Cum Out & Play Tonight

Angel and Chris have had a friendship for a few years. They both belonged to someone else, however, this past summer; their friendship had escalated into friends with benefits. The stolen moments they had with each other were undeniably HOT.

Angel always enjoyed her alone time at home. Time when she could masturbate, and totally relax. She would go to her dresser drawer and get out her favorite toy, a massager that would get her off in just minutes. Recently, she began to fantasize about Chris touching her, as she rolled the massager up and down her clit. She would get off so quickly, while the dirty thoughts consumed her mind. She used her trusty massager so much that it was beginning to wear out. "What's a girl to do?" she had recalled joking to Chris about this predicament a few weeks ago.

One night, the two friends were missing each other, and aching for some alone time together. Chris had called and asked if she could come out. Angel couldn't drive to his house fast enough, knowing what would be in store for her when she arrived. The time they had would always be a guarantee of a steamy night of great sex.

Angel arrived at Chris's house and he opened the door wearing black shorts and a black muscle shirt, looking sexier than ever. Her panties were instantly wet at the mere sight of him.

"Hiya Buddy!" Angel joked with him. "I've missed you."

"Hiya!" replied Chris. You look great. I missed you too."

He guided her to the living room, where Angel noticed that Chris had already set the mood for an erotic evening. The room was dim, a porno was popped in the DVD player, and drinks were already on the table.

Chris sat Angel down on the sofa, and began to rub her leg. He commented on the soft feel of her pants, and also loved the silky feel of her top. She always liked to dress up and look good for him, and he appreciated that. She made sure her nails were done in sparkly gold.

Chris then said to her, "You look great tonight, should we go out?"

Of course, he smirked when he said it because he knew for sure that his Angel was not wanting to go anywhere. She was already where she wanted to be...with him for the night.

"Your nails look great." Chris said, as he intertwined his fingers with hers.

"Thanks Baby", Angel said. "They'll look even better when they are wrapped around that cock of yours."

Chris smiled and said...."MMMM Nicey."

He walked over to an unoccupied chair in the living room and presented Angel with a package that was wrapped in shiny paper.

For me? Angel questioned. "Wow you spoil me. What's the occasion?"

"I was in the store today and thought of you. I wanted to go together to shop, and maybe sometime we will. That would be fun," said Chris.

Angel didn't have a clue what that meant, as the two of them never went to the store together, however, she wasn't going to try to figure it out because she was to excited to open the present.

"Go ahead and open it," said Chris.

She did as she was told and opened the package slowly. To her surprise and sheer delight, she had found that Chris had purchased her a new massager. Angel was happy to see that she had a new pulsating friend.

She laughed and hugged Chris. "Thanks Baby, I'm sure me and my new friend will get along just fine," joked Angel.

"Let's open it," Chris said, as he made haste to the kitchen to get scissors to open the hard plastic casing that held the massager so securely in place. He brought it back to Angel and plugged it in for her. Angel held it in her hands and her curiosity made her turn it on low and then on high. "Oh this is a good one Chris", said Angel. It had nice power and Chris was pleased that it had passed her inspection. She set it on the end table next to her.

While she was giving her massager a look over, she was distracted by the porno on TV that she was catching out of the corner of her eye, and had found herself getting so aroused.

She suggested to Chris that she should try it out.

"Good, I was kind of hoping you would. I'm going to play too." said Chris.

Angel had never masturbated in front of anybody before, and although she was nervous about it, she was so comfortable and uninhibited with Chris. She thought to herself "What the hell, why not? This is going to be fun."

The slickness was already building in her panties and her clit was throbbing from the excitement of it all. She took off her pants and black lace panties, and reclined herself on his sofa. She spread her legs slowly, and grabbed the massager and switched it on low speed. She looked at Chris on the other end of the sofa disrobing and reclining himself into a comfortable position for his self stimulation. She smiled to herself and the thought of them getting off together made her so horny, she had to begin. She parted her lips and guided the massager to her swollen clit. It felt so nice, she rolled it up and down in smooth motions, and her arousal was beginning to intensify.

She gazed over at Chris, and purred, "I don't mind if you watch me."

She could not believe that those words had just come out of her mouth, but she did not care as she was totally immersed in having an orgasm. Her attention then diverted back to her task at hand, making herself cum. She writhed her hips and was pressing herself into the massager. Up and down with just enough pressure that she knew she had to have. She knew how to give herself what she needed. She was catching glimpses of the porno which was making her all the more hotter and wetter. She turned her head and watched as Chris applied lube to his cock and started to stroke his own shaft. God she loved his cock, she wanted it in her so bad, and to see him touching himself made her so filled with lust for him.

She focused now on her pleasure and increased the speed of her massager. The high speed sent a pulsating frenzy through her clit. She started to moan and grind with the massager. She pressed her head back onto the sofa and imagined that it was Chris's tongue licking her so good and fast. His tongue was wicked. Her legs began to shake and then came the rush of orgasmic bliss. She could hold back no longer as she felt the pleasure overcome her. The waves of orgasm made her body jerk when she let her juices release. She let them squirt and it felt incredible, she released the massager and sighed as she slipped limply into the comfort of the sofa.

She smiled and looked over at Chris who was pumping his nice stiff cock. She slid over to him, and laid her head on his chest. The smell of his Drakkar turned her on all over again.

She looked up at him, and said, "Can I help you?"

Chris whispered, "Sure, baby."

Angel moaned "mmmm", and took his slippery cock in her hand and started stroking it. She liked to rub the pre cum around the tip and slide her hand up and down slowly enjoying how he felt. Chris pushed his feet harder on the recliner and laid back fully relaxed and enjoying the moment.

Angel now had a new focus, Chris's pleasure. She wanted Chris to cum hard for her, like she just did. Chris took his drink of water and held the cup out to Angel. She dipped her fingers in the cup and made them moist. She guided her dripping eager digits to Chris's cock and watched as they made his shaft slippery and glisten. She stroked up and down the length of his cock, her grip getting harder and faster as she was turned on by the sloshy sound of the lubrication. She had one goal and she was determined.

She whispered to Chris, "Cum for me Baby."

"I'm almost there, Baby." Hearing Chris start to groan with pleasure was making Angel so fucking hot for him. His cock was throbbing and he became rigid as he could hold back no longer.

He grunted, "Uhhhh ...I'm gonna cum!"

"Do it Baby!" moaned Angel.

Chris's body went rigid as he released his hot stream on Angel's wet fingers. She greedily licked it off the tip of his cock and licked her own fingers enjoying the taste of his creamy cum.

"God you taste so good." Angel said moaning.

"That felt so good," Chris said, as he brushed the hair out of his dirty little whore's face.

"Did you like your new toy?" Chris said to Angel.

Angel replied with a huge smile and a "Hell's Yeah!"

"Good. Think of me when you play." said Chris.

"I always do," gushed Angel.

The two friends kissed for a bit on the sofa. Angel just becomes a bobble head and melts when Chris kisses her so sweetly.

He took her by the hand and said, "Let's move this party to the bedroom."

Angel was so hot and so ready to be fucked by him. He was the best sex she ever had. He always did her so good.

They walked right by the TV, oblivious to the fact that the porno was still playing. They did not care though, because what they had just shared together was hotter than any porno. It was at that moment that Angel decided she would cum out and play with Chris anytime.

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