Sweet s****r Susie

I was told to do it. So, that’s what I did. Mom told me to go wake up my s****r and tell her breakfast was ready.

I reckon Mom didn’t know that I had a hard-on that was stretching my jeans. Of course, a stiff hard-on in my pants was nothing new to me. Damn, it seems like my dick was hard from morning till night. The only time it was limp was after I’d jacked-off. Even then, this soft limpness was only a temporary condition. My dick would soon jump back to full, erect firmness. I had to jack-off two or three times a day just to keep up with the demands of my dick. Often, there were days when I had to do it four times…and occasionally it was five.

Actually, I didn’t ‘have’ to jack-off. Nobody f***ed me to do it. I did it to relieve the bulging pressure in my groin, that’s true. But, I reckon the main reason I did it was because it felt good. Damn, damn did it feel good! I loved my dick. My dick was my best friend. We got along just fine. I took good care of him and he took care of me.

I loved to grab my sixteen-year-old shaft and play with it. It really came to life as my hand and fingers pumped and squeezed. It would come to full attention with an engorged erection. Six inches of hard, throbbing muscle pulsated with sizzling hot bl**d running through swollen blue veins. In my skilled hands, it stretched to its limit. It grew longer and thicker with each stroke of my tight fist.

I was good to my dick. I made him feel good. In turn, he rewarded me right back. There would always come a point in our play when he would be filled to his limit. My balls would release a load of semen into my shaft. My dick, my glorious friend, would take that fluid and compress it and heat it. The heated liquid became a scorching cauldron of molten, volcanic fire. When I could stand it no longer, my dick would explode with an enormous eruption. White-hot juices would spurt out in stream after stream of fiery, liquefied lava. Wave after wave of orgasmic delight would sweep through my body. I would shudder and shake with almost unbearable bliss.

Yeah, my dick and I were a good team. We liked each other just fine. We worked well together. We played well together. Our work and play were always inspired by our mutual quest for orgasmic satisfaction and pleasure.

This morning I had every intention of taking my dick, my good pal, into the bathroom as soon as I jumped out of bed. I had plans to work him into a frenzied awakening. I’d make him beg for my touch. I’d make him cry for release. I’d let him erupt and make me too feel good.

Damn! Damn! Damn! My plan was interrupted. On my way to the bathroom, I passed the kitchen. My mom called my name. She caught me mid-stride. It’s a damn good thing I’d taken the time to slip my jeans on. Otherwise, there’s no way she wouldn’t have seen my bone-hard erection.

The kitchen table was set and bacon and eggs were mounded on plates. My mom was speaking. “Jason, come here and watch this toast. You don’t want burnt toast for breakfast do you?”

I did as she said. I always minded my mom. I watched the toast in the oven. I didn’t say a word. I surely didn’t tell her that I’d rather be in the bathroom jacking-off and feeling good. Damn! My boner needed attention really bad!

The phone began ringing. Mom answered and spoke to her friend. Mom was a nurse and this was her weekend off. At least it was supposed to have been. When she finished speaking on the phoned she turned to me. She wasn’t very happy. She spoke, “Jason, they need me to come into work. I have to leave right now. You go wake up your s****r and tell her breakfast is ready. I want you to stay here today and watch her. I’ll try to get home sometime after lunch.”

I told her I would do it. But, damn, damn, damn… That’s the last thing I wanted to do with my Saturday! I didn’t want to look after my twelve-year-old little s****r. Not that I didn’t like her. I liked her just fine. We got along a lot better than most b*****rs and s****rs. Susie was a really sweet k**. She was just as nice as could be. I loved her a lot.

But damn, a boy of sixteen has better things to do than spend time with his s****r. My mind was thinking of lots of other things to do. And, number one on that list was a one-handed jacking-off party. I’d been having these little one-on-one parties ever since I was ten. Just my dick, my hand, and I were in attendance. Damn, we had a good time!

Now, most boys my age might have girls at the top of a list like I was making in my mind. They might want something better than a homemade hand-job. Well, I wasn’t really all that different. I like girls just fine. And damn, if I had one I’d want to be with her. I could think up a lot of good things to do with a girl.

I like my dick just fine, but girls do have some parts to play with that I just don’t have. Girls have nipples. Girls have tits. Girls have pussies and pretty soft clits. Damn, here I am making a rhyme about nipples and tits and pussies and clits! I am like other boys! I’ve got girls on the brain.

I might have girls on my mind, but I don’t have a real-live one that I can reach out and touch. I don’t have one I can play with. I never have had.

Damn! Now, I’ve gone and admitted to being a virgin. A virgin at sixteen! Who would believe it? Well, it’s true. Oh, I’ve had lots of sex. I’ve had lots of wondrously-wicked orgasms. I’ve spilled out gallons of milky-white semen and sperm. But, every single orgasmic experience has been just between me, my hand, and my dick.

I’ve told myself and I promised my dick that if I ever get the chance to play with some nipples and tits or a pussy and clit, I wouldn’t pass it up!

The backdoor closed. This awakened me from my meandering sexual musings. Mom had gone out. I watched as she pulled out of the drive and drove off.

I now had a decision to make. I had told Mom that I would wake up Susie for breakfast. I had told my dick that I would take care of him. That big fella was certainly getting impatient. He was straining against my jeans demanding to get out. I knew he had a night’s worth of pent-up semen and sperm just ready to shoot out.

I surely was ready to release my friend from his f***ed confinement inside my jeans. I wanted to give him his way and let him frolic and play. I would join him in his quest for orgasmic bliss.

There’s not a queer bone anywhere in my young man’s body. But, I had an undeniable zest for playing with my dick. I like to look at it. I like to touch it. I have often fantasized about what it might feel like to touch my dick with my mouth and my tongue. Damn, I wanted to give myself a blow-job! Regrettably, I couldn’t do it. It was physically impossible. But, damn, damn, damn… I would if do it if I could! I had absolutely and positively no similar thoughts about any other dick!

I always came to the conclusion that I would have to stick with my increasingly frequent hand-jobs. There would be no self-administered blow-jobs for me. But, after every jack-off party I would give my dick a promise. I vowed to him this, “One of these days, I’ll find you a girl. I’ll find one with a nice mouth to give you a suck. I’ll find one with a nice pussy that you can play with and fuck!”

I stood before the door of my s****r’s bedroom awaiting the outcome of my decision. Would I go in and wake her for breakfast or would I answer my dick’s demanding call?

My hand slid into the waistband of my jeans. My pants were zipped, but not buttoned. Last night had been hot so I slept only in my briefs with the covers thrown off my body. I still hadn’t put my shoes or shirt on this morning. My hand found its intended target. I grabbed a heaping handful of engorged dick. I spoke in a subdued whisper, “Boy, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a while. I told Mom that I’d wake up Susie for breakfast. Now, you know I always mind my Mom. But, I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll go in and wake Susie. Then we’ll go have breakfast. And, then I will take you in the bathroom and give you the best jacking-off you ever had! We’ll have lots of fun.”

Neither my dick, nor I were satisfied with this decision. We both wanted the jack-off part first. But, I had to mind Mom. I would wake up my s****r first.

I cracked the door to her bedroom a few inches. I saw pink. The walls were pink with a flowery pink and white border. The lampshade was pink with a lacy ruffle around the base. There were pink pillows and cushions thrown about. Pink was everywhere.

I can say one thing about my s****r; she is a ‘girlie-girl’. She likes girlie-girl things. She likes pink! I don’t think she has ever had a ‘tomboyish’ thought in her head. She likes ruffles and lace. She likes dresses. She would choose a frilly dress over shorts or pants. She is more feminine-minded than most girls of twelve.

I pushed the door open and walked in. The early morning sun beamed through the sheer pink curtains at her window. The brilliant sunbeams had focused their light on the sl**ping feminine form in the bed.

Surprisingly, I kinda caught my breath as I looked at the illuminated sight. The night must have been warm for her, too. Her covers were thrown all about the bed. She lay on top of a nest of frilly pink blankets and sheets. She was lying on her back with her arms above her head. Her body was stretched out with the left leg angled towards me while the right leg was parted and cocked-up to the other side of the bed. She had on nothing but a short, sleeveless tank top and a pair of frilly pink panties. She looked like a sexy baby-doll.

Whoa! Wait a minute there mister! What was that word you just used? Did you use the word ‘sexy’ while looking at your s****r? Don’t you know that this is a sweet, innocent, virginal girl that you’re looking at?

I realized I was having a tug-of-war within my mind. My head and my eyes were having a difference of opinion. My head saw sweet innocence. My eyes saw budding sexuality.

Another begged to be heard. My dick decided to join in the debate. I believe he was taking sides with my eyes. I could tell by his reaction to the sight of the feminine form stretched before him. He was already hard when I stepped into the room. Unbelievably, he now stood up with an even more-stiffened excitement.

My eyes and my dick led me closer to the bed where lay the slumbering female girlie-girl. I fell to my knees beside the bed. Yeah, I saw my s****r, my sweet, innocent, young s****r. But, I saw shapes and curves I’d not seen before.

Following orders from my dick and eyes, I made a closer inspection. My dick demanded I look toward the panties first. I did so. There, right in the center of the frilly pink garment, arose a dome-shaped mound. The panties were so tight over this pubic mound that every shape was seen. I saw the bold, proud shape of a ripening pussy. I saw a hint of the slit that covers a clit and a pussy hole. There was no pubic hair. Not any. This girl had not yet reached the full age of puberty. She had not yet had a menstrual period. Not yet. But, it might come soon. Her body was quickly maturing.

I saw this girl’s chest rise and fall as she lay in slumber. My eyes were drawn toward the twin mounds stretching the fabric of the tank top. There I saw the shape of two tits. I knew they were tits by their softly rounded curves. I saw the outline of two nipples straining the thin cloth. Either those tits were bigger than I first thought or the top was too tight. She might not yet have hair on her pussy, but she did have tits on her chest. They didn’t seem to be very much grown in size, but they were tits. If I were to guess, I’d say they each were about ‘teacup’ size.

I joined my eyes and my dick in fevered excitement. Other body parts began demanding a say. My hands asked me to reach out and touch every shape. My mouth begged me to kiss all I saw. Of course my dick, my old friend and pal, made it abundantly clear what he wanted. He’d been imprisoned too long inside my jeans. He wanted to be let out. He had it in mind to find a pussy-hole to explore, to stick in and fuck. Or, if he couldn’t find that, he’d want to enter a soft mouth-hole and get himself sucked.

I now recalled the often repeated promise I’d made to my dick. The one where I pledged to him, if ever I got the chance, I’d reach out for nipples and tits or a pussy and clit. My dick knew, as well as I did, that I kept my promises. Hadn’t I promised Mom that I’d wake Susie up for breakfast? Well, I was getting ready to do just that! Hadn’t I pledged to watch her today? Well, I was certainly doing that. I was watching her with both eyes opened wide!

Here and now I was within touching distance of all those things I sought. Lying there on a girlie-girl bed was a sexy young female with all the required feminine parts. I could not yet see them in all their naked glory. I could not see through the thin covering of fabric. Yet, I could see unmistakable curves and shapes. There, on that bed, a hidden treasure chest lay. It was filled with nipples and tits plus a pussy and clit.

I’d never thought of my s****r as being sexy. I’d never seen her that way. b*****rs don’t look at s****rs with lustful eyes. No they don’t. They do not! But, yes they do. At least, this one did. A b*****r being led around by a lustfully erect, horny, hard-on dick would do just that. I was such a b*****r.

Was I going to seduce my s****r? As I knelt there with b*****rly lust in my eyes, I realized that now was the time to either ‘shit or get off the pot’. I looked at sweet Susie’s face. Her mouth was opened slightly spotlighting her luscious lips. My lips moved toward them. With the gentlest of touches, I kissed her. She did not stir. Her lips were dry as were mine. My tongue reached to moisten my lips. It then did the same to hers. Finally, I joined our lubricated lips together.

At the same time, my left hand had made its way toward her pink panties. It did not stop when reaching the waistband. It dove deeper into the depths of that feminine garment. My hand closed over her soft vaginal mound. Here it gently squeezed and caressed the virginal flesh. I couldn’t believe anything could be so soft, so smooth, or so pliable.

My lips were locked on hers and my hand was filled with pussy. She was not yet awake. But wait, her slumbering eyes were fluttering. My hand continued its joyous explorations and my lips increased their pressure.

Suddenly, I felt a soft hand pushing against my bare chest. Susie was squirming. That girl was awake! She was fully awake. Her hand pushed with more insistence. I pulled my lips from hers. She spoke abruptly, “Jase…? What…? What are you doing…? What…?

My lips were no longer joined to hers, but my hand was still playing with the treasure it found inside those girlie-girl panties. It still squeezed and caressed the pussy it had discovered. I knew I had to say something to her. So I did, “Hey there s*s. Good morning. How are you this fine day?”

I saw Susie’s sparkling-green eyes opened wide in surprise. With an incredulous voice she answered, “What do you mean ‘How am I’? What are you doing? Why are you kissing me? Why is your hand in my panties? You shouldn’t be doing those things!”

I knew I had to give a truthful answer. So I spoke, “Susie, I woke up this morning with a hard-on so big that I was about to burst. I wanted to go to the bathroom and jack-off but Mom told me to come wake you up. Then she had to go in to work. When I saw you lying there, so sexy and pretty, I got so horny I couldn’t stand it. Susie girl, I just had to touch you. I’ll stop in a minute.”

Again, I reached and kissed her. She jerked back slightly, but then calmed down. Our lips were dry by now so I found more moisture with my tongue. I touched this wetness to her lips. I licked first her lower lip and then the top. This time, our lips fit smoothly together. Heat and passion were ignited. She was no longer pulling away. Instead, I felt her arch her head up toward mine. My tongue touched hers. They dueled and played. I grabbed hers and sucked and teased. Unbelievably, she did the same to mine.

Throughout all this, my hand was still playing with her pussy. It was loosing some of its softness. It was growing in firmness. Her bl**d was pulsing inside the vaginal mound. I wondered silently, “Do girl’s pussies get hard-ons?”

I heard a feminine voice. My sweet s****r Susie was speaking, “Jase, do you really think I am pretty and sexy? Do you?”

I answered honestly and sincerely, “Susie dear, you bet your sweet ass I surely do think you are pretty and sexy. Damn, girl you are sexy as hell!”

We resumed our sweet, wet kissing. My hand was becoming frustrated. It had not yet found a clit. It had not found an opening to the pussy glory-hole. My lubricated lips and tongue gave me a clue as to the problem. Why, that girl did not yet have vaginal lubrication! She had not yet entered into full womanhood.

I needed to ask a question. I stopped kissing and spoke, “Hey Susie, do you like this alright? Are you ok? Do you want to stop? There’s something else I’d like to do. I know that I’m sure having a good time. We’re just having a little innocent fun.”

Well, that girl was shy but she had a mind of her own. This might all be new to her, but she had sense enough to know what she wanted to do. She let me know right-quick, “Jase, I guess I like this alright. I’m ok. It is fun, I guess. But, be sure to keep it innocent. Ok? What else was it you wanted to do?”

I heard her say she liked it. That gave me a thrill. Now, she gave me an opening to let her know what else I wanted. Reluctantly, I let go of her pussy and pulled my hand out of the panties. I brought the hand up to where our lips met. I took two fingers into my mouth and lubricated them good with my lips. Then my hand descended back down to the panties and pussy. My slick, wet fingers spread the pussy lips. I found the clit! I tickled it. My fingers frolicked and played.

Susie moaned. I heard it plain as day. She then did it again. She squirmed and moved her hips ever so slightly.

My fingers were becoming dry. Again, I let go of the pussy and reached up for more lubrication. I kissed Susie with wet lips. My tongue was mouth-fucking her mouth. Then her tongue was mouth-fucking me. I stopped long enough to say, “Susie, take my fingers in your mouth and get them really wet and slick.”

That girl willingly complied. Her mouth was a furnace of feminine desire. My tongue was already scorched from its explorations inside. She now took my fingers and sucked them in far and deep. I pulled them out dripping wet.

Down into the panties, my hand again went. The pussy lips were spread by the fingers. They bypassed the stimulated clit and then found the place they desired. They discovered a hole, a glory-hole treasure, a pussy-hole. These dripping wet fingers entered in tentatively. They were on a voyage of discovery in a place where a man had not gone. They gained courage and plunged in deeper. They slammed into a thick wall.

I heard Susie take a deep inhalation of breath and then give a sharp squeal of pain. I stopped. My fingers had bumped up against her hymen. I pulled back quickly. I did not wish to damage her virginal innocence. With her maidenhead safely intact, I continued my exploration of the glorious pussy-hole. This was my first adventure in finger-fucking. I was having fun.

I believe Susie was having fun, too. She didn’t have say so, but I knew. I heard her muffled moans and sighs. She was trying not to cry out in brazen delight.

All at once a mischievously wicked thought came to my mind. Without question or comment, I decided to pursue it. With my fingers still in Susie’s pussy-hole I leaned again for her lips. I needed a wet, super-slick kiss to moisturize my mouth for its next great adventure.

Before our lips touched Susie whispered, “Oh Jase, oh Jase… That feels so good. Your fingers feel so good…down there.”

These encouraging words gave me the opening I needed. I gave her only a hint of a warning about what I planned to do now, “Susie, I’m glad it feels good for you. I want to do something that will feel even better. First, I want a super-sized kiss. Then I want you to lay back and let me do what I want. Just trust me. Ok?”

She opened her lips in an unmistakable invitation. I knew she was ready to give me the kiss. I knew for sure when she whispered her one word reply, “Ok.”

My lips melted into hers with impassioned fire. We kissed, we sucked, we licked, and we tongue-fucked. I came away with a mouthful of moisture. I pulled my head away from hers. I let go of her pussy. I pulled my hand out of her panties. With her still lying on her back, I reached down with both hands. I put a hand on each side of those pretty pink undies. I slid them down over her hips, down to her knees, and then down over her feet. I threw them in a pile of pink clothes. I twisted that young female body around until she was lying crossways in the bed with her legs hanging off the edge facing me.

I stopped for a second to get a good look. The beauty before me nearly took my breath. This was my first time seeing a real, live female pussy. I was seeing it up close. I had enough air to utter a few words, “Damn… Susie, your pussy is beautiful.”

I had already had a handful of this pussy. Now, I was getting an eyeful. But, what I wanted was a mouthful. My head leaned forward. My hands spread the swollen outer lips and exposed the wondrous clit. My slick, wet mouth found the treasure it sought. I clamped on to the clit with tongue and lips. I tickled. I kissed, I licked, and I sucked. My tongue licked up one side then the other. It made slow lazy circles. It made quick darts in, out, and all around. I found the pee-hole and tried to enter this too-small hole. By now the clit had enlarged and stiffened with racing, hot-running bl**d. Again, I was silently wondering, “Do girl’s pussies get hard-ons?”

In the far off distance, I faintly heard Susie’s whispered words, “Oh Jase… Oh Jase… Damn, damn, damn…! That’s so good… That feels so good… You make my pussy feel so good!”

Those soft, feminine words of pleasure spurred me on. My tongue could not enter the pee-hole but it soon found a hole that it could. This hole was not too small. Susie arched her hips slightly and my tongue slipped into her pussy-hole. It sank deep into this wonderfully warm glory-hole. I cupped my tongue to make it stiffer. Her pussy muscles attempted to clamp onto me and pull me deep, but my tongue was too wet. Juices from my mouth made the hole slick. Her pussy-hole had no vaginal juices of its own. She had not yet reached the age of pubic maturity when pussy-juices flow.

I continued to tongue-fuck my sweet s****r Susie’s glorious pussy. Her whispered words were becoming louder as the heat of her passion was inflamed, “Oh damn, Jase…! Damn, damn, oh, oh…! Oh damn, how could anything feel so good? Damn, oh, oh damn…!”

Suddenly, I pulled my tongue out. It needed a rest. Besides, I couldn’t see with my face buried in this girl’s glorious pussy-mound. I moved my head away a little bit, yet not to far. I wanted to look at the pussy. I took my hands away and stared at the magnificent mound. I’d been too busy with the clit and the pussy-hole. I wanted to see the outer shapes. There was no hair. This girl had not one vaginal hair. I was glad. I liked it bare. That way there was nothing to block the view of the virginal flesh. I saw the pussy-lips as being puffed and swollen in sexual excitement. There was a valley between each lip and the thigh to its side. My lips could not resist. I leaned over to kiss each pussy-lip. I kissed each valley. I kissed each thigh. My mouth, lips, and tongue made a thorough oral exploration. My eyes followed alone.

Again, I pulled my head away from the warm, musky flesh. I had more to look at. I spread the puffy pussy-lips. The clit was small, yet I knew I’d never seen anything more beautiful. The vaginal opening, the fabulous pussy-hole, was pink. I giggled and laughed and then I spoke out loud, “Damn, leave it up to my sweet girlie-girl s****r to have the prettiest pink pussy-hole in the whole wide world! I reckon it matches your room and your clothes.”

I heard Susie giggle, too. She giggled again and then again. I wondered who had turned over her giggle-box, but realized it must have been me. She confirmed this when she spoke. Some of her words came as questions, “Clothes? What clothes? Jase, I don’t have a stitch of clothes on! You’ve got me naked! We’ll, I guess I do still have my pink top on.”

I came up erect on my knees between her legs. She had propped her upper body up with her arms and elbows. I looked at her face. Damn, she was pretty! I leaned forward and put my hands behind her back. I pulled her upright in a sitting position. I kissed her, and she kissed me. We kissed again with wet, passionate lips. I spoke with surprisingly endearing words, “Sweetie, I’ve been meaning to get to that top of yours. Thanks babe for reminding me.”

Quick as a wink I pulled her frilly-pink top up and stripped it from her body. I looked into her eyes, winked, and then spoke, “Sweetheart, now you ‘are’ naked! Oh, what a glorious sight! Now, I can get to those tits.”

That’s what I did. I got a look at her tits. I realized that I had neglected these fantastically feminine orbs. I hadn’t yet touched them. I guess I had been completely transfixed by her glorious pussy and its wonders. But, now I knew she had tits. Oh yes, she did. I looked at each in turn, first one, and then the other. I had been right when I guessed at their size. These twin tits were ‘teacup’ size. They would fit just perfectly inside a teacup. As tits go, I suppose these were not all that big in size. But damn, they were beautiful!

I gazed at the teacup-tits with wonder. My hands reach out and each made its own cup. I cupped a tit in each hand. The skin was warm and soft. I squeezed and massaged the pliable flesh. My thumbs each found a nipple. They joined my hands in a gentle, caressing exploration of these magical mammary mounds. The tits grew firmer. The nipples became erect between my thumbs and fingers. Again, my mind asked a silent question, “Do girl’s tits get hard-ons?”

My mouth could stand it no longer. It was jealous of the fun the hands were having. Susie had leaned back on her arms. I leaned over toward her. My left hand let go of her right nipple and tit. My mouth clamped on to the erect nubile nub. I kissed, I licked, and I sucked. I sucked with the jest of a newborn baby begging for its first taste of life-giving sustenance. My mouth changed tits. I moved to the left one and repeated each kiss, each lick, and each suck. My tongue and lips made a circular journey around and around each soft, smooth, titillating tit. Damn, these tits are beautiful. I was making love to each one.

I was learning a lot about the glorious wonders of a female body. I was learning about myself. I now knew that I like hairless pussies and small sized tits. I knew that my favorite things were these; my s****r’s lips, her mouth, her pussy, her clit, her pussy-hole, her nipples, and her tits. My plans for a morning jack-off party were far from my mind. Not that I had forgotten about my dick. That big fella was urging me on.

I heard a whispered feminine voice, “Jase, I like what you’re doing to me. It feels good. I like it when you touch me…up here. I love it when you touch me…down there. I like your kisses, too. I didn’t know about how this would feel, but I’m glad I’ve found out. Are you? Are you glad you started this?”

I took my mouth from her tits, looked her in the eyes, and told her the truth, “Susie, baby-doll I’m thrilled to death! Damn yes, I’m glad! Damn s*s, I’ve got a hard-on that’s about to bust my britches! My dick is so big I think it might just explode. Girl, you make me and my dick so horny that we’re about to go crazy!”

That girl then said something that made me jump. This baby-doll girl, my sweet s****r Susie, this innocent young girl, uttered only four words, “Can I see it?”

My eyes opened wide. That girl was game. She might be a girlie-girl, but she sure had a healthy streak of feminine sexual curiosity. She had certainly spread her legs for me without complaint. Now, I could do the same for her.

I didn’t answer her question with words. I took my hands away from her luscious young feminine flesh. I stood up beside her bed. I reached to unzip my jeans. I pulled them down and off. My briefs followed along. I stood naked before my s****r. Oh, my dick was rock-hard. The six-inch shaft stood straight up bold and proud. My dick was pulsating with engorged sexual excitement. Damn, I was horny.

Susie was again talking. Her voice was no longer a whisper. She spoke with heated fervor, “Oh Jase…oh wow! Oh damn! Oh Jase, it’s… It’s beautiful! I’ve never seen anything so pretty. It’s bigger than I thought it might be. Wow! I love it!”

By now Susie had sat up on the bed directly in front of my naked manhood. Her eyes were glued to the area of my crotch. Her eyes made an inspection. Her mouth spoke words, “Jase, can I touch it? Will you show me what to do? But…Jase, you are not going to fuck me with that thing are you? I mean, I don’t think you should. It’s too big. Besides, a girl can’t let her b*****r fuck her! Can she?”

Again, my eyes opened in surprise. I’d never heard such words coming from my sweet s****r’s innocent mouth. I answered her question but then had one or two of my own, “Oh hell girl! Damn no, I’m not going to fuck you! And it’s not because my dick is too big. I’ve seen your pussy-hole. It’s not all that big, but I’ve heard that a girl’s pussy-hole can stretch to take in big dicks. My dick is not all that big. It’s just middling size. So, I reckon I could fuck you. But, I won’t. I wouldn’t fuck my s****r! Now girl, tell me…just what does an innocent, virginal girl like you know about fucking?”

I could see Susie blushing, but she was also smiling. Her voice was smiling, too, “I don’t know anything. Just, what I’ve heard. It’s supposed to feel good. You’re already doing things that make me feel good. I don’t see how it could get any better. Now, can I touch your penis? Will you show me how? Do you want me to?”

I spoke in haste, “You bet your sweet ass you can touch me. But, be damn careful. He’s about ready to blow. I’ll give you a little tour and then you can take over. This long part here is the shaft. The loose skin at the front is my foreskin. When I pull it back, you watch my head pop out.”

I held the dick in my firm hand. I pulled back on the shaft. The head emerged as if it had magically appeared. Eagerly, Susie reached to take over. I had told her she could. Her hand replaced mine on the shaft. She repeated my motion. She giggled when the head popped out. She did it again. Oh, damn I could barely remain standing. My knees were weak. My man-juices were bubbling inside my testicle sack. Susie continued. My sweet s****r was giving me a hand-job.

Without letting go of my shaft, Susie slid to the edge of the bed. She dropped on her knees. She pulled me down to take her place on the bed. The tables were now turned. She was now between my legs. She leaned over and kissed my shaft. She wet her lips and kissed another place and then another.

I was half sitting and half leaning back in the bed. From this angle I saw all. I saw my sexy, sweet s****r Susie kissing my dick. I saw her skin back the shaft. I saw my head pop out. I saw her wet her lips. I saw her kiss my dick-head. I saw her tongue dart into my pee-hole. I saw her tongue circling my dick-head. I saw her mouth close over the whole head. She sucked and licked as if she had a lollipop in her mouth. But, she didn’t. No, it wasn’t a lollipop she sucked. She had my dick in her sweet-soft virginal mouth! My sweet s****r Susie was giving me a blow-job!

By this time I was almost screaming. I reached out and put my hands into Susie’s short, curly-brown hair. I grabbed a handful of curls and moaned “Damn, oh… Oh, damn… Oh, Susie you’ve got to stop! Oh, damn girl you’re going to make me cum! You’re going to make me shoot my load in your mouth! Damn, oh… Damn, girl you don’t want me to cum in your mouth!”

I pulled at Susie’s hair and she reluctantly released my dick from its captivity inside her steaming-hot mouth. She didn’t take her hands off my shaft. She looked me in the eyes and said, “I don’t know what that means. But, will it feel good? Will it make you feel good? I want to make you feel good. I want to make your penis have the good feeling you made my pussy have. That’s the best feeling ever! It just can’t get any better!”

I looked at that sweet, immature girl and spoke laughingly, “s****r dear, things can get better! We’ve just gotten started with ‘good feelings’. This is what’s called ‘foreplay’. There’s something else that feels a lot better.”

She looked at me quizzically. She didn’t understand. Her voice questioned, “What is it? What feels better? What is it called? How does it feel?

I gave the girl some b*****rly knowledge, “Susie, it’s called an ‘orgasm’. It’s the greatest sex feeling in the world. Haven’t you ever had one?”

She still had a confused look as she answered, “No, I guess I never have. Have you? How many have you had?”

I answered her quickly, “I’ve had lots of orgasms. They feel great! I always have them by myself. I’ve never had one with a girl. But girl, that’s about to change if you don’t let go of my dick. I’m getting ready to blow any second now! You don’t want me to squirt on you…do you?”

She answered me sternly, “I don’t want to let go! I love your penis! Oh Jase, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I want to be the first girl to make you have that good feeling you’re talking about.”

Susie then proceeded to do just that. With my shaft still in her hand, she leaned forward and recaptured my dick-head in her mouth. My dick slid into the fiery furnace. Her tongue again licked all around. She kissed, she licked, and she sucked. She was a wanton wild-c***d. My testicle bag was filled to overflowing. An eruption was near. I grabbed Susie’s head to pull her away.

It was almost too late. Her mouth had barely slipped off my dick-head when my orgasm began. Hot streams of thick, milky-white semen spurted from my engorged shaft. The first thick glob hit her mouth and lips. She did not recoil in fear. She was game for this adventure. The next stream of hot juices spurted onto her tits. Sticky-white semen dropped onto virginal flesh. Susie continued to pump my shaft. Another gush squirted up to her neck. I fell back on the bed. Susie pumped again. The last thick stream of hot liquid cream shot over my belly and chest. I lay back exhausted. Damn, damn, damn! What in this world had that girl done?

Whatever it was, she wasn’t finished. Susie climbed up to the bed. She climbed on top of me. Our semen-slick bodies squirmed together. My arms went around her back and pulled her tight. She placed her arms around my neck. She nuzzled my neck and whispered, “Jase, did I do that right?”

I held on to that girl and squeezed. I answered her question, “Susie, dear Susie, my sweet Susie, you did it right. Oh damn, oh yes you did everything right! I’ve never had such a magnificent orgasm in my life. How…how did you know what to do?”

Susie giggled in glee, “I learned from my b*****r how to do it. I just did to you what you did to me. I kissed and sucked you like you did me. Although, I can say that your sex parts are different than mine.”

I twisted and rolled that girl until she was the one on her back. I kissed her again and again. I spoke to her endearingly, “Oh sweet baby, my love, you’re right about that. We do have different body parts. I’ll tell what I’m going to do. I’m going to make you have your first orgasm. I want you to lay back. I’m going to tongue-fuck your pussy and mouth-suck your clit.”

And that’s just what I did. I slipped down off the bed between her spread legs. My eyes found her virginal mound. My mouth clamped onto her clit and I sucked, and licked, and kissed. I was gentle, at first, but then became more insistent. My tongue found the pink pussy-hole opening. It plunged inside. It too was gentle, at first, but then increased its fervor. My tongue moved around and around inside the vaginal cavity. I cupped my tongue to make it stiff and plunged in and out…in and out. Susie was wiggling and squirming. Suddenly, her hips bucked up and then again and again. She was moaning, she was crying, and she was screaming, “Oh damn…oh damn…oh my damn…it’s happening…it’s so good…oh, oh, oh…!”

Susie stopped struggling. I stood on my knees between her legs. I looked at her face. I didn’t have to ask her if she’d had an orgasm. I knew without a doubt that she had. Her face was aglow. I pulled her to an upright position. Her lips came directly to mine. We kissed and kissed.

We had both been sexually satisfied by each other. We were b*****r and s****r lovers. What the hell does it matter? It was just good, innocent fun between two virginal k**s.

Our bodies were sweaty from heated sex. Our bodies were sticky-wet with seminal fluids. We need a shower. I cupped an arm under Susie’s legs and another under her back. I pulled her against my chest and stood up with in my arms. I carried her to the bathroom.

Susie had to pee. I did, too. Instead of taking turns, I told her we could pee at the same time. She was hesitant, but she was willing to try. She sat on the commode and spread her legs. I fell to my knees in front of her. She spread her pussy-lips and I could see the clit and pee-hole I’d just been kissing, licking, and sucking. She couldn’t wait. Her pee started to flow. Mine started, too. The two streams of yellow-gold liquid met and became entwined as one. Unbelievably, I had an almost unbearable urge to direct my warm, yellow stream towards the pristine pussy. I wanted to bath it in warm liquid comfort. But, I resisted the urge. We finished peeing. We then had a long, leisurely shower. We return to her bed and fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

Two hours passed and then we awakened together. We had no shame in our nudity. We gloried in our nearness and nakedness. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind, “Susie honey, I’m supposed to be waking you up for breakfast. I promised Mom that I would. Are you hungry? I am. I’ve worked up a hunger playing around with my sexy, sweet s****r’s beautiful body.”

Susie giggled and gave me her innocent smile. This girl had a flirtatious, teasing nature when aroused. I guess I had aroused it. She spoke with a smile, “Well Jase, we could have had breakfast long ago. Nobody told you to put your hands in my panties. Nobody told you to kiss me like crazy. Nobody told you to strip off my clothes. It wasn’t my idea to have sex all morning! Missing breakfast was ever bit your fault!”

I grabbed my sweet s****r Susie. I kissed her and hugged her tight. I whispered in her ear, “Listen here sweetheart, it seems like I remember a certain young lady having the time of her life right along with me. If you weren’t so sexy and pretty I would not have bothered you. So, girl, you’re the reason we missed breakfast!”

We tussled and wrestled in her girlie-girl bed for awhile. Lots of b*****rs and s****rs tussle. But, I don’t reckon they do it naked like we were. They don’t do it when the b*****r has a stiff hard-on smacking against his virginal s****r’s sexy nude body. We kissed and we touched, but we were not yet ready for more sex. Finally, I smacked her on the ass and said, “Let’s go eat.”

I put my briefs and jeans back on. Susie put on her pink panties and tank top. We walked to the kitchen hand-in-hand. We looked at the food on the table. Susie’s maternal instinct took charge. She spoke in a no-nonsense voice, “Jase, you put the food in the oven to warm. I’ll get some cups and make some tea.”

I followed orders. The females ruled in this house. I put the food in the oven. When I turned back, I noticed the two cups Susie had set on the table. They were teacups from Mom’s favorite set. I looked at Susie and then looked again at the cups. A mischievous grin appeared on my face. I pulled out a kitchen chair. I sat facing Susie at the stove. I spoke softly, “Susie. Doll, can you come here for a minute?”

Without question or comment she came. I had spread my legs as she walked towards me. She stopped just in front of me. I spoke again, “Babe, will you lift up your top for a minute? Lift it all the way up to your neck.”

Again, she did what I asked without question. She lifted her tank top up to her neck. Her tits were fully exposed. I reached for the two cups on the table. With a cup in each hand I reached to fit one over each perky tit. I spoke to her in exclamation, “I was right! I told myself that your tits were ‘teacup-size’! Why, they fit perfectly inside Mom’s teacups!”

Susie giggle with glee and then spoke, “Jase, you are silly. What a thing to do! What would Mom say if she knew that you had put my tits in her favorite cups? Oh, Jase you are silly, but I don’t care. I just wish my tits were bigger than ‘teacup size’ so you would like them more. I know most girls have bigger tits.”

I replied hastily, “Susie babe, I like your tits just fine the way they are. I wouldn’t change them a bit! They’re beautiful and sexy. I love them!”

I let Susie step back and drop her top. There would be time for playing with tits later. We had breakfast to eat. And eat we did. We had a lively breakfast conversation. We always had good morning-time talks. Susie and I always got along real well. Somewhere along the line the subject turned to talking about male and female sex organs. Specifically, the questioning was about what they should be called. This was certainly not our usual morning topic. But, this was not a usual morning. I reckon we both were just naturally curious about sexual things. But, Susie had noticed that I call my male part my ‘dick’ while she had been calling it a ‘penis’. She wanted me to explain why we used different names for the same thing.

I thought about it and gave her an answer, “Girl, there are several names for a guy’s man part. The same goes for a girl’s female part. I’ll name the top three for each one. A guy can have a penis, or dick, or a cock. A girl can have a vagina, a pussy, or a cunt. Now, I reckon all names are correct. But, I’ve got my own opinion about when each should be used. Now, in general talk I reckon the words penis and vagina should be used. These words are neutral and not offensive to most ears. Now, if sex is involved things are different. If it’s mild sex with mostly innocent love, romance, or passion, then the words dick and pussy might be more fitting. But now, if it’s downright dirty sex that’s raunchy or perverted, the words cock and cunt are more appropriate.”

Susie had a questioning look in her eyes. I could almost read her mind before she spoke. But, she went ahead and asked me, “Which of those categories does what we’ve been doing fit in?”

I was smiling as I answered, “Honey, we fit in the dick and pussy category. What we are doing is having sweet, innocent, passionate sex fun. We might be b*****r and s****r, but we are not being raunchy or perverted.”

I could tell Susie was pleased with my answer. I knew that this sweet, innocent girl was not feeling perverted and wicked. She let me know by her next words, “Jase, I’m glad we’re in the dick and pussy category.”

We were finished with the meal, all but dessert. But, it came to each of our minds that we’d had dessert already. I’d had a nice fresh pussy with a clit and a hole. I’d had a couple of sweet tits with nipples on top. I’d had a pair of sweet-soft lips. Susie had a big, juicy dick with steaming-hot cream. She had some lips, too. Yeah, we had a good pre-breakfast dessert.

But, we were still hungry. Our favorite breakfast dessert was donuts. I especially liked the white, sugar-powdered ones. I spoke suddenly, “Susie, have we got any of those white donuts? They’d go good with some milk.”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she stood up and headed for a cabinet. I watched as she jiggled her young ass. It was a nice ass, really nice for a girl of twelve. My sixteen-year-old dick was certainly aware of her sexiness. It was standing up bold and proud inside my jeans. It wanted out.

Susie placed milk and donuts on the table and we ate. The donuts were sweet and tasty. But, they were not as sweet as that girl sitting across from me. A wicked, mischievous thought entered my head. What if I combined the two delicious tastes?

Without thinking more, I winked at Susie and told her to come and stand in front of me. She came without question. I put my hands under her arms, lifted her, and sat her on the kitchen table right in front of me. I spread her legs so that I could scoot up closer. I reached and pulled her skimpy tank top up and over her head. I pushed her back to where she was leaning on her arms. I took two sugar-covered donuts and placed one on each tit. Two nipples fit perfectly into two donut holes. I leaned forward and stuck my tongue in one donut hole. I touched a hardening nipple. I did the same to the other donut hole and nipple.

I heard giggling. I didn’t know if Susie would be up for this, but she was. That girl is game. She had never done anything like this, but neither had I. I asked, “Susie babe, have you ever heard of a ‘sugar-tit’? I’ve heard of one, but I’ve never had one. Now, I’ve got two. Wow, they’re very tasty!”

She didn’t answer, but she laughed and giggled. I was emboldened, so I took the donuts and rubbed the sugar all around the nipples. I kissed, and licked, and sucked the sugar off each nubile nub. I rubbed the powdered sugar all over both tits. My mouth, lips, and tongue found every sweet morsel which was made all the sweeter by mixing with the tastes of young female tits.

I lay the donuts on her belly and pushed Susie to her back. Sugary powder covered her belly and settled in her belly-button. I licked and kissed it all up. I teased her belly-button with my tongue.

I laid the donuts down and reached for the frilly waistband of Susie’s pretty pink panties. I pulled them down. I pulled them completely off. Damn, there was that beautiful nude pussy mound right in front of my face! I’d had my first sweet ‘sugar-tits’ and like them very much. But, I wanted more. I wanted a sweet ‘sugar-pussy’. I’d never even heard of anyone having one before. Maybe I would be the first. I took the donuts and covered the whole pussy with sugar powder. Then I went to work eating it off. I kissed, licked, and sucked. The taste of sweet pussy and sweet sugar were intoxicating. I was giddy and half-d***k with joy. Wow, I had a sweet-sugar-rush that was blowing my mind!

Yet, I wasn’t finished. I opened the swollen pussy-lips with my fingers. I rubbed a fresh donut over the clit and pussy-hole. My mouth and tongue found the sweetened clit. I licked and I sucked. I licked and sucked again.
My sugar-coated tongue entered the pretty-pink pussy-hole. My tongue moved in and out and all about. I was tongue-fucking my s****r with sugar- sweetened lust. I was getting lost in sugar-pussy ecstasy.

But, I wasn’t the only one. Susie was squirming and twisting frantically. She was rattling the table. She was moaning and groaning with sexual delight. I stopped kissing, and licking, and sucking. I wasn’t yet ready for Susie to cum. I had other plans. I sat back up and pulled Susie up into a sitting position. I pulled her down into my lap. I rubbed a donut on her lips. She took it from me and rubbed it on mine. I kissed her lips and she kissed mine. Sweet, sugary joy swept though our minds. We kissed, and kissed, and kissed.

Susie pulled away. I saw in her eyes that see had something to say. Yet, she was hesitant and shy. Shy! After what we’d been doing this morning, that girl shouldn’t be shy about anything with me. Yet, she was. This girl had not yet lost all of her sweet, virginal innocence. But, the girl was game for anything, so she gathered her courage and spoke up, “Jase, can I rub a donut on you? Down there…?”

I kissed her long and hard. She made me happy. I told her so, “Damn yes, Susie. I was hoping you would. Just do anything you want to with me.”

She took me at my word. She slipped out of my lap onto her knees between my legs. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I helped as she pulled them and my briefs down and completely off. Her shyness was slipping away. She grabbed my engorged shaft and kissed it. She laid her cheek against my throbbing dick and hugged it. She kissed it again. She then reached for a donut. Sugar powder covered the shaft. She skinned back my foreskin and rubbed on more sweetness. Her mouth closed over my sugar-coated dick-head. She sucked and licked in a sugared frenzy. She let go of the dick-head just in time. I was about to blow. I didn’t want to yet. She moved again to the shaft. She kissed, and licked, and hugged. Words spilled from her sugar-sweetened mouth, “Oh Jase, I love your dick! I love it, I love it… I do. I never knew it would be so wonderful. I didn’t know that it was so big and beautiful until today. But, it is! It is! I never knew sex could feel so good. I never knew that you knew how to do all the things you do to me. I love the feel of your hands on my body. I love your mouth and tongue on my tits and pussy. I love to kiss you.”

I was ready and eager to return her sweet-sex words, “Susie doll, I feel the same about your pussy and tits. Oh yes, I love them. I love your nipples and tits. I love your pussy and clit. I love to look at them, touch them, kiss them, lick them, and suck them. Damn girl, one of these days, if you’re not careful I might even fuck you! I might stick my dick into that pretty pink pussy-hole of yours. I just might fuck my sweet s****r Susie!”

Surprisingly, Susie didn’t rebel. She didn’t retreat or pull away. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She whispered in my ear, “Jase, you can fuck me whenever you want. You can fuck me right now, and I wouldn’t care. I would want it. I want to be fucked by you! I still think your dick is too big for my pussy…but if you think it will fit…I’m willing to try.”

Damn. Damn… What am I supposed to say? What am I supposed to do? Where is that sweet, virginal girl whose bedroom I entered earlier this morning? Was this the same girl here kneeling between my legs? I put my hands under Susie’s shoulders and pulled up into my lap. Her chest was facing mine. Her arms were around my neck. Her legs straddled mine. My nakedness was pressed tightly to hers. My dick was firmly pressed against her pussy. What was I going to do with this young sex-kitten that I had made purr? I had awakened her from her sexual innocence. But, hadn’t she done the same to me? We were both virgins when we woke up.

But, I couldn’t fuck this sweet innocent girl… Could I? I couldn’t fuck my sweet s****r. Well, technically I guess I could. I’ve got a dick that fits in a pussy-hole. She’s got a pussy-hole made for a dick. But, her pussy-hole is dry. Susie had not yet begun to have her pussy-juices flow. She had no natural vaginal lubrication. This could present a major problem.

Unexpectedly, I looked away from the sexy young female body in my lap. My eyes caught a glance of something sitting on the kitchen table. My mind told me a few things. First, Mom must have eaten before I got up. Second, she must have had waffles for her own breakfast. Third, she had left the squeeze-bottle of thick maple syrup sitting on the table. Fourth, that thick gooey syrup was probably warm by now.

I shook my head with the thought that flashed in it. Oh damn… I couldn’t do it! I just couldn’t! I couldn’t, I shouldn’t, and I won’t. But, I might! I might just do it! I lifted Susie from my lap and sat her back on the table. She leaned back on her elbows. By now we both were so sexually aroused that we needed the relief of an orgasm. We were going crazy with feverish, virginal lust.

I picked up the bottle of maple syrup. I squeezed one drop onto each of the two perky nipples. My mouth reached for the luscious delicacies. I sucked the sweet maple-flavored nipples. My tongue licked around and around. Susie was cooing and calling my name. I heard the words, “Jase. Jase, oh damn Jase!”

I moved down to the treasure between her legs. The pretty pussy-mound was swollen with sexual hunger. I squeezed a small drop of thick, syrupy molasses into the valley between her thighs and the pussy-mound. My mouth licked the sweet nectar from the maple-flavored pubic mound and pussy-lips. I was glad that she had no pubic hair. I had nothing but smooth, warm, feminine flesh to lick and kiss.

I reached for the syrup bottle again. I spread her pussy-lips and squeezed a thick drop of sweetening on the clit. My mouth followed the drop. I began licking, and kissing, and sucking. My mouth, my lips, and my tongue were working in a feverish frenzy. Susie’s hips were wiggling and squirming. She couldn’t lay still. She was moaning, or groaning, or crying, or screaming. I really didn’t know which. My mind was concentrating on a sweet clit. I only heard some of the words. I did hear, “Jase, oh damn Jase… You’re driving me crazy! Oh damn Jase that feels so good! I love what you do to me!”

I’m glad Susie was having fun. I’m glad she liked what I was doing. I wasn’t so sure if she’d like what I planned to do next. I didn’t dare give her a chance to lick syrup from my dick. Damn, if she touches me again, I’ll cum all over the place! My dick, my old friend, had been through a lot with me this morning. We had one more virginal experience to share together. I would let him have what he wanted. He wanted a pussy to fuck. There was a pussy just inches away. Together, we’d fuck my sweet s****r Susie.

I put several thick drops of syrup on two fingers. I put the fingers inside Susie’ pretty pink pussy-hole. This dry cavity filled with sweet, slick lubrication. I reached for my shaft and pulled back the foreskin. I put more of the sweet lubricant on the head of my dick. I stood and leaned over Susie. I pushed her flat on her back. I opened her pussy-lips with the fingers of one hand. With the other I guided my dick toward her pussy-hole and entered.

I was hesitant. This was her first time. It was mine, too. I wasn’t sure what to do. Nature became my guide. I entered deeper. I pushed up against her virginal wall. The hymen was there, intact and unbroken. Should I break through this veil of innocence? Maybe I should pull back? Suddenly, Susie’s hips bucked up with a f***eful thrust. Her pussy-muscles contracted and grabbed my shaft pulling and tugging my dick deeper inside. u*********sly, I responded with a thrust of my own. My shaft sank deep inside. It burst the vaginal veil.

Susie screamed! Yet, it wasn’t very loud. And, she didn’t stop bucking and thrusting her hips. I didn’t either. Her pussy-muscles had a tight grip on my shaft. Despite their hold, I thrust in and out. In and out, I thrust again. I heard her calling my name. She was moaning or screaming. I didn’t care which. Her fingernails were digging into my chest. I felt my seminal fluids churning and boiling inside my testicle sack. I was unprepared for the v******e of the eruption when it came. My shaft filled with molten fire. Thick, milky-white semen and sperm burst forth. Stream after stream spewed out of my dick into Susie’s pussy. Semen and sperm mixed with sweet, sugary molasses and liquefied powdered sugar.

A glorious, magical, magnificent orgasm hit me as soon as the hot semen started spurting. It started in the head of my dick, traveled the length of my shaft, and spread throughout my body. Wave after wave of orgasmic delight coursed through me. My body was shaking and shivering in orgasmic bliss.

Through an orgasmic haze, I could see that Susie was shivering and shaking, too. She was thrashing and twisting as her virginal body lost its innocence. She felt my shaft penetrate her hymen. She was aware that hot seminal fluid was filling her vaginal hole. Yet, she didn’t care. She was too busy absorbing orgasmic waves. One orgasm after another coursed through her young body. As one subsided, another began. And then, another and another. Her breath was taken away. She couldn’t speak.

At long last our shared orgasms subsided and slowly faded. Yet, we didn’t move. I stood with my dick inside Susie’s pussy. It was becoming soft. It was satisfied. When I’d jumped out of bed early this morning, a pretty pussy and clit with a pair of nipples and teacup size tits were only a dream to wish for. Now, because of my sweet s****r Susie, the wishes and dreams were real.

Finally, I looked into Susie’s eyes and she looked at me. We smiled. She sat up. We kissed. We kissed with long sweet passionate tenderness. We heard drips on the floor. We knew that seminal fluids mixed with virginal bl**d and sweet maple syrup were dripping out of her pussy and my dick and falling on the kitchen floor. We didn’t care. We were lost in orgasmic afterglow.

Our kissing frenzy ended. I scooped Susie up into my arms and cradled her against my chest in a tender embrace. Her head lay on my shoulder with her breath tickling my neck. Words finally came from my mouth, “Susie, baby doll it seems like we’re going to need another shower. For the second time this morning, we are all sticky and wet. I wonder why that keeps happening to us.”

Susie giggled and laughed then hugged my neck tighter. She whispered in her soft-sweet feminine voice, “Jase, the reason might be because you keep on sticking things up inside my pussy. First, your fingers, then your tongue, and now your dick have been in me. Your dick keeps on spurting juices on me. First, they shot out and hit my mouth and got all over my tits and your chest. And, now they have shot up into my pussy-hole and filled it up to overflowing. I’m not complaining, though. I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve done to me.”

I stopped her words by kissing her sweet mouth. Damn, she was a hot little sex vixen! Had I done this? Had I awakened a young sex fiend? Hot-damn, I hope so! Unbelievably, my dick was coming back to life. I kissed the young sexpot in my arms and twirled her around and around the kitchen.

When my twirling ended I was facing the backdoor. When Mom had left earlier she had left the door open so the cool morning air could come in through the screen door. I now stood facing that door with my naked twelve-year-old s****r cradled in my arms. I too, was naked. My sixteen-year-old dick was already growing more erect and firm with each passing second.

I stood still as I faced the screen door. I didn’t move a muscle. My eyes were opened wide and staring in shock. A woman stood at the door looking in! My mind raced wildly. But, it settled down to tell my eyes some things. First of all, it wasn’t Mom! Damn, thankfully it wasn’t Mom! Secondly, the woman was young. Surely, she wasn’t very old at all. And thirdly, she was pretty. She had long blonde hair tied back with a red ribbon. Her blouse was sleeveless and fit tightly to her bosom. Short, short cut-off jeans set off her shapely hips. Long, lean, pretty-tanned legs completed the picture.

This woman was speaking as she opened the door and came in, “Hi ya’ll. I’m your new neighbor from next door. I came to return this casserole dish your mother brought over to me yesterday. My name is Cathy. You must be Jason and Susan. Your mom told me about you. But, I see she didn’t tell me everything.”

Susie had jerked around in my arms to see who was speaking. She nearly fainted. We had been so lost in passion that we had never even considered that we might get caught bare-ass naked and fucking. Susie buried her head against my shoulder and closed her eyes in disbelief.

I called upon my senses to give me courage to stand. My legs were trembling. I was getting ready to run with Susie in my arms. I found my voice at last, “How long have you been at the door? How much did you see? You won’t… You won’t tell Mom… Will you?”

The pretty woman spoke again, “Oh, I didn’t want to interrupt. I’ve been waiting ever since you got those donuts so that you could have some ‘sugar-tits’. But damn, don’t mind me. And hell, don’t worry about your mom. You ain’t the only b*****r to ever fuck his s****r. I was just ten the first time my b*****r fucked me. He didn’t do it nice and slow and gentle like you did with your s*s. He was rough. But, I finally settled him down after he had fucked me a few times. After that, we had some mighty-good times together. We still fuck occasionally. Woops! I didn’t mean for that to get out. I wouldn’t want my husband to know. Although, I do know for a fact, that he used to fuck two of his own s****rs. I’ll keep your secret and you can keep mine.”

Well, I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to say. I knew that this woman was what they call a ‘talker’. Damn, could she talk! She was rambling on and on. At least she did say that she wasn’t going to tell Mom about me fucking Susie.

The woman was still talking. I caught up with her words. I heard her say, “Jason, you’ve got a real nice cock. Why, it’s big and hard again already! And, you just finished fucking Susan! My husband is twenty, same age as me, but his cock ain’t as nice as yours. And, neither is my b*****r’s. Susan, girl you ought to be happy that you’ve got a b*****r with a cock as nice as his. And, you ought to be glad that he’s going to use it to fuck you. Listen ya’ll, if you ever need a place to sneak-off to for some fucking, you can scoot over to my house. I’ve got a back bedroom that is never used. Or, you can use my kitchen table if that’s what you like. But, be sure to clean up your mess. You’d better clean this kitchen up before your mother gets home.”

That thought had not yet reached my mind. The kitchen table and the floor were a mess. Powdered donuts and sugar were s**ttered about. There were pools of thick molasses mixed with seminal fluids and virginal bl**d on the table and floor. I decided to worry about that later.

That woman, Cathy, was talking again, “Ya’ll, I’ve got to go. Jason, you’d better shut this door behind me. You never know when some nosey neighbor might stop by and stick her nose in. I’m glad I stopped though. I had a good time watching the fucking. It was real nice, what ya’ll did was.”

I followed the woman to the door, Susie still in my arms. She still had her head buried against my shoulder. The woman pushed on the screen door and I reached for the other door so I could close it. That woman… That pretty, sexy, next-door neighbor lady stopped and turned back towards me. Unexpectedly, she reached a hand and grabbed my dick with a firm grip. If my shaft hadn’t been hard before, it certainly was now. That woman started speaking again, “Like I said, Jason you’ve got a real nice cock. It makes my cunt wet just looking at it. Bring it over sometime and see me.”

She let go of my engorged shaft and turned. The screen door closed. I shut the big door. I locked it. Thanks to a naked girl in my arms and a horny neighbor lady I now had a full-on erection. I knew that Susie could feel it poking at her ass. She raised her head, looked at me, and smiled.

I carried her out of the kitchen towards the awaiting shower. After we get cleaned up and rested there would still be enough time for another round of sweet-s****r fucking. I could get use to this. I sure loved fucking my sweet s****r Susie. The glow on her face told me she loved it too.

I had one last wicked thought which I spoke aloud, “I hope Mom has to work all day.”

Susie giggled and whispered, “I hope so, too.”

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1 year ago
What a great story thanks for sharing it !
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3 years ago
so hot, so innocent, so wrong it's right.
moving on to part 2!
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The story was good but the age of the susie is just not right.
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That was good
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great story going 2 read part 2 and i agree hope the neighbor gets involed
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its nice, but you took to long in the beginning to get to the point, and the dialogue was good, but it would of been a lil better if it was just less like a college essay overall i loved it and cant wait to read part two
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outstanding story, hope your neighbor gets involved
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Wonderful story and a great lead in to another story with the neighbor. Wonderful
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thanks for the great story! reminds me of me and my sister!
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well i read a bit of the story , im just wondering what prison was like
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Very good
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nice story