First bisex encounter

E's heart was racing as she sat on the hotel bed, barely able to believe what was happening. But it was good, really good and the wetness between her legs meant there was no denying that....

Two weeks ago she had agreed that he could send some naked photos of her to the guy. He seemed genuine from their conversations on the adult dating site and she liked the look of his big cock, they both did.

The guy had been suitably impressed with the pictures showing her great tits and her legs spread to show her lovely wet cunt. It was the tipping point, they knew they were going to go through with it from then.

J had found the guy from his profile on the site. He lived nearby and was looking for a couple just like them. No strings sex, sucking and fucking with both the man and the woman. That was what they wanted as her biggest fantasy was to see him with another man and he was desperate to watch her being fucked. They had exchanged messages confirming that they were all after the same thing and E had become incredibly turned on when J told the guy how much he wanted to suck his big dick and swallow his cum.

Although it was something they had discussed for years, she realised that fantasy was gradually morphing into reality. Apprehension was slowly being replaced by lust and the shared knowledge that they were both lusting after the same thing.

Once the photos had been exchanged, they also learned that the guy was called Michael, a chartered surveyor, slightly older than them at 42. He was single having been divorced for 5 years and was happy with that situation, choosing to keep his life as uncomplicated as possible. Having joined the site a year ago he had experience of getting to know one couple through it with whom he had had a few meetings. These had been great, he said, but the couple liked to play the field so the encounters had ended in an amicable fashion.

E liked the fact that he was experienced in the type of sexual meetings they had been discussing and the fact that he was clearly intelligent and a professional made her more at ease with the whole situation. Still, when she thought that they might actually do this, a frisson of fear still accompanied the now more familiar tingling in her clit.

They agreed that although they lived quite nearby, meeting at a hotel made more sense, certainly for the first time. Michael was keen to reassure E that there was no pressure and that if any of them decided things weren't right then backing out was no problem. They had eventually set a date and as soon as E saw Michael walk into the hotel bar, she knew that they'd made the right decision.....

After a couple of drinks and surprisingly relaxed conversation, Michael asked if they wanted to go to the room. J looked at her and smiled and E surprised herself when the words "Mmmm, yes please" tumbled from her mouth.

And now here she was, sitting on the bed dumbstruck but horny as hell, watching as her husband got to his knees in front of another man.

Michael unbuttoned his shirt and dropped it to the floor as J undid his belt and zip. Breathing heavily, he slid the trousers and then the boxer shorts down. Michael's cock bobbed forward, already hardening and E gasped and slipped a hand under her short dress and inside her underwear. J moved forward slightly and began to lick the underside of Michael's dick. Working his way to the top he then used his hand to ease the foreskin back, staring for a second at the lovely, purple head before plunging it into his mouth.

This was what she had fantasised about for so long. Her husband wanking and sucking another man's cock in front of her, and it didn't disappoint. Her nipples were rock hard and her fingers worked her clit frantically as juice flooded her cunt.

J sucked and licked the now fully hard cock, holding it up to lick Michael's balls before swallowing it deep again. It was too much for E and she came hard on her hand, her pussy in spasm after spasm, moaning loudly. "Someone please fuck me, now." she uttered in a voice she barely recognised as her own.

Michael's cock glistened with J's saliva. Now rock hard, E felt an immediate need to get it inside her. As J removed the rest of his clothes, Michael walked over to the bed. He helped E out of her dress before kissing her deeply, removing her bra and moving down to suck on her nipples. She wriggled out of her soaking knickers and pulled Michael up towards her by his shoulders as she lay back on the bed opening her legs wide.

She half noticed that J was watching her and moving towards the bed but then Michael's lips were on her mouth and he tasted good and his body was above her and his cock nudged her cunt. He adjusted his position slightly and the swollen head of his dick entered her. She was so wet that he slid straight in, her cunt easily taking the full length of his big thick cock.

Michael fucked her with slow deep strokes, kissing her and biting her neck. It felt fucking amazing and so unbelievably rude that she was being fucked in front of her husband by a man she’d just met. She spread her legs as wide as she could and squeezed at his thrusting cock with the walls of her cunt as his mouth found hers again and he tongue kissed her deeply.

He pulled out and got her to turn over onto all fours and it was only then that she realised she'd been so lost in the moment that she hadn't noticed that J was standing in front of her with a big grin on his face, wanking a massive erection.

Her husband leant down and kissed her as E felt Michael push his big cock back into her cunt from behind. J continued kissing her mouth as she moaned with pleasure before pulling away and offering her his cock instead. As Michael's rhythm quickened, E opened her mouth and sucked on J's dick. The feeling was intense as her husband fucked her mouth and their lover pounded her cunt, his heavy balls slapping against her clit with each stroke.

Michael was getting close to coming. He fucked E hard and moaned that she was a gorgeous, dirty slut. She took J's cock out of her mouth just long enough to say "fuck me harder and cum in my cunt" before pushing it back between her lips and sucking it like a whore.

This was too much for both men. Michael groaned as he filled E's cunt with spurt after spurt of hot sperm while J let out a gasp and unloaded in his wife's mouth. She ate it, savouring the taste and the feeling of two cocks filling her at once.

J kissed her deeply again as Michael's cock softened inside her. He slid out of her and she rolled over onto her back knowing what was coming next. J moved onto the bed between her legs and immediately enveloped her cunt with his mouth, sliding his tongue inside her and sucking the sperm out greedily. She knew that this had always been his ultimate fantasy, to eat another man's spunk from her cunt. As his tongue flicked her swollen clit she came again, grinding her leaking pussy all over his face as he swallowed it all.

Michael had fetched drinks for them all from the minibar, gin and tonics, while J had been cleaning his wife's, sperm filled cunt. They sipped them and chatted, slightly awkwardly but also with excitement of what had happened. E noticed J's cock hardening again as she leant against him. Michael's hand was on her inner thigh, lazily stroking her, but this wasn't what she wanted. She got up making the excuse that she was going to the bathroom, wanting to see what would happen if the two men were left on their own. As she crossed the room she couldn't resist "suck each other off, now please" she ordered, not knowing where the confidence had come from. It felt good though.

Exiting the bathroom the sight she had been hoping for greeted her. On the bed Michael lay on his back with J above him, straddling his face. The two men were eagerly sucking on each other's cocks and even better, Michael had two fingers in J's arse. They'd clearly taken the lube from her bag as she saw the bottle discarded on the bed next to them. E picked up the bag and settled down in the armchair opposite the bed, taking out her vibrator.

As she used the toy on her clit, she watched as Michael tongued J's arsehole while wanking her husband’s cock. He slipped his own hard penis from J's mouth and positioned himself behind him while picking up the lube. Once coated in the slippery lubricant he pushed the head of his cock against J's arse. With the fingering and licking it had already received, the cock head slid in easily and after a couple of thrusts Michael was all the way in, his balls pressed against J’s, “Oh God yes” coming from her husband’s mouth.

E was in heaven watching her husband take the full length of another man's dick up his arse and it got better as Michael started to fuck him properly. J took it doggy style like that for about five minutes, a look of ecstasy on his face as the big dick pounded him with long deep strokes, his own stiff cock swinging and twitching in front of him.

Michael pulled out, lying on his back, his massive erection sticking out invitingly. J took it in his hand and climbed on top of him, pushing it straight back up his arse as he sat on it, wriggling down on the shaft until it was fully inserted with him facing Michael.

E moved onto the bed to get closer to the horniest, dirtiest thing she'd ever seen. Holding the whirring toy against her clit, she marvelled at the sight of her husband riding a big cock like a porn star. Her own personal porn show, and even better she got to join in. Michael's cock thrust in and out of J's slick asshole as he bounced up and down on it. J's cock bobbed, rock hard in front of him and E moved forward to take it in her mouth. While sucking him she squeezed Michael's balls and felt his thick shaft with her fingers as it pumped in and out of her husband.

J was moaning, obviously in heaven with a big cock fucking his arse and his cock being licked and sucked. Michael's dick slipped out at one point and E immediately moved her mouth from her husband's cock to his. Slurping it in, loving the filthiness of sucking the cock that had just been fucking J's ass before pushing the purple head back into him and watching as his hole greedily took the whole thing once again.

“Sit on my face” Michael said and E lifted her leg over him and lowered her dripping cunt onto his mouth. He expertly licked and sucked on her clit, darting his tongue into her pussy and ass, holding her cheeks apart with his hands to get in deeper. With this attention and the view of her slut of a husband pounding himself up and down on Michael’s massive dick right in front of her, it didn’t take her long to reach a mind blowing orgasm. She flooded Michael’s mouth and he gulped down her juices as she ground her clit against his face.

J then lay on his back and Michael got between his legs, wasting no time in holding them up over his shoulders so he could enter his ass again. He was getting close to coming again and fucked J hard and fast. As E took J's dick back in her mouth he moaned "oh God yes, fuck me hard, fuck my arsehole, I want your spunk" and after about 30 seconds surprised her by filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed quickly and withdrew his cock from her mouth, noting with interest that although he'd just come, J was still rock hard from the fucking he was receiving.

Michael's strokes got shorter and faster and soon he almost roared as he pushed as deep as possible into J, emptying his balls as his cock fired streams of hot spunk into his willing arsehole. He collapsed on top of J and Eve could see his cock, still pulsing and still embedded in her husband's ass.

When he withdrew and rolled over, she climbed on top of him and took the semi hard, spunk covered cock in her mouth again, licking and sucking every bit of fluid from it before turning her attention to her husband's ass. Eve got between J's still spread legs and looked at the sperm running from his well used hole before lowering her mouth to it and licking. She licked and sucked all the cum from him, more and more poured out of his arsehole the more she tongued it until she had enough for what she wanted to do. She raised her head and gestured both men towards her. The three of them knelt on the bed as Eve kissed first Michael and then J. Sharing the sperm from her husband's ass with them both. All three then kissed together, the cum smearing all over their faces and dripping onto their bodies.

Completely spent, they were soon all asl**p on the big bed……..

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7 months ago
Wow what a hot story and it is my wifes fantasy as well. she really gets turned on by the thought of me sucking a cock and then getting ass fucked while she watches
1 year ago
hard as a rock now, thanks
1 year ago
really like to try this with you - so hot
1 year ago
Oh my fucking God that made me horney. This really is excellent and should you want someone to make it all happen again then I am the one for you.
1 year ago
Fantastic story. Brings back some wonderful horny memories. Write more.
1 year ago
fantastic fantasy, wonder what happened when they all woke up
1 year ago
super hot fucking story, any couples near me that would like this kind of action, get in touch with me.
1 year ago
Such a hot story - and I've been lucky enough to be in a similar situation in the past - heaven xxx
1 year ago
great story I love 3somes with hot bi couples
1 year ago
This story makes me want the same thing!! My cock is hard reading it!!
1 year ago
that was a hot story
2 years ago
2 years ago
awesome story..loved it
2 years ago
Awesome story....lets talk ;-)
2 years ago
Great story, mmm.
2 years ago
Amazing story. I love it when I do similar things with couples.