Why Men Cant Commit in Relationship

Issues with trust

Some men might have been hurt a lot by women in the past or maybe saw one of his friends become hurt after being close to a woman. These men might have a hard time trusting women and fear that after getting too close to her and putting a lot of time and effort that she will leave or cheat on him. These kinds of men really don’t want to take that risk.

Just having fun

If you are dating a man in his 20’s, chances are he is just interested in having fun and probably trying to build his own life and career before thinking about a serious committed relationship. Even a man in his 30’s might not be ready to commit due to serious relationship problems. A man might be overwhelmed by the lack of freedom in a serious relationship and will need time for himself.

You are being too demanding

When a man is ready to commit to a relationship, they might be overwhelmed by the girl’s high expectations and demands. A man won’t be interested in a committed relationship if the girl always wants to spend time with him and gets angry or upset when he wants to spend time with his friends.

He is just not interested in you

Often at times the woman might overlook the obvious fact why the man cannot commit and that is because maybe he just doesn’t feel the same way as you do. He might feel pressured by his friends because they are all in a relationship and he doesn’t want me to be left alone, so he might be looking for someone he can really be with and have an interest in. So if you don’t receive many calls from him or if he is avoiding trying to get into a committed relationship with you, the reason might be because he isn’t interested in being a relationship with you instead of his lack of ability to commit.
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