My Girlfriends Mom

This is a true story!

When I was 20 years old, I moved to a shore town on the east coast because my 19 year old girlfriend wanted to be closer to her mother who had just remarried and moved there to be with her new husband.

My girlfriend and I had been together since she was 15 and to be totally honest, she was my first everything. At 15 when I met her, she had huge tits and they kept getting bigger as she aged and as much as I didn't want to leave my friends and f****y, I would have followed those tits anywhere.

Besides her large, soft tits with big nipples to match, she gave awesome blowjobs, the kind of blowjobs that you know the girl really loves sucking cocks. Those kind! Also, she loved fucking and in the 3 years we had been together, we had fucked alot.

When we moved to the shore, my girlfriends mother helped us find a place to live and her husband found me a job. I was surprised because her mother never held back the fact that she didn't like me much and let it be known that I was no good for her daughter. I guess she wanted her daughter close and I was the part of the deal.

Once we moved in together, I was introduced to the side of my girlfriend I never really knew. For years, all I worried about was when, where, and how I was going to fuck her, get my cock sucked or titty fuck her. I was and am still today a very horny person! Now hat we were living together, I quickly found out that my girlfriend was a lazy, dirty girl. She wouldn't clean our place. She wouldn't do laundry. She wouldn't do dishes. She never made a bed. The bathroom only got cleaned if I did it. Now, I'm saying that she should do all of that herself, I mean we both worked fulltime jobs and i was capable of doing my share but this girl wouldn't do anything until we had no more dishes to eat on or we had no more clothes to wear. Any way, this drove me crazy and began to cause alot of arguments.

This caused alot of tension between us and than to add to it, she got a job working nights at a convenience store and I worked on a construction crew during the day. I had off weekends, she worked weekend nights. Needless to say, all this added up and my 3 year sex filled fairytale was coming to an end.

My girlfriends mom and her husband were rich. They lived in a big house right on the water and had a boat, jet ski's etc. She was about forty five at the time and not bad to look at. She had blonde hair, was thinly built with small tits and a big ass. Not fat, but plump in a good way. She was kind of stuck up and acted like she was better than most. I always found that funny because before she married her husband, she and my girlfriend had very little. They weren't poor but they were not well off either. Her husband was sixty and not very attractive, at least in my opinion.

One night we were over her Moms house and I was complaining about being bored. Her Mom suggested that i get a hobby. I didn't need a hobby, I need my girlfriends big soft tits hitting my face as she rode my cock. I didn't say that but that is what I wanted. Anyway, her Mom said she was taking the jet ski out on Sunday and asked if I wanted to take it for a ride. I said sure and made arrangements to meet her on Sunday. My girlfriend didn't mind because she was working and she knew her mother hated me. I guess she figured her mother would just abuse me verbally and mentally for a couple of hours. i thought the same thing but I figured I'd go out on the jet ski and just leave when i was done.

On Sunday, I arrived to find her mother, we'll call her Ann in the back of the house putting a jet bike in the water. i asked about the jet ski which was different and she said it was not running. The jet bike would have to do. The jet bike was large and could easily fit 3 people however, I wanted to go out by myself so i asked her how this was going to work. She said we had to go out together because her husband didn't want me taking it out alone because it was so expensive. I reluctantly agrred figuring maybe if given the opportunity I could throw that bitch off. To my surprise when i started to climb on, she stopped me and said she was driving. I almost left but stopped myself and decide, what the fuck.

As we rode out into the bay, I felt a little uncomfortable sitting behind her basically riding Bitch on her jet bike. After a while, she started opening the bike up and we were flying. As we hit some big waves, I tightened my grip on her waist because if i didn't, I was going to get tossed. I tightend my hold on her and as I did, I noticed she pushed her ass back towards me. A little weird i thought but I just ignored it.

Everytime we hit a wave, my cock was driven into the back of her ass and I she never did anything to stop it. After all, she was driving. She could have slowed down but she didn't. As we approached a very big wave, she yelled for me to hold on and she hit it hard. Thats when it happened! My arms and hands were jarred loose and they jumped up. As I tried to regain my grip before falling off, my hand found her tits and I grabbed them like they were handles. To my surprise, they were more than handful.

Once again to my surprise, she didn't say a word and kept on cruising. After that, I kept my grip on her light and with every wave we hit, my hands would jump up and fondle her tits while I went out of my way to drive my cock into her ass. Once again, she said nothing and continued going fast.

After a while, i decided to push my luck and as we hit another wave, my hands grabbed her tits. This time, I left them there and squeezed them as we rode. This went on for a few minutes until I went farther. She was wearing a one piece bathing suit with a low cut back and small skinny straps around her neck and I slipped my hand under her suit and grabbed both of her naked tits in my hands gently pinching her nipples. I have to say, her tits weren't as big as her daughters but at that moment, i knew where the nipples came from.

Once I grabbed her bare tits, she let off the throttle and her flew back into my chest as she pushed her chest into my hands. The feeling of her naked tits in my hands had made my cock rock hard and it was actually hurtinf from being jammed into her ass with such f***e. As the jet bike slowed, she moaned as I played with her tits and pinched her nipples. I took my right hand, removed it from her shirt and put it between her legs. I could feel her clit through her bathing suit. It must have been very excited. I did this for a minute or so.

I couldn't take it any more. I grabbed the handle bars on the bike and throttled up. I took over driving from behing while I played with her pussy with my left hand. I took us into a small area where there were some homes on the water but also some little areas of secluded beach. I pulled up to an area, turned off the bike and pulled it up on the beach. She looked at me and asked what I was doing. I didn't say a word, I just grabbed her onto the beach. As we hit the ground, I pulled my shorts down and release my cock. I'm not large by any means but my 7 inches was pumped and ready to explode.

Once my cock was loose, I looked at her and grabbed her head, pulling her mouth down onto my cock. She pretended to be a little insulted by my gesture but she didn't stop from sucking me. As a matter of fact, I found out where my girlfriends cock sucking skills came from. It was in her DNA. This woman sucked my dick like a whore. I had to laugh, She always acted better than everyone and basically treated me like I was a piece of shit and here she was with my cock buried in her face. I was definitely loving that moment.

I don't know how long she was sucking my cock but I was about to explode. While she was sucking I had roughly pulled the top of her bathing suit down and played with her hanging tits, pinching them nipples harder and harder.
I could feel my balls getting tight and you know what that meant so I stopped her from sucking me. I left her on her knees and got behind her. I pulled her bathing suit to the side and pushed my rock hard cock in her pussy. Her pussy was so wet that I slid right in.

As I fucked her doggy style, I kept telling her what a fucking slut she was. I'D ask her how she liked my young cock fucking her stuck up pussy. I even told her she was a bigger slut than her daughter. Even whn i said that shit, she agreed while moaning.

Now remember, I was 20 years old, sexually frustrated, and stimulated beyond what control. With that in mind, within minutes of mounting her, I filled her wet pussy up with so much thick, hot cum that I thought I was going to kill her. I must have spasmed 14 times and cum came out with each spasm. It was alot. It was so much that when I came, I think my pulsating cock made her cum. She sure moaned and bucked like she was cumming.

When i pulled out my cock, she gently collapsed on the little beach, half naked with cum running out of her pussy. As I looked down at her as I put my shorts on, I had such a feeling of triumph. Like i said, this woman was a huge bitch who took a lot of enjoment out of tormenting me over the years and here i was watching my cum run out of her pussy.

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2 months ago
damn that was good
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Hell yeah!!!
3 years ago
Great story, Is there another part to this?
3 years ago
awesome my mil is hot and i want her to I am 43 she is 73 with GG tits
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Amazing story.
4 years ago
Great story im from new england id love to meet your mom in law
4 years ago
This is fantastic. I had a mother-in-law the same way but eventually she caught me and her precious daughter having sex before we were married. Years after our divorce I ran into her and we talked for a long time. We ended up in bed that night. In the earlier days she was a prude but now the real slut came out and she wanted it in her mouth, ass, and pussy. I even agreed to get some other guys to join in. Last I heard, she was fucking everything that walked!
4 years ago
haha thats awsome!
4 years ago
Great! Would love to know what happens next.
4 years ago
Nice. Fuck her up the ass next!
4 years ago
great story, what happen next
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very good
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Excellent treatment
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A great ride! Keep it up!
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excellent story, what happened next?