you can learn a lot from a tutor

It was my third year of university, in the field of immunology, and i was sitting in my tutorial. It was my only class for the friday, so i was relatively awake.the course itself wasnt overly difficult, it was merely a lot to remember. I was sitting in my tutorial, looking at my fellow classmates, nothing over the top, just average people, more guys than anything. there was however a rather cute asian girl sitting to my left. with long flowing black hair, framing a slightly tanned face. her tits were small, as most asian girls are, her legs however were heaven, long, slender and completely hairless, ending in a gorgeous pair of heels. my brain was on fire, sending signals to my cock, which began to swell rapidly. 'shit, i dont need this now...' i thought.
i tried to distract myself, but i kept glancing at her legs, imagining them wrapped around me as i pounded her into a bed or my car seats. i started to think about my tutor; who was yet to arrive, as being some grumpy old man in his 50's, this helped a lot. in my world off thinking, i hear a door open, presuming its the tutor, i dont bother glancing around.
I see a tall blonde girl walk past my desk, towards the tutors desk.
'hello...' i think to myself
she doesnt seem too bad at all. she is tall, well over 160cm, dressed in a loose white tank top, within which i can see she is wearing a black lace bra, tight jeans of a dark blue, and sandals. She walks behind the desk, and bends to place the folders she is carrying on the desk and begins flipping through them. from my seat in the second row i can see somewhat into her top, possibly a small C, or a large B. i could feel my pants tighten again...'crap...not again...' she turned to the board and began to write her name "Kimberley". I watched her write her name slowly, but then my eyes began to lower, slowly down her back, stopped at her ass. it was one of the best asses ive ever seen, small, tight, and heart shaped. The perfect ass to hold, or to fuck. my cock by now was hard, very hard, and it was showing. she turned and began handing out sheets to everyone. i quickly tried to subtley reposition my stiff cock so it wouldnt show as well, i succeeded, somewhat, i looked up just in time to see her approach me, and hand me a sheet smiling broadly. "thank you" i said a little to high pitched, grunting to get my correct octave. the rest of the lesson went on rather dryly, Kim going on about the innate immune system while i day dreamed of that pert ass.
that night i went home, and thought of nothing but Kim and her gorgeous ass, imagining fucking the shit out of it. this however did not help the homework she had assigned us. i spent the week trying to do it, but alas having not payed attention in class, i had no luck, finishing it with crap answers. the following friday i walked into class. being winter, i was wearing a hoodie that was a tad small, as well as jeans, which were tight enough around the waist that i completely forgot about a belt. i sat down in my usual spot, middle of the second row, in a spot without any desks in my veiw of the tutors desk due to the teselating pattern of the desks. i sat and waited, the asian girl with the nice legs walked in and sat down, smiling at me. this helped raise my ego a bit, being 160cm, i wasnt overly buff, nor that good looking in my opinion, but i liked to work out, and kept somewhat fit. Sex was nothing new to me, but it was generally d***ken hook ups or girlfriends, all my age or younger. i knew i stood no chance with Kim, but that didnt stop me looking. she walked in, in her slender beauty, this week walking in a micro skirt with see-through tights and leather boots and jacket. being winter, the room was cold, but not as much as outside, which as such lead to Kim removing her jacket as she sat down at her desk. she sat down and asked for all our homework back "dylan could you get them and bring them up?" she asked me. "sure Kim" i said, moving to get everyones sheets before heading to her desk. As i drew closer i could see that her nipples could kind of be seen through her shirt, poking through in the cold of the room. i started getting hard staring at her large tits, but i was quickly snapped back to the world as she thanked me. i replied and went back to my desk, trying to calm myself. the tutorial continued with Kim talking and asking questions, finally it came up to a question i
knew; "what cells 'eat' bacteria and other pathogens?" asked Kim, i quickly raised my arm, my small hoodie lifting with it. "yes dylan?"
"Macrophages are the ones that engulf pathogens and bacteria"
"perfect answer, pity your homework doesnt reflect that"
i blushed at the remark, even though i knew she was joking, she looked back as me again a few times. i kept wondering why, and saw that my cock was still hard, and evidently showing. The lesson continued, with Kim sitting at her desk marking homeworkwhile we did some questions. she handed back the papers and we left, i had unfortunately gotten a D; 'fuck'. i walked back in, to talk to her, i walked up to her desk, she lookedup enquiringly "yes dylan?"
"i was wondering about the homework..." i began
"like why you did so crap?" she said non-chalantly
"well you tell me, why do you think so?"
"because i didnt pay attention in class"
"why's that?"
"" i tried not to say that it was because i was day dreaming of fucking her, so i went with
the excuse "got distracted"
"well maybe you should get a tutor"
"but i dont know any, or where to find any"
"well i offer tutoring"
"like one-on-one?"
"yeah basically"
"what's the pricing?"
"that's worked out later, but i can give you a few trial lessons to see if you like it and that it
"hmm, i dont see why not"
"ok, here's my number, we can work out a time later" she concluded, handing me a slip of paper with
her number. "text me when you're free"
with that i walked out, thinking that with her there i wont be able to concentrate at all, but it would give me a chance to see her up close. The next few days i tried and tried the homework she had set, but i simply couldnt complete it. So i grabbed my phone while i was at uni and started writing a text to Kim:
'hey, it's dylan, im having some trouble with my hw, could you help?'
less than ten minutes later i got a reply:
'sure, meet me at the bus stop'
so i grabbed my bag and headed from the library i was at to the bus stop, to wait for Kim. It was a relatively warm day so people were strolling around in summer clothes, myself in shorts and a t-shirt. Kim came walking up to me, in the same white micro skirt she wore to the tutorial, but this time with a white tank top.
"ok, so we'll need to go to my apartment, because all my stuff is there, that's cool with you right?"
"yeah ... er... sure" i stuttered, surprised she'd so willingly allow me into her apartment.
we boarded the closest bus to us, sitting up the very back. As the bus rolled through campus and out towards the surrounding areas i took every chance to take a good look at Kim as we chatted about various things. She was showing great cleavage, the gorgeous very lightly tanned hills of her chest jutting out proudly, exposing the bottom of her plain blue cotton bra. once or twice she seemingly caught me looking but said nothing, however i swear i saw her move closer when the bus hit a few bumps. the trip was rather uneventful, until we got to her stop about 15minutes later. we hopped out and walked down a small side street next to the bus stop, towards another road, past tall apartment buildings and double storey houses. We walked for around ten minutes, chatting idlely still, until we arrived at a rather large apartment, no more average than the rest, the front face of the building a smooth blue, as if built from solid concrete. we walked in, entering to a long narrow hallway with a staircase at the end. we walked slowly towards the stairs, passing various doorways and a set of elevator doors.
"i like to take the stairs, it's my form of exercise" Kim said, in response to my unasked question
as to why we were taking the stairs and not the lifts. we climbed the stairs one at a time, me trailing behind Kim, her ass directly in my face, so close that if she werent wearing pants i could have seen directly into her ass. the gentle sway of her ass as she climbed the steps made my cock stir, making it awkward to walk. we finally arrived at the fourth floor, which also happened to be the top floor, exiting out of the stairwell door, and turning into yet another narrow hallway. we pass only one other door to on at the end of the hall on the left, into which Kim put her key. I waited while Kim stepped in, looking back to see why i hadnt stepped in.
"something the matter?"
"no, just that i feel it more civil if you invite me in"
"awww, you're such a darling ha ha, please dylan wont you come in?" she said, a smile in her voice and on her face. i stepped into her apartment, it wasnt huge, but it wasnt tiny either. a kitchen adjoining to a dining area, average sized lounge and a doorway leading to what i would assume would be the bedrooms and bathrooms.
"it's not much, but it's good for my room mate and i, but she's out of town on holidays at the
"oh ok, it's pretty cool in here"
"it's great aye" Kim agreed, "would you like a drink or something?"
"only if you're having"
"not sure if i can offer you a beer, university policay and all" she pondered a bit
"we had a tutor once for genetics buy us a beer at the bar at uni, plus im fairly sure policy stops
when you leave campus" i offered in hopes of a beer with her
"yeah ok, that's fair enough, a beer then? or a wine?"
"let's go beer, wine makes me a cheap date" i replied coyly
"ill remember that one" she responded with a smile "wine for me then, make yourself at home"
i walked to a sofa and placed my bag on the floor and sat down, opening up my books as Kim sat down
next to me, handing me my corona "cheers"
we began drinking slowly and finishing the question quite quickly, aroud half way through my bladder was already full, and i excuse myself to the bathroom.
"through that door on the left, first right" came the directions
i wandered through the door, into a second short hallway, with two doors on the left, one was ajar, within which i could see a messy room which would evidently belong to Kim or her room mate, i followed the hallway along more, a door at the very end leading into a small laundry and the bathroom door at the very end near the laundry door. i pushed open the bathroom door, stepping into a white and black tiled bathroom of average size. A bathtub/shower combo was situated in one corner, while a toilet in the other, a sink between the two. i stepped up to the toilet and unzipped myself, slowly releasing my urine into the bowl while i looked about. The was nothing much to the bathroom, plain textures and a mirror atop the sink, however in the mirror something caught my eye, it was a hamper, evidently where Kim and her room mate keep their dirty clothes to be washed. i finished my business, however didnt flush the toilet, i zipped myself back up and stepped over to the hamper, looking in. the hamper was full, used shirts and shorts and jeans everywhere, mixtures of blues and blacks primarily, with a hint of white here and there. Something a vibrant blue however caught my eye, i slowly extended my hand in, to see what it was, i slowly pulled it out, revealing to be what was evidently Kims underwear. the panties were a vibrant blue lace, cut into hipster style underwear. i turned them around, looking at them, along the outer surfaces, then the inside. inside right where Kim's beautiful vagina would be, was a small patch of a clear subtance, almost as if she had gotten wet when wearing them. i brang the underwear up to my face, taking a deep breath of her scent, the musky smell filling my sense. my cock had begun to get hard again, i extended my tongue, licking the patch, tasting the sweet nectar of her vagina, sending my mind into a frenzy. i quickly unbuttoned my pants and moved to the toilet and sat down, whipping out my 6" cock, i started to rub myself, smelling her sweet scent and tasting it. i then wrapped the underwear around my cock, and started to slowly stroke, building up momentum as i fantasised fucking Kim. i was in pure heaven, getting faster and faster, as my excitement boiled. I could feel myself getting near cumming as i got faster and faster, my hand creating a gentle flapping sound as it hit my pelvis.
"dylan? are you ok?" i heard on the outside of the door
'shit' i thought as my cock spasmed, cum spewing into the folds of Kims panties "yeah im fine" i said, slightly out of breath, unwrapping the panties slowly, thick globules of cum covering nearly all of the insides of the panties. i quickly did my pants up, moving to place the panties deep within the hamper, and flushing the toilet. i quickly checked myself in the mirror, seeing that i was still hard, the outlined of my buldge was evident in my shorts, 'shit', i readjusted my cock so the head was out above the belt line, but it would be hidden by my shirt. i stepped out and headed quickly back to the sofa, sitting down as Kim was re-filling her wine, and had placed another beer for me.
"thought you had gone to sl**p or something" she smiled
"haha sorry" was all i could say, my mind still on those panties and her scent.
i raised my arms as i stretched in preparation to write, completely forgetting that i was still hard, i stretched, my shirt raising a good three inches above my belt. i remembered i was exposing my cock and quickly dropped my arms and leant forward, hoping Kim didnt see. i looked over to the next question, glancing at Kim to see if she'd seen my cock, it appeared not, but she was smiling for some reason. we finished the questions not too long after, before it was time to go.
"do you want me to drop you home?"
"no, it's ok, ill get the bus, thanks heaps for the help"
"not a problem"
Kim extended her arms for a hug goodbye as i left, i encircled her waist as she leaned in, her perky breasts pushing into me. we broke the hug as parted, as i walked to the bus stop and sat on the ride home, i could not get that wonderful scent out of my head. the week passed without much else going on, till friday came up. the tutorial went on as per normal, with me fantasising about Kim, and her lovely scent. I snapped back to the world as Kim placed another homework sheet on my table with a smile. i looked down, at it and instantly thought 'fuck'. But it would give me another excuse to hang out with her. i sat down at my desk at home on monday night, trying to finish the sheet, or at least attempt it, but alas nothing came to mind.
*bzz bzz*
my phone was going off from a text. i picked it up, checking to see who was texting me, it was Kim.
'hey, how you finding the homework?'
'it's terrible, how are you that evil?'
'haha, oh you love it'
'so you'd think'
'need a hand?'
'that would be awesome'
'well im free tomorrow if you want to come over?'
'sure, i finish at 10am anyway, so im free pretty much the whole day'
'ok, meet at the bus stop. x'

i was excited, i was seeing Kim early as in the week. i could not wait, the thought of her scent in her panties was enough to rock me into a wonderful sl**p for the night. i awoke the next morning, feeling excited as a k** on christmas. i could hardly concentrate in my two classes for the morning. 10am rolled along slowly, teasing me in it's wake as i practically ran to the bus stop. being a very hot day i was dripping with sweat when i arrived to see Kim sitting calmly on the bus stop seat in a pair of short shorts and a white tank top. her long legs crossed as she waited for me. She spotted me, and rose, walking over to me. "oh my you're so sweaty dylan"
"sorry, i had to run, lecturer went over" i panted.
"no matter, you can take a shower at my place" she beamed at me as we stepped onto the equally stifflingly hot bus. we arrived at Kim's stop in what was relatively short time, perhaps due to the early hour and the lack of traffic. we ascended the inner steps of the apartment complex, her pert ass swaying in my face, the shorts doing littel to cover her ass. i could make out the bottom of her ass hanging out of the shorts as we slowly ascended the steps.
we stepped into Kim's apartment, i dropped my bag as she directed me to take a shower. "go on Dylan, i dont need you smelling like pheromones and sweat thanks" she smiled pointing to the bathroom. i moved to the bathroom, undressing as i shut the door. i was completely nude in a matter of seconds, as i searched her hamper, this time finding a black satin pair of panties. i opened up the panties to look inside. 'JACKPOT' i thought. inside the panties were still wet, the fluid covering the crotch was visibly moist, glistening even. it was almost as if she had very recently worn them. i hungrily lapped at her juices, licking the crotch piece clean. after this i wrapped the panties tightly about my cock, and began to massage my cock with them. i was slowly building pace, quickening every second. Soon i was cumming thick wads of cum into the panties. the black satin covered in a rich pearly white texture, i quickly stuffed the panties back into the hamper and jumped into the shower to srcub off at light speed.
i slowly walked into the lounge to find a beer already waiting and Kim with wine in hand.
"want to have lunch here? i made lasagne"
"sure, why not, no other plans for me today"
"no girls to meet?"
"haha no, what makes you say that?"
"you just seem so nice, but we can discuss that later"
we sat for a good hour doing questions as we drank.
"no that doesnt seem right" i said aloud to myself
"what's up?" Kim enquired, leaning forward to see, her hand resting on my thigh. Kim, despite the copious amount of wine she had consumed (not to mention the numerous beers i'd had) answered my question perfectly, leaning back as she finished her answer. her hand didnt leave my thigh at all in that time, in fact it only moved higher, now resting about half way up.
"you know, these tutorials arent free" Kim muttered, slurring her speech.
"what do i owe you?" i replied, equally as tipsy.
"hmm, well i know what you'd like to owe me..." she replied hinting at something i already knew what.
"and that is?"
"well you seem to quite enjoy licking my panties and cumming in them, so you tell me" she replied,
dropping the blue panties i had cummed in on the table, the cum was still on them, dried by now, but
clearly visible.
"well?...what ever shall you owe me?"
her hand slowly began sliding up my thigh, closer and closer to my crotch, which was by now, quite
engorged. her hand slid slowly up onto my hard cock...
"well, here's what we'll do, ill try to help you think up some ideas, and you tell me if you like
them or not, yeah?" she said, giving my cock a hard squeeze through my jeans before moving higher to
start unzipping my jeans.
"ye-yeah.." i stuttered, too shocked to reply properly yet
with my fly fully down, her hand began sliding into my jeans, finding the leg hole of my briefs, her
long warm fingers encircling the base of my cock. Placing her glass down, she moved to use her other
hand to push my underwear aside as she revealed my cock.
"mmm, liking this so far? because i sure am..."
"yeah..." came my feeble response as she started to run her hand slowly up my shaft, the other
moving deep into my underwear to fondle with my balls.
"i hope you dont mind, but im also have a bit of a fetish for domination..." she began, her finger
toying with the eye of my cock, sending sparks up my spine, the feeling was incredible, my legs were
spasming as she worked her finger lightly across the hole.
"n-, no-, not at all..." i managed to gasp
"excellent!" she exclaimed, suddenly stopping and starting to remove my belt "give me your hands"
i placed my hands in front of me, as she looped my belt around them and pulled it tight, buckling it and setting my arms above my head.
"dont want you out of control now do we ... " she began, moving back to my jeans, as she began to unbutton them, sliding them as well as my underwear slowly down my legs and off completely. After this she leant back, removing her top, exposing a rather nice pink lace bra, which she deftly remove with a mere flick, throwing it into a corner. next came her jeans, which she sexily removed, wiggling her hips as they fell, a matching pair of panties hugging her ass. stepping out of the jeans, Kim walked over to me, my eyes locked onto her perky breasts, which needed hardly any support to stay up. placing her legs either side of me she sat down hard onto my cock, her panties the only thing stopping me entering her. slowly she began to grind into me, her warm juices soaking her panties through as she dry humped me. her warm pussy outline etching itself into my cock. she slowly got off me, making sure to rub her ass into my cock as she turned around to step off. She walked out of the room for a short while, the soft padding of her feet receding was replaced by the clack clack of what was evidently she had put on shoes. as she came into veiw, i could see she was wearing a pair of black heels, easily 4inches high, accentuating her long legs more so. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, sliding them slowly down, before lifting a long leg and stepping out of them. bending down, she picked up the panties, scrunching them up as she moved towards me. her pubic patch visible, no hair existed on her pussy.
"open" she commanded, which i did somewhat willingly. she plunged the panties into my mouth.
"that'll keep you quiet for a bit" she purred, leaning in to nibble my earlobe. "now to really work
you" she commented as her hand slid slowly across my neck, moving lower, brushing across my nipples.
she pinched one nipple hard, giving it a sharp twist as she slowly licked and sucked the other, her hand sliding down my stomach, to encircle my cock. Her hands moved slowly at first, one rubbing my inner thigh, the other stroking my length. she kept this up for a while, quickening her pace. seamlessly, she guided the head to her warm soft mouth, enclosing is around my head, her tongue playing around the base of the head, moving up to flick and tickle the eye of my cock. She removed her hand from my thigh, movign it to her pussy, sliding two fingers in, working her pussy as her head began to descend. My head was in the heavens, i was getting far too excited, luckily i was gagged, else i would have been moaning aloud. Kimberley worked her way down my shaft, going down and inch, then bobbing back up before going down further, moving further along each time until finally, she had me entirely in her mouth, my cock seeming to bend down her throat. I could feel her throat muscles tightening around my cock as she worked it around in her mouth, throat fucking herself. what came next, was nothing i expected. i felt a soft, most hand running along my ass cheeks, which were now hangiing off the couch. the hand began to stroke up and down my ass crack, this was nothing new to me, i had had girls rubbing my ass crack during oral, but next thing i know, i feel two very moist fingers rubbing my asshole a little too hard for my liking. i began to shift upwards, away
from the source. "uh uh" came the reply to my movement in a mumbled form from Kimberley who was still throat fucking herself with my cock. i felt her pull my legs towards her and the fingers back again on my asshole. one finger withdrew as the remaining finger began to run in circles around my asshole, stopping in the middle, where it began to worm it's way in. having never done anything anally to myself before, i was incredibly tight, her long finger working it's self deep into me. i was in pain, never having done it before. but then after entering the full finger in, she began to withdraw it, almost the entire way out, before plunging it in again. the pain had no subsided, and an intense feeling was building in my abdomen. the combination of the throat fucknig and the new feelings was driving me wild. i was getting very close to cumming. Kimberley withdrew my cock from deep within her throat, leaving only the head in her mouth, licking around the head, flicking the head. this sent me over the edge, my cock pulsating as it spewed forth ribbon after ribbon of hot cum, more than i had ever before, into her mouth.
gagging slightly, she commented "liked that didnt you?"
"mmmhhhmmmm" i replied in a stupor
"now, it's my turn" she replied, standing upright, moving to straddle me, her ass hole coming into contact with the head of my still hard cock. i know she could feel it there, because she began to press lightly against it,gyrating her ass into it.
"mmm, someones keen for somemore anal..." she purred, kissing me full on the mouth, her tongue darting in quickly, licking my teeth. i rapidly returned the kiss, my tongue moving forward to meet hers, her hands moved slowly up my chest, towards my face, stopping to hold my face in her hands. we kissed for only a short while before i felt one of her hands pressing on one side, i followed suit, lying down as she lay on top of me, the warmth of her breasts pressing into me. Slowly i felt her body lifting off me, her mouth rotating as she worked her way around, not breaking the kiss, until finally she and i were in a kind of spiderman kiss. with both our bodies facing different ways. slowly, Kimberley kissed lower, moving along my neck, biting my neck as she worked her way down, stopping to suck and bite my nipples. i took this moment to latch onto one of her nipples which were dangling above my face, giving it a small bite before sucking on it in earnest. a moan escaped Kimberley's mouth, her body pressing into my face as she became aroused by my actions, her hand working its way to my cock, squeezing the shaft, moving slowly up it to begin rubbing the eye of it, this caused me to stop what i was doing and to stop and begin to moan. this set her along her path again, kissing and biting her way down, until finally her crotch was on my face. upon this, Kimberley slowly sat up, her glistening pussy hanging right abovemy face, it's muskey smell engulfing my senses.
"now, be a good little boy and eat me out, or i will make you sorry"
"my room mate is a tad bit of a dominatrix, and has some...let's call them 'toys', and trust me, i
know how to use them"
upon this threat Kimberley began to lower herself, until she was just touching my lips with her own. i slowly extended my tongue, i lightly sc****d her pussy, the taste was wonderful, sweet yet tangy. She slowly began to gyrate, moving herself lower, she spread her lips, showing her engorged clit. I immediately brought it into my mouth, my tongue flicking it as i sucked it hard. She did not expect this, a huge gasp escpaing her lips as she dropped onto my face, my nose going right up into her pussy. moaning aloud, Kimberley began to grind her pussy hard into my face, one hand on my stomach to stabilise herself, the other fumbling with the belt holding me. next thing i know, my hands are free, moving up to hold her thighs. letting her hand slide down my stomach, i felt a warmth around my cock once more, Kimberley's mouth engulfing my cock. this sent me high, i began to furiously lick her clit, causing her to moan and bite my cock slightly, her hands grasping my ass, clawing into it with her long nails.i raised a hand up to her ass, giving it a squeze before plunging two fingers deep into her pussy, this sent her wild, letting go of my ass and dropping, her face fell down my shaft, penetrating deep into her throat.i quickened my pace, finger fucking her hard. Kimberley could hardly move, her thighs tightening on my head, her jaws clamping around my cock, juices flowing freely from her pussy. after a bit, i removed my fingers and moved myself higher, my tongue toying with the entrance to her pussy. in that pause, Kimberley gained enough compusre to lift her torso up. sitting back, this caused my tongue to plunge into her pussy, i promptly began to swirl it around, this drove her insane. Kimberley began to furiously hump my face, smearing her juices all over my face. nearing a climax, she quickened her pace, my senses blocked by the pussy ravaging my face. Soon there after, she climaxed, juices flowing thick and fast into my mouth and all over my face. i swallowed it all, the intriguing taste lingering for a while. Kimberley collapsed onto me, panting slightly, "now that im all slick, time to ride this cowboy" she commented, slipping off me. slowly Kimberely climbed onto me straddling my pelvis, my still erect cock poking against her ass.
"mmm" she moaned as my cock tickled her gyrating ass
slowly, Kimberley began to lift herself up, moving so she was above my hard cock. wrapping her long elegant fingers around the base of my cock, guiding me into her depths. slowly the head of my cock entered her, the beautiful warmth of her sending shivers up my spine. sitting down slowly, her warm pussy lips engulfed my cock. when she had me fully inside her, she began to rise, my cock pulling out till only the head remained, before dropping down again. slowly her pace quickened, moving like a jack hammer. Our pelvises collided on her down strokes, slowly bruising us both as she bounced on me. i felt her vaginal muscles strangling my cock as she slowly hit her climax. as she got closer, her pussy squeezed more, tightening around me. soon however i felt her pussy begin to pulsate around my cock, thick juices flowing out onto me. Kimberley stopped moving, her breathing ragged.
"" she asked between puffs, i shook my head no. "well... assume the position my naughty student"
clambering off me, Kimberley moved to the floor, and to the edge of the couch, getting on all fours and leaning her arms on the couch.
"pick a hole big boy" she purred, wiggling her ass
stepping up behind her, i placed the head of my still hard cock against her asshole, "good choice" she moaned, anticipating the entry. slowly i began to push the head of my cock into her asshole, the resistance it put up being overcome by the slick pussy juices still covering my cock, but shit, she was tight. i slowly worked my head into her ass, pushing hard, making Kimberley moan. after a bit more pushing and working, my head entered her ass. i was right, she was tight. i slowly began to push into her, my length working it's way in, her ass was incredibly tight, squeezing my cock for all it was worth. i began to pump in and out of her, the pussy juices on my cock helping me to slide. the feeling was incredible, her ass was at least 10 times as tight as her pussy, my balls slapping into her as i got faster and faster, my arousal rising more and more as she rubbed her clit. it didnt take long for me to get off with my cock pumping into her tight ass, i was soon shooting again deep into her. after a short recovery i felt myself wilting, i pulled out slowly, my cock coming out with an small pop.
"well that was a good lesson dont you think?" i said ambiguously
"definitely, taught you a few things babe" replied Kim, standing up, cum dribbling out of her slowly
as she stood up, pulling on her panties as she did so, "ill keep the cum for later" she explained
Winking at me, as i dressed.
gathering up my stuff, i headed for the door, Kimberley in tow. i stopped at the door to kiss Kimberley goodbye, our mouths met, tongues snaking into each other’s mouths as we kept the kiss for what seemed an eternity. slowly we came apart, Kimberley smiling at me, her hand squeezing my ass as she gave me a final peck on the cheek.
"let me know when you need some more help with tutes" she winked at me
"you bet i will, some of that stuff is mighty tricky, plus you're my favourite tutor"
i smiled, waiting till she had closed the door before turning and heading down the corridor and down the stairs to go home
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1 year ago
It was an excellent story. The stories I write, short as they might be, are sometimes riddled with typos. Lately I have taken to going over the entire story before I post it. You had a few typos and you might look up the term enjambment. It would be great if the Asian girl turned out to be Kimberly's roommate should you do a chapter two. As a former teacher I am trying to help a bit with your story which was truly wonderful.
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice! :}
2 years ago
awesome story, wish i had a tutor like her back in school.
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
amazing hot story :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
very hot story