. After we talked, I just led her to my bed. I fucked her and she fucked me. It happened just as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.”

Susie seemed happy that I had opened up to her. She leaned over to kiss my cheek and said, “Well, I’m glad it happened, Jase. I know she likes your fucking as much as I do!”

Hells-bells, how in the world had the events of this day ever happened? I had fucked both my s****r and my mom. I even had plans to fuck my s****r again. I reckon I might go to hell one of these days, but until then, I’ll just hang on and enjoy the ride!

I noticed that the short, white dress Susie had on had worked its way up her legs. She had nice legs, a little skinny, but nice and shapely. I reached out and touched a bare thigh. Her skin was soft and silky. My hand crept up the thigh to her panties.

Susie’s hand stopped mine and she sternly said, “Jase, I don’t want you to get mustard and ketchup on my best panties!”

I had a quick response to her stern admonition, “Ok girl, then you had better get them off! Because girlie, ready or not, I’m going to get me a handful of pussy!”

Susie didn’t have to be told twice. She kicked off her shoes, raised her dress, grabbed her panties, and slipped them completely off. She pulled her dress above her waist, scooted out to the edge of the bucket seat, and spread her legs.

That girl glanced at me and spoke in a wanton, sexy voice, “There you go sir; one order of fresh-hot-pussy with a warm-clit filling. You want fries with that pussy?”

Well, two can play that teasing game. I quickly answered the question, “No ma’am, I’ll take it plain. But, are you sure the pussy is hot and fresh? And, are you sure the clit filling is warm?”

Susie giggled, but continued, “Sir, we offer guaranteed satisfaction! We serve only the finest hot-pussy, fresh out of our best panties. We serve our warm-clit filing wrapped in layers of rich, velvety pussy-lips. Sir, if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get a year’s worth of ‘cock-sucking’ absolutely free!”

I gave Susie a wicked grin. I grabbed a handful of that fresh-hot-pussy. Now, that pussy felt mighty good. But, I recalled an old saying; ‘seeing is believing’. So I had me a look.

I looked closely at the mound of flesh between Susie’s legs. Lord-all-mighty, that girl had a beautiful pussy-mound! Susie had not yet reached the maturity of puberty so there wasn’t a single pubic hair covering her tender flesh! Every inch of feminine pussy-flesh was completely exposed for inspection! I was continuously amazed at the magnificent magnetism that pussy had on me! My hands were busy playing and my eyes were lustfully gazing.

I spread the velvety pussy-lips with my fingers. Yep, right there, just as promised, was a glorious clit! My fingers brushed the still-maturing flesh. The clit became aroused.

I decided then and there to add on to that old say about seeing and believing. The part I added was; ‘tasting is believing’. So I had me a taste.

I bent over. I kissed Susie’s pussy. I kissed it right on the crack of the lips. I kissed the puffed outer pussy-lips and the soft valleys between pussy and thighs. I then tasted. My lips and mouth trailed along on another odyssey of kissing and licking.

I spread the pussy-lips. My mouth and tongue found the clit. This delicate little delicacy blossomed and bloomed to full erection inside my mouth. My tongue slid inside a pink-rimmed pussy-hole. My taste buds were assaulted by sweet-tangy vaginal flavors.

I stopped and sat up. I left one hand cupping the pussy. I grinned at Susie and winked. I said, “Ma’am, I reckon your guarantee holds up. The pussy is fresh and hot. It tastes mighty fine. The clit-filling is warm and delectable. You didn’t mention that you threw in a pussy-hole surprise! I’ll have to admit to complete satisfaction! I’ll sure come back for more!”

Susie giggled and laughed. But, she played along, “Thank you sir. We aim to please. Now, y’all come back anytime! And, I mean anytime real soon!”

I had a look of regret on my face and it carried over to my voice, “Lady, I have only one bit of disappointment. I wish I’d ordered up a slippery-wet side-order of cock-sucking.”

Susie’s face lit up and that wicked little vixen mischievously replied. “Oh Sir, it’s not too late to add to your order. In fact, we’re running a ‘special’ today. With another order of hot-pussy, I can let you have a cock-sucking for free! So, Sir you just pull down your pants and I’ll give you that cock-sucking and then you can eat your second helping of pussy.”

I did as I was told. I pulled down my pants and my cock sprung free. Quick-as-a-cat the girl beside me served-up that cock-sucking. She grabbed my cock-shaft and buried it inside her mouth. Her mouth was sizzling hot and slippery-wet. Her tongue slowly circled the head of my cock. She sucked and licked with practiced skill. Her head bobbed up and down on the lubricated shaft.

She stopped sucking as suddenly as she’d started. She knew that I was ready to blow. I didn’t have to grab her hair and pull her away. She was a mighty- fine, experienced cock-sucker. She sat up with my cock still in her hand.

That cock-teasing s****r of mine wasn’t finished with the game. She said, “Sir, I’ll put the rest of that cock-sucking in a ‘doggy-bag’ and you can have it when you get home. But, for now, you’d better go ahead and eat that second helping of pussy while it’s hot.”

Now, I’m not one bit hard-of-hearing and I don’t have to be told something twice. I’d hoped that I’d get a second helping of fresh pussy. I flipped a lever on Susie’s seat and it fell back to a reclining position. She lay nearly flat with her dress above her waist. She was bare-ass naked from her belly-button down.

I plunged head-first into that girl’s lap. I spread her pussy-lips and grabbed a mouthful of clit. My tongue dove into her pussy-hole. I ate this meal with a voracious appetite. Damn, oh damn, I loved to eat pussy!

My marvelous meal of meaty young pussy was abruptly interrupted! Apparently, the secluded parking spot I’d chosen was not isolated enough! A hand was rapping on my driver’s side window. I jerked around and saw a girl. And, that girl saw Susie and me! Susie’s dress was pulled up and my pants were pulled down.

My pants came up and Susie’s dress came down. I reached to roll down my window. Oh shit! That girl was Becky Sharp! Becky was the preacher’s 15-year-old daughter, the very same preacher whose sermon I had completely ignored while daydreaming about pussies and fucking!

Becky had a grin on her face and a smile in her voice as she said, “Hi Jase, hi Susie! You two ought to be a little more careful. You ought to do your cock-sucking and pussy-sucking at home. Mom and Dad are parked a few spaces over.”

u*********sly, both Susie and I looked over and sure enough there sat the preacher’s car with him and his wife in it! Oh goddamn-it-to-hell! What if it had been him that was standing outside my car window? God would have struck me dead and sent me straight to hell!

Susie leaned over me and looked directly at Becky. With a pleading tone in her voice she said, “Becky, you won’t tell, will you?”

That girl Becky looked at Susie as if she were crazy. Becky shook her head and said, “Well shit Susie, it’s none of my damn business who sucks your pussy! And, it’s none of my concern whose cock you suck! Hell, Jase can fuck your brains out and it would not be my business! But, you’d better not do it here in this parking lot!”

Becky then turned her attention towards me and said, “Well, I’d better be going. Mom and Daddy are going out of town for the day. I’m staying home. But, Jase, the reason I came over here was to ask you when you were going to give me that ‘ass-spanking’ you promised?”

I had not yet fully recovered from getting caught with my face buried in my s****r’s pussy. I spoke in a hazy, dazed voice, “When was it that I promised you an ass-spanking?”

Becky responded irately, “Why, Mister you’d better not tell me you’ve forgotten! It hasn’t been even an hour since we talked about it! I sat beside you all through Daddy’s sermon, but you kept on drifting off daydreaming. I punched you in the ribs several different times just to wake you up!”

My mind finally cleared and with it my memory did too. I had been sitting in church lost in dreams and musings about pussies and fucking. That sexy 15-year-old girl sitting beside me on the church pew had rudely reminded me of where I was at. Her father, the preacher had been rambling on and on.

As I now sat here in my car, I remembered that Becky had a damn good reason for jabbing me so hard that last time. I had a hand on her leg and it was so far up her dress that it was nearly touching her panties. My daydreaming about pussies and fucking had subconsciously guided my hand.

But, hell, that sharp jab had aggravated me! Well, preacher’s daughter or not, I let her know so. I whispered in her ear, but I spoke a little more harshly than I intended, “Becky Sharp, if you punch me again I’ll lay your over my knees and spank your pretty little ass!”

That young lady wasn’t the least bit offended. In fact, she smiled and leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Oh Jase, is that a promise? If so, then wait until I can get my panties pulled down so you can spank me real good! Sometimes I’m a really bad girl and I need a good ass-spanking!”

Becky leaned in my window and again spoke sharply, “Mister, you’d better tell me right now that you remember or I might just march over there and tell Daddy!”

I grabbed a handful of that girl’s wavy blond hair and pulled her face close to mine. I responded to her threat with one of my own. I said, “Yes girl, I remember. I remember you teasing and bothering me all through the morning service. I remember threatening to spank your ass! But, Becky, you try telling and I ‘will’ spank you! I’ll give you an ass-spanking you’ll still be feeling next Sunday!”

That girl’s anger disappeared. Her face lit up and she teasingly replied, ‘Oh Jase, would you? Oh, that would be nice. I’ll make you a deal. I won’t tell if you’ll spank me anyway! You and Susie come on over to my house when Mom and Daddy leave.”

With that said, the girl turned and walked away. My eyes followed. For a 15-year-old preacher’s daughter, that girl was certainly dressed provocatively. Her pale-blue summer dress d****d her feminine form in a way that emphasized every female shape and curve. If my cock wasn’t already swollen from Susie’s sucking, then the sight of Becky’s jiggling ass would have made it hard.

I looked at Susie and she looked at me. I saw the confusion in her eyes so I said, “Babe, I reckon I’ve teased that girl too much. It’s hard telling what she’ll do! We don’t want her telling too much. We’d better go on over and let me do what has to be done. We’ll have to put our fucking-party plans on hold for a little while.”

When I pulled onto the street where the church was, I saw the preacher’s car leaving the parsonage next door. The house was big and old. I’d been in it several times at social functions. The rooms were all big and spacious.

Becky met us at the front door and invited us into the living room. She directed me to take a seat on a long couch. Susie sat in a chair close by. Becky came and stood beside me. She spoke in a no-nonsense voice, “Ok Jase, I’m ready for my ass-spanking! You said you’d turn me over your knees and do it. So, mister, do it!”

That wicked, mischievous young lady reached under her dress and pulled her panties off and tossed them across the room. With her dressed pulled up around her waist, she threw herself over my knees with her naked ass across my lap. Her ass was pointing at my face.

Lord-a-mercy, I didn’t believe the girl would do it, but she did! I looked at Susie. My s****r had her hands over her mouth hiding her astonishment.

I looked back at Becky’s ass. u*********sly, my hand was already massaging the tender flesh. She had a fine, shapely ass! Now, I was totally enamored of my sweet s****r’s ass. Susie’s ass was slim and petite. I loved touching and kissing her sweet ass.

Becky’s ass was three years older than Susie’s and had three more years of maturity. Damn, it was nice! Under ordinary circumstances, I might be perfectly satisfied with the position I was in. But, I was a little bit stubborn. I didn’t like to be told what to do. This girl had made threats to tell.

Of its own accord, my hand rose in the air and smacked that girl’s ass hard! She squealed. My hand rose and fell five more times and smacked the exposed flesh. Five more squeals and yelps resounded throughout the parsonage parlor.

I gently massaged the reddening skin where my handprints were plain to see. I spoke in a stern tone, “Now, Becky girl, that was for pestering me in church!”

My hand rose again and smacked that pretty ass six more times. Six more yelps and squealing screams rang out.

Again, I massaged the red ass-skin. I spoke again with ire, “Girl, that’s for threatening to tell on Susie and me. I hope you’ll learn to mind your own damn business from now on!”

Without my mind giving it permission, my hand rose and smacked that ass another six times. Becky’s screams had now become whimpers.

As my hand massaged the tender flesh, my mind found words to explain this latest assault, “Now, that’s for interrupting the fun I was having sucking Susie’s pussy and for making me have to wait to fuck her!”

I looked over to see Susie smiling. A wickedly mischievous thought entered my mind. I spread my legs a little, winked at my s****r, and said, “Susie come over her and kneel down. I think you ought to spank Becky’s ass, too. She’s the reason we’re not home fucking right now!”

Susie quickly jumped from her seat and eagerly followed my commands. She knelt between my legs and raised her hand. Her hand was smaller than mine, but she smacked Becky’s ass with as much enthusiastic vigor as I had. Six times her hand raised and six times it spanked exposed flesh.

Six more whimpers came from Becky’s lips. Susie followed my lead and gently massaged the skin she had reddened. I had spanked the right ass-cheek and Susie had spanked the left.

Susie spoke, directing her words to the girl lying across my lap, “Becky, that’s for being a ‘bad’ girl! You’re a bad-bad, wicked girl!”

That young s****r of mine was having fun. She raised her hand again and gave that ‘bad girl’ another spanking.

I looked behind Susie and saw the coffee-table in front of the couch. It wasn’t really a table. It was an old trunk, a f****y heirloom. A patch-work quilted pad covered the top.

I barked out orders, “Susie, reach behind you and clear those books and stuff off that trunk. Becky, I want you to move your ass and lay on that quilted pad. You asked for an ass-spanking and that’s what you are going to get!”

Both girls obeyed me. The trunk was cleared and Becky lay down with her ass fully exposed. I positioned Susie on one side with me on the other. We both began spanking that ‘bad-bad’ girl’s ass again. We spanked without mercy.

Becky’s whimpers became tearful cries, yet she made no attempt to stop either of us. At heart, both Susie and have tender dispositions. Neither of us would intentionally cause painful tears. We abruptly stopped spanking.

We looked at what we’d done. Becky’s ass was beet-red. Tender mercy led my hand. I gently rubbed the girl’s bare skin. Susie followed my lead. We tenderly massaged every inch of that ass, even the parts that weren’t red.

Becky’s whimpers and cries stopped. Yet, I wanted to give more comfort. I leaned forward and kissed the girl’s ass. Surprisingly, Susie continued following my lead. Both our mouths kissed every inch of injured flesh.

I pulled Becky’s dress up higher on her body. I massaged her back and rained kisses on her skin. Susie did as I did. I pulled the dress still higher. The bra straps became exposed. I didn’t stop. I pulled the dress higher until I had pulled it completely off. I dropped it on the floor.

I continued my massage and my kisses. Susie continued to follow my lead. I remembered a game k**s played called ‘follow-the-leader’. We weren’t exactly playing games, but Susie was following my lead. I wondered how far she’d follow.

I reached for the bra clasp and unhooked it. I slid the bra out from under Becky and dropped it on the discarded dress. I ran my hands up and down the length of her back. Susie did the same. I rubbed and kissed the shoulders and neck. Susie followed. She rubbed and kissed, too.

My next move would put Susie to the ultimate test. I whispered into Becky’s ear. She turned over onto her back. Lord-a-mercy, there was a naked girl lying there on that trunk with all her feminine delights exposed.

Becky had not uttered another single sound. Perhaps she was afraid to break the spell that had engulfed our trio of young sexual explorers.

At 15, Becky was three years older than Susie at 12. Becky’s body displayed the feminine growth a girl’s body can make in a short time. I leaned over and kissed her belly. Susie kissed it, too.

I loved Susie’s tits. I loved their looks, their touch, and their taste. Their peach-size was good enough for me. Becky’s tits were more than double that size. They had their own magnificent beauty of maturity.

So beautiful were those tits, that I kissed a nipple. I looked at Susie. She hesitated for an instant. She then kissed the other nipple. I took my nipple into my mouth and felt the nubile nub stiffen to erection. Susie’s mouth closed around the other nipple.

I cupped the tit I was sucking and made a kissing and licking journey around it. Susie made the same journey with the other tit. My mouth was making a slurping, sucking sound. Susie’s did so, too.

I kissed Becky’s neck. I kissed her chin and check. Susie kissed the other side. I reached across the trunk and put my hand on Susie’s neck and pulled her head towards me. I kissed her with wet, impassioned lips. She kissed me. My tongue fucked her mouth and her tongue fucked mine.

Becky’s eyes were closed. I looked at her half-opened, puffed, and pouted lips. Susie’s gaze followed mine. I kissed Becky’s lips. Her eyes opened. I wet my lips and kissed her again. She kissed me back. My tongue entered her mouth and teased and tickled her tongue. I tongue-fucked her mouth. She tongue-fucked mine.

I pulled away. I wanted to see what Susie would do. She gave me a look that seemed to say ‘I’ll do it you want me to.’ I gave her a look back that implied, ‘just try it once.’

Becky looked at me then looked at Susie. She reached for Susie and pulled her head toward hers. Their lips touched tentatively. Becky’s tongue touched Susie’s lips. Susie’s tongue touched Becky’s. Their lips met in a moisturized kiss. Their tongues explored each others mouths.

It was one of the most exciting and erotic sights I’d ever been witness to. What is it about two girls kissing that turns guys on? I had no answer to my question. But, I did have a thunderously, throbbing cock bursting the seams of my pants!

The kissing ended. Susie looked toward me. I smiled and gave her a ‘follow-me’ look. I moved down to the other end of the trunk. Becky’s legs hung over the edge. Here her pussy was exposed in all its feminine glory. Susie and I both looked.

Before I lost my virginity yesterday, I’d always had a belief that a ‘pussy-was-a-pussy’. Now, with two days of experience, I was learning that pussies are a lot like fingerprints; no two are exactly alike.

Lord-all-mighty knows that I love Susie’s pussy! It was my first! It has come to be my favorite! But, other pussies are nice, too. Hell, Becky’s pussy was really nice! Yet, Becky’s pussy was a surprise to me. A girl of 15 ought to have a full-grown bush of hair covering her pussy. Becky’s pussy was as bare-naked nude of pubic hair as was Susie’s pre-pubescent pussy!

I knew that some girls shave their pussies. I think it’s called a ‘bikini-wax’. But, the girls that shave it all off usually do it for some guy. I wondered if Becky had a guy who liked nude pussy like I do. If she did, then that guy was getting a treat!

I reached out and grabbed me a handful of nude pussy. And, it was a heaping handful of puffed pussy-mound and protruding clit. My mouth was watering. Without further ado, I started kissing, and licking, and sucking.

That girl’s clit was just begging for attention. It stood up proud and erect. My mouth and lips had a field-day playing with that honey-sickle. My tongue plunged into a honey-hole full of sticky-wet sweet juices. These juices mixed with the moisture from my mouth to form an erotic vaginal lubricant.

I tongue-fucked that pussy-hole as deep as I could. The hole was too deep for my tongue to hit bottom. I was thinking that perhaps I had another appendage which might be better suited to exploring that pussy’s mysterious depths. The 6-inch shaft of my cock might just be the piece of equipment to use to delve into that sweltering-hot pussy-pit.

Finally, Becky broke her unspoken conspiracy of silence. She spoke with wanton delight, “Oh God, oh goddamn-it Jase, that feels good! I love being touched by you! Oh shit, my body is on fire! My ass is still stinging, my tits are glowing, and my pussy is burning.”

Becky took a quick breath and said, “Oh God, I love Susie’s touch, too! I’ve never been touched by a girl. Oh Jase, can Susie eat my pussy like you did? I’ve never had my pussy eaten by a girl. Susie, have you ever done it?”

Susie’s eyes were filled with perplexing confusion. She’d already done more than she’d ever imagined she’d do with a girl. Yet, that s****r of mine was a sexual adventurer. Her mind was filled with sexual curiosity.

Susie answered Becky’s questions, “No Becky! I don’t mean; no I won’t do it. I mean; no I haven’t done it before. I’ve never touched a girl! But, I’ll give it a try if that’s what you want.”

I move away from Becky and Susie took my place between that girl’s legs. Her hand touched the warm vaginal mound. She followed my example. She kissed all the places I had kissed. Her tongue licked where mine had touched. She began a journey of pussy-exploration following the path I had blazed.

While still on my knees, I moved behind Susie. Her head was buried between Becky’s legs. I encircled my s****r’s waist with my arms and lifted her dress. I reached for her panties. Oh damn, that girl had not put her panties back on! I grabbed one handful of pussy and another handful of young tit!

My youthful lust knew no bounds. I lifted Susie’s dress and pulled it over her head. I stripped off her bra. Now, two naked girls had my eyes’ attention. I just had to get naked myself! I stripped my clothes off and flung them aside. My cock sprung from its confinement. I pressed the shaft of my erection against the crack of Susie’s ass.

Susie’s mouth had completed its first tour of duty as a pussy-sucker. Her kissing, and licking, and sucking had accomplished one goal; Becky had responded by moaning, and wiggling, and squirming just as she had done when I ate her pussy.

Becky sat up on the trunk. She saw that Susie and I were both now naked, too. She squealed with delight, ‘Oh, I’m so glad you two are naked, too! I want to play with both of your bodies. Oh God, Susie you have a beautiful young body! And, Jase, I daydreamed of having you naked all the time I sat beside you in church this morning!”

Susie had moved slightly aside. She saw that Becky was hungrily eying my cock. Suddenly, my s****r grabbed my shaft and held it out proudly. She spoke as if she was the owner of some fine trophy, “Becky, doesn’t Jase have a beautiful cock? Isn’t it just the most magnificent thing in this world? I love it so much! It’s the best cock ever made for s****r-fucking! I bet you’d like to get fucked with it, too!”

Becky responded heartily, “Susie, I reckon you’re right. Jase has a mighty-fine cock! It is beautiful! I can’t wait to get fucked by it. But, girl, you’re not the only s****r with a b*****r with a fine ‘s****r-fucking’ cock. My b*****r Billy has one, too! He’s 19 now and he’s been fucking me since he was 15 and I was 11. I’m secretly on the pill so I won’t get pregnant. But, he now has his own apartment and a girlfriend so I don’t get fucked as much as I used to. Still, he fucks me at least once a week.”

Susie was startled at first, but she then said, “I’m glad for you Becky. I’m glad you have a b*****r to fuck you, too. Isn’t it wonderful? I loved getting fucked by mine!”

Becky and Susie both giggled and laughed. They now had a secret kinship bond; they were both s****rs with b*****rs they loved to fuck.

Becky winked at Susie. She giggled and said, “Maybe we can get that b*****r of yours to fuck us both right now! What do you think?”

Those two girls were talking about me, but I was beginning to feel like a third-wheel. Maybe they ought to be talking directly to me if they expected any fucking to happen!

Finally, the two directed their attention towards me and their two voices intertwined to ask one simple question, “Jase, will you fuck us? Will you fuck us both?”

At last, I was included! I could give the girls an answer. But, the answer might not be as simple as the question. I said, “Girls, your question to me should have been ‘Can you fuck us?’ Because, girls, I don’t know if I ‘can’. Oh, I want to, there’s no doubt about that! Why, that’s every guy’s dream to fuck two girls back-to-back! But, I’m about ‘fucked-out’ today. I’ve already had a couple of fucks today and I reckoned that I had it in me to fuck Susie one more time. But, hell, I don’t know if I can get my cock to stand to attention for two more back-to-back fucks!”

Thank goodness Becky didn’t ask about the previous two fucks I’d had. Perhaps she just assumed that I’d fucked Susie twice. Of course, Susie knew the truth. She knew that I’d fucked her, taken a bath, and then fucked Mom. My cock was young and resilient. It had handled the two morning fucks with the invigorated stamina of a teenaged young man.

Yet, I couldn’t get several lingering questions out of my mind. Just how far could teen stamina take a guy? How much pussy can a young cock fuck? How many times could a guy’s testicle sack produce enough seminal fire to ignite an erection hard enough for vaginal penetration?

Those two girls, Becky and Susie, were whispering as if sharing in a secret feminine conspiracy. They had hatched a plan for sure. It was Becky who announced their strategy, “Jase, you go ahead and fuck Susie first. And, then you can fuck me. And, don’t you worry about being able to get hard again. I’m not bragging, but I’ve never had much of a problem getting a guy to have a hard cock. Besides, I figure that any girl that can’t make a guy have a hard-on is a girl that doesn’t deserve to be fucked!”

Without further discussion, Becky directed Susie to sit on the edge of the trunk and climbed between her legs. She glanced at me and said, “Jase, I’m going to warm Susie up for you. You can then take over and fuck her.”

Becky cupped Susie’s tits and spoke in a soft voice, “Oh damn Susie, your breasts are nice! They have a perfect shape. And, don’t you worry about them being small. It won’t be long until you’ll begin having your female cycles. When you do, these breasts will bloom and blossom practically overnight. Jase will drive himself crazy playing with them!”

Becky took a tit into her mouth and sucked a nipple. She sucked the other. She kissed, and licked, and sucked enthusiastically. I moved over behind Becky and pressed my erect shaft against the crack of her ass. I encircled her waist and grabbed her maturing teen tits. I loved Susie’s tits just the way they were, but Becky’s larger mammary mounds were fascinating!

Becky legs were spread so I grabbed my cock and placed the shaft between them. My cock slapped against the soft pillow of her warm pussy-mound. Pulsating bl**d raced throughout the expanded veins surrounding my engorged shaft.

That sexy girl pushed Susie to her back and bent over to grab a mouthful of tender pussy. When she leaned over, my cock slipped from its pussy-pillow. The head of my cock touched vaginal moisture. This slicky moisture dripped in a steady, warm stream down the length of my shaft.

This warm bath of vaginal juices seduced my cock with magnetic enticement. As a moth is drawn to a flame, my cock was tempted toward entrance to a pussy-glory-hole. Entrapment was undeniable.

Unexpectedly, my lubricated cock slid into a deep, sweltering-hot hole! The shaft plunged deeper and deeper until the entire 6-inches were buried inside. My cock was drenched with liquefied vaginal fire.

That girl was not yet prepared for pussy-penetration. The unintended, u*********s entrance of my cock into her pussy had disrupted the ‘conspiracy of fucking’ the two girls had devised. Their plans had been for Susie to be fucked first. Becky was to be second.

Yet, it was Becky’s pussy which was now home to an engorged cock! Her hungry pussy betrayed their conspiracy. While her mouth was busy sucking her ‘first-ever’ pussy, her own pussy-muscles had latched on to the intruding shaft. These muscles pulled and tugged as the shaft moved in and out.

Oh hell! Damn their plans for fucking-order! I had my cock buried in Becky’s pussy and that’s where it damn-well will stay! I thrust into that pussy-hole, pulled back, and thrust in again and again. My cock was drowning in free-flowing pussy-juices.

My testicular cream entered the shaft of my cock. Here it was heated and compressed. My pussy-hungry mind turned a valve and the compressed seminal cream shot out with unrestrained pressure. My cock became a high-pressure hose which spewed out stream after stream of sticky-white semen and sperm.

I was grunting and groaning in orgasmic ecstasy. I continued fucking that girl. I never even knew that I knew how to fuck ‘doggie-style’. I was learning a lesson with ‘on-the-job’ training.

Becky’s own groans and moans were further betraying the girl’s conspiracy. She too was caught-up in a frenzy of orgasmic delight. Her moans became squeals and then screams as waves of violent orgasms attacked her pussy.

At last, we both stopped thrashing. Had it been two minutes? Had it been ten? Had it been an eternity of fantastic fantasy fucking? Had I really just fucked the preacher’s daughter? Oh damn, I couldn’t have stopped myself if threatened by the fires of Hell itself!

I pulled out of the dripping-wet pussy-hole. My limp, lifeless cock hung between my legs. Drops of semen and sperm mixed with vaginal cream dripped from Becky’s pussy and my cock-shaft. The drops pooled onto the hardwood floor below.

I knew that Susie had enjoyed Becky’s pussy-sucking. She too had been softly moaning with pleasure. Yet, she had not reached an orgasmic high. She had not wanted to. She wanted to be fucked by a cock!

Susie dropped on her knees on the floor beside her new ‘b*****r-fucking’ friend. This was the friend that had just betrayed their conspiracy of fucking. Susie looked toward Becky with concern in her eyes.

Becky saw the look. She had to admit her betrayal. She spoke sincerely, “Oh Susie, I know you were supposed to be first! But, that cock Jase has just got stuck up inside me! I couldn’t keep my pussy from pulling him in! Oh goddamn, it felt so good to be fucked by your b*****r! Susie, I promise that I’ll help you get his cock hard again so he can fuck you!”

Both girls looked at my cock and I did, too. One look at that pathetic, limp, lifeless male sex member would give an indication that getting that cock hard again might be harder to do than expected. Teenaged stamina, be damned; that cock was drained of all sexual-life!

Becky took charge. She directed me to lie back on the trunk. She told Susie to get on one side while she stayed on the other. Becky leaned over and started licking and sucking the sex-juices off my cock. The entire shaft was coated with a thick mixture of male and female sex-fluids. Her mouth closed around my cock-head and sucked feverously.

As my cock made a feeble attempt towards recovery, Becky asked Susie, “Have you ever tasted your b*****r’s creamy cock milk?”

Susie answered, “The first time I gave Jase a blowjob he started to cum before he could get his cock out of my mouth. He said that he didn’t want to choke me, but some of his cream shot in my mouth and on my lips. It was just barely enough to taste.”

Becky quickly said, ‘Well, here’s your chance to get a good taste of the delicious treat. You can also taste my juices, too. Go ahead and lick and suck Jase’s meaty cock!”

Susie didn’t require much encouragement. She’d been envious of Becky. She wanted to lick and suck my cock. She wanted to taste the mixture of male and female cum. So, that’s what she did.

As soon as my sweet s****r Susie’s mouth and tongue touched my cock, it began a miraculous recovery. As Lazarus had risen from death, so did my ‘dearly-departed’ cock. I had been ready to pronounce that limp shaft between my legs ‘dead-on-arrival’ (DOA). Yet, these two girls were giving life-sustaining ‘mouth-to-cock-resuscitation’ (MCR).

Lord-a-mercy, my cock was reborn with an energized erection! As Susie continued sucking, Becky was gentle milking my balls. As my cock hardened, seminal fires were rekindled. A new pot of cream was boiling.

Becky again gave directions. She told Susie to climb up onto the trunk and position herself on her knees with her pussy over my now fully-erect cock. Becky stuck her fingers into her still dripping-wet pussy-hole and gathered out fingers-full of sticky, slicky-wet cream. She liberally applied this lubrication to the head and shaft of my cock.

This 15-year-old sex-ed instructor held my 16-year-old cock straight up and told my sweet s****r Susie to spread her 12-year-old pussy and lower herself onto my now throbbing shaft.

Susie followed the instructor’s directions just as any good student would. She lowered herself and her pussy impaled itself on my cock. Instinctively, she knew what to do next. Without further instruction, she began to raise and lower herself with her pussy sliding up and down my lubricated shaft.

Good-goddamn-all-mighty, my sweet s****r Susie was fucking me! That other girl, Becky, was again milking my balls. My testicle sack released another load of steaming cream.

As my cream shot into Susie’s pussy-hole, that girl bounced up and down wildly. My cock was f***ed deeper and deeper into her young vaginal cavity. She began squealing and screaming with wails of orgasmic enchantment. My own groans and cries of orgasmic bliss were drowned out by the sounds of her joyful glee.

At last, Susie fell forward onto my chest exhausted. We were both breathing rapidly. She caught her breath and crawled up my body until her mouth found mine. She kissed me with sweet, wet, passionate fervor.

Becky had moved up beside me. She kissed Susie’s cheek. Susie turned her head. The two girls kissed wantonly. Becky then leaned over and kissed my lips. We three became a trio of frenzied kissers. We were lost in time and place. Violent passionate kisses were replaced by tender romantic sexual-afterglow kisses.

Finally, other bodily urges interrupted our passion. I said that I had to pee. Becky said that she did, too. Susie had the same need. We rose and walked hand-in-hand-in-hand to Becky’s oversized bathroom.

As we entered the bathroom, Susie felt an unexplainable desire to become a teacher herself. She looked at Becky and said, “I want to show you something. And, then I want you to try it!”

Susie directed me to sit on the commode. She then straddled my lap with her chest pressed tightly to mine and her arms wrapped around my neck. I now knew what was coming. This had begun as an experiment early this morning after I had fucked Susie. That s****r of mine now wanted to teach this erotic trick to her new ‘b*****r-fucking’ friend.

So, I sat there on the commode with my cock hanging straight down between my legs. I knew that my cock was for ‘goddamn-sure’ limp, dead, and lifeless now after the back-to-back fucking.

I began peeing. Susie let loose her pee. Her warm liquid flowed freely. Her amber-yellow pee showered my pubic hairs with comforting warmth. Her pee ran down the length of my cock washing away accumulated sex-fluids.

Something began happening to my lifeless cock. Surely it wasn’t awakening from the dead again? But, the warmth of the pee was encouraging bl**d to again flow to the limp shaft. It wasn’t hard by any means, but life was returning!

Susie stopped peeing and directed Becky to take her place. Becky quickly jumped into the saddle. Her tits pressed against my chest and her pee flowed.
Again erotic warmth showered my body and bathed my cock with comfort. This time, there was no denial of the fact; my cock was awake and alive!

The girls and I had a long, soothing bath in the jacuzzi-tub. We three frolicked and played, teased and tickled, fondled and kissed. We promised to do this again sometime. Becky had even suggested that she invite her b*****r over sometime and the girls could swap their ‘s****r-fucking’ b*****rs.

The rest of the day went by relatively uneventfully. Susie and I got home late, but it was before Mom did. She had a good time on her lunch date. She really liked Tom and he liked her. There was a glimmer of hope in Mom’s eyes that perhaps she’d met a man that would not mistreat her. Memories of sexual abuse by her husband still haunted her. She’d only had one pleasurable sexual experience in the past several years. She’d had that this morning when she was fucked by her son!

We all went to Sunday night services at church. Susie and I talked, teased, and flirted with Becky. Mom talked, teased, and flirted with Tom. We’d all had a fine, fulfilling day. We were all in bed asl**p by ten o’clock.

Well, one of us wasn’t exactly asl**p. I was lying on my bed with bright moonlight streaming through my open window. It would be another hot night, so I decided to sl**p nude. I’d thrown my covers aside.

I was having trouble drifting off to sl**p. I had too many memories of pussies running through my mind. I’d had my cock deep into three different pussies today, one of them twice. I went over the list in my mind. I fucked Susie. I fucked Mom. I fucked Becky. I fucked Susie again.

I reckon I was for-sure all ‘fucked-out’! This time, there was not one single doubt! It was a good-damn thing that I wasn’t horny right now. I might have the sexual stamina of a teenager at 16, but I couldn’t have gotten my cock into another pussy if my life depended on it!

Unexpectedly, my door opened and a shadowy figure entered. There was not a single light on in my room, but in the moonlight glow, I knew that it was Mom. She walked directly to my bed and sat on the edge. I was lying on my back and as she sat her body brushed against mine. I knew then that she too was nude!

Not one word was spoken. I reached out a hand and laid it against her warm abdomen. An electric current shot through my body. Every muscle in my body stiffened. Despite my denials that it couldn’t happen again, my cock stiffened to fully-aroused erection!

I reached up and cupped a breast. My thumb brushed a nipple and I felt it stiffen. Even in the dim light, my mind could remember what this body looked like. I certainly hadn’t forgotten the beauty of these breasts. They were the size of ripe-g****fruits and just as perfectly formed and shaped as those tangy nectarines.

I pulled on the tantalizing fruit and guided it to my mouth. My mouth closed around the nipple and my tongue tasted the nectar. I heard a soft moan. I reached for the twin of this breast and found that nipple. Another moan slipped out. My lips and my tongue made a full oral examination of every inch of these magnificent mammary mounds.

My hand descended and cupped the mounded flesh between two shapely legs. Here I found the thatch of bush that had been such an erotic mystery to me this morning. My fingers spread the bush and fondled the warm clitoral jewel. My fingers slid lower and penetrated deep into a slippery-wet cavernous hole.

My other hand was buried in soft locks of wavy brown hair. I guided the head of hair towards my mouth and kissed the sweet-smelling curls. I turned the head and found a warm cheek to kiss. I then found the treasure I sought. I kissed soft, supple lips. The lips kissed mine. Love and passion were ignited.

The warmth of moisture dripped on my face. I knew in my mind and in my heart that this dampness came from tears. I was not yet a fully-matured man, yet in the past days I’d begun to learn a lot about the feminine mystic. I knew that sex can bring joy, grandeur, and splendor when sexual coupling is combined with loving passion.

Conversely, I’d learned that sex can be brutal and devastating! I’d found out that my mom had been victimized by marital **** and cruel sexual mistreatment. How could she be blamed if she sought comforting solace in the bed of her son? How could her son be blamed if he freely and lovingly offered his bed as a sanctuary for love and passion?

My kisses became more impassioned. I pulled Mom onto the bed and her body settled atop mine. I ran my hands up and down the length of her back and played with her firm, shapely ass. The crack of her pussy lay on my erect cock.

Mom’s body was short and petite, yet at 35, she was certainly every bit a fully-matured woman. I lifted her body towards my face until her breasts hung over my mouth. My mouth hungrily latched onto one nipple and then the other. Again, I made a kissing, licking, and sucking oral exploration of the two wondrous dangling orbs.

I lifted her again and placed her on her back beside me. My lips began another odyssey of oral exploration. I kissed her soft, firm abdomen and tickled the belly-button. I temporarily bypassed her pussy-mound and kissed her thighs and legs.

I flipped her over on her belly and kissed her ass again and again. I kissed her back up and down its full silky-soft length. I massaged each place I kissed. I slapped her ass and kissed it again.

I flipped her over again. I needed to taste her pussy. Yet, I took my time. I teased her clit with gentle flicks and licks. My fingers played in the silky-fine hair of her pubic-mound.

At last, my tongue touched her inner pussy-lips and spread the pink opening wide. Pussy-juices coated my tongue as I teased, licked, and tasted the feminine delights. I heard moans, and sighs, and barely concealed cries.

Mom pushed me away and turned toward me. She grabbed my cock. She bent down and kissed my shaft up and down its length. Again, I felt warm tears moisturizing my flesh. The head of my cock disappeared inside her mouth. She sucked and licked.

I pulled her hair and pushed her away. I pushed her to her back. I hovered over her body and then settled my cock-head at the entrance to her pussy. Slowly, I allowed my shaft to penetrate her inviting glory-hole. The entire length of my 6-inch shaft became imbedded in her dripping-wet vaginal cavity. I thrust in and out, in and out.

This morning I’d told Mom that she was a ‘smoking-hot’ woman. She was again proving me right. Her smoldering pussy grabbed my cock and drowned the shaft in sweltering pussy-juices.

I knew she was riding an orgasmic high. I was, too. My seminal fluids erupted into her pussy at the same time that her body released wave after wave of orgasmic feminine fluids.

We both became so lost in an explosive orgasmic celebration that we were not even aware if we were quietly moaning and groaning or loudly squealing and screaming. In either case, neither of us had a good-goddamn-care if the whole world was listening.

At long last, the fireworks subsided. We lay side by side with bodies entwined. Neither of us had one single thought towards cleansing our bodies of the sticky-wet mess covering our loins. We would wear our slimy-coating of sex-juices as an affirmation of passionate pleasure and devoted love. I loved my mom and I knew she loved her son.

Not one word had been spoken since her shadowy figure had entered my room. No words were spoken now. None were necessary. We fell asl**p there, side by side, in my bed. She had made no attempt to leave and I had not said that she should.

I dreamed in the midst of my peaceful sl**p. I dreamed of sexual stamina, pussies, and fucking. I dreamed of my lucky-stars in the heavens. I gave a silent prayer of thanks for my sweet s****r Susie and her sexy young body that had awakened me to the joys of sex with a female body.

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11 months ago
I would have given anything if I could have joined in with you'all! Great story!
1 year ago
Only in the land of fantasy can a sixteen year old be a virgin and within a few days he's fucked his twelve year old sister numerous times, his thirty-five year old mother a couple times, his preacher's daughter at least once, plus many, many hand jobs and blow jobs. But, his antics does make for some erotic, lurid and wanton sex!!
2 years ago
Very very well-written. keeps my pussy wet and throbbing
3 years ago
This dam story gets better and i love it not you are doing right ever boy loves his mom but we don't fuck her. but you did.
3 years ago
your stories are great.
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out standing. hope there is a part 4
3 years ago
awesome one maybe part 4?
3 years ago
outstanding & lots more please
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That was great. Kept me hard
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I do hope there is more
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Fantastic story and it leaves me with a hard cock and wanting more....
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it amazing story looking forward to part 4