Sonia and Sylvie in Toyland

I was living in a committed relationship with my partner Sylvie, whom you may have met in my previous Courtship stories. I was 4 months pregnant by Sylvie's b*****r Phillipe. We had spent a week in Lyon at a f****y wedding, and then had driven to Paris for a vacation stay.

Sylvie and I arrived in Paris on Thursday evening and registered at a small, elegant hotel just off l'Etoile, that great web of streets radiating from the Arc de Triomphe. Aside from tourism, dining, and promenading Parisian streets, one of our goals was to expand our collection of sex toys.

Prior to a trip to London earlier in the year, our toy box contained only a dildo and a couple of vibrators. While in London, I followed the advice of some close friends and purchased a sixteen-inch double-ended dildo whom we nicknamed Mr. DD, and who has subsequently provided much mutual pleasure. Having had our eyes, as well as other body parts, opened to the possibility of more sex toys, we agreed to some concentrated shopping in that area.

We spent Friday afternoon and evening wandering in the streets around Pigalle. Since at home we are constrained to act very circumspectly in public, both of us enjoyed the opportunity of holding hands, walking arm in arm, and every kissing in public places.

This area of Paris contains many sex shops and strip bars. Many of these were rather seedy, but we eventually came across a shop that seemed nicer. When we entered it appeared to be one catering to a lesbian clientele, as there were several female couples browsing. I had been in similar shops in London, but this was a first for Sylvie. She was very quiet while we were inside the shop, letting me do all of the talking. She never admits to having fantasies of any sort, but falls in with all of mine.

My fantasy was to buy and use a strap-on dildo, and Sylvie was enthusiastic. As she said later, "Sometimes I miss the feeling of a cock between my legs, and this is almost better than the real thing." I had seen several models in London, but didn't buy one there because I was unsure as to what to look for in a quality model.

Here the attendant was a young woman, not at all my type, who had several evident tattoos and piercings. But she turned out to be quite sympa and to have good advice for us. Rather than try to decide on my own, I went to ask her for assistance.

"We don't have a great variety here, and those we do have are quite cheap." She looked at us with an appraising eye. "If you want to spend a bit of money we have another shop that has some interesting items. There is one I know that costs about 1500 francs." While she talked I could see she the metal ball in her pierced tongue.

I was intrigued. "Is it nearby? We can go have a look."

"It's just down the street, but I can have it brought over if you like. That shop isn't really your kind of place."

We nodded and she made a call. Several minutes later a young man arrived with a package. He was clad in leather and had multi-colored spiked hair, and was likewise tattooed and pierced in various places.

After he left, the girl opened the box and showed us the contents. "This was a special order, but the customer never came for it. Since she had already paid a large deposit, we can sell it to you for much less."

The belt is of very soft, almost glove-like shiny black leather in the form of a high-cut thong, with a belt fastening in the back. There are shiny metal studs decorating the front and sides of the belt. The crotch portion is reinf***ed and split by two narrow slots. Along with the belt, the box contained five black rubber cocks of varying lengths, from three to eight inches, and of varying thicknesses. The girl showed us how the base of each cock unscrewed such that a threaded end in each could be passed through the slot in the belt and fastened in place.

"You see, Madame," she said. "You may choose to have one or two of these on the inside as well as a larger one on the outside. And because of the slots you can adjust the spacing to fit."

A women who was browsing the store came over and looked at it. She was about our age and conventionally dressed, and she said casually, "Ma copine and I have one, not as nice as that. It is a lot of fun."

"What do you think?" I whispered to Sylvie. She nodded and pulled out her credit card, so that several minutes later we were the proud owners of this device.

Once on the street, she said to me, "That place is so bizarre. I was looking around at all of the things they have and didn't know whether to laugh or buy everything."

"I had the same feeling my first time. But once you get used to being in such a place, it's really stimulating. Looking at that girl I was imagining you with one of those metal things through your tongue. I bet it would feel good."

"Feel good? I'm sure it hurt terribly."

"I meant feel good for me. And think what the others in your office would think."

"Well you can forget it. If you think it is so nice you can have it done to yourself." We laughed as we hailed a taxi.

Back at the hotel it was time to put our purchase to the test. Obviously neither of us had ever used one, and the first trial was with me as the active participant. We spent a good half hour trying it out for size and adjusting it. I opted for the two smallest cocks in my pussy and ass, with a seven inch phallus to use on Sylvie. This latter seemed larger than any real one I'd ever had, being very thick. When I had had the belt on and off several times and had the rubber cocks in and out of me, I was very wet and hot. Sylvie tried both of the big dildos manually, and felt that the larger one was more than she needed. In any case the seven inch model was well lubricated as was she, so it remained only to try the apparatus in action.

Despite being very aroused, I felt self-conscious wearing this apparatus, and even Sylvie laughed at me when I stood up to move into position. We went into the bathroom together so that I could see myself full-length in the mirror. I must admit that my reflection gave me mixed feelings of sexual stimulation and utter ridicule. Sylvie knelt down and started to stroke my cock. We often have a teasing quality to our lovemaking, and the following exchange is an example:

Sylvie : "You are such a beautiful man, and I am going to make you feel so very good."

Me: "You like playing with that. I'll bet you want to suck me first."

Sylvie: "Oh, no! I think this is as hard as you're likely to get."

Me: "In that case we better start or I might lose my erection."

For a first attempt, Sylvie got on her back with a pillow under her buttocks, and I got between her legs to slide the dildo into her. It was a very strange feeling to be moving my hips back and forth pushing the rubber cock in and out of her, all the while leaning over her body and supporting myself with my forearms. We alternated kissing with my raising up so that she could play with my breasts.

I was surprised that holding myself over her was so tiring to both forearms and knees, which wanted to slide back on the sheets. These annoyances were minor as Sylvie, already very aroused, started moaning immediately and came after what seemed like two minutes. I hadn't orgasmed, and she urged me to keep going, so I fucked her for another four or five minutes. She was coming almost continuously and finally the pressure of the belt against my clit brought me off. The feeling of the two smaller cocks inside me was really sensuous as well. I had used two dildos in the past as well as having a dildo and a real cock at the same time, but this sensation was different in a strange way. But I didn't have any feeling of resistance from the large cock at all, and it seemed to slide into Sylvie easily, stopped only by my abdomen contacting hers.

Neither of us are normally dominant or submissive in our lovemaking or day-to-day relationship, but using the strapon gave me a sense of domination over her, in that it was I who controlled all of the sensations that she could feel. Sylvie had not had a man for over four months, and said afterwards that I was as good as any and better than most. She had her period just as we were leaving for France, and so was probably ovulating.

After resting together for a half hour or so, she was ready for another go. Since I was still wearing the belt, we decided to try it with me on the bottom and her riding on top. This was another novel experience for us both. Sylvie enjoyed this as well, but for me it was less satisfactory as the pressure from her riding down on the dildo didn't put pressure on my clit in the same way. Regardless, she came again quickly and collapsed forward on me for some kisses and caresses. Her weight was uncomfortable on my stomach so I rolled her over. I wanted to keep the cock inside her and to get on top to fuck her again, but the maneuver was awkward and the dildo slipped out of her.

"That's enough for me, ma chère," she said pushing me away. "Let me rest a little while, and then I'll try it on you." I undid the belt and pulled the cocks out of me. I was going to wash them off, but she said, "Leave it be. Your juices inside me will be very sensual. But take off the anal one; I don't want anything in there." Sylvie tried on the belt with just the two attachments and found the sensation of wearing it so wonderful that she thought she might come right on the spot.

I told her, "Fuck me from behind as I don't want your weight on my stomach."

The cock is very thick and I felt stretched as it went in, but I was so wet that it caused no real discomfort. I had a pillow under my breasts and my ass up in the air, so that she was able to hold my hips and fuck me steadily. For her too it was awkward getting into the rhythm, and she pulled out several times before getting the stroke correct.

Having already come once and having been stimulated continuously for nearly an hour, I was already close to the edge and had a really strong orgasm almost immediately. I told her to pause briefly, keeping the dildo in me, and then to start again. She pumped me really hard for several minutes. I experienced a series of smaller orgasms until she finally came too.

After we had collapsed together on the bed, she asked, "How was that? Was it what you expected?"

"It was fantastique. Better than with men I think, although Marc was very good. I never have to worry about you going soft too soon."

Our conclusions after this first passage was that each of us preferred to be the recipient, but that being the fucker was also nice too, and gave an interesting perspective on the male side of sex. On the other hand, we both would not care to foreswear men just for this apparatus, which will never tell us how beautiful we look.

We planned to practice with it quite a lot in the future. Little did we know that within two days we would have the occasion to employ our new toy with another person present.

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