First Time With Another Girl

My first sexual experience several months earlier left me a little disappointed. It was rushed and crude and a little painful. When it was over, I felt used. Fortunately, my second experience was with a boy who seemed to care more about me than he did about the sex. Though I still had not experienced an orgasm, that second encounter brought back my hope and expectations about sex. I had never thought about sex with another girl.
At the start of my senior year of high school, there were a couple of new students in my class. I particularly noticed one of them because I thought she was very cute. From her appearance, I guessed she was of mixed Asian and American descent. Her pleasing skin color and delicate beauty could only have come from this mix of races. I seemed to be drawn to her so I made determined effort to introduce myself to her that first day. Her name was Jessica and I remember thinking that was a strange coincidence because I thought her appearance bore a slight resemblance to the actress, Jessica Alba. I very much liked her personality which seemed to be just as cute as her appearance. I introduced her to my two closest friends. Trying, conciously, not to be pushy, I offered myself as a guide to help Jessica get acquainted with our school. She graciously accepted and I was pleased that, whithin a few days, she became an established member of my small group of friends.
Things continued normally for the next few weeks but there was something different about my feelings toward Jessica. I liked being around all my friends but I felt compelled to be close to Jessica. After an extended weekend of missing Jessica's company, I was so excited to see her that, without thinking, I gave her a hug. I had never done that with my other friends. It was comforting to feel her, enthusiastically, hug me back. After that, the hugs became an every day greeting for us. One day, when no one else was around, I added something to our greeting. I briefly and gently kissed her on the lips. It was just a quick peck and I immediately turned my head away without making eye contact. I started talking to change the subject before it could become a subject. That seemed to work. There was no mention of the kiss by either of us. It was a big relief that our conversation continued as if nothing had happeded. This indicated to me there was no real objection to the kiss. At that point, I became very excited because I just knew there would be more kisses.
I invited Jessica to my house for a Saturday when I knew my parents would not be home. When she got there, we gave each other our usual greeting and I led her to my bedroom. Just inside the bedroom, I closed the door and locked it, even though I knew no one else would be home for hours. While still standing just inside the bedroom door, I turned to her and kissed her. This one was not a quick peck. It was a long, gentle but passionate, mutual kiss. This was the most pleassure I had felt up to that point in my life. I stepped back, smiled at her and just stared at her beauty for a few seconds. I led her to the bed where we slipped off our shoes and climbed onto the bed. After a few more minutes of kissing, we helped each other out of our tops. Both naked to the waist, we spent another few minutes kissing and fondling each other. There was not much talking. I think we were both just overwhelmed with the pleasure of our new experience. At this point, I unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. I placed my hand on her panties and felt her wetness through her panties. We helped each other out of our jeans and panties. Completely naked now, we just hugged and kissed and fondled for a while. Our hands eventually found their way to each other's pussies where our fingers made their way in. This was so much more exciting and pleasurable than playing by myself. I was pleasantly surprised when Jessica started kissing lower and lower on my belly. Then, I felt her lips press against my pussy. I lost my breath for a few seconds as I felt her tongue wiggling into me. Each new sensation was even more pleasure than the one before and this was especially true when she began licking and sucking my clit. It wasn't long before my body started jerking and pulsing. The pleasure that went with this was so intense, I thought I couldn't stand it any more. When it all settled down, I was exhausted. Jessica brought her face up to mine and, even though it was wet from my orgasm, I grabbed her and kissed her. I could taste my pussy juices on her lips. That enticed me to move my head down to her pussy. I kissed her very wet pussy lips for a while, then pushed my tongue into her. I pulled her pussy lips apart with my fingers and buried my face into her. I had two fingers deep into her and was sucking on her clit when I noticed her body starting to jerk and shake. When her orgasm was done, there was pussy juice everywhere. I had swallowed some and it was all over my face and her legs and my bed.
We both started to giggle. Then, we both just laid there with our arms around each other until we fell asl**p. Absolute bliss, I wondered if it could be possible to have this with a boy--or anyone else.
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brilliant story.
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great story so hot!