The Good Deed

If you want to read just the sexual part, skip to the middle at the double spaced paragraph break.

I was on my way home from work on a back road when my car started losing power. I had broken up with my boyfriend about a week earlier because I caught him in a lie about being with another girl. That had distracted me enough that I forgot about getting gas. After coasting to a stop along the side of the road, I could see the neon lights of a little country store and bar ahead in the distance. I had passed it many times on my way to and from work but had never stopped there.
As luck would have it, my cell phone battery was dead. I guess I forgot more than getting gas. I got out and started walking toward the store, glad that it was casual Friday so I was not wearing heels. There were just two vehicles at the store, a car along side the store and a pickup out front. When I walked into the store, I didn't see anyone. Within a couple minutes, an older man came into the store from the bar area and asked if he could help me. I explained my situation and he said he didn't have any gas but maybe Pete and Ken could help. He motioned for me to follow him and we went into the bar. He introduced me to Pete and Ken and told them of my situation.
Pete and Ken were big muscular guys who looked to be in their early thirties. By the way they were dressed, I guessed they were construction workers. They interrupted their pool game to talk with me. Pete said he thought he may have some gas left in the can they had for their generator. He asked if I could wait till they finished their game. I said "sure", relieved that this situation seemed to be working out OK. I was not in any hurry to get home to my empty appartment.
I felt somewhat dwarfed with my petite 5'5" frame standing between these two big guys as we exchanged small talk while they finished their game. Their gentlemanly demeanor seemed a little out of place with their appearance. Ken was funny and I was enjoying their company. With the game over, the three of us went out to their pickup truck. Pete reached in the back of the pickup and lifted the gas can. "Yea, there's a couple gallons left, that should get you to a gas station." We all got into the truck and drove the short distance to my car. Pete poured all the gas from the can into my car and said, "Let's see if it'll start". I got in and turned the key. It cranked over longer than usual and I was starting to get a little concerned when the engine finally came to life. I got out of the car, thanking Pete enthusiastically as I handed him a $20 bill. He put up his hands and said "We don't want your money but we'll let you buy us a beer if you'd like to stop back at the bar". Without even thinking about it, I said "I'll be right there".
Back at the bar, the old man asked for my ID when I ordered three beers because I was a young looking 19 year old. We sat and talked as we finished our beers and I learned that Ken lived alone in his mobile home a couple miles down the road. Ken told a couple of jokes that were a little sexual and I was getting a little turned on. Pete asked if I could stay for another round of beers. I thought for a moment and said "I have a better idea. Why don't we get a 6 pack and all go to Ken's place". Just then, I thought, was that me? Did I really say that? It seemed as though that statement had come from somewhere else. Too late now, the idea was quickly affirmed and I found myself following them to Ken's mobile home. His home was cleaner and neater than I was expecting for a bachelor pad.

This situation was completely out of character for me. I had only known one man sexually before this. I had been dating my boyfriend since high school. Maybe I was feeling it was payback for what my boyfriend had done to me. Maybe that was just my excuse because I was really excited about the possiblities of this night. I was not in the mood for waisting time. As soon as we were inside the door, I turned to Ken, because he was closest at the time, and kissed him. I wiggled my tongue into his mouth as I reached down with one hand and pressed against his crotch. Even through the thick fabric of his blue jeans, I could feel that his hard cock was much bigger than my (ex)boyfriend's. I wanted to be sure Pete didn't feel slighted so I quickly turned to him and gave him the same wet and warm invitation I had just given Ken. By this time, all of our fingers were busy unbuttoning and disrobing each other. The guys had my clothes off first, (two against one), but I soon caught up. I was fondling them as they were fondling me. I was really excited.
Ken picked me up and carried me to his bedroom while I reached down and grabbed his cock. Pete followed close behind, all of us totally naked. He gently layed me on the bed and, almost immediately, I felt him kissing my pussy. Pete walked up to the bed with his cock sticking straight out, just inches above my face. I'm guessing his cock was at least 8 inches long. I reached up, grabbed it and guided the tip to my lips. I slid my lips over the huge head, then pushed forward and filled my mouth with just the first 4 or 5 inches of it. We spent a few minutes in this position, their hands fondling me everywhere while Ken licked and sucked my clit and I licked and sucked Pete's cock.
Ken repositioned himself and I felt the head of his cock pushing against the lips of my pussy. By then, I was very wet but insertion still took some f***e. There was a little pain as the big cock slid into me. It was as if I had a new cherry because nothing this big had ever entered there before. The little bit of pain was inconsequential compared to the excitement I felt being with these two giants. I was filled to capacity with each stroke. I was glad his strokes were slow. He was pulling all the way out, then sliding the head back and forth over my clit before re-inserting it and sliding back in very slowly up to the hilt. It seemed to be endlessly moving in-and in-and in even more. I continued taking as much of Pete's cock into my mouth as I could. Soon, I heard Ken breathing harder, then his stroking stopped as he held his cock fully inserted and I began to feel it pulsing as his cum filled my vagina. After a minute, he pulled his cock out slowly, teasing with a few very short strokes with just the head popping in and out of my pussy. I know it was getting a little messy because I could feel a little of his hot cum running down the crack of my ass.
Ken stepped away and Pete quickly took his place. Pete's cock was a little longer but about the same thickness so there was no more pain. We were vigorously fucking for just a short time when I felt my climax coming on. It was more intense and wetter than usual and it made a bit of a mess. Not long after that, Pete pumped his load into the mix.
This was, by far, the most exciting time of my life and I told the guys that, and also told them I was really glad I had the good fortune to run out of gas that night.
P.S. A couple of weeks later, coming home from work on a Friday night, I noticed a familiar pickup truck in front of the little bar. My car just seemed to veer into that parking lot.
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2 years ago
That was fantastic!
3 years ago
Great story. Loved it. Thanks for posting.