Monsoon Masti With Bank Loan Girl

I'm clear about one thing – I belive in love, but even sex is important. And variety in sex is good! I've been fantasizing about sex since my teenage. And its gotten stronger with age! I've had good time with my maid, some aunties, and girls in bangalore. When I was in college, I used to take “tips" from seniors on how to go about these things. I wish we had more stories like desitales then for the lessons!! Anyway, let me tell you about one incident that happened just before my marriage. I used to think about having sex as many times as possible before marriage. One day in office, I got call from a bank call center about personal loan. She was a girl named Pooja (name changed). I said I am busy and can talk later. She again called me in evening that day. I was waiting for the call so that I could get her cell number. I said that I'm still busy, and if she can give me her cell number I'll call her back. She hesitated for some time, and said that she cannot give her number. I said that in that case, good bye, I dont want the loan. Finally she gave me her number. Pooja had a very nice voice, and I was sure that she looked good too. I called her after 2 days, and told my name. She immediately recognized, and asked me again for the loan. I was ready for this, and had already framed my answer. I said that I'll take time to decide the loan since I needed some clarifications. I told her she had a very nice voice, to which she said thanks. I asked her to meet me so that I can clarify the loan questions. She hesitated a bit, and said that I can come to her office in office hours. I said I'm too busy in office hours to go anywhere, so we could meet after office. We spoke like this for 2-3 days. Slowly she started opening up and told more about herself and f****y. I also wanted to get as many details as possible before meeting her.

She was a 22 yr old B.Com student, and f****y was not doing too great financially, so she was working in this call centre. She was staying with parents and b*****r. I thought to myself, taking her out for the night is impossible. I have to bed her in daytime Whenever I spoke to her, I used to tell her that she has a beautiful voice, and I'm sure she looked good too. She liked this admiration. After 1 week of talking, she agreed to meet me on a Saturday for lunch. By the way, she stayed in Whitefield area, and we picked up a restaurant near the area for meeting. I came on time for the lunch. She called me saying that she was close by. When I finally saw her, it was awsome. She was 5'4" and gorgeous looking. She was wearing a saree and her boobs were big. The blouse was clearly bulged out. The outline of her curvy thighs was visible. I love women in sarees, it makes them look very sexy. But since things don't happen so easily in this world, there was a problem – Pooja had bought her younger s****r with her. I guess she was afraid of meeting me alone. I guessed that she hadn't gone out with guys often, that made me even more excited. The lunch went on normally, we ordered food, and just spoke about our background. Her s****r just kept watching me. I made Pooja comfortable by complementing her about her beauty. After the lunch, we parted ways and went back. We kept speaking over phone for next few days. By this time I was really aroused, and used to think of how Pooja would look naked. She had short hair. When she would be naked, her boobs and tits would look awsome. I wanted to play with them and suck them more and more. I'm crazy about sucking women's pussy's and never miss a chance with the girls/auties I have dated. How would her pussy look, I wondered? Does she shave them clean, or make designs on the hair while shaving? I wanted to find out as soon as possible. After few days, I told her I wanted to meet her again. And this time alone! She readily agreed. We decided that I will pick her up after office in my car. I didn't tell her about my plans after that. I just said we will talk. If a girl agrees for car ride after office, half the job is done! As agreed, I parked my car a little distance away from her office and waited. It was getting dark and was raining a bit.

I saw her from a distance as she was coming. She had put on a beautiful black salwaar-kameez. It was wet and sticking to her body. Her gorgeous boobs were jumping up and down as she was walking fast. I could make out outline of her thighs. Pooja was neither thin nor fat. Just plump enough that she had good curves. She smiled when she saw me. Man – my dick was already jutting out and I was ready to fuck her on the road itself. She ran to my car as it was raining, and immediately got inside. I also climbed in. She was breathing heavily and took few seconds to compose herself. Her boobs were still moving up and down. Hmmmm..yummy...i thought. As it was dark and I had parked my car in a corner, no one could see us. I said lets sit in the back seat as it more comfortable. Before she could react, I held her hand and led her to the back. I glanced at her and her beautiful body. I said why did you get your s****r last time, she said yes, she should have come alone. I said you are very beautiful, and held her hands. She gave a wide smile, and was very embarrassed. I said done worry, I'm a nice guy We kept talking small things, and I kept shifting closer to her. She did not mind. After some time, I stared directly in her eyes, and smiled. She did not say anything. I quickly leaned towards her and gave a kiss on her lips. She was surprised, and said that I was fast! I said kissing in 2nd meeting is normal. Then I held her waist, pulled her towards me, and gave a long kiss. She was good in kissing – her lips and tongue rolling on my lips. I told her to take my tongue in her mouth and suck. She did that for few minutes. Then I repeated it with her tongue in my mouth. She was also getting aroused. She crosed her legs while kissing, and her salwaar kameez was going deeper into her pussy. The depression was clearly visible. I said that I wanted to suck her boobs. She smiled and said yes. I pulled her clothes up to reveal the bra. She was putting on a white lace bra. I was very horny by then, I unbuttoned the bra, and squeezed her boobs. She was moaning with pleasure now, and was saying ooohhhh, and biting her lips. I wanted to put my dick between those beautiful lips. I took her boobs one by one and licked then clean with my tongue. Her nipples were hard by then and I sucked them long and hard.

Slowly I started sliding my hand in her pajamas towards the pussy. She stopped me and said its too fast. Some other time. I said dont you trust me? We both like each other, and this is normal. I said that its still 2 hrs for her to go home, why dont we go to my room and relax. Its raining and cold. She said OK, but said that she will stay only for short time. We drove to my room, parked the car and went inside. After we went in, I switched on the lights and looked carefully at her body again. She was looking good in the wet dress. I hugged her tightly and started kissing again. She also resonponded and started kissing wildly. I held her thighs and pressed them. She was again getting aroused. I lifted her dress up. She hesitated but did not resist much. I removed the top part of her dress. Now she was standing in my room in bra and pajamas, all wet and smiling. Man...I was waiting for this moment. I went straight for the boobs and started massaging them wildly. She laughed and said I was like an a****l. I removed the bra and played some more. I asked her if she knew about position 69, she said no, i said i'll show you later We went into the bedroom, and I pushed her on my bed. I badly wanted her pussy. I started removing her pajamas and pulling them down. She was scared. I then unzipped my pants, and took my dick out. It was hard as steel and wet with pre-cum. Pooja just kept staring at it. I said we'll do this 50:50, I want her pussy and she can have my dick! I asked her to hold my dick in her hand, while I removed the pajamas. Now she was confused and didnt object much. I quickly removed the pajamas and took a good look at her pussy. was heaven. She had put on a blue panty, not sure which material, and it shined a little. It was wet between the legs – her pussy juices were flowing heavily. I held the panty with both my hands at her sides, and pulled it quickly down. She struggled a bit, but it came off. I made her lie on the bed and looked at her, as she lay with a slight smile. Her short hair was spread out. Her boobs were tight and wet with my licking. She had shaved her pussy clean and it was wet. Her thighs were totally visible and good looking. I now lay down on her and kissed some more. When my dick touched her wet pussy, she moaned loudly. She had crossed her legs and wouldn't let me get inside the pussy. I f***ed her leg open, and put my finger in. I kept fingering her cunt, and she kept moaning. She was getting wild now, and throwing her hands and legs everywhere. After some time I removed my finger and said its time for positing 69. She smiled loudly, and said bring it on! I asked her to get on top of me. I changed my position and turned 180 degree, so her cunt was above me, and my dick was below her mouth. I spread her legs wide, and looked at the beautiful sight. Her saved pussy dripping with juice and the nice thighs. I went wildly at her pussy, sucking and licking at everything. I even licked her asshole in the excitement. Everything was good. Pooja also started sucking my dick fast. She took it deep into her throat and sucked hard.

We kept on like that for few minutes, when she started climaxing. She pushed her pussy down deep into my face, and I couldnt breathe! I kept licking hard and Pooja moaned loudly when she reached climax. I kept licking some more. When she relaxed, I said now its my turn to climax. Pooja lay on bed, and I put my hard dick inside her. I kept pumpying slowly. Pooja kept her eyes open with a big smile and kept looking at my face. She said she wants to see my face when I climax! Slowly I started reaching orgasm, and when it happened, I dumped all my white juice inside her pussy. It felt good! We both relaxed after the sex. Pooja had to go home, so she got dressed. I watched her as she went to the bathroom and cleaned her pussy. She wiped herself with towel, and put on her bra and panty. Then she put on her still wet salwar-kameez. I dropped her some distance from her home. When she got down from the car, and looked at me and said that was the best monsoon she had. I said this is just the beginning. We kept in touch and had sex couple more times. We stopped seeing each other after some time, when she shifted out of bangalore. So friends, this was one of my sexual escapades.

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