Bi Fantasy

If you are a bi-curious man or even a straight guy who enjoys a blow job, here's a fantasy you may enjoy.

You are nervous as you stand on my front porch and push the doorbell button. I come to the door and invite you into my home. We sit down on the couch to chat for a bit. One of the things I like about men is that we don't need to go through a ritual of going out to dinner, having some wine and maybe, eventually, getting around to sex. Between men, we know why we got together.

After just a little small talk, I ask you what sexual activity you enjoy most. You say you're new to bi-sexual activity and you're open to suggestions. I tell you that I am very passive and that I'll suggest some things but that you should feel free, at any time, to say no. I tell you that I like oral sex and would really like to give you a blow job. I slide my hand gently onto your crotch and, through your pants, I can feel that you are already getting excited. I tell you that you can suck me too if you want to. I unbuckle your belt and open your pants. For a little while, I gently fondle your hard cock and your balls through the thin fabric of your shorts. Then, I pull your shorts down far enough to free your cock. I bend over and start very lightly licking just under the head of your cock. I lift up your cock enough to take the head into my mouth, just the head. I play with the head with my tongue for a while. Then, I sit up and say, "Let's go to the bedroom".

In the bedroom, we both strip completely and you lie down on the bed. I lie down next to you with my cock just inches from your face and your cock just inches from my face. I start gently fondling your cock and balls again and you do the same with me. I take your cock in my mouth and slowly slide it in and out. You look at my cock in front of your face and it looks so good that you decide, now is the time for you to see what it's like. You see there is a small beed of precum on the head and you stick your tongue into it. You like the slightly salty taste as you slide your tongue around the head. Then you take the head into your mouth and slide your lips on down the shaft. You keep sliding it in until you feel the head of my cock press against the back of your throat. Well, you finally did it and you're excited by it. You begin caressing my cock with your tongue.

I have your cock in my mouth and I begin sucking hard on it as I slide it in and out for a while. Within a few minutes, I begin quicker movements and I feel your cock getting even harder. You begin breathing hard and I know you are about to cum. I keep up the pace and feel my mouth fill with your cum. I want to play in it so I hold my lips loosely around your cock and allow some of the cum to spill out along your shaft. As your thick white juice oozes down your shaft, I clean you up with my tongue and lips. Then, I let some spill out again and repeat cleaning you up. Playing in your cum gets me so hot, I tell you I'm going to cum. You're not ready to take my cum in your mouth yet so you pull away just in time to watch it squirt out. You feel some of the hot cum splash against your chin and neck. Just a few drops find their way into your mouth, just enough for a slight taste. You think, not a bad taste. Maybe next time you'll decide to take it all.
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1 year ago
Really hot!
2 years ago
I love your stories! reminds me when I was younger.
3 years ago
WOW, that's very similiar to my 1st time!!
3 years ago
Damn, that was hot as hell...been a long time since I tried a cock...making me want it now!!!
3 years ago
It turned me rock hard!
3 years ago
That was really good.